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URANUS IN ARIES - 2011-2019 -

Uranus entered Aries in May 2010, dropped back into Pisces August 2010, then re-enters Aries March 2011, to stay almost 8 years, to March 2019.

Uranus is seldom lucky, but it is always interesting. I call it the Alice in Wonderland effect - though some would say this planet embodies the Chinese curse: "May you live an interesting life." Uranus brings genius, but its "standard bearers" (Edison, Watts, etc.) seldom succeed at higher learning - often, Uranus-ruled people have a hard time in university, though the IQ be 200 or 300! Uranus rules humanitarian actions - Charles Dickens freeing small children from English factories, Lincoln freeing the American slaves, were both Aquarians (the sign of Uranus). But Aquarius/Uranus also rules revolt, and the dictatorial regimes that revolt often engenders - Iran, for example, is an Aquarian nation. Uranus prominent in a birth chart often indicates childhood sexual abuse - and the year it occurred. This planet has many sides - some shocking, some gentle, and all unpredictable.

Uranus signals unpredictable, sudden occurrences, such as May 2010’s “flash crash,” when the Dow dropped 1,000 points in 5 minutes, wiping out many small investors. Many years ago, I used Uranus to predict the Challenger shuttle crash. This planet rules electricity, shock, the nervous system (sometimes heart attacks) computers, inventiveness, social activism, revolt, friendship, humanitarian motives, and eccentric behaviour, alertness, insomnia, genius and divergent thinking, gentle kindness and dictatorial tyranny The last time Uranus entered Aries was 1928. Then, as now, it contacted Pluto, the planet of deep change... Things today are, as my high school acquaintance Bill Mackie used to say, the same but different. Then as now, a huge financial crisis was about to transform the world. But then, it would not begin for a year; in our present cycle, it has already started. When I introduced the 2003-through-2010 Uranus-in-Pisces phase, I predicted “massive rumors, interest rate fluctuations, fear of economic meltdown…” These occurred. But Uranus in Aries will “shake up” different areas. Aries rules war, assertion, testosterone, new growth, exploration, armies, fire, explosions, machinery/engines, so we’ll see inventions and innovations in these areas. Armies will transform. Google, as I write this, has just unveiled a new car that drives itself, performing all related human functions. (It has already successfully steered itself through 1,000 miles of traffic, says Google.) Men’s more assertive and sexual attitudes might undergo unexpected changes.

Briefly, here's how Uranus is likely to affect your Sun sign from March 2011 to March 2019:  

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
ARIES, Uranus brings 8 years of total newness from 2011 to 2019 – new friends, new social circle, new goals and wishes, new optimism, new forms of “fun” and entertainment, new fame for artists and writers, new horizons – newness in general! If you grow a bit more nervous and tense than usual, it means that Uranus is chaffing at the bit, that you’re not changing fast enough for it. Exploration, action, enthusiasm, gardening or any outdoor activity will reduce this stress. (Outdoor work is more effective than outdoor sports. Realize, too, that television, alcohol, marijuana and many forms of meditation, though initially relaxing, can eventually increase your tension.) If you’re overweight, have your heart checked.
During these eight years, your interest in “truth,” politics, humanitarian causes and far-out subjects will grow. You could suddenly join a missionary troupe, or a band of G-20 protesters. You’ll become more stubborn, yet happier. Life will not be boring!
Expect a bigger, brighter social life. Join new clubs/organizations in any area. This highly socialized time, paradoxically, pours good luck into the private side of your life. Socializing will benefit your soul, your close family, kids, romantic prospects, creative output, your work and health.
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, Uranus will shake up your inner life – perhaps even give your “inner child” a wee spanking! Uranus can also make your relations with governments, institutions, agencies and “head office” more unpredictable. But it also provides the opportunity to build a successful career in these same areas, as well as in charities, support organizations, NGOs, and spiritual fields. You might be asked to assume management duties.
Due to Neptune’s co-influence, these areas will also pour a cornucopia of friendships, enjoyment and happiness your way. Your social urges will lean toward confidential, shy, psychic, empathic and – sometimes – “chatterbox” friends. You'll make fascinating acquaintances in spiritual groups, charities, government agencies and institutions. (Or you could abuse alcohol and drugs!) Watch for stress-related health concerns - typically, from repression of anxiety. Your heart and nervous system might need care. You might change churches, or even religions. All that said, the cherished dreams of your life are about to come true, your social life will expand, and enjoyment will be a constant experience!
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, Uranus (and Neptune with it) signal a definite change in career and social life. Your career activities grow less intellectual, more intuitive. Now to 2019, that intellect –your thoughts, your life philosophy, your outlook on love to a large degree – and your skills – refocus on the future, on humanity and social life, on friendship and enjoyment rather than on career. If you’re a writer, scholar, artist, actor, dancer, etc., you could become wildly popular (or just a wee bit famous!). You’ll accurately read the pulse of public desires these eight years. You want to be entertained – and to entertain. Your career doesn’t end – in fact, it enters an even stronger phase – accompanied by a more social, cheerful you!
Tension melts away in general. Nervous problems will abate, perhaps even disappear. Your social life will grow with surprising leaps and bounds (especially February to June of 2011). (Finally, after Pluto’s 1996-2008 destruction.) New friends will sometimes bring dilemmas. You’ll have to adroitly see and juggle conflicts between your social desires and deeper sexual, financial themes. Now to October 2012, this social v. sexual dilemma could also involve a deep, slowly-developing love.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
CANCER, from March 2011 to March 2019 Uranus will travel through your career sign. Expect changes, not only to your career, but to your parenting status, your place in the community, your reputation and prestige. If young, you might become a parent. If older, your children might move out, go to college, or proclaim their own declaration of independence. These are all natural progressions. But other, less expected developments can also arise. Technology will play a major role in your career, parenting role, and your dealings with authorities or bosses (and with your own parents). You might think technology has already done all it can to mould your career – but it’s only half done! Expect unusual, brilliant but oddball career colleagues.
Your status will also be affected deeply by your ability to invest, research and investigate, to use power quietly, to remain healthy, and in the most general way, to handle and use mutual resources. Your sexual drives will relate closely to your ambition – for example, a powerful person will turn you on more than an ordinary Joe/Josephine. Watch the effects of stress (especially prestige/career-related stress) on your health. These will be exciting years – learn to relax. Garden outdoors, avoid TV.
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, the eight years from March 2011 to early 2019 will enliven, awaken and energize your intellectual sphere. You’ll feel more alert, curtains of quietude (and of self-deception) will fall from your eyes. The 2003-to-2010 upsets and roller coasters of change in your partnership, sexual, and financial spheres will disappear, to be replaced by a new understanding of, and smoothness in, these same areas. For the first time in a long time, if single, you are finally ready for marriage of the right sort: ethical, gentle, socially welcomed. (You’ve got to see/admit first, that if the past 7 years brought the collapse of a relationship, your own secret, selfish – or simply mistrusting – motives were at least partially responsible. Seeing this frees you for future true love.)
Until 2019, Uranus will bring luck, liveliness, breezy fascination and great friendship in many areas: education, publishing/media, law, far travel, international dealings, cultural events and religion. You might wed – auspices are as good as (or better than) they were in the 1982-1988 period (unfortunately, by 1984 that period was joined by a “home-break-up” influence – as this 2011-2019 one is not!). Expect and seek love – it is certain to arrive if you want it. Uranus’ health news is good: nerve-related (and probably cardio) complaints will tend to ease. Stress levels will ebb.
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, Uranus will shake up your most deeply-held, even subconscious notions, now to 2019. Your finances, investments, debt situation, mutually-held possessions (such as a marriage’s assets, or a business you own with a partner) will change and evolve – sometimes suddenly. Change also come to sexual, intimate, and psychological structures. For instance, you might suddenly become pregnant. Or your partner lands – or loses – a huge contract. These changes should be beneficial or “freeing.” (I put that in quotation marks because most people don’t like to be freed – it can hurt, initially!) Almost uniformly, these changes will synchronize with and promote your employment interests, and vice-versa. Lust-oriented co-worker affairs could arise, or your employment might plunge you into research or “detective work.”
Technological advances will also affect the spheres mentioned above (sex, intimacy, subconscious notions, dreams, research, a partner’s finances, employment, etc.) Virgos who delve into and utilize the latest techno-tools will have a great advantage over competitors. Be very careful with stress, as it can affect your health. To reduce stress, work outdoors, garden, hike, etc. Avoid too much tv and meditation.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, Uranus in your partnership sign March 2011 to early 2019, will invigorate, shake up, and irrevocably change your relationships. This period promotes true love, as your romance planet, Uranus, will travel through your marriage sign. This happens once in a lifetime. Oddly, you could waste this great opportunity by yielding too eagerly to it. If you dive indiscriminately into every relationship that’s offered you, you could become the ball in a pinball machine. You can also be kept off balance by your amour’s eccentricities. So be discriminating at the beginning; have the courage to reject the “unworkables.” During this 8 years you will not be able to change another, nor tie anyone down. If you give your loved one freedom to move, express him/herself, to follow his or her own star, you’ll keep love, and you’ll actually enjoy having a “free mate!” (We’re not talking sexual freedom.) If you’re stressed by a love affair, ease up and let amour (or friendship) unfold!
Uranus will also affect business partnerships, dealings with the public, relocation, negotiations and litigation. In these, the unpredictable soars, but an uncanny luck and creativity thrust you forward – to success! (Still, watch a partner’s “stability.”)
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
SCORPIO, Uranus will enliven and change your employment and health spheres until 2019. You’ll find new avenues for employment in electricity, real estate, construction, furniture, kitchen wares, restaurants, food, forestry or mining, children, nature, nutrition and “soul.” No matter what your career field, you will be more concerned with foundations, with the basics. If you’re in computer/IT for example, you might become less an operator, and more concerned with the systems underlying your operations, or with installation. Electricity will figure prominently, in some way, in every Scorpio’s workplace. During this 8 years, you might find that one job (or several jobs) end, another begins. This might be due to the huge wave of romance, pleasure and/or creativity that is due to sweep through your life during the same period – and beyond, to 2025. Although you will not feel nervous, stress can be a source of health complaints. The cure is easy: relax via increased exercise.
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, Uranus will travel through your romantic, pleasure, speculative and creative zones March 2011 to March 2019. This will increase the frequency and intensity of romance, yet make love more casual, friendly, fun, light. (This sounds paradoxical, but will somehow be true.) If single, you’ll meet romantic prospects while travelling, by striking up conversations, and through social media (twitter, face book, etc.). If you’re married, travel, communication and media will enliven your partnership – and figure prominently in your search for pleasure and dealings with children. Your creative skills – especially writing and electronic arts – reach new heights.
These 8 years will increase your friends, and will definitely bring you new, pleasing depths (and types) of friendship. Yet this phase will also disrupt your regular social circle. Oddballs and geniuses will stay; arch conservatives will leave. You will actually find this re-arrangement of your social life freeing and relaxing. A long (2003-2010) period of stress and unpredictable home life ends now.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CAPRICORN, Uranus travels through your sphere of home, family, real estate, nutrition, gardening/agriculture, stomach, digestion, endings and new beginnings – all the foundations of life – from 2011 to early 2019. Uranus rules electricity, tension, sudden and unpredictable events, so guard against these in your personal life. For example, stress can upset your digestion, or poor wiring could lead to electrical mishaps. To reduce stress, watch less TV, and exercise or work outdoors, not inside. (Work is better than artificial exercise. E.g., gardening’s better than running.) Uranus will also bring benefits during these 8 years. You can find inventive new income sources in any of the spheres first mentioned (family, real estate, etc.). During this period, be flexible and humorous on the home front, and open your home to “different” people who can enliven your life and stretch your perceptions. You’ll modernize your home, you’ll acquire the latest in technology and computers. You might work from home, or build a real estate empire!
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
AQUARIUS, Uranus is your ruling planet, so every 7 to 8 years, it brings a new phase to your life. From 2003 to 2010, this planet brought a monetary and possession-oriented influence. That will be replaced, from March 2011 to March 2019, by a lighter, more human, restless, active, curious, friendly, interesting phase. You’ll travel more, especially locally. Buying a car, getting a driver’s licence, could appeal even if you’ve refused to do so before. You’ll have so many conversations you might waste eight years doing little else! News media, mobile phones, coffee bars, siblings and casual friends will flow in to fill your hours. These 8 years heighten your mental alertness, and give you a boost in all communication spheres: school, professional writing, TV/media, air traffic control, dispatching, etc.
Follow your curiosity. Your explorations will yield variety, pleasure and new friends. You’ll also be gathering the knowledge on which you’ll base your life decisions from 2019 through the 2020’s. Your travels might take you to your future home.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
PISCES, the planet Uranus leaves your sign in March 2011, to spend the next eight years in your money sign. In many ways, this is very good news – it means the tension, stress and “nerves” of the past seven years dissolve (although you might still need to eradicate residual or “bedrock” stress if it accumulated during those seven years). The situation(s) which caused tension exit your life also – likely a burden or duty of some kind, perhaps an unhappy relationship, a disagreement with government, or a problem situation with an institution or “head office.” Health complaints that arose since 2003 can also improve – especially insomnia, gastro-intestinal, heart-related and nervous system ills. In general, burdens and restrictions – which you’ve chaffed against – will tend to lift. You’ll be calmer, more dreamy, more psychic.
Until early 2019, you face an exciting, somewhat unpredictable earning influence. You might earn less because you want to, because you make the decision that humanitarian, inventive, or creative pursuits are more important than a pay check. A certain rebellious streak enters your money behaviour – don’t rebel yourself into the poorhouse, though! If you want to increase your income during this period, do the things that you’re so good at – work with institutions, government, NGO’s, large corporations, or in humanitarian, sympathetic trades such as health, social welfare, teaching, child care, food aid, etc. Your research and “lab” abilities, your management, delegation and policy-making talents will become more apparent – and lucrative!

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