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MAY 5 – 11, 2013
by Tim Stephens

All times/dates are Pacific Daylight Time.

This column MIGHT disappear after May 12. If you want to contact Tim in future, please use, or call 604-886-4808.
I have seldom had such a stream of emails as I have in the past few weeks about the “lunar node” articles. Many astrologers ignore the Moon’s north and south nodes. These astrologers often use the solar and lunar eclipses (frequently in a dire tone: “ooo, eclipses bad”) yet find themselves puzzled and frustrated in their attempts to interpret what each eclipse means and how – and especially when – they affect us. That’s why, since time immemorial, astrologers have repeated that eclipse effects occur “a week to six months after the eclipse.” In other words, they don’t know.
I suspect these astrologers don’t realize that eclipses are intimately connected to the Moon’s nodes, and in fact are timed by the nodes. The north and south lunar nodes take about 18 months to travel through a sign and its opposite. (The north and south nodes are always exactly opposite: so if the north node is at 10 degrees ARIES, the south will be at exactly 10 degrees LIBRA, the sign opposite Aries.) During that 18 months, the eclipses will occur within a few (often 3 to 5) degrees of the nodes. (There are 360 degrees in the zodiac, or the sky.)
In essence, the nodes are like an 18-month long train that carries the eclipses on its back. While we can tell almost nothing certain from an eclipse, the nodes give us a strong forecast for an 18-month period. They are also strong “destiny” indicators, and great at telling us what to avoid. Trying to interpret eclipses rather than lunar nodes is like reading a “point” versus a long line of text. The nodes’ movements are a sentence: the eclipses are just the commas and periods.

BTW, every New Moon eclipse – as occurs this week (May 9) is actually a birth indicator, while every Full Moon eclipse is a climax indicator, showing the peak of an influence or development.
But back to the new luck cycle beginning June 25, and lasting into July 2014:

GEMINI, your luck, from mid-2013 to mid-2014, lies in the area of money, earnings, purchases, sensual relationships, memory, rote learning, and surface indications. Your luck will come from accepting appearances, not from digging deep. (The latter can cause delays that cause a good prospect or potential project to wither, even disappear.) Nostalgia, antiques, kitchens, restaurants, children, gardens, mother nature – these are lucky for you during this period. Sensual, casual sex flows sweetly – and more successfully than “deep” or “binding” sex.

Your money luck will soar – you might experience a financial event so beneficial it can boost your life for at least a decade, perhaps much longer. This event could be as simple as selling or purchasing your house or another large item, or landing a steady, lucrative job or taking a pension. Do everything you can to increase your income in an enduring way, rather than accept a one-shot reward. (A promotion or raise in pay is better than temporary overtime.) This is a superb time to start a “cash flow” business. Buying items to further your career is also beneficial. So is spending to please a sweet person.     

Start Nothing:
9:00 a.m. to 6:03 p.m. Sun.,
5:04 a.m. Tues. to 3:09 a.m. Wed.,
and 5:28 p.m. Thurs. to 2:21 p.m. Fri.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
Chase money and make purchases, Aries, especially Wednesday/Thursday – but keep it small in both cases. If you want to “go large,” then purchase appreciating assets – i.e., invest rather than spend. (If chasing money, chase equity rather than earned dollars.) Overall, now to next February, you’ll benefit more (or at least stay safe) by deferring, in money matters, to a partner or group. This is a very sensual week, but make sure “personality compatibility” is part of the picture. Rest Sunday. Your energy and charisma soar this night to pre-dawn Wednesday. Friday afternoon starts a weekend of travel, visits and calls.
Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
Sunday’s social and happy, but retreat this suppertime to pre-dawn Wednesday – rest, study, plan, contemplate, and reconnect with your spiritual side. Be charitable – it rebounds later. An important message – or two – might arrive, probably concerning a relationship or legal or scholastic matter, and/or a “secret” or government-related matter. Your energy and charisma surge Wednesday to midday Friday – start important projects, ask favours, seek out others. But remember, your most successful projects (until spring 2014) will involve others, even be for others’ benefit. Romantic, creative, earnings, research, spiritual, government-related, legal, travel, and scholastic projects are most favoured. Chase money, buy/sell Friday/Saturday.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Continue to lie low, especially Wed. to Fri. – rest, avoid competitive situations and ones in which success depends on “a shining personality” – for that’s what you don’t have now (to May 19). You’re tired, and you hanker for a bit of sweet solitude. Be ambitious Sunday. This eve to pre-dawn Wednesday brings happiness, a bit of a social uplift, optimism about the future, light romance, and beneficial group involvements. Though you’re in the middle of a low cycle (late April to late May) two significant “nods” of approval or consent come to you (Mon./Tues.) – one concerns finances or sex, work or health; the other tells you the future is brewing new fascinations. Your energy rises somewhat Friday p.m. onward: do it your way.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
Sunday’s mellow, thoughtful, gentle. You grow ambitious (or someone throws the mantle of duty on you) this evening through Wednesday pre-dawn. This is a splendid time to begin a practical or business project, but it should not involve friends, groups, or a recently-formed (since August 2012) idea that is based on optimism, popularity or a romantic attraction. Two significant communications or contacts can occur, one hinting at partnership, one at a “private link to a career group” (e.g., joining “Linked In”) – reject the latter. Popularity, joyful anticipation, group affairs, light romance – these visit Wed./Thurs. – but like the breeze visits a curtain: swelling with promise, but containing little. Retreat, rest Fri./Sat. A happy week!
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
The accent continues on your ambitions, career, reputation, standing in the community, and relations with higher-ups, especially Wednesday to Friday midday. Be cautious here: don’t push, nor yield to the temptation to cut corners or step out of line. Just keep your head down and maintain the status quo. (This advice lasts through February 2014). Sunday holds mysteries, glimpses of deep intimacy. This eve moves you to a gentle, mellow, understanding mood that lasts to pre-dawn Wednesday – a splendid few days to buy travel tickets, plunge into intellectual or legal or cultural affairs, or talk about love with someone special. Your hopes, popularity rise to “happiness levels” Friday p.m., Sat.
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
You start this week with partnership yearnings: but soon (Sunday eve through pre-dawn Wednesday) this will turn to an impulse to dig deep, to access the intimate or financial side of relationships, to make deals, to form commitments that have strong consequences. These are fine, UNLESS they call for a contract, your signature on the dotted line, or a cultural binding ritual – e.g., a wedding. If you’re in doubt, just keep it on a talk level, while you do more digging, research or detective work. Wednesday/Thursday bring the dangerous part: DO NOT begin a legal, international, publishing or higher-learning project. Your career or rep get a boost Friday to next Sunday!
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
DO NOT invest this week or anytime now to February 2014, Libra. This week, especially Wed./Thurs., brings the peak of the urge to do so. Besides financial investment, debt, this influence also negatively affects sex, lust, intimacy, research and occultism. Treat these entire areas with a very light (uninvolved) touch for another ten months. During this period, accept surface appearances: digging deep will bring delays and wrong directions. Same period, seek earnings, buy depreciating assets, and embrace sensual or casual sex rather than “meaningful” or “if we have sex you’re totally mine” kind of sex. Sunday, do chores. This night through Tuesday bring relationships, exciting meetings – co-operate! Wisdom, gentle love Fri./Sat.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Sunday’s sweet, holds beauty and romance. But not a lot happens. This night to Wednesday pre-dawn brings chores, health concerns and the need to care for dependents. Almost everything goes well here, so plunge in (careful Monday afternoon). One or two people might contact you with a message, perhaps concerning employment or a money (or sexual) situation – it’s probably best to turn these “offers” (or whatever) aside, to avoid involvement. Wed./Thurs. bring relationships, and relocation and partnership opportunities: but they are slow, subtle traps in disguise. Maintain an independent stance (right into Feb. 2014). Sexy stuff Friday p.m. into the whole weekend! (This is also a good period for research and financial actions.)
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Sleep Sunday. Almost everything is occurring on the private, family side of life now – with one huge exception: now through June, lucky opportunities intensify, grow swiftly (and must be grasped quickly). These opportunities will certainly be tied to another/others, and to your ability to be charming, eager and co-operative. Relocation, marriage (divorce) business partnership, dealings with the public, fame, travel, contracts, negotiation, even litigation, form some of these opportunities. A minor climax will occur in these Friday afternoon to next Sunday (May 10-12). Be ready! In general, this week emphasizes work: don’t overload yourself, especially Wed./Thurs. Earlier, romance, creativity and pleasure fill Mon./Tues.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Almost all the “action” in your life at present is private , security or family-oriented. The exception is a significant one: in the zone of education, intellectual activities, religion/philosophy, international affairs or travel, import/export, cultural rituals, and gentle love, you not only hit a resounding, accurate note these months, but a wise and destiny-favoured one. Sunday’s for travel, news, errands. Home, security, Mother Nature, kids/parents, real estate and other foundational arenas fill Sunday eve to pre-dawn Wednesday. All week, especially Wednesday/Thursday, romance, speculation, pleasure, beauty and “gambles” lure you – be cautious. Tackle chores Friday p.m. into the weekend. All’s well!
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Chase money or spend it Sunday, Aquarius (but in buying, stick to routine items, groceries, etc.). Errands, paperwork, communications, travel and visits fill Sunday night to pre-dawn Wednesday. All’s fine – but reject any calls from others that encourage you to list/buy property, increase your security, micro-manage your children, etc. These are “false” messages or urges. Wednesday/Thursday intensify these home/garden/kids/security themes – your best stance is to turn instead to your career and other outside ambitions. This advice holds through February 2014. Romance calls Friday afternoon into the weekend. So do pleasure, joy with kids, creative surges, speculation, pleasure. All’s good – dive in!
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
Your energy and magnetism remain high Sunday, but if you want to accomplish something solid, start before 9 a.m. (PDT). This week and next emphasize details, errands, communications, paperwork, casual acquaintances, trips and visits – you get and send messages aplenty, but stand back a bit: are these bits and pieces of talk, emails, facts and figures, essential, or just time-wasters? (Or worse, invitations to a failure?) (I vote for time-wasters.) True progress, for you, now to next February, comes from delving into larger ideas, profound relationships, culture and far travel. Don’t befriend; love. All this advice applies strongly Wed./Thurs. Earlier, chase money Mon./Tues. Home, real estate is a bonanza waiting for you to join: do so, Friday eve to May 12.
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