URANUS 2018 – 2026

URANUS IN TAURUS ~General Discussion

Uranus enters Taurus May 15, 2018, drops back into Aries November 27, 2018, then re-enters Taurus March 7, 2019, to stay until July 7, 2025. It also enters Taurus from November 9, 2025 to March 26, 2026.
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Uranus is seldom lucky, but it is always interesting. I call it the Alice in Wonderland effect – though some would say this planet embodies the Chinese curse: “May you live an interesting life”. Uranus brings genius, but its “standard bearers” (Edison, Watts, etc.) seldom succeeded at higher learning – often, Uranus-ruled people have a hard time in university, though the IQ be 200 or 300! Uranus rules humanitarian actions – Charles Dickens freeing small children from English factories, Lincoln freeing the American slaves, were both Aquarians (the sign of Uranus). But Aquarius/Uranus also rules revolt, and the dictatorial regimes that revolts often engender – Iran, for example, is an Aquarian nation. Uranus prominent in a birth chart often indicates childhood sexual abuse – and the year it occurred. This planet has many sides – some shocking, some gentle, and all unpredictable.

Uranus signals unexpected, sudden occurrences, such as May 2010’s “flash crash,” when the Dow dropped 1,000 points in 5 minutes, wiping out many small investors. Many years ago, I used Uranus to predict the Challenger shuttle crash. This planet rules electricity, shock, the nervous system (sometimes heart attacks), computers, inventiveness, social activism, revolt, friendship, humanitarian motives, and eccentric behaviour, alertness, insomnia, genius and divergent thinking, gentle kindness and dictatorial tyranny. These “qualities” now seem poised to enter, and affect, the banking sector, real estate (especially luxury homes, mansions, etc.) sugar and sweeteners, neck surgery/procedures, currencies, fashions, buying patterns and thus economies, art, and sexual attitudes. (More freedom likely.)

This interval (2018-26) will also end certain revolutions (e.g., the Arab Spring will end, soundly) and some species of high-tech. Home or property co-operatives will fill the landscape.


     Aries: March 21-April 19

ARIES, the planet Uranus leaves your own sign May 15, 2018, to spend approximately the next eight years in Taurus, your money sign. In some ways, this is good news – it means the tension, stress and “nerves” of the past 7 years dissolve (although you might still need to eradicate residual or “bedrock” stress if it accumulated during those seven years). You’ll be calmer, but also more singular in your practical goals, less distracted by social considerations and the (well-meaning) involvement of your friends. But the last 7 years were also filled with friends, optimism and a heightened popularity. This will tend to dissipate slightly.

Until early 2026, you face an exciting, somewhat unpredictable earning influence. Your optimistic, hopeful, social side will join hands with your money-making, buying, learning and casual sexual urges. The friends you’ve made over the last 7 years can now be conduits to increased earnings. A friend can steer you to a better job, or introduce you to powerful people. You might start investing with a group, or working in a partnership or a cluster of co-operators.

You might earn less because you want to, because you make the decision that humanitarian, inventive, environmental or creative pursuits are more important than a pay cheque. A certain rebellious streak enters your money behaviour – don’t rebel yourself into the poorhouse, though!  If you want to increase or stabilize your income during this period, think “group”. For instance, if you’re a realtor, focus on selling apartments or condos rather than single-family houses. Public relations, seminars, conventions, satisfying public desires (movies, white water rafting, etc.) can be natural sources of employment. You will want to buy computers, electronic games, any new invention or gadget will draw you — and your wallet!

You might also be drawn to sex with a friend, rather than to deep romance. It’s better if you don’t indulge this urge until after October 2018.

taurus weekly forecast    Taurus:  April 20-May 20

TAURUS, Uranus brings 8 years of total newness from 2018 to 2026 – most notably, a new career, or employment situation. You will be face-to-face with VIPs, bosses, parents, and authorities. Your ambitions will grow. You’ll face tests, and pass them.

You might grow a bit more nervous and tense than usual. Mostly, this is just an expression of the surging strength and newness in you. You might have a bout or two of insomnia. Exploration, action, enthusiasm, gardening or any outdoor activity will reduce this stress. (Outdoor work is more effective than outdoor sports. Realize, too, that television, alcohol, and some forms of meditation, though initially relaxing, can eventually increase your tension.) If you’re overweight, have your heart checked.

During these eight years, your interest in “truth,” politics, humanitarian causes and far-out subjects will grow. You could suddenly join a missionary troupe, or a band of G-20 protesters. You’ll become more stubborn, yet happier. Life will not be boring!

Expect a bigger, brighter social life — mainly because you will become more friendly. Where before you might just walk by the other tables in a restaurant, now you’ll smile at the other diners, even chat as you pass. Groups of people will somehow form around you. Socializing will benefit your soul, your close family, kids, romantic prospects, creative output, your work and health — but mainly, your career and standing in society. This is an influence of genius, Taurus, so be inventive, listen to your own ideas and inspirations. You might invent the next mousetrap! One caution: do not change careers nor employers before November 8, 2018.

   Gemini:  May 21-June 20

GEMINI, Uranus will shake up your inner life mid-May 2018 to 2026 – perhaps even give your “inner child” a telescope to see far into consequences, especially of your spiritual, charitable, and gov’t or management future. Uranus can also make your relations with governments, institutions, agencies and “head office” more unpredictable — and more legal, intellectual, cultural or travel-oriented. For instance, you might be tapped to manage a learning institution, or sent to Italy to sign papers, or you might work in the background as an import/export broker, or a publisher’s assistant, or to run the IT department of a large corporation.

Due to Neptune’s co-influence, these areas can boost your career and worldly standing in long-term ways. Your intellectual and love urges will lean toward confidential, shy, psychic, empathic themes and contacts. You’ll want to study astrology or other “far-out” subjects. You’ll make fascinating acquaintances in spiritual groups, charities, government agencies and institutions.

Watch for stress-related health concerns – typically, from repression of anxiety. Your heart and nervous system might need care. Insomnia might occur. (If so, exercise an hour a day; it should make you sleep a solid eight.) Be careful around electricity. You might change churches, or even religions. Your research abilities will soar. You might fall in love with a Taurus. (If so, consider how “heavy” — and/or sustainable — this link might become.) A Libra might become very sexy.

     Cancer:  June 21-July 22

CANCER, Uranus signals a definite change in your social life from May 2018 to early 2026. Your career activities have been intense and inspired, changeful and stressful, for the last 7 years (2011-2018). Now your career scene grows more friendly, relaxed, social and group-oriented, and less important to you. For the next 7 years, your wishes and hopes, your vision of the future, will focus on investments, large finances, assets, a lifestyle change, and sex/pregnancy. You could be lured toward extra-marital affairs — avoid these, as they will change your life much more than you want. You might opt for elective surgery, to improve your looks or health.

You’ll grow more sensitive to humanity’s errors — you might join a group focused on environmental change, or freeing sex slaves — equally, you might join an investment circle, or a research club. You could befriend police and detectives. You’ll gather a few “heavy” friends. If research, investigation, therapy, medicine or finances are your forte, your life’s work, you could become “quietly renowned” among people in your field.

You’ll accurately read the pulse of public desires these eight years, could even discover the “secret” of attraction. You want to be entertained by mysteries and hidden things — you might become addicted to cop shows on TV.

Tension melts away in general. Nervous problems will abate, even disappear. New friends will sometimes bring dilemmas. You’ll have to adroitly see and juggle conflicts between your social desires and deeper sexual, financial themes.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     Leo:  July 23-Aug. 22

LEO, from May 2018 to 2026, Uranus will travel through your career sign. Expect changes, not only to your career, but to your parenting status, your place in the community, your reputation and prestige. Your children might move out, go to college, or proclaim their own declaration of independence. Technology will play a major role in your career, parenting role, and your dealings with authorities or bosses (and with your own parents). You might think computers and high-tech have already done all they can to mould your career – but the same kinds of change awaiting you now to 2026 will dwarf past developments. Expect unusual, brilliant but oddball career colleagues — and bosses. Judges, VIPs, parents and other authorities will act unpredictably; your worst mistake could be to assume you know how they’ll react.

Your status will also be affected deeply by your ability to cultivate relationships and to grab opportunities. Partnerships, associations, agents, lawyers, relocation — these will prove beneficial to your ambitions. (But DON’T chase/establish them before mid-November 2018.) Watch the effects of stress (especially prestige/career-related stress) on your health. These will be exciting years – learn to relax. Garden or exercise outdoors, avoid TV.

Some single Leos will marry “up.” Make sure this is a deeply loving, enduring bond — don’t “sign on” to be a bird in a gilded cage. If you’re married, conjugal bliss can hit a bit of turbulence. Be understanding, as both you and your spouse are strong-willed. If you and your spouse work together on an ambitious project, you could sail through these 8 years with a smile of mutual satisfaction!

    Virgo: Aug. 23-Sept. 22

VIRGO, the eight years from mid-May 2018 to early 2026 will enliven, awaken and energize your intellectual sphere. You’ll feel more alert, curtains of quietude (and of self-deception) will fall from your eyes. You’ll be very certain of your beliefs. Your usual indecision will disappear where big ideas, religion, law, philosophy, travel, international affairs and social rituals/ethics/morals are concerned. Uranus is also in a position of love, gentle, “I want to spend my life with you” love. But here, indecision or wonder can prevail, as Neptune in your partnership sector might bring people who are soft, indecisive, psychic, irrational and “wavering” — your perfect complement, but a challenging one. Still, your chances of wedding are higher than usual.

The last 7 years brought a roller coaster of change in your partnership, sexual, and financial spheres; this wild ride will disappear, smooth out. If the past 7 years brought the collapse of a relationship, realize your own secret, selfish – or simply mistrusting – motives were at least partially responsible. Seeing this frees you for future true love.

Until 2026, Uranus will bring luck, liveliness, breezy fascination and great friendship in many areas: education, publishing/media, law, far travel, international dealings, cultural events and religion. These will also be beneficial avenues of employment, if you’re looking. (DON’T look before mid-November 2018.) In general, your work grows more intellectual or travel-oriented. Lawyers and writers will have a busy 8 years!

This might be a difficult time to attend college or university, not because you find the subjects difficult, but because you’ll have a nagging desire to rebel, to teach yourself rather than following a curriculum. Uranus’ health news is good: nerve-related (and probably cardio) complaints will tend to ease. Stress levels will ebb.

You might become “famous” for your work!

     Libra:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

LIBRA, Uranus will shake up your most deeply-held, even subconscious notions, May 2018 to early 2026. (See exact dates above.) Your finances, investments, debt situation, mutually-held possessions (such as a marriage’s assets, or a business you own with a partner) will change and evolve – sometimes suddenly. In general, this is a period to be cautious with investments — don’t fall for a good story. Yet, oddly, you’ll win in the most unlikely situations; where an investment is a true gamble, lady luck just might bless you.

Change will come to your sexual, intimate, and psychological structures. For instance, you might unexpectedly become pregnant. (Though these 8 years might also bring the need for medical help if you’re seeking pregnancy.) Or you suddenly feel like having an extra-marital affair with a friend or someone unusual. (Losses incurred by indulging tainted desires will be more or less irrevocable, lasting.) Or your partner lands – or loses – a huge contract. These changes should be beneficial or “freeing.” (I put that in quotation marks because most people don’t like to be freed – it can hurt, initially!)

Some Librans will change partners. Your romantic urges will definitely include sexual desire — and, perhaps, financial ones. You will have little patience for love games, flirtations that don’t go deeper, platonic affairs, etc. Technological advances will also affect the spheres mentioned above (sex, intimacy, subconscious notions, dreams, research, a partner’s finances, employment, etc.) You will beneficially invest in and utilize the latest techno-tools. Artificial intelligence, crypto-currencies, and block-chain financial advancements could have a critical  life-transforming effect on your fiscal situation. Study these, keep up to date, even if you never delve into them. (Because they will also affect your environment, your life.)

Be careful with stress, electricity, and technology radiations (e.g., computer screens) as these can affect your health. To reduce stress, work outdoors, garden, hike, etc. Avoid too much TV. Protect your ankles and calves.

     Scorpio:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

SCORPIO, Uranus in your partnership sign May 2018 to early 2026, will invigorate, shake up, and irrevocably change your relationships. This period promotes domestic love, as your “down home” planet, Uranus, will travel through your marriage sign. But it can also introduce friction or sudden, unexpected reactions, statements, ideas and challenges in all relationships, including spousal ones. For you, Uranus also rules endings and new beginnings. So a significant link could end, another begin. You would be wise, these 8 years, to contemplate deeply who still belongs in your life, and who doesn’t.

Your contacts will fill with friendly, unpredictable, alert, odd people, perhaps nerds. But if you dive indiscriminately into every relationship that’s offered you, you could become the ball in a pinball machine. You can also be kept off balance by your amour’s eccentricities. So be discriminating at the beginning; have the courage to reject the “unworkables.” During this 8 years you will not be able to change another, nor tie anyone down. To keep someone, let them go. If you give your loved one freedom to move, express him/herself, to follow his or her own star, you’ll keep love, and you’ll actually enjoy having a “free mate.” (We’re not talking sexual freedom.) If you’re stressed by a love affair, ease up and let friendship prevail.

Uranus will also affect business partnerships, dealings with the public, relocation, negotiations and litigation. In these, the unpredictable soars, but an uncanny luck and creativity thrust you forward – to success! Still, watch a partner’s “stability”. You might hook up with someone in computer, high-tech, electrical, humanitarian, or food-and-shelter zones. (E.g. a real estate partnership, or co-owners of a cafe.)

One thing is certain: you will discover huge new worlds and fresh, vibrant horizons. Stress will exist, so learn relaxation techniques.

     Sagittarius:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

SAGITTARIUS, Uranus will enliven and change your employment and health spheres until 2026. You’ll find new avenues for employment in electricity, high-tech, communications, distribution, logistics, and humanitarian venues. Your workplace will fill with friendly oddballs, and co-workers could become fixtures in your personal or social life. You’ll laugh more at work than you have in past decades. Look for brand new, innovative tools — reject used or antiquated machinery, tools. Obtain the latest software, and read professional journals in your field. Many Sages will become mechanics, engineers, technicians — or grow into inventive hobbies. Work with animals, especially large ones, will attract some.

This Uranus transit doesn’t favour (nor hurt) romance, but you will find that romance “settles down” now — the superficial flirtations, the plethora of travel and communications that romance incurred over the past 7 years dissolve.

Although you will not feel nervous, stress can be a source of health complaints, especially if you worry too much about your employment. The cure is easy: relax via increased exercise. You might tend to treat your dependents more casually. Make sure this isn’t too casual — you’ll be very kind to children, for instance, but they might need a bit more emotional nurturing.

In general, this Uranus period will have less effect on you than it does on other signs.

     Capricorn:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

CAPRICORN, Uranus will travel through your romantic, pleasure, speculative and creative zones May 2018 to March 2026. This will increase the frequency and intensity of romance, yet make love more casual, friendly, fun, light. (This sounds paradoxical, but will somehow be true.) If single, you might meet romantic prospects in earnings and “merchant” situations — e.g. while at a marketing convention, or attending a fashion buyers’ warehouse — or simply while buying groceries. Social media can offer a bountiful panoply of lover-friends. School, where rote learning or memorizing is required, will also present amorous opportunities. You might be tempted, sometimes, to pay for romance, to buy love. Amour will become unpredictable, especially if you chase sensual people whose bodies you admire more than their minds. (Careful with this last one, as boredom can set in later.)

May will end 7 years of domestic or security upheavals, and start almost 8 years of peace in this region. Children will charm, even amaze you, with their talents and technological progress.

You might pick up a hobby that leans heavily on electronic, computer or other high-tech equipment. You might become interested in, start creating computer art/graphics. Your creative skills – especially writing and electronic arts – reach new heights.

If you’re married, travel, communication and media will enliven your partnership – and figure prominently in your search for pleasure. As a couple, you might purchase fine new furniture, a vacation property, or art.

Overall, the 8 years ahead will be more fun, more happy, than the last 7. Many odd gambles will succeed.

   Aquarius:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

AQUARIUS, Uranus travels through your sphere of home, family, real estate, nutrition, gardening/agriculture, stomach, digestion, endings and new beginnings – all foundations of life – from May 15, 2018 to early 2026. These areas will grow in importance to become your main focus for the next 8 years. You might end certain associations and start new ones. You’ll be pruning your life, to encourage new growth. You might change homes. During this period, be flexible and humorous on the home front, and open your home to “different” people who can enliven your life and stretch your perceptions. You’ll modernize and beautify your home, you’ll acquire the latest in technology and computers. This is a great interval to renovate, redecorate, or buy quality furniture. You might work from home, or build a real estate empire! Your home is your character now.

Uranus rules electricity, tension, sudden and unpredictable events, so guard against these in your personal life. For example, stress can upset your digestion, or poor wiring could lead to electrical mishaps. To reduce stress, watch less TV, and exercise or work outdoors, not inside. (Work is better than artificial exercise. E.g., gardening’s better than running.)

Your entire personality, your soul, is about to undergo both a rest, and a rejuvenation. Delve deep into yourself, through meditation if necessary. Examine your roots. What has influenced your direction as you grew? Why are you here, and where are you going? Your future is now under your control, for you stand, these 8 years, in the place where you can change your life’s direction and outcome in powerful ways. It doesn’t take a huge, powerful effort, though — just take a step in a new direction and the world will aid you in the rest. (All the suggestions I’ve made above — e.g., choosing a new life direction — should NOT be started before mid-November 2018. Until then, observe and think.)

     Pisces:  Feb. 19-March 20

From 2011 to March 2019, Pisces, Uranus tied your income to large entities — gov’t, large companies, institutions, etc. From May 2018 to early 2026 this concentration on money, earnings and purchases will be replaced by a lighter, more human, restless, active, curious, friendly, interesting phase. You’ll travel more, especially locally. Buying a car, getting a driver’s licence, could appeal even if you’ve refused to do so before. You’ll have so many conversations you might waste eight years doing little else! News media, mobile phones, coffee bars, siblings and casual friends will flow in to fill your hours. These 8 years heighten your mental alertness, and give you a boost in all communication spheres: school, professional writing, TV/media, air traffic control, dispatching, etc.

Follow your curiosity. Your explorations will yield variety, pleasure and new friends. You’ll also be gathering the knowledge on which you’ll base your life decisions from 2019 through the 2020’s. Your travels might take you to your future home.

However, all this travel, new friendships and communications will somehow be tied to or relate to hidden or governmental, management things. For instance, you might be chosen to write the newsletter for your government department, or asked to work in Human Resources, or tagged to be the communications officer for your work group.

You won’t encounter high stakes, or life-and-death choices, but you will be busy, and could find that the rush to get things done can fry your nerves some days. If so, stop, relax, get outdoors, exercise. Protect your feet, ankles and calves – wear sturdy shoes.

With Neptune in your Sun sign, many of you are reaching a peak in accomplishment, relationships and in building your own life and character. Being cheerful, friendly and talkative will definitely aid you in reaching these peaks — and this Uranus “transit” until 2026, will make you one of the friendliest, vocal people in the room. You’ll have fun, Pisces!