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Technically, our new luck cycle runs from January 5, 2009 to January 17, 2010 -while Jupiter, the planet of luck, largesse and expansion, travels through the sign Aquarius. During the first 7 months and 21 days of 2009 (to August 21) the lunar north node - an indicator of good karma and peaceful, protected results - also travels through Aquarius, making the first two-thirds of 09 a rarely fortunate time, especially for those who follow their luck! (Karma's harder to see, but it generally is involved with acting morally, honorably, and trying to choose outcomes that will benefit the most people. So we could also say that those who seek their best self, who truly strive to do the right thing, to be "good" - will also be lucky. So when in doubt where your luck lies, do good, and you'll find it! (You can read your karmic outline for January through August, 2009, in the "Karmic Forecast" article on this site.)

Here are your individual luck forecasts:

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
ARIES, 2009 (January 5/09-January 17/10) hugely expands your social life. Your work remains hard and heavy for much of 09, but don't overwork to the point of neglecting your social needs. You could enter a new circle that brings fresh understanding, higher hopes, cheerfulness and practical luck - benefits that will stick to you for a decade - perhaps for your entire life. You've been attracted to friendly oddballs, psychics, therapists and shy people over the last few years - this trend continues. Your interactions with such people, which have often taken place in an aura of privacy, now move to a more public arena, in a beneficial way. If you're an artist, writer or other creator, your public acceptance/fame will rise. This is a great year to organize collective undertakings, to open an art gallery or start a political party, join unions, conventions, plan parties, to issue and accept invitations. You might not meet your true love in a social venue, but you certainly will encounter flirtations and frequent amorous opportunities (though avoid deep infatuation before September). An uncanny wisdom (or luck/divine protection) keeps you so "on track" to rewards. A major wish will come true.
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, your new luck cycle (January 5/09-January 17/10) has already started, but don't "chase it" until February onward. Your 2009 luck encompasses ambition, prestige, increased community standing, relations with VIPs, bosses and parents, and business ownership or entrepreneurial ventures. In 09, even a little effort can yield big rewards. You might find that funding, finances, research, closed-door meetings, acting in secret (but honestly) are also involved, in a beneficial way.
The people you deal with will tend to have a stack of money, or the ability to make it steadily. If you're job hunting, you'll naturally gravitate toward financially sound, even generous employers. (Yes, even on what appears to many to be the cusp of a depression. If they're right, then you should use 2009 to get yourself into a strong, secure position career-wise. Your parents are likely to be generous this year, so work on a practical or investment proposal to put to them. If you're a parent, you'll enjoy your role this year, as you get to be generous, cheerful, educational and proud all at the same time!
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, 2009 is chock-full of things you love: international travel, foreign contacts, university or other higher learning, philosophical, legal, religious or other mentally-expanding pursuits, cultural events, publishing, advertising, media contacts - and love, a meeting-of-minds type of love. (An Aquarian or Libra - or any fire or air sign - might be involved.) This is not essentially a practical year. Instead, follow any path that promises to expand your understanding or show you a larger picture of life. You might be shunted into a lawsuit (which you're favored to win). You might wed, or if you've been unhappily married, you might legally divorce. (If so, it is likely the "third year" of this relationship's breakdown, so it's no surprise.) If you're in doubt about any situation this year, employ a lawyer - in making a large purchase, employment or other negotiations, demanding your rights, marrying ("pre-nup") etc. Lawyers are your friend now. Learn, rather than meditate. Study religion rather than seek spirituality. A foreign-born person might prove fortunate for you - as a lover, fianc‚, scholar, lawyer, business associate, etc. Wait until February (09) to plunge into any of these lucky matters.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
CANCER, the 12 months ahead (to January 17, 2010) offer you tremendous luck in financial, intimate and "transformation" zones. Your investment sense will be superb, so put some money into play. This is a great year to improve your overall situation in life by doing one (or many) of the following: invest, reduce debt (even go bankrupt if necessary) change lifestyles (perhaps via changing your residence or neighborhood) research and diagnosis, visit psychics or occultists (astrologers, card readers, etc.) or therapists and advisors, life coaches, psychiatrists, family counselors, etc., deal with wills, estates and inheritances (yes, one might come!) reform your tax regime, enter intimate bonds with someone, get pregnant, share financial, emotional and/or physical depths with trusted people, or change partners. But in this last - actually, in all these - be strictly honest and moral, or you could get burned, and waste this lucky once-in-a-decade chance! Much of your luck will come in tandem with a relationship (person or group) so be diplomatic, unselfish, and other-oriented. It won't be a joyous, bubbly year, Cancer; it will be a serious, confident, deeply regenerative, lucky, growth year. Any of these great benefits might be tied to or enter through your work. Protect your health.
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, your luck in 2009 (to January 17, 2010) focuses primarily on relationships. If single, you can meet your perfect mate - someone cheerful, lucky, attractive, and wise. (Or at least, in a wise phase of their life. No guarantees here!) Married or single, you'll meet lucky, optimistic people who would make great partners and associates, whether for a short interval, or forever. Almost all your luck in 09 will come through the good graces of others, so be diplomatic, eager to join, loving, forgiving - and use the salesperson's technique of accenting another's desires over your own.
This splendid luck in relations - perhaps the highest of your life - also includes contract negotiations, agreements, dealings with the public, fame, politics and competitive sports. Your very "environment" is lucky - so get out and seek success. It's a perfect year to relocate - near or far. If you're in an unhappy relationship, in business or marriage, this influence can bring a final split. But even this is an improvement! For most of 2008, you've experienced a bit of turning inward, unconstructive independence, perhaps even a wee bit of self-pity. Drop these now, or you'll chase Lady Luck away!
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, January 5, 2009 to January 17, 2010, brings you luck in work, health, service trades, and with dependents and tools. This is a great time to increase your earnings via longer hours, to collect overtime pay or "moonlight." However, you'd be wiser to aim for a pay raise than overtime, as the former will yield benefits over the years to come, rather than just for this year. (I know that's easier said than done, in this economic climate.) New employment beginnings are luckily emphasized, but you might face the end of one job before you can grasp a bigger, better one. So if you are laid off, consider it a blessing in disguise; let it spur you to search for the job you've always wanted. (Forestry, agriculture, horticulture, food and shelter industries such as real estate, food processing, furniture or diaper factories, childcare, teaching, etc., are now fertile fields for your talents.) Home repairs and do-it-yourself projects will draw you. Parents face a splendid time to set up children's health, future schooling, etc.
This is a splendid time to buy machinery or tools of any kind, from pencils to excavators. You'll find that supplies are plentiful, therefore cheap. Jupiter, the planet bringing you all this luck, is not always lucky. It can sometimes merely mean "expansion" - so guard your health in 2009, as any ailments might grow quickly. Especially guard your digestive system and hips and thighs.
2009 might put you on an employment plateau that lasts for over a decade!
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, your 2009 luck cycle (January 9/09-January 17/10) brings a wave of romantic, creative, speculative and pleasure opportunities - the highest, luckiest wave in over a decade! This doesn't mean you'll automatically fall in love at first sight and spend the year with a madly beating heart. Jupiter, the planet signaling this romantic luck, tends to cause optimism, luck and camaraderie - so it's more that you'll be presented with friendly, upbeat potential amours, than with seductive, sultry, simmering fantasias - the magic will come after you get involved, not before. If you're married and/or a committed parent, your children will supply all the magic -you'll be surprised and gratified by their progress on virtually all levels: they display maturity, accomplishment, and charm!
This is a great year to take risks, so be a little adventurous. DON'T be held back by safety or security motives. Travel to exotic places, write, phone or "bump into" that person who intrigues you, take a wee gamble at the stock market, racetrack or your neighborhood poker game, join a sports team, or exercise your creative being. Libra
artists and writers will have a great year, plunging into audacious new techniques. Most importantly, whatever your pursuit, dive in when you feel most "full of beans," most vibrant, optimistic, cheerful - those are the hallmarks of luck in 2009!
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
SCORPIO, your new luck phase, from January 5, 2009 to January 17, 2010, is likely to arrive like a big sigh of relief. For the first time in 13 years, you are immensely favored to buy and sell real estate. Anything you do to improve your domestic situation should pay off for many years to come, in both financial and emotional ways. Even if you're a renter without a down payment, you can change accommodations in lucky ways - e.g., move to a more spacious, attractive place, change neighborhoods, or press the landlord for a rent reduction. Even if you only have a few thousand bucks, find a rural bit of land you can buy for vacation tenting or a future retirement cottage, etc.
It's a splendid year to buy furniture, landscape, renovate - or have a baby! You are more favored through mid-August than later. 2009 is also a great time for emotional and psychological healing, whether within your self, or on a broader scale, such as family counseling. Whatever grief you might be holding like a ten-pound bag, you'll let it go this year - leading to a rebirth of your freshness, vitality, and optimism about life. This precedes a 2010/2011 in which you'll begin a great romantic and creative surge! But, meanwhile, rest and soak up the rejuvenating influence of nature. Go camping!
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, January 5/09 to January 17, 2010 shunts your luck and your personal leanings, your preferred action, into the spheres of communications, quick trips, travel by land or over short distances, distribution, transportation, news media, computers/internet, paperwork, details, errands, casual contacts, siblings and curiosity. Curiosity is most important - it can lead to answers, ideas and new vistas that will benefit you later.
2009's explorations could lead you to a place where you'll establish your 2010 home - which will be a welcome relief and stabilizer of a domestic situation that has, for some years, been in flux. (2010 will bring the end of 7 ears of tension.) 09's explorations can also lead to beneficial security, investment, therapy, family-oriented, child-birthing, retirement and similar lucky actions in 2010. But for now, learn and explore. Haunt the internet - for it's the easiest way to go places swiftly, to see what they hold. Learn how to make money - or, more significantly, what money is, what it means, and how people use it. This will create a deeper, stronger ability to earn in years following. An Aquarian might have something to tell you!
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CAPRICORN, your new luck cycle, January 5/09 to January 17, 2010, involves money. Earnings, buying/selling, possessions, memory, and rote learning - all these are luckily emphasized. Items could cost less, or your income increases, or both - in any case, what you own grows! But, as usual for you, luck comes with increased responsibilities. You can gain financially from government agencies, organizations such as hospitals, head office, warehousing, assembly lines, and management or policy-making in general. Try to make 2009's financial progress permanent rather than temporary - for example, it would be better to obtain a pay raise that might last into future years, than simply collect temporary overtime. This is a good year to buy and sell stocks, but NOT, before August 22, a good time to buy and hold, nor to make any large financial commitments or major life alterations. Luck will come from accepting surface appearances as they are, without suspicion or too much research.
Your sensual luck also increases in 2009, but brings an easy-going harmony between you and the opposite sex rather than a bonfire of passion. You might wed this year, but if so, it should be the culmination of a long, steady process in love (at least from last year) rather than a casual undertaking with someone you've just met in 2009. If someone new does come into your life, make sure love shines beneath an easy sensuality.
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
AQUARIUS, your personal luck soars throughout 2009! No more waiting in the back room for life to deal with you when (and how) it wants to. A surge of confidence and optimism will speed you forward to hopeful goals. Your social life will expand mightily. To increase your luck, be gregarious - accept and extend invitations, join clubs, groups, political parties, unions, NGO's, community activists, aid organizations - and speak to, sell to, or instruct groups. Secret, political, planning or therapy groups can help transform your career, bring government aid, or recover lost retirement security/income.
Dreams come true this year - so dream big, and embrace life with new hope! Entertainment, social delights, flirtations, parties and sports - all fill your year. You'll attract others with your cheerfulness - but play the field until September, as marital prospects will be flawed. October onward brings a fiery, enthusiastic person who captures your heart! If you're happily married, 2009 brings adventure; if unhappily married, a possible split.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
PISCES, your luck in 2009 will be centered in your private life, in charitable acts and spiritual pursuits. This is a time of contemplation and preparation. You won't feel as ebullient as you did in 2008. You'll be quieter, and will feel a little less effective in social settings, but your luck will shine in planning and investments. Rather than chase glitzy social or romantic scenes, curl up with your cozy partner and/or family. This is a great year to find your special hideaway, vacation cabin or retirement home.
Many things coalesce in 2009 to transform your personality and alter your priorities. You're preparing for a "new you" to emerge powerfully in 2010/11. That will be a time of huge personal luck - your inner being will surface to deal directly with those around you - as it never has in your lifetime. But that's 2010 - 2009 is a final, important preparation for this emergence. How to prepare? Think, be charitable, meditate, study yoga and/or work on your relations with higher-ups. Closed-door discussions will benefit you. Your star will rise on administrative, managerial fronts - you could be promoted.
The following are lucky for you in 09, Pisces: government agencies, organizations, hospitals, universities and parole boards, etc., warehouses, factories and assembly lines, psychics, spiritual groups, research, think tanks. You'll get a tax break!
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