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SATURN: 2012 to 2015


The planet Saturn, which has spent the last 32 months in LIBRA, will leave this sign on October 5, 2012, and enter SCORPIO, where it will stay until September 17, 2015. That’s a bit in the future as I write this, but it’s worth considering now, if you’re doing any long-range planning. Saturn rules restrictions, authority, structure (e.g., the rebar in concrete) and many practical matters, such as national governments, wheat cycles and commercial real estate. It’s no coincidence that Saturn in Libra, in bad aspect to its home sign, CAPRICORN, has coincided with the problems in Europe. (Which begin approaching a solution October onward – a “kill or cure” one, with many things “dying.”)

Here is the part of your life that has been restricted since late 2009, but won’t be after October 5, 2012. (In fact, these same areas can prove unusually fruitful from October/12 onward.) These were romance for GEMINI, work for TAURUS, relationships for ARIES, sex, finances and research for PISCES, law, travel and intellect for AQUARIUS, career/ambition for Capricorn, socializing and hopes for SAGITTARIUS, administrative contacts, sleep and recuperation for SCORPIO, selfhood for Libra, income for VIRGO, communications and travel for LEO, and home life for CANCER – all have been restricted, curtailed, or the source of restrictions generally. For instance, Gemini might have felt romance was slow and hard work, or Gemini might have fallen in love and found the rest of his/her life was restricted, bounded, by it.
From October 2012 into September 2015, the species of restriction changes for each of us. Generally, it is better to avoid this new restricted zone rather than operate within it, as Saturn tends to dampen luck, profits and fulsome results. Saturn doesn’t “cheat” you – if you work an hour, it gives you an hour’s wage – but not a penny more. Sometimes Saturn “pays off” later – up to 29 years later. Jupiter rules luck, Venus the sweet fruitful warmth of May; Saturn rules winter, when plants bare their limbs in frozen dance, twisting toward the brooding sky.

Please don’t read the forecasts below for a an uplifting or hopeful message, but for a “reality check” that governs a certain area of your life – probably less than 10 per cent, unless you fixate on the area where Saturn is orbiting and give it extra influence in your life. (Not usually a good idea.) Remember, Saturn is the planet of restrictions, age (and age differences – e.g., if a 20 year old man was fooling with a forty-year old woman, both would be under the aegis of Saturn) and of time – usually, slow, slow time. Saturn’s main message to us is threefold: work, be prepared, and wait. We should thank Saturn for letting us know where our restrictions lie, where we cannot expect quick results or easy luck – where we might need to handle things before our neglect causes loss. So here is more “Saturn”:

Aries – (March 21-April 19)
ARIES, Saturn has restricted your relationships since October 2009 – marriage, relocation, fame, dealing with the public, negotiation, litigation – these were slow, frustrating things without much reward. At last, starting in October, you will be free to flirt, chase someone, find a response to your overtures, even marry or form a partnership. But from October 2012 to September 2015, Saturn’s restrictions slide into an arena closely linked to relationships: your sexual and intimate link(s), large financial concerns (investments, mortgages, business financing) lifestyle choices, commitments, research, and deep health zones. Try to plan future projects that don’t take you into these areas, or at least don’t depend on them for success. On the other hand, as Saturn is your career ruler, this can signal that for the next three years your source of career advancement (or of career change) is in these areas: finance, research, etc.
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Taurus – (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, October 2012 will end 3 years of hard work that might have garnered only slim rewards (laziness was totally unrewarded). From October onward, for approximately 3 years (to September 2015) restrictions will characterize your relationships. Others will be slow to accept your propositions in personal and business terms: you will have to prove yourself, your product, and your loyalty. You might be slow and cautious about relocating, marrying, dealing with the public, negotiation and litigation. Though you’ll find relations with your own peers slow, links will blossom with people much older or younger – even from another generation. This might lead to marriage, life in a foreign country, and/or a long-term legal contract. If you love others, love will be returned. This will NOT be a good time to start a lawsuit. It WILL be a good time to relocate to a foreign country, or to seek opportunities in intellectual, insurance, publishing, cultural and similar fields.
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Gemini – (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, October 2012 ends 3 years of intriguing – but slow – romance. (The upside was, that romance had a strong sexual spur for you – though that itself might have made some prospects leery of leaping into intimacy with you.) This slowness also affected creativity, pleasure, beauty, dealings with or teaching of children, speculation and risk – in these, you haven’t been as perky and assured as usual. Starting in October, this cloud lifts from your romantic (creative, etc.) zone, and transfers to your work and health areas. Now to September 2015, protect your health from the kinds of complaints you usually have, but in particular keep an eye on sexual diseases, bones, knees, “hardening” (e.g., gall stones, constipation) and skin and gums. Work can be long and hard – don’t let it be the centre of your life. E.g.: should I do my job, or move to Europe? Stay at work, or ask Thingamajig to marry me? Move, marry, make friends!
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Cancer – (June 21-July 22)
CANCER, since 2009, your home life and home duties have been heavy. Children demanded more attention, time and money than usual. Home demands might even have interfered with your marriage or a career partnership. If you’re single, new, viable emotional relationships have been difficult to start and continue: they kept displaying a tendency to end. You might have felt trapped or weighed down by your home, a mortgage, aging parents, etc. In October 2012 that cloud lifts; for the 3 following years restrictions, prudence and slowness will affect your romantic, creative and speculative interests – even in sports and pleasure, you’ll choose a quieter, more sober role. This has a great upside, though: if you’re single, you could meet someone during this period (October 2012 to September 2015) who has all the makings of a great life mate. If you’re married, your home and love settle into a more harmonious, smooth and gentle rhythm – mutual respect grows.
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Leo – (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, from October 5, 2012 to mid-September 2015, Saturn will bring restrictions and a sober mood to fundamentals: home, real estate, parenting, gardening, nutrition/food, digestion, soul and similar areas. Protect or buttress these areas without making them a priority – fix that basement, reconnect with your spirit, eat for health, re-establish trust with a family member, etc. In business and personal life, the strength of your foundations will allow expansion and growth of other areas, such as love, money-making, employment, health, etc. Neglected foundations will restrict growth. The bounty of the fruit tree depends on its roots. Don’t buy real estate during this period. A job might end. On the good side, the past three years of restricted short distance travel, problematic relations with siblings, dampened curiosity, and sluggish or unaffectionate communications, now ends and rights itself – soon, you’ll be whistling happily!
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Virgo – (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, your money window was clouded during the last three years; you made less, or spent more. When Saturn moves into the sign SCORPIO in early October, 2012, your money picture will begin improving, right up to late 2016 through 2017, when a lucky earnings peak will occur. While Saturn stays in Scorpio (Oct. 2012 to Sept. 2015) you will find relations with siblings and casual acquaintances slow; everyday spontaneity and ebullience will fade, to be replaced by more sober communications – and quiet social events. This can be said of your communications in general: slow and careful become the trend. Travel, errands, emails, telephones, paperwork, applications and reports, filing, distribution, dispatching, and “finger work” (e.g., typing) will be more difficult than usual. There is a silver lining: despite the slowness and sobriety of these zones over the three years ahead, you will derive pleasure from them – because wherever Saturn goes, you find pleasure and beauty. This period might bring true love to you – perhaps from the very things that are restricted, such as travel. You could meet love on a bus trip, or through emails (internet). But don’t start a practical (business) mail campaign.
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Libra – (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, 2010 to October 2012 was a sober time, when you needed to examine (and fix) your foundations, your soul, and your direction in life. Most importantly, you had to find a permanent place to live, or had to fix your home. Many Librans faced critical situations with a parent (or as a parent). In general, your mood has been uncharacteristically sober. Due to other (non-Saturn) factors, this general focus on home, soul and parents will not end for another 11 years. But, from October 5, 2012 to mid-September 2015, no longer will your shirt-tail be caught in the vise of home problems. Your mood will lift, you’ll eagerly plunge into travel, love, intellectual expansion, learning, cultural events and involvements. However, from late 2012 to September 2015 you will experience restrictions in money, especially in earnings and spending. You might earn less – or earn more, but see your expenditures rise. In either case, prudently scale down your budget. You might buy a property to live in – that’s good.
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Scorpio – (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
SCORPIO, from October 2012 to September 2015, you will grow more sober and realistic, more practical and pragmatic than usual. From 2010 to late 2012 you did not suffer as many restrictions as most signs, though your dealings with government agencies and your employer’s head office have been burdensome and slow. This “administrative weight” fades, replaced by a more personal seriousness. You will be called upon, 2012 to 2015, to express yourself more carefully and ambitiously. Paperwork, reports, emails, calls – these will become as slow as molasses. Communicating will be like walking through sand. But you’ll grow better at refining your message and getting it across. Travel, distribution, dispatch, logistics, scheduling and timing, all will demand more care and proceed more slowly. This will be a good time to buy a car, tools and timepieces – they’ll last forever.
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Sagittarius – (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, for the past three years (2010-12) your dreams have been circumscribed by reality and practical considerations. On the plus side, this influence encouraged you to take a giant practical step, such as buying a home or equipment/machinery, or training to make more money. Whatever the step, it involved money. Now, from October 2012 to September 2015 you will be largely free of delays and restrictions, as taskmaster Saturn will occupy a quiet, restful zone in your chart. Still, you have to be diligent with management, delegation, administrative, government-linked, factory and assembly-line, warehousing, spiritual, institutional and charitable zones. Don’t focus your main efforts in these restricted, slowed areas, but don’t neglect them either, for they will affect your income or financial health. For instance, you might need to apply for government benefits or a pension. Or your job might involve more managerial duties. If you’re seeking new employment, look in these “background” (gov’t, warehousing, etc.) areas.
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Capricorn – (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CAPRICORN, from October 2012 to September 2015, the planet Saturn will occupy your sector of wishes and hopes, of social connections, entertainment and gatherings, and of future plans. For five years, I have been promising that the 2008-to-2023 period will bring you huge new life goals, a new social circle, and, ultimately, will fulfill your deepest wishes. During these three years ahead, you should start to see strong evidence that this is so. The past few years saw you being tested and judged. Now to autumn 2015, it is time to celebrate – but in your careful, diplomatic, quiet, realistic and sober manner. Your social scene will be decorous, slow, and filled with other generations: but the lack of raucousness will equal the growth of solid ties. Politics, unions and reunions, picnics, concerts – any gathering will have you at its centre. There is a cover charge: this social growth and wish fulfillment will be accompanied by increased responsibilities. Smile – your new future is setting itself up, building its structure!
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
 AQUARIUS, the 2010 to 2012 period made you deal with restrictions and slow progress in legal, intellectual, educational, publishing, import/export, international, far travel, cultural, love and similar zones. Now, these areas lighten up, just in time for this decade’s best romantic, creative cycle (summer 2012 to summer 2013)! From October 2012 to September 2015, Saturn transfers his slowness, restriction and “tough love” to your career and ambitions zone. On the one hand, Saturn rules ambition and the corridors of power and prestige, so your career, business and status efforts will take on a natural, predictable pace, and yield natural, predictable rewards – if you work hard. On the other hand, you will be tested, judged. Strictly avoid punching the boss, sticking your hand in the till, or quitting – these will affect your long-term employment outlook. Don’t expect immediate compensation for the extra work or duties piled on you – the reward will be delayed, and a promotion might arrive before a pay raise. Accept this, be patient.
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Pisces – (Feb. 19-March 20)
PISCES, the last three years have dampened results in the areas of intimacy, investment and other large financial endeavors, research, diagnosis, health, and lifestyle changes. Your efforts in these arenas might have inched you solidly closer to a major life goal, but you paid for every gain. Now, October 2012 through September 2015, this restrictive, slow atmosphere settles over your intellectual, legal, learning, cultural, ritual, religious and philosophical zones. These life sectors, though restricted, can become solid, steady pathways to fulfilling a major life wish. Success will have a price: hard work. If you’re young, the price could include a loss of naivety, as idealism will be supplanted by pragmatism and a more sober, down-to-earth view of life. This is not a good period to initiate a lawsuit – not because you won’t win, but because, win or lose, it will proceed s-l-o-w-l-y, and extract a lot of money and energy from you.