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在手機上,添加的功能(平臺,短篇小說,提前一年等) 可以從左上角訪問(堆疊線)。

*** All times / dates: Please remember that all time references (e.g., “dawn”) are PDTPacific Daylight Time zone. You can refer to the World Clock in the sidebar for more listings or Google ‘time zone converter’.

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START NOTHING: 7:13 pm to 8:58 pm Mon., 2:15 pm to 8:05 pm Wed., and 6:21 pm to 8:19 pm Fri.



Hey, I told you months ago that the surge in interest rates and inflation would peak around March/April and then decline. So the peak was 9% when I made that prediction, and at present, it’s 3 %.


Remember, I wrote that 2023 through 2044 would bring huge and deep technological/scientific changes. Though I didn’t predict it, AI fills this bill. (It’s been around for decades as a concept, but only recently has exploded into public debate/consciousness.) The one huge development I forecast, would be in nuclear power, probably the attainment and use of nuclear fusion. We haven’t seen these nuclear developments yet, but we’ve got 20 years!




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The romantic theme continues, Aries. This week and the next couple favor, creative projects, risk taking, sports/games, teaching children, and the pursuit of beauty and pleasure. An old flame might appear any time now to early September. An ongoing romance might meet some soft delays, same period — be patient, faithful. Lots of work so dive in, get it done. (Lots of talk at/about work.) Money’s fine.

Be ambitious, chase career, status or money goals Sunday/Monday. A great interval, but Sunday’s best. Wish fulfillment, popularity and social delights, optimism, and natural happiness bubble up in you Tuesday/Wednesday. But retreat for rest and contemplation late Wednesday night to late Friday night (PDT). Thursday needs care at night to avoid an argument. Your energy powers back Friday night through the weekend. Your charisma and romantic magnetism are at a peak! Saturday is simply successful!


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This is shaping up to be one of your most exciting years, Taurus. All sorts of doors are going to open and many adventures are available during this very lucky year (to May/24). However, until late August, you should be in “rest mode,” to regather your energy and enhance security for yourself and family. Naps are good. Despite this “down home” restful influence, romance might be intense, also to late August. Your home, your family, are comforting and affectionate. (Somehow you weren’t before, but now you are free to talk to him/her.)

You feel wise, mellow Sun./Mon. Both days good to excellent (Sunday best) for far travel, international affairs, social rituals, law and higher learning — and love. Be ambitious Tues./Wed. Show your skills. Tuesday best. Wish fulfillment, flirting and other social joys, and grand hopes for the future — these visit you Thurs./Fri. Avoid a “showdown” Thursday night (PDT). Retreat late Friday night through the weekend: sleep, contemplate, plan. Approach a hospital, gov’t agency or research zone Sat.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  Maybe 21-June 20

The weeks ahead are “natural” for you, Gemini — short trips, calls/texts, errands, paperwork, details, casual contacts — all the stuff you’re good at. These form your biggest stream until late August. These zones are also blessed, this year (until early October) with affection and good luck. Your calls/texts, for instance, could involve a romantic goal. (An old flame might re-enter any time between now and early September.)  Some friction on the home front — it’s been stewing for a few weeks, now it becomes voluble. People speak their minds, and not necessarily in your favour — be gentle, patient, esp. with kids.

Sunday/Monday are sexy and filled with financial or lifestyle opportunities. Sunday’s mildly better, esp. in the pm. Tues./Wed. bring a wise, tolerant mood, far travel, higher learning, law, international concerns, religion and gentle love. Neither day is easy, tho. You might enter a tug-o-war between home and outside ambitions. Tuesday is best, to early afternoon (PDT). Your weekend starts Friday night, and brings flirting, social delights, popularity, travel, maybe a kiss. A great weekend!


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

It’s money-making time, Cancer. Buy/sell, attend garage sales, work overtime, etc. One caution: now to Sept. 3 is NOT a good time to spend on items impulsively. Your best buys come from the past (e.g., you wanted it before but couldn’t find the item, etc.). A former casual sex partner might approach before Sept. Your social and “friendly romance” zone is blossoming (until next May). Many quick errands, communications or paperwork tasks arrive until late August.

Exciting meetings Sun./Mon. — relationships, opportunities, relocation themes fill these 2 days — a super interval, so join, approach — but be diplomatic also. Life’s secret side emerges Tues./Wed. — lust, power plays, finances/worth, and medical issues arise. Be honest, ethical, and willing to research. Good before early afternoon Tuesday (PDT) — be cautious, skeptical otherwise. Happiness, social joys, popularity, optimism fill Thurs./Fri. (Friday better — avoid any “showdown” Thurs. pm.) Friday night starts a weekend of ambitions. Good time to have the boss over for dinner or a garden party, esp. Sat. Work hard — success within reach!


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

It’s your month, Leo! Your energy, charisma and clout are at a yearly high — and your success potential in career, etc., is at a 12-year high. Only one snag — you remain undecided about communications, what to state or request, and about exactly what/which career development to aim for. This snag lasts until early Sept. Meanwhile, any project or communication that involves the past (e.g., a formerly “dropped” ambitious goal, or a returning career project, etc.) is your best bet — don’t try to launch totally new things. Money becomes a rapid thing — it flows to you, but can rapidly disappear through debts or spending. Save it!

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. You’ll succeed, easily. Eat, dress sensibly. Relationships, opportunities, relocation themes and dealing with the public, possible fame — these enter Tues./Wed., but your one success phase is the first 14 hours of Tues. (PDT). Otherwise, be cautious. (An old flame might enter.) Life — and these relationships/opportunities — enter “private rooms” Thurs./Fri. — secrets, knowledge, finances, medical and lifestyle concerns swell. Careful Thursday night — Friday’s fine. Late Friday night starts a weekend of far travel, love, international affairs, religion, law and social rituals. A great interval!


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remain in “rest mode,” Virgo. Plan, research, seek advice, liaise with gov’t, head office and institutions. However, realize that this area of your life faces both good luck and delay until early September — deal with old things, rather than launch something new. Avoid competitive situations. You are feeling very sexy and you’re about to say something about it to someone special — maybe. (This influence lasts to late August.) A good period for research.

Romantic notions and creative surges fill Sun./Mon. — if you don’t have a lover, these 2 days will still please, but might fall short of a new romantic liaison. (Still, it’s worth a try, as it will leave you with good feelings, dreams.) Tackle chores Tues./Wed. — eat, dress sensibly. Best before 1:30 pm PDT Tues. Be cautious otherwise: work steadily, carefully. Relationships fill Thurs./Fri. — so do opportunities, new horizons and public dealings, even fame. This is a pretty favourable interval, but Thursday night could bring either argument or sexual excitement. Late Friday night starts a weekend of sex, lust, research, medical and lifestyle decisions. If you chase sex, you’ll likely catch it. If you chase finances, investments, esp. Saturday, you could wind up with a fatter wallet.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

An old flame, an old friend, or a former place/situation of beauty or pleasure — you’ll connect with one of these in the weeks ahead, Libra. This might be an instance of a wish coming true, since you’re in a month (to Aug. 23, but really past that in a smaller way, to October) of optimism, wish visualization, flirting, social delights and entertainment. A brand new “love” might not work out if started before Sept. 4, but an old one can bring many moments of pleasure. (As I told you before, any new love started July 10 to Aug. 27 can become a restrictive burden.) Generally, your sexual and financial prospects are excellent until next May.

Be home, hug the kids/spouse, seek/enhance security, putter around, eat well and REST, Sun./Mon. If you have to be at work, keep your home in your heart — take something special home. Both days good. Romance strikes Tues./Wed. — so do creative and risk-taking urges, beauty, pleasure, charming kids. Best time: before 2 pm PDT Tues. (Great financial, sexual, research luck.) Otherwise, remain a bit cautious. Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. Avoid a confrontation (and a possible suitor) Thursday night. Otherwise, a fine interval. Friday night starts a weekend of relating. A love, an opportunity in business or relocation, a fascinating trip — all possible, and fortunate!


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent lies on power, ambition, career, prestige relations, and worldly standing — and pressure to perform in these areas. Women aid you in these zones. You’ll be fortunate when dealing with ongoing or former projects/situations — don’t launch brand new ones before Sept. 3. Men bring you hope now to late August, and are good friends. (They start talking now — about your future.) Relationships can bring you immense good fortune this year (May/23 to May/24) — money and casual intimacy might be linked.

Dive into errands, trips, communications and paperwork Sun./Mon. — a successful interval. Home, family, property and security (and retirement) occupy you Tues./Wed. Tuesday is very fortunate before 2 pm PDT — otherwise, be cautious. Romantic feelings surge Thurs./Fri. Take care Thursday night — a stand-off, or an unlucky attraction can occur. Friday’s good. Late Friday night starts a weekend of chores, but a very successful one — plan to do career or ambition oriented work.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Far travel, higher learning, law, culture, religion, big ideas — you’ll swim in these until late August, Sage — and in a lesser way, to early October. This area is blessed (until Oct.) with affection/love, mild good luck, opportunities and relationship. An old flame might return, anytime between July 23 (just past) and September 3. An ongoing romance/affair might slow a bit, same period, from indecision or outside delays. Bosses are impatient, nit-picky and assertive until Aug. 27, so do your work and treat higher-ups gently.

Chase money, buy/sell, hug someone who’s just a friend, and read to learn, memorize, Sun./Mon. A fortunate interval, so charge ahead. Errands, communications, travel and paperwork consume your time Tues./Wed. Both days contain obstacles/problems, but everything works luckily before 2 pm PDT Tues. Head for home, at least in your heart, Thurs./Fri. Rest, ponder, decorate or putter, enhance security. At work, deal with premises, safety regs, leases, etc. A good, productive interval, but avoid a fight or wrong romantic play Thursday night. Friday late night starts a weekend of romance, love, beauty, pleasure — a huge weekend for love and art, Sage! Plunge in, esp. Sat!


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Three more weeks of “detective story,” Cap — research, commit, in areas of finance, debt, investments, life style changes, and/or medical procedures. A cure, a profit, might lie hidden —  dig deep for “treasure.” This is also a very sexy time, which comes in the “beginning stages” of a fortunately romantic year (to next May). Right now a Virgo could stand out. A former “temptation” (or a former financial opportunity) is very likely to return, and could be lucky — though delay or indecision might affect new links, new opportunities. Strictly avoid lawsuits, political arguments, until Aug. 27.

Your energy and charisma soar Sun./Mon. — charge after what/who you want, esp. Sunday. Chase $ Tues./Wed. — buy/sell, collect, mail invoices, etc. Best before 2 pm Tues. (PDT) — otherwise, go slow — be “reluctant” to buy anything. Short trips, paperwork, errands and communications rush in to fill Thurs./Fri. — alll goes well, but avoid a “stand-off” or argument Thursday night. Friday night begins a weekend of beauty and fulfillment/relaxation with your family. Home, nature, rest, security important — and fortunate!


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The main accent lies on relationships, Aquarius. Be diplomatic, eager to join, and alert to opportunities. The subject of relocation might come up. All this is favourable, even fortunate. Another (mate or spouse?) might be slow to answer, and indecision can obstruct love or action until Sept. 3. Even so, affection exists throughout. An ex lover or mate or good friend might reappear before September. Your sexual side is “turned on” until late August, and discussions (triggered by a little detail) pop up about intimacy, finances, lifestyle, or secrets.

Lie low, seek advice, avoid competition and get plenty of rest Sun./Mon. A good interval to contact gov’t, head office or institutions. Ponder and plan. Your energy and charisma return (about 80 %, as you’re still in relationship — i.e., weak — mode) Tues./Wed. Early Tuesday is great (to 2 pm PDT) esp. for investment in the home, furniture, garden, etc. (And maybe in sex.) But be cautious the rest of this interval — disruptions and refusals occur. Chase $ Thurs./Fri. — buy/sell, invoice and pay, embrace casual sex if you want, or learn something. Friday night starts a weekend of friends and contacts, communications, errands and trips, and paperwork. Dive in, esp. Saturday, as your luck and abilities are “tops.”


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The main emphasis lies on chores, employment, daily health (diet, nutrition, good habits, cleanliness, aspirin, etc.) and the needs of dependents and pets. In much of this, you’ll be dealing with “chores from the past.” Avoid starting major new work projects, esp. those that need financial contribution. This sounds like boring drudgery, but actually, you will kind of like these weeks, as work is mixed with pleasure and camaraderie. You’re still not freed from a mountain of errands, trips, communications and paperwork (many involving your career or ambitions) — pace yourself with these, as the “mountain” exists until May 2024. Relationships are volatile until late August — I’m sure you’ll be in at least one yelling match before then. Be diplomatic as others can have hair-trigger tempers (e.g. don’t invite road rage). On the other hand, forming bonds can give your career or money ambitions a good boost.

Wishes come true Sun./Mon. — enjoy social delights, popularity, and happy hopes. A fortunate interval. But retreat Tues./Wed. — rest, ponder and plan, seek advice, be charitable, and deal with gov’t, head office or institutions. Act before 2 pm PDT Tues., esp. on relationships, opportunities — communicate! Other times, be cautious. Your energy and pizzazz return Thurs./Fri. — be forward, creative, brave, and start things. (Minor projects, as major ones will hit major delays, in 3 to 4 weeks.) Great aspects, but watch Thursday night, when a face-to-face could bring a fight, an argument, or a partnership, an intimate interlude, and/or a money earning opportunity. (Up to you, which.) Friday night starts a weekend of shopping, earning, collecting $, garage sales, etc. — and/or very alluring casual sex. A great, successful weekend!





I will continue the “1969” story next week. Sorry for the delay. I’m just lazy. Meanwhile, here’s a bunch of long, repetitive articles:


Sometimes readers ask me, why don’t I write more about Canadian issues and politics? After all, I live and write in Canada. Well, I simply don’t know much about our country’s power elite. Partly, that’s Canada’s fault. Here, corruption and sleaze, white collar crimes, and even great wealth, are routinely covered up, or simply not revealed. (Recently there has been a military man charged with Chinese involvement and some form of treason, but it caught me by surprise.) Also, I feed off the news and the internet, and there just isn’t a lot there. Canadians, being rather polite and accepting, just accept this, too. For example, a Canadian lab in Winnipeg was one of the prime progenitors who created COVID-19. But did you hear that Canadian news? I didn’t see it.  In addition, Canadian newspapers,  the last bastion of honest opinion and investigative fervour, have either died or shrunk to the point of malnourishment,  replaced by social media and television — both filled with American news. We do have two Canadian outlets: CTV and CBC. CTV is independent, but leftist, jeers at Trump and gives Joe a pass. The CBC, though it reports local news, is otherwise a willing propaganda arm of the U.S. Democratic Party (i.e., leftists). For example, on July 27,  Joe Biden gave a speech. Only one American station decided to share the speech: the Uber-leftist MSNBC. Who else broadcast the entire speech? Canada’s CBC.


As I write this, Hunter Biden has walked into a Delaware court to have his sweetheart deal for his crimes approved, letting him walk free.

Evidently this process, to have a judge sign off on his plea deal, usually takes about 15 minutes. As I’m writing, Hunter and his lawyers have already been in their two hours. Evidently, the court just learned that one of the democratic prosecutors, whose oath includes kissing Joe Biden’s ring finger, tried to illegally hide evidence from the court. (She attempted to deceive a court clerk to convince him to throw out anti-Hunter evidence before the judge saw it — it exposed the criminal bias of the prosecution. A true Biden mafia action. In addition, the prosecutors wanted the judge to grant blanket immunity for Hunter, for the rest of his life.)

Today (Wed., July 26) as Hunter awaits the expected “nod” from the judge, the Sun is in Leo, opposite Hunter’s Aquarius Sun. This usually indicates either opposition or total agreement, the kind that creates partnerships or enemies. Additionally, the Moon is in Scorpio, Hunter’s sign of courtroom judgments. Scorpio is the “dominator” of Aquarius. So Hunter’s having a hard time — despite the court being in Delaware, a corrupt little state controlled by the Biden family.

The only bulwark against this slow flood of corrupt Biden sludge is the judge, Ms. “N.” (Can’t remember her full name.) She has a Cancer first name (“M”) which opposes Hunter’s Capricorn Moon — and his Capricorn first name (“H”).

Gee, wish I had looked at this earlier, so I can claim all the above as a prediction. Oh well.

BREAKING NEWS: (well, not by the time you read this…) The judge threw out Hunter’s sweetheart deal about 10 am PDT today (July 26). Might now go to a court case. (Evidently if fell apart partially because the prosecutors were caught lying to the judge, and because the “deal” included immunity for Hunter — forever! — I think. hard to determine what exactly happened.)

Watch “genial grandpa” Joe Biden lose his temper more and more in future, due to Hunter’s failure to escape the law. We’ve already heard from witnesses that Biden swears, insults and rages at everyone he deals with in the W.H. — as long as it’s not in public. Dogs often reflect their owner’s personality. Joe’s dog has bitten secret service agents 10 times in 4 months. Yet Biden refuses to muzzle it, or to get rid of the dog. Genial Joe.


Speaking of predictions, I sometimes brag about my correct ones. But I sometimes am way off base. During the primaries in 2020, I said Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would never be the democratic presidential nominees, ‘cuz Kamala was cold-hearted, and Joe was demented.

Well, Joe became Prez, and Kamala V.P. A big raspberry to me.

But even before he was elected, I told you Joe was corrupt, along with the FIB and Department of (In)justice. (Actually, I warned you about the FBI’s corruption years before Biden became Prez —  in 2016 or 17 I think.) I specifically accused Joe of treason by 2021. (To me, taking money from China, then refusing to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon hovering over American nuclear ballistic sites, is treason. Maybe I have my terms wrong, but I’d stand in any courtroom and declare Biden a traitor.)


AI is (benign) plagiarism. From the most minute bit to bit copying to the creation of multipage documents, everything is a copy. Copy is laid upon copy. An essay for instance would be made of perhaps 50 or 200 sentences and phrases copied from other essays. There would be structural and ideational things also but these too will be either a copy or a multi copy.

The question is, just because AI is copying parts of itself, and generally adding copies upon copies upon copies, does that mean that its  final products are not creative nor inventive?

We could look at ourselves and consider our thoughts and our physical bodies to be the result of a lot of duplicating and copying. And we know that we are creative beings, and have created great things. So why not AI?


Here is how it Is: Trump is convicted of sexual assault based on the word of a woman claiming an incident occurred 25 or 26 years ago… She wasn’t sure of the year. No witnesses. She told no one about it. There is no police record because she did not report it. So based on claims of a 25-year-old memory, the biased US Northeast court system (run by democrats) decided to impose a $5 million fine and a guilty verdict on Trump. He was denied the ability to defend himself because he could not possibly remember what he was doing every day 25 AND 26 years ago. The accuser could not even specify a year, much less a day of the alleged crime, so Trump had no ability to go back into his records, or diaries, and prove that perhaps he wasn’t even in town. This refusal to offer the defendant the chance to proffer an alibi, and to convict him on the mere say-so of this woman, is rank democratic corruption. He was convicted because the democrat judge liked the woman and hated all republicans, and their leader, a truly vile man,  Trump.

By contrast, Congress has voluminous evidence in emails, texts, whistleblower and other testimony tying Joe Biden to his son’s bribery and shake down schemes. Now there is evidence that Joe Biden actively participated in these schemes. The evidence of Joe’s treason is growing voluminously, but Dems deny such evidence exists, because when they close their eyes they can’t see it. Both the FIB and the Department of Injustice have even more damning evidence than Congress, but they refuse to share it, because of course they have their own agenda, which does not include the truth. They have been collecting this evidence for years, perhaps decades, but not to convict Joe or Hunter Biden, but instead to hide the evidence. In Hunter’s case, they purposely hid criminal evidence until the statute of limitations had run out, thus freeing Hunter — and, they hoped, Joe and all Bidens. In Canada, I think, the statute of limitations does not apply when there is fraud or sexual abuse. If it’s the same in the States, then Joe might be brought to the docket anyway.

Biden hires 87,000 new IRS agents and states they will only be investigating the rich and wealthy — and the first group of people they attack are waiters and waitresses. The poorest of the poor. The second group they attack are investigative journalists like Tiabli (sp? the reporter who blew open the illegal Biden censorship scheme. Third, pro-life and religious orgs.

So, with the FIB and Department of Injustice having deep-sixed all the incriminating evidence, the Bidens walk free. I don’t see how an ordinary American can stand it. In fact, Biden is stripping citizens of their right to vote. This isn’t done in a big obvious way, but by subterfuge and police tactics and lawfare. By limiting voters’ choices, by trying to throw his opponent in jail. Citizens are stripped of the right to vote in incremental amounts, by diluting their vote a bit more every election with subterfuge and fake voting, and the criminal co-operation of the FIB and the Department of Injustice.…If America doesn’t rescue its voting/election processes, it will be transformed.

So, after 25 years of no evidence, no reports nor police involvement, a mere accusation by a publicity-seeking woman is enough to convict Donald Trump, who was denied the ability to defend himself in a Democratic-controlled court determined to hurt him. By contrast, decades of evidence have revealed that the Bidens were treasonous, and engaged in shakedowns, pay for play, and almost every other kind of criminality… Yet none of this, even taken in total, is enough to bring a Biden to face justice.

The unfortunate thing is the DOI and the FIB have been complicit in these decades of cover-up, and have actually committed crimes in doing this. That will make them much more reluctant to give anything, evidence or information, to Congress or any other law organization. Because, of course, giving or revealing such evidence would also reveal the FBI and DOJ‘s crimes of collusion and obstruction. In fact, it seems they are already far beyond reluctance and into blatant refusal. Of course they’re trying to keep their own asses out of jail.


Trump’s Mar-A-Lago documents trial is scheduled to begin May 20, 2024. That day, the Sun is smack dab on the cusp of Taurus-Gemini. This indicates both sides, prosecutor Smith and defendant Trump, are tired and a bit bored with it all. BTW, much that I write here about Trump’s prospects at the trial, could also be said of Jack Smith, the prosecutor, as they are both Geminis. The battle of the twins…which makes it much harder to pick a winner.

Assuming the trial starts at 10 am ET, May 20, 2024, as scheduled: The Moon is in Libra, at 26 degrees, a hyper intelligent and patriotic degree, but one that hints at total victory, or total loss, including loss of property. Libra rules justice, and this Moon is conjunct the lunar south node, which means bad karma — or justice perverted. However, the Moon already has travelled 11 degrees past the south node. Using (and admittedly bending) a horary technique, this hints that the deepest perversion or “karmic-assisted badness” occurred about 11 months or weeks prior to the trial. Eleven months moves us backward to June 2023 — the very month prosecutor Jack Smith brought his 37 Trumped-up charges against the Donald. This indicates Smith’s motives were corrupt, so Trump should win the case. (It can also refer to Donald Trump and a crime or other serious failing of his which caused the May trial. However, as far as I know, Trump did nothing bad, or terribly good, in June 2023, which negates this possibility.)

This time/date also puts Trump’s Jupiter — his legal planet — in the 5th rising house, indicating success (and hinting at a legal problem about 2 1/2 months before the trial. (Note: in both cases, normal horary technique would push us to use weeks instead of months.)

IF — IF — the trial begins at 10 am, Trump will “fail” due to his verbal dumps, but he ultimately wins on the law.

There is a strong indication that Trump will be exonerated and win the case — Venus, Jupiter and Sun in his sector ruling the judge and judgment.


I wonder if pro-lifers refuse to eat unborn babies with their bacon and hash brows?


Absolutely outrageous.  The Congress in the US has discovered and produced an email text written by Hunter Biden and sent to the Chinese communists threatening them that if they didn’t send $5 million immediately he and his father and every crook he knows would be attacking that communist. In this email, Hunter says that his father is sitting right beside him, and will exact vengeance on these people if they don’t pay the money.

But how do we know that Hunter was not lying and his father was nowhere in sight? Well, this is very simple to prove either way: the FBI, the telephone company, and Google, all can produce locational data on both Hunters and Joe’s phones. If that data shows them sitting together when this text was sent, that is all the evidence a grand jury needs to indict Joe Biden.

The FBI does these locational searches all the time. Yet, for some reason, no one, not a phone company nor the FBI has produced this locational data. And — weirdly — why hasn’t Congress demanded it??????

Why? Is the FBI allowed to withhold or destroy evidence? (No, but of course it does.) Has Joe Biden told them to destroy the evidence? (Maybe — but they won’t destroy it, just hide it.)

So, Congress finally finds the smoking gun, but the FBI is trying to bury it. What kind of police force is this? It’s a Gestapo, a KGB, a palace guard — oops, no, that last one is the “cocaine-denying” Secret Service.


The head of the American Library Association has publicly declared that she is a Marxist (i.e., is or wishes she was, connected to a communist party). Meanwhile, many libraries are quitting the ALA, due to its promotion of communism, pedophilia and sexual grooming of children.


Why doesn’t someone take that 40 + hours of Jan. 1 video tapes and run them through a Google facial recognition program, or whatever? It might reveal whether undercover police “provocateurs” were planted in the crowd.


Doctors who do the transitioning surgery on children and teens are, in the most simple way, evil. To satisfy their own curiosity, these surgeons cut, chemicalize, pervert and abuse children, and rob them of their sexuality and their adulthood. They are little better than Hitler’s Dr. Mengele. They should be stopped at the very least, and perhaps face jail terms for assault and battery, among other crimes. (Josef Mengele, perhaps the most evil MD to ever exist, was quite handsome, youthful and confident — exactly what makes one trust a doctor.)


Birth rates are down. Divorce is common. Pornography is everywhere. People are bored with the traditional one man – one woman marriage.

The transgender movement is attempting to change the sex of any child willy-nilly, and to exile parents from any decision — even to exile them from knowledge — regarding their child’s sex and what the cabal of doctors, teachers, perverts (teachers again) and queens want to do with these children. It reminds me of the Nazis when they were in power performing experiments on Jews. Children are the new Jews.


Sorry, I just have to add this, I apologize if it offends you. You know how Joe likes to smell women’s and little girls’ hair and neck? In humans, the sexual musk glands are on the neck, behind the ears. Creepy Joe is just taking their “sexual temperature.”


Are these clues? Is there a pattern somewhere?

Joe Biden’s daughter claims her father showered naked with her. She has an alcohol problem. Joe’s son, Hunter, is a drug-addicted criminal who, at 53 years old, clings to his dad, even to the point of living in the White House (where the police recently found cocaine). Joe likes to smell little girls’ hair and neck. (In humans, the sexual musk glands are on the neck, behind the ears.) Joe’s gov’t inserts pornography into schoolrooms and libraries, and sends transvestites and flaming queens to “educate” groups of children as young as 4 or 5. Joe’s gov’t keeps parents out of school meetings and terrorizes any parents who attempt to stand up for or protect their kids. They jailed a protesting parent whose daughter was raped by a Biden-approved gender-abusing boy. I watched the cops arrest him, on the school board’s request. The same school board that encouraged the rape of his daughter — and then sent the rapist to another school, where he raped again! Then Joe sends SWAT teams at 4 am to awaken and terrorize innocent families because they’re pro-life. Now Joe’s F.D.A. has approved an over-the-counter abortion pill. (*) Thugs loyal to Joe beat pro-lifers and burn down pro-life offices, and the FIB does nothing.

(*) BTW, I don’t lay a lot of blame on Hunter — or Joe — both have obviously had difficult childhoods. Crimes such as sexual abuse or violence tend to repeat themselves through the generations (as Deuteronomy told us 3,000 years ago). People who have been abused are most likely to become abusers. Hunter’s obsession with prostitutes might come from anger toward his mother, who “abandoned” him (died in a car crash) when he was about 2 years old. Or perhaps, his new mother, Jill Biden, somehow bent Hunter. She is not a huge moralist — she cuckolded her husband with Joe, then left the poor guy and married Joe, who glittered with more power and position. But Jill too, had a mother and father, who did –? But  if we have to blame SOMEONE as a first source of evil toward children, we might as well blame Adam and his sidekick. Or if we totally want to abandon responsibility, then we can blame God for inventing us.

But more currently, we can guess at the Joe Biden-American policy:

  1. Pervert our children at school, where their parents will be absent. Keep their parents in the dark. Punish and “chill” them (courtesy FIB) if they protest or seek knowledge about the “Biden perversion” of their children. Submit kids 3 to 18 years old to drag queen shows and homosexuals, give them books with pictures of adult men kissing the penises of little boys. (BTW, homosexuals of every stripe make up only 3 + % of the U.S. population. Transvestites, maybe 1 %. So the 1 person in 30 or 100 who is “different” should be teaching the other 29 or 99 how to have sex?) Incest and pedophilia accepted, approved, in educational organizations. (Universities are trying to eliminate the stigma conferred on pedophiles by renaming them “minor attracted persons,” implying that screwing little children is okay.) When Joe’s gremlins have sexually perverted or confused enough of the children, they then recommend surgery, to create new, weird humans — or, rather, to increase their numbers? What is their goal, other than the thrill of perversion, or doing evil?
  2. Strongly gear down child-protection agencies and ignore child-trafficking, which has exploded. (The Biden admin. deleted almost all of the child trafficking prevention website, inherited from Trump, and has diverted money away from child protection to other departments. Biden and Mayorkas have streamed over 3,000 children from Mexico into the U.S. without oversight or protection (nor even knowledge of their whereabouts) and might as well have delivered them to sex traffickers with a red ribbon.
  3. Punish those who protest 1. or 2. above, often by FBI intimidation, often by “cancelling” (destroying a person’s career) “doxing” (publishing their address so left wing-nuts can firebomb them) sometimes even by jailing them.
  4. Kill babies with casual non-concern (OTC abortion pills). Some Democrats already say we should be allowed to kill children who have just been born, have breathed air, are crying and conscious. When do they start advocating for killing 2 and 3 and 4 year olds? When do they say we should start sacrificing animals, and worship statues of pigs and sharks and Satan?
  5. Let our leaders, big corporations and politicians, take $$$$$$ from China and other communist regimes (Russia, Romania, etc.) and then teach the children communist theory (CRT, et al) to accompany their sexual perversion, and voila! You have — SOMETHING. (This blog won’t let me italicize anything, hence the capital letters.)

The ultimate question is: how does Joe possibly see these government sanctioned abuses of children leading to an improvement in the American experiment? I mean, what is the goal?

The real answer, I suspect, is that there is no goal in terms of humanity or civilization. The simple goal is the pleasure of evil.


PS: I am not against, nor pro, abortion. It’s a dilemma. On the one hand, life is precious and existence a miracle, and we should be wary of robbing any soul of life. But on the other hand, every woman and man has the right to do what they will with their body (even suicide nowadays) and it would be the height of tyranny for anyone to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body. Ultimately, the woman must make the decision, not a man, not a gov’t, not even a law. (But she should talk to her soul first. My daughter-in-law had an abortion in her twenties. She wept inconsolably for 3 days after. No, I’m not advising guilt — just a look within, to make sure she isn’t missing anything, unaware, or ignoring future possibilities.)