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START NOTHING:   4:24 pm Sun. To 3:04 am Mon., 7:57 am to 12:59 pm Wed., and 1:35 pm Fri. To 0:57 am Sat.


ALL SIGNS: The Mercury retro period of delays, confusion, indecision and “echoes from the past” ends, technically, at 11:17 am Monday, Pacific Time. So Monday onward, you can start any project or relationship. (Jupiter and Saturn also go direct about the same time, so you can profitably pursue any practical project for the remainder of 2021: it will/should combine a practical, realistic, hard-headed outlook with optimism, cheerfulness, friendship and good luck. Unbeatable combination!)

For ARIES, this new optimistic trend (to Dec. 28/21) affects friendships socializing, hopes. For TAURUS, career and social standing; for GEMINI, the good, stable luck involves far travel, academia, literature, international affairs, law — and love, weddings. For CANCER, the area of expansion and building lies in finances, research, sexual desires, medical stuff and lifestyle changes. For LEO, relationships of all kinds, opportunities, public dealings and/or relocation. For VIRGO, the field of “large advance” lies in work, health and machinery. For LIBRA, romance, love, creative and speculative endeavours.

SCORPIO’s “practical luck” lies in real estate, home, security, parenting. Same 2 1/2 months open the door to a big increase in paperwork, travel, and friendly contacts for SAGITTARIUS. (Maybe buy a car?) For CAPRICORN, this opportunity and good luck lie in the earned income (or sales) area. (And it brings a casual sex opportunity, also.) For AQUARIUS this is a life-changing few months. They can establish a new platform to meet the next 3 decades with. An expansive, lucky, yet deep and sobering several months. A long-held wish can come true — but you will have to “work” for it to some degree. And for PISCES, these few months speed up management or governmental issues/opportunities.
***.  ***

If there were an American judge with any courage, he or she would free all the 500 or so prisoners being held in solitary for almost a year now in the basement prison of the Congress. But courage in the judiciary seems as lacking as evil is abundant in the politicians. The cops and Pelosi are committing huge violations: imprisonment w/o charges, unusual and cruel punishment, justice purposely delayed, and physical battery. Some prisoners have been beaten, others have been refused medical care, even for broken bones.

If you ever thought America was compassionate, just look at the despicable way this nation is treating jailed “tourist” Republicans, while handing out lollypops and glitter stars to Antifa, BLM and all the other thugs who killed cops, burned down cop stations, destroyed businesses and beat innocent bystanders. These people are simply let go, without police records. But anyone stupid enough to walk into the People’s house (*) on January 6, 2021, even if they did absolutely nothing but look around, and even though they were invited to do so by capital police in some instances – these people are still held in basement prisons without natural light, many of them in solitary. It is disgusting. The FBI, the DOJ, frail. evil little Mr. Biden, Merrick Garland (**) and all the other cheaters and fraud artists should be the ones in solitary basement cells.

(*) Yes, it is the PEOPLE’S house, not Pelosi’s or Schiff’s or Matt Gaetz’ house. These people are being imprisoned for trespassing on their own property.

(**) — Garland, Minister of Justice, in order to intimidate citizens, esp. parents, ordered the FBI AND Homeland Security to harass and investigate any parent opposing, criticizing or questioning Critical Race Theory (CRT). This was meant to shut them up, and silence all who have not yet spoken out in protest. (CRT heightens racism, accuses all Whites of oppression, and simultaneously states that only communism/socialism can cure racism.)

Then it turns out that Garland’s daughter and son-in-law own a company that sells Critical Race Theory books and educational materials — I.e., they would benefit in the multiple millions if/when CRT is established in schools. (Unfortunately it is already established in many schools — and Garland’s children are already bathing in millions.) (*)

CRT was inserted into the curriculum of many schools by stealth and teachers who believe they should be the ones who determine what children learn, not their parents.) But it gets better — Garland’s kids have  already been given millions by Zuckerberg, the consummate psychopath who owns Facebook and supports CRT.

How can people be so blatantly corrupt, openly corrupt? It boggles the heart.

And the obvious one: Republicans are so gullible!

(*) Actually, socialist teaching and the subtle erosion of parental rights in schools, has been developing for at least 50 years. The college students who opted for a teaching certificate (when I went to university, in the 1970’s) were mostly young, liberal kids from lower-middle to middle class, who believed in socialism (in Canada, the NDP). Many weren’t particularly good students academically, but they had strong beliefs in the communal aspect of mankind, and naturally flowed into a belief in all things socialist.

Back then and today, you notice one thing about teachers: they feel entitled. They are right, and parents are fools who don’t have any technical training in raising children. So the road to CRT has been well paved by the somewhat covert propagandistic actions by teachers. Teachers who know very well, have been taught very well, how to mold/form a child’s worldview and political bias. These are the teachers who are so upset by parents saying they do not want CRT or pornographic books (now allowed, even promoted by teachers). These are the teachers who wrote a letter to Garland demanding that he put in force several laws to designate parents as a terrorist force and to investigate and jail them if they protest the school curriculum too loudly.

I guess where the catholic church (not capitalized ‘cuz it doesn’t deserve respect, but calumny) left off abusing and perverting young children, the school system, especially a lot of frustrated candy sucking teachers, are filling in.

So catholic priests anally rape millions of young boys (see my Oct. 10 column). That’s nothing. watch us powerful teachers show the children that there are many sexes and many sexual perversions and all of them are just delicious, and more importantly the rights of every aberrant sexual practice and being should be enshrined in law. In addition, we will give our students pornographic stories and pictures and ask them to write imaginary stories about being raped, or being gay, etc.
***.  ***

Your weekly forecast will be a little shorter today. I spent too much time on the Pluto article.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The sun stays in your partnership sign until late Friday, Aries. So this is a week to shore up any agreements, solidify partnerships, and handle all the interactions and legalities of any mutual project. Yes, if it’s “in the air,” propose marriage. Monday best for this, or for any social, love, romantic, travel or legal or academic effort/approach. You could win the day! Act well before 7:30 pm PDT (10:30 pm Eastern, pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET, 10:30 am Tues. CCT, 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.) 

Earlier, Sunday’s for rest and recuperation. Your energy and charisma rise nicely Mon. to midday Wed. Be a leader, get things done, started, esp. in partnership, public and “distant” areas. Chase $ Wed. pm (PDT) to Fri. night. Be cautious — many glitches exist, esp. Wed. and Fri. Best time, Friday p.m., when a “private door” might open. Wed./Thurs., you’ll be fighting a financial or sexual (or medical) battle, one unfortunately controlled by those “above you.” Think defence, not aggression. Saturday is stable; it begins a month of secrets, research, finances, sexual desire, and medical or lifestyle choices.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Sunday gives you one thing Taurus, hope for the future. It might also sprinkle in a few friends. The whole week ahead, other than Saturday, focusses on machinery, work and health. It is the last week of these, so tackle anything important that you don’t want to see languishing in future. Past delays and indecision end Monday, so you are free to charge ahead, especially in these work and machine areas.

However, Monday to mid day Wednesday is a period of quietude, rest and recuperation. Use this interval to examine your past and plan your future. Monday (7:30 pm PDT, 10:30 pm Eastern, pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET, 10:30 am Tues. CCT, 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.) can offer a lovely promotion or pay raise. (Though prestige is more likely than dollars.)

Your energy returns, with a charisma bonus, mid day Wednesday to Friday night. You are in charge during this interval, the centre of attention. You’re the leader and you are the one responsible for launching anything new. That said, at least six “screw ups” face you, mostly causing friction in partnerships, love, work/career, law/permission, and work-vs-pleasure seeking. Just be cautious, work toward solutions. Saturday brings exciting meetings — and four weeks of relationships, opportunities and new horizons.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This is your last week of powerful romantic feelings — and love opportunities, Gemini. In addition, recent delays, confusions and indecision end Monday (technically, tho’ there can be a bit of indecisive hangover). So charge ahead, plunge into love, or delve into a major creative, intellectual, law or culturally oriented, academic or far travel projects.

Monday’s for work, trying to impress higher-ups. But an interval of optimism, love, social joy and popularity faces you Mon. to midday Wed. Monday’s best: everything listed in the paragraph above is “available” with tremendous luck, before 7:30 pm. (10:30 pm Eastern, pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET, 10:30 am Tues. CCT, 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.) Do something, Gemini — ask for someone’s hand, seek admittance to a special group, write your opus, start major travel, etc. Good luck to Tues. morn, then glitches slowly arrive.

Withdraw from the crowd midday Wed. to Fri. night. Seek advice, rest, ponder and plan, deal with gov’t and admin types. Not much good luck — some around midday Fri., in work, health, sex and finances. Your energy and charisma soar Sat. (and Sun.) This day, you start 4 weeks of work, machinery, and health concerns. A Scorpio might approach you; he or she is interested in either sex or money, maybe both.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This is your last week of deep domestic concerns, Cancer. Saturday will start a month of romance, creativity, risk-taking, and beauty and pleasure. Recent delays and indecision, especially those affecting your home and family, end Monday morning. So you can charge ahead now, especially in domestic zones. Sunday’s romantic, but without much helping it. A good day to seek simple enjoyment.

Your career and ambitions are highlighted Mon. to midday Wed. Monday, esp. before 7:30 pm PDT (10:30 pm Eastern, pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET, 10:30 am Tues. CCT, 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.) is best — make your bid for financial success, intimacy, or dig for answers (the deeper, the more valuable your “find”) — and, most of all, career and “behind scenes” agreements are favoured. Lust wins, too. Careful Wed., when an agreement or “partnership” might fall apart.

Your heart perks up Wed. pm to Fri. night. — expect popularity, flirtations, social joys, a hopeful future view. This is a tricky interval, though, with minor pitfalls everywhere — best stance: be social, enjoy, give practical matters a pass. Retreat to a place of quiet Saturday. Meditate, pamper your health, nap. Ponder and plan.

Leo icon  LEO: July 23-Aug. 22

A month of paperwork, short trips and communications will end this Saturday, Leo, when four weeks of domestic matters begins. Recent delays, especially in this area of paperwork and communications, end Monday, so you should charge ahead this week to complete (even to start) projects, make new contacts, etc.

Sunday’s sexy, whispers secrets, offers revelations. Research something. (Don’t invest nor borrow.) Your mind — and by link, your heart — lift to new heights, broader views Mon. to midday Wed. Monday’s best — act on a hunch or an “invitation” — pursue a legal, love, international, cultural, insurance, academic, publishing or similar goal BEFORE 7:30 pm Mon. (PDT — 10:30 pm Eastern, pre-dawn Tues. GMT/ECT/EET, 10:30 am Tues. CCT, 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.)

Tuesday and Wed. aren’t terribly special.  Be ambitious Wed. pm to Fri. night. VIPs are watching. A tricky sequence of aspects, so don’t launch a new project, just work hard on existing situations. Midday Fri. best for action. Saturday brings optimism, social delights, popularity, flirtation — a happy weekend! Saturday also starts 4 weeks of domestic concerns.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

It’s your last week of money focus, Virgo — Saturday starts 4 weeks of errands, restlessness, casual contacts, wanderlust and curiosity. Recent delays and confusion end Monday, so use this week to chase any income, to sell, or to find bargains. Sunday’s for relationships — not much percolating here.

Monday to midday Wed. brings secrets, hidden values and valuables, financial opportunities, lust-filled yearnings, life changes and medical options. Monday’s best — act before 7:30 pm PDT (10:30 pm Eastern, pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET, 10:30 am Tues. CCT, 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.) for success with these (financial, secrets, etc.) and your job or employment. You could strike gold! (For some, this will manifest as a home/property link to investments or debt. (E.g., refinance your home.) Possible powerful sexual interlude with a co-worker.

A mellow, thoughtful mood steals over you Wed. pm to Fri. night. Wisdom, tolerance come easily. But this interval is studded with glitches, so proceed with caution, esp. in legal, travel and media zones. Saturday’s for your ambitions — chase them!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week can either bring the climax of a long “courtship,” Libra, or the continuation of 2021’s romance. In both cases, the eleven weeks ahead quietly but deeply further a love, a creative or speculative project, or a child’s interests. If you’re single and a love affair has developed over the last year, this can be a massively significant time. It combines optimism and good luck with stability and deep security. You might be stepping into/with a marriage that will last until the curtains close. If you haven’t yet, this is the time to propose or to accept a proposal.

If married, you can still experience the romance and depth of this end of ’21, but my advice is to either beautify the home, buy new clothes, or do things for the children: education savings, whatever. Any of these actions, if done Monday before 7:30 pm PDT, should succeed. (Read 10:30 pm Eastern, pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET, 10:30 am Tues. CCT, 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.)

Then, later Tues. to Fri. morning, there isn’t much success — glitches abound. So be cautious Tues./Wed. with relationships and opportunities, and Wed. to Fri. in sexual and financial zones. (Some Librans will meet and bed a mate prospect, almost “instantly.”) Not a good interval to invest, nor to seek intimacy. A home product bargain Fri. pm. Saturday is mellow, loving, understanding, but it starts a month of money pursuits.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This is your last week of restrictions, solitude and low energy, Scorpio. Saturday will start a month in which you will gain energy, magnetism, and allies. A month during which you should start something, launch a venture. Soon, health and freedom! Now to late December also “gifts you” tremendous luck in the property, home, security area. Maybe a new baby, maybe a new home. Great time to buy real estate. (Best buys will be in “commuting distance” from your work and/or your present home.)

Sunday’s romantic, but with little result. Monday to midday Wed. brings work, health concerns. These are problematical Tues./Wed., but Monday is special — you can gain gov’t permission or a grant related to your home, or make a good investment (esp. in an “income property”). Act Monday before 7:30 pm PDT (or 10:30 pm Eastern — pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET — 10:30 am Tues. CCT — 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.)

Relationships, opportunities, and public dealings fill Wed. pm to Fri. night. Be diplomatic; others have the power, and the auspice isn’t great: friction lurks. Best: Friday daytime, when someone likes you. Saturday starts a new, energetic, rewarding, significant month, Scorpio, but it starts with Moon in Gemini — secrets,  lustful attractions, finances and doctors will fill this “personal month” ahead.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The past few weeks have been filled with optimism, Sage. But Saturday starts a new month of quietude, rest, studying and research, pondering and planning. (Much of this pondering might involve a Gemini or your spouse.) Seek advice. Liaise with gov’t, head office, or institutions.

Much has been delayed or mixed up in communications, mail, contacts, paperwork since late September, and in many (larger) ways since last June. These delays end now, so until late December, launch mail, media, travel, office systems, telephony, paperwork or similar ventures — they could lead to something slightly unglamorous, but strong, stable, and beneficial. Earned income and/or possessions could be involved.

Spend Sunday at home, rest and think. A romantic “wave” heads for you Mon. to midday Wed. Until pre-dawn Tues. this wave favours you, but it subsides later Tues. and Wed. For success, act Monday before 7:30 pm PDT (or 10:30 pm Eastern — pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET — 10:30 am Tues. CCT — 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.). You could land a handsome lover!

Tackle chores midday Wed. to Fri. night. Eat, dress sensibly. This is a tough interval, filled with potholes and glitches — until Fri. midday, when some success comes. Saturday is for relationships, good ones, but this day also starts a month of mild retreat.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Career (and status) pressures will ease soon, Cap. Recent delays and snafus in this area end Monday, so charge ahead with ambitions, prestige relations, and social status aims all week. Saturday starts a month of wish fulfillment, popularity, social Jos, flirtations and blue-sky optimism. Somehow, this will be wound together with your work or workplace, co-workers. Sunday brings news, but it’s not that important.

Your home, family, property and security are emphasized Mon. to midday Wed. — problems here Tues. dawn onward, but Monday holds a great opening.  Act (Monday) before 7:30 pm PDT (or 10:30 pm Eastern — pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET — 10:30 am Tues. CCT — 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.). Something to do with money/income/sales and home, property. This might spark a “lucrative” withdrawal from your career or job.

Romance calls Wed. pm to Fri. night… but many glitches could reduce your desire. Best: Fri. daytime, promotes understanding with someone. Saturday’s for work — good work, with a rewarding career/work/income chance.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week ends a month of learning, long-distance communications, travel, legal and cultural involvement, media – and love. Saturday will begin a month of prestige and status concerns, ambition and career efforts. (Something hints that these efforts will be either creative and enjoyable, or will somehow be tied to a love relationship.) But until then, use this week to forge ahead with any intellectual, love/wedding, travel, intellectual, legal or cultural or publishing venture — recent delays and indecision leave these (and all) areas Monday. This day can mark the start or the central point in a relationship or a communication.

For best results, best luck, act Monday before 7:30 pm PDT (or 10:30 pm Eastern — pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET — 10:30 am Tues. CCT — 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.) Many social and wishful plans have been delayed since early summer; these now move forward right through December, and could bring a dream come true, a light, happy AND stable love. (It will have restrictions, which should be accepted.)

Sunday’s for shopping or cash-producing chores. Stick to routine. Communications, trips, visits, paperwork, errands, curiosity, all swell up Mon. to midday Wed. (Tues./Wed. Not great: use caution.) As discussed above, act Mon. From Wed. pm to Fri. night, your domicile, family, security, nutrition – these become important. But again, difficult aspects say walk carefully. Saturday is for romance, creativity, speculation, sports/games, beauty and pleasure — Sun. too!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

A month of finances, intimate decisions, secrets and research, and changes to your lifestyle… This week is the last to focus on these matters. Usually I would say that you should grab or do something significant in this area before the week ends. However, this week contains a series of difficult aspects that run from Wednesday morning through Friday, so if you are to act, my advice is act early.

The best opening this week occurs Mon., and involves money/earnings/sales, and career/reputation/status. A perfect day to ask for a pay raise or promotion — even if the answer’s no, you will have planted a seed that will reward you later. For success, act Monday before 7:30 pm PDT (or 10:30 pm Eastern — pre-dawn Tues. GMT to EET — 10:30 am Tues. CCT — 12:30 pm Tues. in Australia, etc.)

Earlier, your energy and charisma attract others: do something routine. Though Monday’s superb, and Tues. morning’s fine, later this day and Wed. carry “break up vibes” or simply immovable walls. Errands, paperwork, trips and communications fill midday Wed. to Fri. night. Act cautiously, think twice before pressing “Send” or picking up that phone.

If you want to talk in harmony with someone, esp. in love (or academic) matters, Friday daytime is fine (into Sat. Morning in Europe, Asia). Saturday starts a weekend of down-home, family matters — a good weekend, with fine progress. More importantly, Saturday starts a month of academic, legal, far travel, cultural, love and philosophical interests. Soon, you might be kicked upstairs to management levels.



I see Biden and his Nazi thugs continue to keep the January 6 people locked in basement dungeons. Leading up to and even during World War II, some American industrialists actually supported Hitler, and I think I sent him money and machinery. Biden would have been among them had he been out of little-boy shorts.

The irony: Biden hates (too strong a word?) Jews (and all who are not lily-white) but American Jews love him and vote for him. Maybe it’s a kind of Stockholm syndrome.
***.  ***


The Pluto return of December 23, 2229 A.D., is the first one of a mega era which will contain approximately 10 eras (each 247 years long) (or exactly 2,470 years). This is a relatively short mega era, as many are 3,000, 4,000 and even over 5,000 years in length. For this reason I’m calling the approaching mega era of 2400 years a “transit” mega, meant to carry us from our present state of intense technological development to the condition of the new mega era that will start in 4699 AD.

The 4699 mega will bring us to a capability of vast travel (I mean many travellers) over vast distances.

So let’s label them:

* 1983 AD — the technological era, an era of major change, social, political, and religious. A significant and powerful era. (Oddly, the era’s most significant seminal action was in 1983/84 — the birth of the mobile phone. The phone and its baby, social media, are far more significant than, say, nuclear bombs.)

1983 Era Name: Techno Era

* 2229 AD (And the mega following) — rise of spiritualism, psychic developments, maybe first star travel/contact, bad laws, universities, courts, all corrupt (perhaps a hangover or deeper development of the 1983 Techno era police states, but in a different and less destructive way.

(See below constant competition over who controls the information and the news — again, weirdly reminiscent of our own 1983 Era.) Police, and males 20-40 years will be aggressive, violent, vengeful and deadly. Despite this, women both young and mature benefit during this era. The young women are playful, social, and highly adept at technological expression of their love desires. Mature women are mellow, calm, wise, and psychic — and very willing to communicate. Competition between “philosopher kings” and “angels” [I.e., some psychic force or the development of psychic talents in the citizenry, perhaps as a response to suppression/oppression during the 1983 era and this 2229 era.] The psychic forces, if we can call them that, win the war {a loaded word; maybe I should say “win the struggle”}.

Still, the philosopher king, the logical and law giving personality, rules in the practical issues of the day, and ambitious people will strive to follow the philosopher king’s directions in order to gain earthly prizes. (This mega ends with the 4452 AD era, which shows a new home, food supply problems, huge creativity, and males 20-40 dominating law and learning. These males will be almost “crazed” or obsessed about learning/discovering the science/physics of travel.)

2229 Era Name: Psychic Era (and to some degree the following 2,400-year mega)

* 4699 AD (and to some degree the few thousand years following — This era, first of a new “mega,” also hints at “newly born,” or “just beginning.” It will be a mega of high and voluminous communication and transportation, of a huge and aggressive bureaucracy, good income, and sparse or restrictive land ownership; “land” will be mobile. We will unlock the secrets of our souls as never before, and might even achieve a technological or “electron” based connection between the spiritual/psychic and the physical/ conscious, logical mind.

This will be a mega of great struggle. To some degree, men will fight women and try to dominate them. Men will be very hospitable, and young men will be a little foppish, dandies. This era contains a grand cross, and the indication of struggling competition between major forces. Major surprises and upheavals, greater than our prior era’s World Wars I and II. Yet these Wars might not be physical, but instead engage waves of emotion, spiritualism, logic, showmanship and control struggles.

That’s the 4699 mega era.

4699 Era Name: War Era (and to some degree the subsequent few millennia)

Now, if I was really a child of our modern techno era, I’d be able to reproduce the chart of the 2229 Pluto return clearly and readably below. However I am only a writer, and computers hate me, so you’ll have to try to see the markings on the chart below. Sorry, it’s the best I can do.

2229 AD Pluto Return Chart:

We already know emotions and mental attitude affect health; but this is only a toe in the ocean of knowledge —ultimately, if we keep swimming, the next era (2229 onward) will produce at least the initial merging of pure chemistry and thought. Thought affecting not the bio-chemistry within, but the chemistry without.

This will steer us in the direction of the minuscule for awhile (peaking, my math is rough, about 2373 to 2393 AD). (Neptune on the 2229 return’s horizon hints that as we go into outer space, Neptune’s domain, we also go into just as vast and complex a universe in oceans and, ultimately, with things, factors and energies, smaller than atoms.) 2400 onward, there might be a slow sloughing off of the ultra-miniscule.

2229 AD is important because it’s the first era of a 2,470-year mega-era. Just as the 1983 return brought the end of a mega-era, and in its arms drowned (will drown) literature, literate religion (and religion in general), universities, languages to a degree, politics, laws — all these are corrupted in the 1983 era, and spin loose from their idealistic moorings of the 18, 19 and 20th centuries, into the flotsam and wreckage of this 21st century we live in.

200 years from now, politics, universities and law courts will be different “institutions” than before 1983. Presently, the corruption of these institutions into arms of government control is a product of a hierarchy that is determined to keep and gain as much power as possible with no regard to principles or morals. This is due to the heavy Scorpion accent in the 1983 return chart. Scorpio loves to control, and has very little regard for principles. (In the 1983 chart, almost 80% of the influence lies in Scorpio: Sun, Moon, and 3 of 8 planets.)

So, importantly, the 2229 mega era will need replacements for politics, law, religion, and literature/language.

Literature — A slight clue to future “literature/writing/alphabet replacements” would be the ideograms, icons, emojis, etc., that replace words, even letters on computer screens — and international packaging.

Religion — at present a set of rules by people who claim to represent God and do not. (Generally, religion is an — often successful — attempt to codify and control the spiritual.) If you need any proof of religion’s demise or decline, just look at the latest news: 340,000 young boys in France buggered by over 3,000 corrupt priests.) (The buggering of boys is nothing new: in the 12th century Chaucer wrote about a boy sticking a red hot poker up a monk’s bum.) The difference is

1) that is our era we take such sins seriously, and
2) these “sins” have become institutionalized, to the point where, in catholicism, the Pope can’t bring himself to condemn it.

This perversion will not stop in our era, until all these “higher institutions,” universities, law courts, publishers, etc., are bloated with cash and valuables, and hollow within.

In the 2229 era, this decline/destruction of academia, law, and religion will not come from greed, as in the 1983 Era, but from 2 sources: 1) a feeling of destiny, and 2) camaraderie.

Nor will it be as great a decline as in our present era, for the people of 2229 will find they have inherited a “narrow, dark and deserted blind alley, littered with broken toys” — “plans made of thin air… action will bear no other fruit but mistakes and mishaps, misery and ruin.” (Thus Carelli’s description of Mercury’s degree, the planet of academia, law, etc., in the 2229 chart.) In other words, academia and law and religion will be so destroyed by the early 23rd century, that this new 2229 era will inherit not a declining academia etc., but one that is already at the bottom and can’t sink any further.

So in the 2229 era, literature, law and academia cannot be further weakened, and must be rebuilt in a new or different way. Since the degree of the north lunar node is a good one, this 2229 era will struggle to build a new law/academia platform — but will fail, at least at first, because they have inherited a “blind alley, littered with broken toys.” Eventually, I think, a “philosopher king” will help bring law/academia into a new realm and in a new “body.” (This king, by the way, will famously suffer disappointment in love.)

Law — In the 1983 era, is merely an expression and tool of greed. Right and wrong are replaced by persuasion. In the 2229 era (and subsequent mega) law, universities, philosophy, will be like a burned forest: ideals will be nothing more than opinions; laws mere tools, universities (and courts, et al) will be places of fraternity, of allies supporting allies — an “old boys club.”

Politics — Here, in the 2229 era, is where real reform begins, and will expand to affect (and even “rebirth”) law, religion, philosophy and literature — but in a new form. This 2229 chart is hugely psychic. Neptune is the most prominent planet, opposite the Sun, and the Moon and (good karma) north lunar node are in the psychic sign, Pisces. The ruler of the rising sign, Saturn, is closely trine (supportive of) that spiritual planet, Neptune. Pluto, ruler of the unconscious, is also very tightly bound — beneficially — to that Neptune.

I suspect politics as we know it will disappear, not in our era, but in 2229. Voting will be replaced by psychic waves of support or opposition. This might not occur wholly in the 2229 mega era, but it will take a huge step forward, and will be ”standard practice” by the next mega in 4699 AD.

Physical world — will take a real step back in 2229. (Whenever I say “in 2229” I mean the 2400 years following.) We will learn to control our body with thought. In the 4699 mega, we might learn to control or affect chemistry outside our body, with thought.


Some famous friendships, famous lovers, will emerge. Like Tristan and Isolde, or Paris and Helen.

Our 1983 era is a rather dry, violent, intellectual/logical, “conquer the earth — and each other” phase. The mega beginning with the 2229 return, will be moist, ambitious, psychic/spiritual, hierarchical, practical, very communicative, sweetly hopeful in humanitarian areas, highly friendship conscious, or socially intertwined, ruled by a “philosopher king” type who suffers tragedies in love and comes from a widow (not sure why I said that last). A rigid social code, many infertile young women,* many young men secretive, death-dealing, ready to attack anything, to impregnate anyone.**

(*) Also, a welding of female with technology. ** Mars in Scorpio, semen could dry up. There may be techno/biological courtesans or prostitutes.

Such organizations as the FBI, if they still exist, will be more like death squads than investigative personnel. Weapons of death and destruction will be developed that utilize the element of time, as in “lying in wait.” (DNA bombs? Advantage: delivery by stealth, control of timing of attack.) Bureaucrats will be tame, more sympathetic to males.

More and more, as “2229” develops (by which I mean the 247 years that follow it, and to a very weak degree, the 24 centuries that follow) — we should find an increasing freedom from ignorance of the future. In the past, diviners and astrologers have been valued partly because no one else could see very far ahead. In our own time, these “arts” are devalued; farmers listen to meteorologists; statistics can alert us to growing trends.

We see partway into the future because in a real sense we have begun to look at the future. We see partway into the physical future, but only dimly into the social/emotional future. In 2229 this changes, as more and more, especially in technology and pleasure (arts, romance, beauty, etc.) zones, we’ll start to see the future with a clarity unknown today.

In concert with this, but not necessarily caused by it, we will feel a deep and abiding security, a faith in our future that is not spiritual, but is closely tied to it. This faith might come from beyond the earth: if “aliens” are ever to visit us or “make contact,” this (2229) would be the era in which it occurs.

The biggest “astrology event” of the 2229 chart is a grand trine between Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn. Neptune is exactly opposite the Sun, has a travel and communications function — and rules spirit. I’ve characterized Neptune on the solar horizon before as an angel coming to visit the earth. This of course is entirely possible, but it might also be only symbolic.

So Neptune might represent an angel, but it might also or rather represent psychic awakening, astrophysics and journeying across space, perhaps to other stars (esp. as the mega era evolves). Or a tenuous balance (or struggle) between practical hard-heads (Sun in Cap.) versus watery, slippery “psychic types.” These “psychics,” or martyrs, or angels, or alien visitors, are supported by strong allies, some of whom dream of ruling someday. (But it would be a sombre regime if they did!)

Talk, communications develop almost parabolically, and in beneficial directions. 1983 has the mobile phone, but 2229 has a strongly developing telepathy. (Which in turn will affect politics writ large, as mentioned above.)

Surgery will reach new heights (of course, what else is new?). Surgery might be used as a tool of power, even of revenge.

Whether the 2229 era “visitor” is a spirit, martyr, angel or alien space traveller, it/he/she will successfully overrule or fight the (philosopher) king but the king will rule the political structure, if it can be called that. Let’s call it the “politically ambitious.” There will be no voting; rather, a consensus of thought, idea or opinion will ride waves. At first this will be partly physical, but as the centuries evolve, it will become (entirely?) psychical, a gathering of minds event. Therefore, it will be hard for one person to rule.

A wise man will be surrounded by many children, children who are rare, like prescient gems, or hold meaning(s) in their awareness.

An angel might appear. However, angels will not be what we imagined. This angel, if it arrives, will be as wide as the horizon, larger than the Earth.

The oceans (Neptune) and outer space (Neptune) will be the great exploration itineraries.

It is possible that we will be observed by another alien civilization. If so, contact will be either very amorphous, hard to discern, like reading water; and/or the contact will be massive, fascinating, with light and appearances.


I suspect our daily actions have a minuscule affect on our DNA, and DNA in turn is an extension of karma. At this level (daily actions) we are dealing with the conjunction between biochemistry and thought (or how else could daily action, motivated by thought or other things, affect DNA, a chemical construct?).  We could say DNA is close to our “soul.”

We already know emotions and mental attitude affect health; this is a toe in the ocean of knowledge here—ultimately, if we keep swimming, the next era (2229 onward) will produce at least the initial merging of pure chemistry and thought. Thought affecting not only the bio-chemistry within, but the chemistry without.

Saturn rules dry chemicals, and is in Pisces (the spiritual, psychic sign) in the 2229 chart; Neptune rules liquids, and is in the sign of birth (Cancer, 1 degree). Neptune also rules the subconscious and spiritual existence. (Some astrologers say it rules the soul, because it rules psychic phenomena, divination, etc. But where does this leave Pluto?)

This pursuit of, essentially, a marriage between the chemical and thought (think of the immensity of this!) will steer us In the direction of the minuscule for awhile (peaking, my math is rough, about 2373 to 2393 AD). (Neptune on the 2229 return’s horizon hints that as we go into outer space, Neptune’s domain, we also go into just as vast and complex a universe in Neptune’s other domain: the oceans and, ultimately, atomic landscapes. 2400 onward, there might be a slow sloughing off of the ultra-miniscule.


Testosterone level men (e.g. 16 – 35 years?) will be vengeful, secretive, and hold hidden power. Police will be violent and quick to use homicidal force. Young men will be rather unfortunate, restricted or imprisoned in someway. Young women will be friendly, shared, “invented.” Mature women will be psychic, wise, protected, and will be shaped like the prehistoric “Venus” figure with huge thighs and stomach, large breasts. These women will be bold, and modest, even shameless, yet dangerously charming. They will throw off wedlock. Young women will be physically fit, very stubborn, very bright and erratic.

Much delving into drugs, spiritual and ecstatic states, and much exploration of new perceptions, consciousnesses, and other realms (even to other solar systems).

Most advances in the 2229 era will not be in technology, but in governance and social structures, themselves definitely altered by psychic or spiritual advancement.

Communications and transport will be slow at first, then accelerate to new speeds of ocean and extra-terrestrial travel.

Terrible, busy but useless bureaucracy. Ditto most large institutions. They follow the wrong principles, ideals, and therefore end impotent.

Much hope in technology, especially ultra-high technology (e.g., super-computers vs daily computers)… yet ironically this is the area of slow development, compared to our own 1983 era.

Young women will be the eyes of the future. Some may even be connected to machines for that purpose.

Many leaders will have a “private relationship,” unrevealed. This isn’t necessarily with a lover.

These signs will be favoured: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Aquarius. These will struggle: Sagittarius, Leo, Virgo, Gemini and Aries. Neutral, Capricorn. (This sign will reach the heights, will develop strong friendships, but also face a kind of extreme doubt.)

Oh, just let me throw this in, in regard to old Pluto return charts/eras. The dates are accurate, but the seminal events might be a bit misconstrued by me.