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URANUS IN PISCES - 2003 TO 2010 -

(Skip down to your Sun sign below if you don't want to read about Uranus generally.)

On March 10, 2003, Uranus, planet of excitement, electricity, stubborn fanaticism, unpredictability, revolt, humanitarianism, alertness, insomnia, genius and divergent thinking - of gentle kindness and dictatorial tyranny - entered Pisces for seven-years. It hasn't been in this sign since the 1919-to-1927 period. To some degree you can look back to that period for a hint of upcoming world events. However, nothing's simple: Uranus entry into Pisces in 1919 coincided with the end of World War One. Its entry into Pisces this time (2003) has coincided with the start of the second Iraq-U.S. war. Things change.

In Aquarius the last seven years, Uranus caused revolts, underground cells, terrorist activities, just as one would expect. Now, though, it moves into Pisces, a passive, spiritual, sympathetic sign. Piscean emotions spread swiftly and massively, like gas. (In fact, Pisces rules gas.) Pisces rules hidden fears, the underground emotions and insecurities which rumble through populations - so we will see massive rumors, interest rate fluctuations, fear of economic meltdown, large spiritual movements, etc. The "revolt" of Uranus could spread widely from 2003-2010.

On techno fronts, this new influence will bring great strides in astrophysics, oceanography, water flows, (computers using fluids, for example), the manipulation of time and light, video - and anything visual. Books on dreams and "how to control your subconscious" will be popular.

For all of us, Uranus has brought a new kind of excitement, electricity and unpredictability to some area of life.

Uranus is seldom lucky, but it is always interesting. I call it the Alice in Wonderland effect - though some would say this planet embodies the Chinese curse: "May you live an interesting life." Uranus brings genius, but its "standard bearers" (Edison, etc.) seldom succeed at higher learning - often, Uranus-ruled people have a hard time in university, though the IQ be 200 or 300! Uranus rules humanitarian actions - Charles Dickens freeing small children from English factories, Lincoln freeing the American slaves, were both Aquarians (the sign of Uranus). But Aquarius/Uranus also rules revolt, and the dictatorial regimes that revolt often engenders - Iran, for example, is an Aquarian nation. Uranus prominent in a birth chart often indicates childhood sexual abuse - and the year it occurred. This planet has many sides - some shocking, some gentle, and all unpredictable.

Briefly, here's how Uranus is likely to affect your sign until the year 2010: 

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
ARIES, your inner world is due for a shake-up. Your social urges will lean toward confidential friends. You'll make new acquaintances, some of them fascinating, in spiritual groups, charities, government agencies and institutions. Your ideas of spirituality will grow, and you'll need to avoid fanaticism. Watch for stress-related health concerns - typically, from repression of anxiety. (Aries never shows fear, right? But Aries can fear some things: commitment, love longer than a night, being rooted, bored, suffocated - etcetera!) Watch for ankle sprains or stress-cracks, heel contusions, etc. Have well-padded shoes - especially if you're in the military or police force. You might change churches, or even religions.
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, the years of stress you've faced in career areas now dissolves (though it returns for a brief, light visit this autumn, then disappears for decades). Tension melts away in general throughout your life. Your social life will grow with surprising leaps and bounds, and your new friends will confront you with dilemmas sometimes. For instance, this June to December (2003) a new friend could tempt you to violate society's rules about sex and marriage. The biggest effect, for seven years, will be that your career moves from "strict effort" to an almost effortless pleasure - you'll enjoy your job and your co-workers. This is a time of potential fame, certainly of popularity. Yes, do form new career goals.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, Uranus brings a hugely significant seven-year period, but you must be able to "handle it." Your tension and stress will increase, so learn relaxation techniques (fresh air and nature walks are best - television is worst) - or simply accept the fact that you need eight hours sleep a night! Your intellectual capabilities, your education, your ability to write or broadcast, the ideas or viewpoint you've gained from international travel, your willingness to travel afar, your contacts with foreign-born people, scholars or intellectual workers (lawyers, etc.) - all these are career assets. If you've struggled to learn, teach or communicate, now you will be recognized as a "doer" in these areas!
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
Until 2010, you CANCERS will find mental alertness dissipates the fogs of the past. You'll emerge from a cave in which mysteries, lust and greed fought their dark battles - and, often, left you the loser, in finances and love. Now the rebuilding begins, for those who can accept what happened. Emotionally and intellectually, new light dawns - you're going to feel more aware, yet peaceful, as if you can see far over soft sunlit valleys. This period won't be the best for higher learning in a formal setting because your mind will be too inventive and your conclusions too unpredictable to fit well into the careful deliberateness of universities and colleges. But you will learn very swiftly "on the job," and you'll travel, contemplate or debate "elevated" topics. Grief's gone, fun's here!
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, Uranus, your partnership planet, has caused seven years of "interesting" relationships. (Your experience could have ranged from mild friction with another, to all-out "war," to sweet bemusement, to puzzling disruption, to all-out, stunning love.) Now through 2010, you'll meet unpredictable circumstances, reactions and events in "net worth" areas such as investments, mortgages and family finances; in "mystery" areas such as research, occultism, investigation, gossip, subconscious desires, secrets and health diagnosis; and in "oops, I'm committed" areas such as sexual intimacy, pregnancy, lust, extramarital affairs, power plays, promises, political collusion, etc. In general, whatever occurred in your crucial relationships in the last seven years now enters a deeper, more private zone. If you broke up, self-examination comes. If you met someone, married, now the true sharing (and shouldering of responsibilities and growth) comes. If you signed a contract, now it must be fulfilled.
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, you've just entered seven years of relationship excitement. For a clue, read the part in brackets in Leo's message above. At times, relationships might be too intense for you, too unpredictable. If so, back away and relax. One thing's for sure: loneliness is over and done: others will almost assault you with friendliness! People will enter and exit your life in a capricious, unexpected manner. You might marry or become deeply involved with a co-worker. Many unexpected opportunities in business, new job openings and sudden relocations arise (probably due to work). You can feel very tense at times, so plan to get fresh air and outdoor exercise.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, for the next seven years Uranus will bring "peaceful romance." Those electric, unstable thrills will fade; you'll grow more realistic. You could, now to 2010, be attracted to a co-worker: if so, go slow, make sure it's love, not duty or "biology." There's no rush! You met "true love" (or started a significant creative project) sometime between January, 1996 and March, 2003 - even if nothing "completed." Now to 2010, you could do worse than to call that person or sculpt that project. Steer your work into a creative path, into teaching, art, pleasure-oriented or beauty-producing fields.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
You SCORPIOS can breath a sigh - not since 1984 has your life been as smooth and "workable" as it will be now through 2010. (After that, it gets even better - 2011 begins a 15-year period of deep creativity, true romance, beauty, pleasure and joy in children. You've done the "hard time," Scorpio. Now life, which is always fair, is about to bless you for a long, long period! Don't expect results overnight - by the June-December period, you'll get a first taste of alertness, excitement and "electricity" in romantic, creative, child-raising, teaching, speculative and similar zones. And a bonus: tension disappears!
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, the seven years ahead can bring stress to your domestic and security concerns. This tension has little "deep meaning," but it can upset your relationships. You'll fidget, find it hard to settle down. And yes, your home will change. Here's how to reduce the stress: 1) be flexible and humorous on the home front; 2) be willing to move, travel, etc.; 3) open your home to eccentric, different people who can bring you new ways of seeing things; 4) make home a playground, a wonderland in some way; 5) exercise outdoors, NOT inside, and avoid television. Notice how, when you're in conversation, you forget you're tense? That's the total answer, right there.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
The seven years ahead will release you CAPRICORNS from erratic ups and downs in money. Your spending habits smooth out. (You'll grow a little more generous now, as past "panics" might have made you a cheapskate). Your income, also, settles into a nice, smooth path. Poverty (if it ever was) is no longer growling at the door. (This spring and summer - of 2003 - can repair your net worth, even boost it to new heights.) Now through 2010, Uranus moves his erratic jolts to a place where they actually do some good - into your communications arena. You could find that future income increasingly comes from your ability to network, to handle technology, to communicate and travel. These areas also become easier to use, and you'll find that the world becomes more interested in communicating with you. Friendships pop up everywhere from the corner store to the office hallway! However, don't drive erratically (applies through 2010).
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
You AQUARIANS have undergone a series of shocks or eye-openers for seven years. These have purposely made you impatient with the status-quo, nudged you to change your life, and (more importantly) yourself. This was meant to be: the cosmos has wanted you to wake up and be YOU. It wasn't always a gentle process, but it was well-meant. Now through 2010, the accent shifts strongly: you are given peace. Your nerves settle, your impatience stills. But your money, spending and income efforts (and ideas) become a little more erratic. For these seven years, watch income and outflow carefully, exercise spending discipline without being cheap, and take care with investments. (September 2003 to September 2004 will give you a nice net worth "boost.")
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
PISCES, Uranus inhabits your sign now to 2010. Read Aquarius' message above (where it describes their last seven years) to get a hint of what's in store. Your nerves will go into "high alert" - but so will your intuition, spirituality, psychic talents, and charitable impulses. Your strong leaning toward sympathy is about to get a humanitarian boost. You're going to see how ideas, social concepts and politics play a role in helping or hurting people, and - quite likely - you're going to do something about it. You'll be surprised at the number of friends who flock into your life now to 2010 - many of them will be of a spiritual, humanitarian, activist or eccentric nature. Enjoy them - enjoy being different yourself! Your nerves will "hum" at times - get fresh air, sail, exercise. Watch less TV - it triggers the "adrenalin clench" which causes bedrock tension.back to top

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