Hi. My name is Tim.

I’ve written an astrology column since 1977. At first it was a tiny column, in a small newspaper. That grew to include many newspapers and a website called (like this Blog) Astral Reflections.

Not to brag, but I’m a pretty good astrologer, or — more correctly I suspect — merely an average astrologer, but with a psychic gift. I discovered this in university, when I told a female classmate (whom I otherwise had no contact with) something about her relationship with her father, whom I’d never met. I was surprised by her surprise – “How did you know?” It seemed so obvious, so logical to me. I’ve never developed my psychic side, but I know it exists. For example, when someone was relating a small incident, but forgot the name of the street she was on when it occurred, I said (correctly) “Alder Street.” When I ran into a former co-worker by chance one day, I said, “Have you been to London?” She said, “I just got back. How did you know?” Truth is, I don’t know how.

In my newspaper columns, in April 1981, I predicted the great boom in the Dow, and a decline in interest rates to “below 6 per cent.” In 81, the Dow stood at 700 to 800. Today, it stands at 15,000. The same year, interest rates (fed fund rate) were 19 per cent. They are now about 1 %.


I predicted the Challenger space shuttle disaster (about two weeks before it exploded) the first Gulf War – and it’s duration – the economic downfall of Japan (in the early 80’s, when it was buying up all the prestige U.S. golf courses) a “merging” of male/female sexual natures (now called metro-sexualism) and the rise in women committing sexual crimes – but, I wrote, there would occur an overall decline in the North American crime rate. Oh, many things. AIDS. Chernobyl. The turmoil in the Middle East. All in writing, published in my column. More recently, I forecast that late 2012 and 2013 would bring a rise in the U.S. economy and a slow-down in China’s – who woulda thunk?

In the past, some of my predictions were riddles or symbolic. For example, in 1986 I wrote: “a black sun will blossom.” Later that year, Chernobyl’s heat blackened the skies. The “riddle” existed because I didn’t have a clue what this black sun would be.

But bragging is boring, so let’s quit.

The one thing I’m terrible at is predicting election winners. My record there is 50 % — or no better than chance – so I leave those alone. I can’t predict elections because I care who wins. The cold truth is, when a diviner cares about a client or a situation, he/she loses the ability to predict. When my prediction that Challenger would “catch fire and fall into the ocean” came true, more than one reader wrote to criticize me for not alerting NASA. For one thing, NASA would have ignored me. But more essentially, had I cared about this disaster, I could never have predicted it.  Any psychic who cares, is not psychic. I can feel many of you protesting this, but it’s the truth, and I try to deal in the truth.

So the truth is, as I write this I am 64 years old, I live in paradise with my small orchard and garden and brook, surrounded by cedars and firs, visited by deer, coyotes and black bears, roofed by a sky specked with ravens and eagles. I live alone, though my kids visit often. And my sister lives on the property, in another house.

My education: MFA.

My hope: LOVE

May, 2013.

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  1. yvonneguoyy

    Tim I read your blog every week whenever this is an update. The predictions help me so much every way in getting ready and just dealing with life.. Please keep writing and I really appreciate all your effort!!

  2. ariesscorpiosag

    Hello Tim,
    Sorry to hear of your operation, it sucks especially during the Summer months.
    How long will you be out of commission? I was just about to book a reading

    Will your friend the astrologer be posting her coordinates so we can get a reading Just in case

    Thanks, and I wish you a short and successful recovery I hope the stars are alinged in your favor.

  3. Fran

    I find myself reading your blog because you are a good writer. No, a great writer. Of course, you are insightful, but what draws me is your fearlessness and vulnerability. Those qualities, no matter what the field, are most intriguing.

    Thanks for being you Tim.

  4. Harpreet

    Greetings Tim,

    I started referring to your forecast casually in a local newspaper while looking for jobs, when I moved to Canada in 2006. It has been best guide since then.

    Many times I have saved trouble by lying low as per your advise for my sign (Libra) and taken step forward only at a right time. I am an Indian and astrology has been around since birth, but I love your scientific way of evaluation that is hard to match. I salute you Sir and want to meet you someday.

    One proposal : How about making a column/section where your subscribers can match and share their experiences with each other on the basis of similar birth date/times ? It would be fun (and a lot of work for your webmaster).

    I am well settled now and enjoying life with my family (and looking forward to the best boost of my career this year as per your prediction).

    It wasn’t possible without your words – Thank you a thousand times.

  5. daisyMc

    Thanks for your site Tim. I’ve been a long time fan after discovering your column around 1996? I can’t remember the year, but it seems like yesterday.

    After years of infertility I asked you if I would ever conceive another child and you predicted that I would right down to the month! I was thrilled and am now happy to say that your prediction is a beautiful 12 year old Pisces!

    Thanks for all you do. Someday soon I hope to have a personal reading with you.

  6. chenhuitang


    God bless you!

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  8. Tanya

    Hi Tim,
    I’m so happy you are back! Just to let you know that your forecasts are amazingly accurate and I thank you for sharing with us. I am truly grateful. You are amazing and I am very happy to have come across your website some 2 years ago. God bless you.

  9. satya

    Glad to see you back. I always enjoy reading your weekly forecasts and wait for the other platforms you post sometimes. Love your new website much than the older one, especially the banner displaying constellations on the new site :).

  10. Kelly

    Tim, Your blog this week is sadly painful and so very true. That anyone takes advantage of another is wrong, it is unacceptable when a child is involved. My experiences in life have shown me some of the evils in this world. They have also shown me that “hierarchy” involves governement & criminals (on one side) and “rebels” are the victims or those who who try to speak up (the other side). Secrets keep “hierarchy” in power and unaccountable.

    Thank you for speaking up and for the many years I have enjoyed reading your page.

  11. Amberk

    Hi Tim.
    I, like so many others, am so glad you are back. I was pretty bummed when you said you might be finished with the site. I kept going back to the bookmark a few times only to find an “error” message. Just the other day I decided to click on the link again, (not sure why) and BAM! there you were! Yay! I have been reading your writings for quite a few years now and always look forward to them. Thank you for all you do. God bless.

  12. Kim

    Hi Tim,
    I was sooo disappointed when you announced you might be closing down your site. I remained hopeful even beyond May 15th and kept checking, checking, checking, but you never came back. But still, I just couldn’t delete my bookmark (I think I decided to hold on to it for a year, just in case) but I resisted checking on it for the past few Sundays. I tried a couple other astrologers but NO! they do not speak to me the way you did. So I just happened to click on my bookmark today, I don’t even know why, and there it was, your new blog! I absolutely love it, Tim, it’s beautiful. I am so glad you are back. I so appreciate the time and effort you put into this for us. Thank you so much for all you do. All the best to you!

  13. roberta

    Dear Tim,
    I have been following you for the past 5/6 years reading you from Italy and I am really glad you are back. Let me wish you all the very best for your new venture,
    Regards and thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion with us all.

  14. Guitarist/Composer

    Fantastic surprise to have you still online!
    I tried my old link just out of obstinacy, after seeing the previous standars error message for a few times when it went out for a while and had almost given up…and it worked! Very cool!

    Thank you very much!

  15. velvet

    Hi Tim — So glad you found a way to continue. I had my doubts, but was delighted to discover the new website. It is lovely and improving each day. – V

  16. sean

    I am really glad you decided to continue. I have been reading your horoscopes for years. This week I was wondering whether I would ever see another one. And then I found you today. Thanks so much.

  17. Bobbi

    Dear Tim,

    I have only been following you for 3 years now. But from day one on I was hooked! I am amazed at how accurate you are, especially with the big events of life. I’m so glad to see you continuing on as I have become a bit addicted to your column.

    I hope that if you do any presentations or events you will keep your fans informed.

    A big fan from South Surrey/White Rock,

    1. sam

      I thought you to be married -as i remembered you ‘taking’ a break to celebrate?
      At any rate your living environment sounds joyous! I too appreciate ‘honesty’ –
      and look forward to a personal reading from you (email sent to gain details) and staying
      in touch via your blog. Wishing you all the best in love. Nice to see your ‘sticking’
      around. Don’t know if i’ll be able to see you in person – moved to saskatchewan!!
      Sandra (aka Sam) p.s. nice art

  18. bezus

    I thought we were going to lose the fickle Gemini, but no, you stayed with us. Looking forward to your next chapter. So far the layout and content looks great!

  19. Daniel

    May the Peace of God abides with you Stephen as you are living your present life alone.
    May the Almighty Father flows more power upon you so that you could predict perfectly
    all the time to help the entire world of errors and dangers in the years ahead.
    God bless you.

  20. Camelot

    Hi Tim
    I am waiting for your horoscope every week from 1980.And I am happy to see you back.
    Few years ago it was big honeymoon for you in Prague and now you live along? It was for me surprise.
    Cheer Otto.

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