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I think Al-Assad of Syria will be killed by a Russian, Turkish or Arab “bullet,” not an American one. (NOTE: This prediction might well be wrong: I  was using an incorrect birth time for Assad. – Sept. 6/13.)

A reader asked, about the “phone number” preamble of last week, what if you have both a cell and a land line?  Which one counts? Well, both do. In fact, we can add a work phone. Most of us present a slightly different personality in different circumstances. We might be smiling  and cool but polite at work, friendly and adventurous on our cell, and warm and relaxed at home: the three numbers should, to some degree, reflect these three differing “natures.” (In studying the work number, we have to remember that it also partially describes the job, or the employer.)

Some time ago (last year?) I wrote this about astrology:

“What use is astrology? Surprisingly, in many ways, not too useful – and dangerous to the will, the intuition, and the naturally lived life. The essential problem is that many who practice astrology (me included) attempt to perceive and control life consciously. After many years, we learn that just reacting to life might have been more successful. The cosmos, even our little human corner of it, is just too complex and magnificently layered to be controlled by logic or astrology.”

Today, a reader wrote, and, quoting the passage above, asked: “With respect, why then do you offer advice… and how should the recipient use that advice….for life changing events?”

Well, I see it this way: when a person asks an astrologer for direction at a critical turning point, the answer(s) can steer him/her correctly and in a good way. But if that person keeps asking and wants astrology to control all their decisions day after day, rather than making these themselves, then they are giving away their independence and “self-guidance” faculties (intuition, logic, etc.) and becoming weaker, not stronger. At this point, the advantages of astrology are outweighed by the loss of self-confidence and decisiveness. One becomes an “astrology zombie.” Also at this point one is attempting to control fate for selfish reasons (this must fail, because fate is ultimately unselfish) and one is also “abstracting” the fecund rich muddy mess of life into a dry, super-conscious “omni-sight.” We have  become a control freak – but one who has lost  self-confidence and decisiveness. This approach removes a person from life – and, ultimately, yields no reliable answers. When I was a young man, if I chased a woman, half the time I succeeded. But if I was interested in a woman, obtained her birth date, studied her chart, and then chased her, I never succeeded. I assume she could sense that I “wasn’t all there” in my approach (because, of course, half of my interest was left behind, on her astrology chart). In other words, wanting to know beforehand if I would succeed with a certain woman, guaranteed that I would not.

Again, life is vastly richer, more layered and complex than the human conscious mind. Though a good astrologer (or psychic or other reader) will usually pick the right answer/path/advice on first seeing a chart, if he spent hours, days, studying the same chart, he will become slowly, increasingly perplexed by the hundreds of factors that begin to gain his attention in even the most simple of charts. By that point, all sense – and answers – are lost.  This is why in the I Ching, the hexagram of the student says that asking once is blessed, but asking twice is importuning, and earns the ire of the counselor. That old Fu Xi (the Ching’s mythical author) knew a thing or two!

Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

It’s your last week of drudgery, of work and health concerns. So plunge in and get it all done – free yourself and your schedule for the opportunities and new horizons that will arrive next week into October. You’ll be optimistic, popular Sunday/Monday. (Even  so, Sunday – its events – might disappoint until about 7 pm. After this, excitement is in the air. Don’t start anything important Monday – life will bring joy; let this be enough.) Retreat, contemplate and plan Tuesday/Wednesday – all’s smooth, even lucky, in home, real estate, government and institutional areas. Great two days to apply for a government position or loan or funding. Also, to reconnect to your spiritual side. Your energy and charisma surge Thursday to Saturday – not everything’s smooth or easy, but you’ll make a real dent in chores, or in “the opposition.” Your career gets the green light, now to April 2014.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

You’re still in a good romantic, creative, speculative  and self-expressive phase, Taurus (for one more week). But already, Sunday/Monday, you receive hints that “paradise” is ending soon. Best activity these two days: rest, garden, putter around the house, walk in nature. Take care with electricity. Tuesday/Wednesday raise your hopes – and could bring an exciting love climax. Climax doesn’t guarantee good – or bad. But there is something so benevolent about these two days that good is far  more likely. (Even if it’s the good of losing the bad.) Midweek is also filled with social delights, entertainment, high hopes and, well – happiness! Retreat Thursday morning to Saturday mid-afternoon: read, nap, contemplate and plan. Deal with government-related obligations. Not a good time to sign contracts. Friday’s much better than Thursday. Saturday night, you dance with life, you’re empowered, energetic!


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

This is your last week of down-home tendencies, Gemini. Use it to clean up, repair your home, tidy files, start a nutritious eating program, set your desk in order, nurture your kids – and rest. You will want freedom from chores – and to be well-rested – when a strong romantic, creative, risk-taking and pleasure-hunting phase begins next Sunday. Meanwhile, Sunday/Monday emphasize intellectual pursuits, far travel, law, religion/philosophy, culture, social rituals, and gentle love. None of these are easy Sunday, nor productive Monday – best to just enjoy whatever happens. Don’t let your ideas chase away an attractive person. Be ambitious Tuesday/Wednesday – or at least make a firm choice between ambition and “retreat” or security. All flows very well these two days: show your skills to higher-ups (and your empathy, which is your greatest career skill now to 2025). Popularity, wish fulfilment Thursday to Saturday – sidestep arguments.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Put the finishing touches on any communications, telephony, internet, mail, paperwork or transportation (or office systems) project, Cancer. Take a short trip, or make a list of 100 errands, and do them all. Next week, you’ll begin a sluggish, enjoyable, recuperation period. Mysteries, life’s depths, financial situations (investments, debts, etc.) health concerns and sexual yearnings fill Sunday/Monday – but not successfully, so step carefully. You might hear surprising news about your career, or your home. (Or a family member might suddenly decide not to support your ambitions.) International themes, far travel, higher learning, legal affairs, cultural involvements, social rituals, intellectual activities, gentle love – these fill Tuesday/ Wednesday, and successfully! Pick your project (or love) and march forward, Be ambitious but diplomatic Thursday to Saturday afternoon – great strides, and great slips, possible.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Keep chasing money, Leo, especially Tuesday/Wednesday, when a dollar matter can climax. E.g., a long-awaited answer can come to your bid for a pay raise; or you could make a good, solid investment, or pay down debt or see a credit counselor. Luck accompanies your efforts. It’s also a good time all week for shopping, so lay in stores, stock up on paper, dry and tinned goods, etc. Get your car fixed and oiled. Sunday/Monday bring exciting relationships, but you’re walking on a bit of a knife edge Sunday: someone can as well be attracted as repulsed by your words. (Better after 7:30 pm PDT Sunday – before this, it’s just disappointing.) Monday’s a bit of a dud. I’ve already mentioned Tuesday/Wednesday, but these days also promote intimacy, detective work, lifestyle changes and health diagnosis – successfully! A gentle, loving, wise mood flows over you Thursday to Saturday afternoon. Communicate, love – diplomatically.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Tackle chores Sunday (carefully, watch electricity) and Monday (routine tasks only). Your heightened energy, charisma and effectiveness continue. But this week you’ll meet someone who is like you but different, very different. Though you have a certain power now, you and this person are pretty equally matched. Make a friend, Virgo, not an enemy. This person could be your true love, but could also be the most puzzling, frustrating individual you’ve ever wanted to be with. Or he/she could be a potential business partner – or competitor. All this hits a sort of climax Tuesday/Wednesday – maintain a sense of humor, but also be willing to speak your heart, if it has anything to say. The bottom line: these two days (Tues./Wed.) are filled with harmony, luck and progress, so almost any relationship should go well, and almost any opportunity grasped should reward, now or later. Any links approach commitment, funding or intimacy, Thursday to Saturday: proceed carefully; be willing to ease up on the gas pedal when its appropriate.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This is your last week of low energy, drudgery and solitude, Libra. Next week you’ll begin important meetings, projects and themes, so rest up now – especially Sunday/Monday, when life’s pleasurable, but nothing important gets done. Sink in, enjoy nature’s poetry. You might talk to an attractive person, but accept what comes. (Oddly, a hugely successful relationship, even true love, will spark for a few Librans late Sunday night — maybe  for 1 in 20 Librans.) Use Tuesday/Wednesday to tackle any outstanding chores, obligations or health concerns, to connect with the government or a large body or company, to plan, to apply for employment or benefits – success fills these two days. Relationships, opportunities and opposition, relocation ideas, agreements and disagreements, fill Thursday to Saturday noon. Proceed carefully but hopefully.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This is your last week of revelry, Scorpio, so enjoy it! Popularity, social delights, wish fulfilment, entertainment, light flirtation – these have seven days to run. But even by Sunday/Monday you can sense things are winding down. These two days bring quiet rest, domestic concerns, kid/parent relationships, gardening, and security urges. But Sunday is difficult, and Monday’s a non-starter. So stick to routine, and practice safety around tools. Your romantic side perks up Tuesday/Wednesday. “Just friends,” or a light romance, flirting around, can become deep, all-pervading and serious. Whether things stay light or you fall madly in love, a celebratory air surrounds you: friends, popularity, entertainment make you happy. Back to work Thursday to Saturday afternoon – carefully, practice safety, be diplomatic with co-workers. Saturday night, love’s possible.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Remain ambitious, Sage. Bosses, authorities, parents and teachers are still onside. By next week you’ll start wandering in more social, enjoyable directions, so give your practical and career goals your prime attention now. Sunday/Monday are for communications, paperwork, errands and short trips – but Sunday’s difficult and Monday’s a dud, so go slow, hold your tongue. Tuesday/Wednesday bring this month’s themes to a head. You could be promoted! Or not – but in any case, these two smooth, beneficial days favour two opposite things for you: quitting, rest, retirement, security, home, and ambition, striving, competing, chasing goals. The second “set” (ambition, etc.) should be your first choice. But if you can combine both sets, success will increase. Pleasure, beauty and the magic poetry of nature steal upon you Thursday to afternoon Saturday. Romance exists, but it  has to keep dodging a “rocky path.”


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This is your last week of pleasant wool-gathering, Cap. Next week starts a phase of ambition and “facing important people” – but for now, pursue intellectual, educational, travel, cultural, love and social goals. (What good is ambition if it doesn’t provide/support a life of social happiness?) Chase money Sunday, but carefully. DON’T buy anything important, especially in high tech. Shop Monday, but only for routine items, groceries, etc. Tuesday/Wednesday bring September’s themes (law, far travel, higher education, love) to a lucky head, and at the same time offer a way to “step down” from large, consequential things. For example, September’s legal issue(s) could be solved now by more casual communications; travel can be steered into a shorter itinerary; a love affair can grow chatty. Domestic concerns fill Thursday to Saturday afternoon. Take care, some are rebellious. Strike, act, at noon PDT Friday.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

One more week of mystery, Aquarius, then a month of understanding starts. Use this week to continue – and wrap up – research projects, investments or other financial manoeuvres, lifestyle changes, and new health procedures. These might come to a lucky, beneficial head Tuesday/Wednesday, or you might find luck in earnings, shopping, and expanding your sales territory. Sweet intimacy can occur. Earlier, your energy and charisma shine Sunday/Monday, but there are various glitches, refusals before 7:30 pm (PDT) Sunday, and unexpected attractions after this. If you maintain your sense of humor, laughter will bless everything; if not, slamming doors can occur. Monday  has few “real” goals, fewer attainments. Your restless, friendly, talkative, travelling side emerges Thursday to Saturday afternoon. But travel, talk with caution.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Continue to be diplomatic, to accent others’ desires, to seek relationships rather than independence. These themes might come to a head Tuesday/Wednesday, when your charisma and energy soar, and a major development in a relationship seems imminent. You (or another, with you) could fall madly in love, you could sign a contract or negotiate an agreement, you could relocate, or grab a career plum (Wed. morning) or raise your public profile. All that occurs these two days is beneficial, whether it seems so at the time or not. Charge ahead! Earlier, Sunday/Monday call for rest, contemplation, solitude, and planning. If you go to bed too early Sunday, you might wake with mild insomnia. Don’t test your reactions Sunday (e.g., while driving or handling electricity). Later, Thursday to Saturday noon feature money, earnings, shopping, possessions and sensual attractions. All’s well if you go slow, think twice.


The End