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  1. Restlessone

    Hi Tim,

    I was reading your horoscope forecast for May 27- June 2nd. I am a Pisces and in the forecast you state that the months ahead would be a great time to enter civil service or management. But in the karmic forecast you state to avoid civil service or any management until November. I just passed the U.S.P.S. exam, should I pursue this avenue now or wait until November?

    Best Regards

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Restlessone,

      Oops, you’re right. I wrote some time ago that you should stay out of the civil service, because the lunar south node was in Aquarius (your management, civil service sign) and the s. node often causes delays, dead-ends, or loss. However, Mars, your money planet, also entered Aquarius recently, and will stay there until November. The s. node also stays there until November. So there are 2 conflicting indications. In general, it would probably be wiser to avoid the civil service, etc., until early Nov., rather than chase the money benefits awaiting you there. However, sometimes (and especially with Pisces) the s. node doesn’t bring bad things, but good (maybe 20 % of the time). If you do enter the postal service, and all goes smoothly, and you like everything, then ignore my karmic advice. But if (even now, before entering) you experience delays in entering the service, this is an indication that you should stay out (at least until Nov.). Sorry for the mix-up. You and many Pisces are facing this dilemma. In giving my May 27 advice, I was forgetting about the s. node.

      PS: I have revised the May 27 Pisces message to explain this more fully.



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