If you have had a one-on-one personalized reading with Tim, you can use this LATEST-WORLD-MAP-TEXT-2013 to decode your personal “astrocartography” world maps. (Note: this text won’t make any sense unless you have your own personalized maps to read with it.)

Please note that the email address and phone number included in the document at the link above are out-of-date but I am unable to change them.  The current contact information is:

Phone:  604.399.8407





2 thoughts on “CLIENT MAPS

  1. SunnyLook

    Hello Tim for jears and jears im following u and I enjoy reading ur forecast and that what comes with it.
    I love ur way of writing its like I can see it happen, its understandble for non english born. I learn english olso through reading here.

    Today I found here that I could regster, so did this straight away. To tell U Thank You for all U are doing for us. Love from Amsterdam Netherlands from Sun Pisces Gemini ascendant

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