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The latest research on luck indicates that it has some connection to recognition of patterns. People who recognize patterns quickly, or who can “find Waldo” or quickly recognize the odd item in a hundred similar items, tend to have good luck, also. Perhaps that’s where the four-leaf clover concept came from – anyone who can find the four-petalled one in a field of “threes” would have to be a pattern-viewer par excellence.

Other research points to the role of family upbringing: often families are “”unlucky together” in the sense that if your parents were accident prone, you will tend to be. Families often share anti-authoritarian levels (which are linked to accident-proneness). Sexual and physical abuse tend to run in families, from generation to generation. These conditions will tend to prevent good, or produce bad, luck.

In astrology, luck is often connected to cheerfulness – mainly because the most cheerful sign, Sagittarius, is also considered the luckiest. But there is big and small, or temporary and long-term luck, too. Many Sagittarians are lucky, win tickets, get invited to travel by friends, are liked by hiring bosses, etc. But it’s often that dour, careful, unlucky Capricorn who ends up secure, affluent and happy late in life. Sagittarians often need to learn to use their natural luck, or it will always remain “small luck.”

In astrology, too, the planet that rules luck – Jupiter – also rules expansion. In fact, often what we call “good luck” is simply expansion – luckily, my business grew! Luckily, my pumpkin’s the biggest, and won the prize! I only had ten dollars, now I have a thousand! But expansion works both ways: Jupiter can increase the size of a tumour, make debts grow, etc.

And luck needs room to grow. It needs fertile ground. Luck cannot grow in bitterness, no more than plants will root in salt soil. Luck expands most in a field of faith, and when the heart is hopeful, eager, joyous, and expects, anticipates good things. Ultimately, luck is a form of love. Life is like any human (or dog!) – if you love him/her/it, he will tend to love you back. Life, too, loves those who love it. And life often expresses its love by doling out good luck. Not always – sometimes she returns love by conferring love, or beauty, or spiritual peace.

The main thing is: love, and you will be “lucked” in return.
Our present luck cycle for 2010 lasts virtually the whole year – January 17, 2010 to January 22 , 2011. However, from June 6 to September 8, the lucky planet Jupiter steps into early Aries, changing the luck picture briefly, but almost negligibly – for most of us. If you were born at the very beginning of your sign, however, this switch in luck could be dramatic, or at least real, noticeable. I have tried to indicate this brief “switch” in the luck forecasts below, in the bracketed portion at the end of each sign.)

So here goes:

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
ARIES, all 2010, you will benefit from charity and charitable organizations, government agencies, institutions, rest, rejuvenation, spas and retreats, contemplation, spiritual involvements, psychics and counsellors, and therapy. This is a great year to cast out old demons and bogeymen, to fulfill old obligations (so you’ll be free for your big luck year of 2011) and to reacquaint yourself with your soul. You should find that security, real estate, family, investment and similar concerns proceed with a quiet providence.
However, this is not a good year to seek attention, to be assertive, throw your weight around, demand results, to try to impress anyone, to leap into the romantic fray or try to outshine a rival, or to engage in contests. Where glitz, glamour, charisma and wooing a crowd are concerned, wait for a better time. Your luck is uncertain in legal, educational, far travel and cultural affairs. (If you were born March 21-23, the summer will bring a welcome surge of luck and charisma.)
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, 2010 will bring wish fulfillment, especially in sexual, financial and occult zones. You’ll benefit from joining groups of any description. A new social circle could affect your life for at least six years, bringing cheerful bonds, optimism, and fresh horizons. You could meet love, even true love, in a group. If you do find your life mate, it will probably begin cheerfully, in a friendly, flirtatious moment or during a discussion about travel, a cultural event or intellectual interest, but it won’t be long before it turns sensual. Whether you’re married or single, 2010 brings many opportunities (at least two, probably four) to improve your financial picture or your lifestyle, or both. However, don’t contract large debts; you seem overoptimistic, and these debts could grow surprisingly large, surprisingly fast. Best defence: don’t start! Research into any area will yield big results. (If you were born April 20 to 22, the summer could bring a temporary slow-down; get your second breath rather than push.)
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, 2010 brings great career luck, expansion, and opportunities. Higher-ups, bosses, judges, VIPs, even police officers will favour your cause. Even the corner grocer will show you more respect. You could be promoted at work (though not necessarily paid more – if so, be patient – or ask for equity in lieu of a pay raise). If you’re self-employed, clients praise you to other clients. Your profile rises. You could be headed for fame! You’ll tend to win appointments and elections. Be sure to present your ideas and proposals to the powers that be – and follow up, several times if you need to. If after all this you aren’t making a dent, switch targets – even bosses. This is a splendid year to change careers, or start a new one.
Some Geminis will marry this year, as a type of status achievement, perhaps with someone you met in 2009. That’s fine – just be sure you’re in love, also. (Which you could be, especially with someone of a different generation.) On ambition fronts, beware indecision, passivity and starting too many projects. (If you were born May 21-23, June through August could fulfill a major wish!)
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
CANCER, your 2010 luck can go in two seemingly opposite directions. On the apparently negative side, a partnership or marriage could break up, causing a huge legal involvement. However, this is not a negative long-term, for you would be shedding a stale shell, rising from an emotional prison, breaking free to a horizon filled with opportunities for true love and fascinating new environments. This whole sequence, however, only applies if you’re unhappily married. If your marriage is sound, or you’re unattached, 2010 brings a flow of intellectual interests and emotional mellowness that makes love float on its own magic carpet!
For all Cancers, 2010 offers luck and expansion in international affairs, far travel, higher education, publishing, dealings with lawyers, accountants, foreign-born people, scholars and brainy types. If your work involves such contacts or duties, prepare for a banner year! (If you were born June 21-23, the summer brings sudden career/business luck – seize it before July 23!)
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, 2010, especially mid-January through June 5, and again September 9 to January 21, 2011, will bring you luck and expansion in jointly-held funds or resources, in investments, finances, lifestyle changes, occultism, research, health, sex, intimacy, and commitment. DO invest – you could change your life to “wealthy!” In health, the accent is on “good,” but a condition can also expand swiftly, especially if it involves your hips, thighs, pelvis, feet or sexual/reproductive organs. If a problem arises in these areas, get to a doctor. You could gain weight this year, and/or become too attached to drugs. Although finances are lucky now, don’t optimistically increase your debt beyond reasonable limits. Rein yourself in! 2010 is a great year for pregnancy, therapy, depth psychology and understanding former emotional mysteries.
Your lifestyle could change markedly, freeing you, by 2011, to enter a fresh new world of romance, creativity, and joy with children. You could find a splendid new sexual partner. (If you were born July 23-25 you might experience an early, exhilarating flow into love and creativity this summer – and again in 2011.)
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, 2010 brings you luck through relationships. I’ve repeated many times that some of the most significant relationships of your life will form in the years 2011 to 2024. If you’re single, you will meet at least one, probably four ”natural mates” during this period. 2010 is a “ramp” to these relationship heights. It might actually bring the first great prospect. But more probably, it will do two things: trigger relationships in general, bringing friendliness, cheerfulness and optimism about mingling; and 2) it might end a “half good” bond to free you for those more exciting horizons.
For all Virgos, 2010 brings lucky opportunities to relocate, negotiate property (or any business) to deal with the public (in any capacity from being a store clerk to fame) to enter school or a research project. Your luck will come from relationships, so a go-it-alone approach will yield little. Diplomacy, eagerness for another to succeed – these are keys to success. Avoid competition, lawsuits and other enmities – they will balloon to massive proportions, AND your opponent will have luck (or truth!) on his side. That said, 2010 is a supremely lucky, break-through year. Seize new horizons!
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, in 2010 (to January 22, 2011) your luck revolves around work, health,
machinery, computers, office systems, co-workers, service personnel, employees, and dependents (kids, pets). You’ll face splendid opportunities to expand your reach, your ownership, and your practical results in these areas. For example, if you’re a farmer, you might buy that big new combine or excavator. If you’re white collar, perhaps you’re assigned to a big new job, or obtain a great new computer system. If you own your own business you might expand, and hire more employees. If your business is struggling, your employees will be cheerful and understanding – hold an “ideas conference.” In buying equipment or expanding, be financially realistic.
Libran parents face a flurry of extra duties. If you’re seeking employment, you’ll find it now. Co-workers will be cheerful and friendly. Through May, hectic “love arrangements” – and/or a wedding, or a residence change, could bring a pile of extra work. Health conditions can expand very quickly, so take any complaint to an MD. Watch your hips, thighs, bones, teeth and “regularity.” (If you were born September 22-24, the summer might bring a lucky marriage prospect.)
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
SCORPI0, 2010 should be one of the most enjoyable years in a decade! You’ll be lucky in speculation, sports, and games. In 2011, for the first time in 164 years, your romance planet will enter your romance sign for a 15-year stay. That’s next year – but 2010 prepares you for true love by expanding your amorous luck. You’ll attract upbeat, fun-loving people – “forerunners” of the mysterious, fascinating types who enter 2011 onward. But these cheerful lovers/prospects are very willing to join you in a round of fun activities, and hold your hand while doing it. You might (only might) discover a “fun person” has a deep streak of sensitivity, empathy and mystery – enough to qualify as your true love. Still, if love is school, 2010 is kindergarten.
You’ll encounter unexpected good luck in creative projects, education, vacation, far travel, publishing, teaching/raising kids, beauty and pleasure. Money or possessions are boosted in 2010. A large luxury purchase, perhaps a boat or cruise, could be slated. (If you were born October 22-24, the summer brings a new chore, or a big, looming task. You don’t need to start early on it – 2011 will be soon enough.)
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, 2010’s luck cycle blesses you in the realm of home, family, real estate, healing, gardening/agriculture, soul, nutrition, security and retirement. This could be the year you really settle down. Anything you do to improve your domestic situation will pay off for many years to come, financially and/or emotionally. Buy furniture, landscape, renovate – or have a baby! Even if you’re a renter without a down payment, use this luck to move to a more spacious, attractive place. If you only have a bit of money, buy a rural bit of land for vacation camping or a future retirement cottage.
2010 brings deep, sweet emotional and psychological healing, whether within yourself, or on a broader scale, such as family counseling. Let go of past grief and disappointment – this leads to a rebirth of your freshness, vitality, and optimism about life. Abandon stale or restricting people/projects now: instead, nurture the new. Get plenty of rest. The security and peace you establish this year will give you a platform of strength to meet 2011’s exciting adventures -- creative, romantic, and, perhaps, child-related. (If you were born November 22-24, any year, the summer might trigger a sudden romance – if it fades as quickly, it was just a foretaste of 2011’s big one!)
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CAPRICORN, 2010 brings a huge wave of details, missives and emails, short trips, reports, meetings and casual friendships. It’s a very busy but not especially important year. You’ll experience a hectic pace without pressure – an odd but pleasant combination. As your entire life (and dreams and contacts and social circle) are changing this decade, no year is really unimportant. Follow your curiosity in 2010, for it can lead you to information or insights that will be valuable in 2011. For example, your travels during 2010 could bring you to a place where you will live – a fortunate, healing, secure place – in 2011. However, don’t make that big ultimate commitment until next year. 2010’s for exploration, fact-finding – not for investing, undertaking serious health cures, or changing your life/lifestyle. Your siblings or a casual acquaintance could be a source of luck, So could telephone calls, newspapers, magazines, the internet – anything that brings you information. At work, though, beware of being buried under an avalanche of details, data and time-wasting chores.
(If you were born December 22-24, any year, this summer might bring a glimpse of a lucky real estate deal – or of your parenting future.)
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
AQUARIUS, now to late January, 2011, your luck lies in money, buying/selling, earned income, bond coupons or dividends, etc. Ask for a pay raise, increase your efforts in sales or trading areas, troll for new clients, sell old unwanted items, etc. The income level you climb to this year will tend to form a plateau for the next decade. Seek a raise in pay rather than overtime. This is a prime, lucky year to start a business, or to undertake a major expansion, acquisition or new product line. What you “birth” could pay stable, solid rewards for many years. Keep an eye on present economic conditions; they will last until 2024. Still, in money, 2010 favors you more than anyone!
This luck cycle will give you a boost in memory, rote and technical learning, and sensual situations. Intimacy will come easily, without strings, but it might also lack long-term passion. Consider this before tying any knots. For the best luck in 2010, trust surface appearances – suspicion or a strong focus on research can slow down benefits, even make you miss some good opportunities. Investments might work out well this year, but the real luck resides in “daily” money, earnings. (If you were born January 19-21, this summer might bring a significant trip. It involves or creates friendships.)
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
 PISCES, a rising tide of new confidence, personal luck, ambition, success, attention, cheerfulness, and favors from VIPs swells your way all 2010! You might also travel afar this year, marry or receive a promotion at work. The most important of these is the new confidence and optimism you will feel – important for a very special reason. Since 1996 you have been pulled toward seclusion, self-questioning and doubt. You’ve seen your limitations and weak spots, you’ve felt a bit ignored by the world – even more last year than usual. But now you bounce back – not only in 2010, but for decades ahead. In 2011, you will begin a 15-year period of being truly yourself – of heightened mysticism, spirit, intuition and self-realization. It might be slightly overwhelming, as if you’re not quite in control as an indefinable wave of awareness or dreaminess fills you. You need to be cheerful, confident when this occurs. So 2010 brings you that confidence – enjoy, accomplish – start your new life!
You face the most optimistic, upbeat, and lucky year since 1995. You are almost certain to succeed in any area, but especially in higher education, business, foreign travel, publishing, broadcasting, religion/philosophy, or in any cultural venue. Expect terrific results if you work in any intellectual field (student, professor, priest, writer, lawyer, etc.).
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