(Individual Sun sign forecasts follow this Preamble.)

Numerologically, 2017 is a “1” year — the start, theplant breaking the soil to grow. With Trump now “world leader” we should see these new things arrive quickly, for good or ill. The world continues its slide toward police states, an outcome of divided populaces. But new international agreements will be inked. Putin has a good year, second half.  Trudeau, a shining year of world praise.

The U.S.A. continues to struggle against the whole world until 2024. (Rumours circulate that Trump will be assassinated — not during his first term. But the 2021 president — likely Rex Tillerson — will suffer an attempt.)

Canada fares well this year, and by autumn 17, into late 2018, our earnings and economy should bounce skyward. Metal and oil prices should climb into 2018.

The unemployment that surrounds us won’t go away — it’s the leisure (now welfare) society we all predicted in the 1950’s.

Stock markets are generally okay. But if they climb strongly into March, this month and April could ignite indecision, and a fall. Everyone worries about inflation/deflation, and the value of money. Gold declines, softly. Bonds, REITS, dividend stocks, utilities and preferred shares are a better buy after mid-May. China’s late-2016 economic resurgence will continue for either 10 or 22 months. (You’ll know which by month 11.)

The Arab Spring (and probably ISIS) will end next year. If you’re a risk-taker, buy Turkish property in late 2017.

The arts flourish. Many notable weddings. Compromise will be a universal source of benefits. But competing interests and ideologies will divide humanity. A notable, benevolent year for judges and judgements — and new law.

We should all avoid starting new projects before January 8, April 8 to May 2, August 12 to September 4, and December 3-23.

Aries.svg     ARIES: March 21-April 19

This year showers you with life-changing opportunities in love, business, relocation, and dealings with the public. Many single Aries will meet and wed an exciting, cheerful yet thoughtful life mate. If you’re married and unhappy, 2017 brings separation. But if you’re happily married, this year rekindles happy flames.

You attract others February through May. Love meets major indecision in March/April. Friction visits your home in early summer. Be gentle with children. Late July to late September brings a second powerful wave of romance. October starts 13 months of heightened physical intimacy — pregnancy for young couples.

Slowness continues to affect your travel, legal, intellectual, school and similar pursuits; but what you do accomplish here will support your career and worldly standing in 2018 (when your most important career “restart” in 3 decades will occur). Before June, avoid hospital stays and pharma drugs, working for the government, management roles, and unending committee meetings. Embrace hands-on work.
June onward, you will succeed if you pursue romance, creativity, and risk. But you’ll meet “soft ground” in social circles.


taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS: April 20 – May 20

Loads of work, Taurus! Plunge in wholeheartedly, as your efforts in 2017 can lead to opportunities, pay raises or promotion from October into 2018. You’re lucky with money in June, July and December.

A superb 13-month relationship influence begins in mid-October. Even before this, amorous openings arise in January (possible old flame) March (be careful) June/July (when a friend or social contact might pursue you) and September/October (when your romantic courage and magnetism soar). December’s sexy.

Before June, your social scene promises much, delivers little. So seek private romance. June onward, your career or reputation will be under pressure. To succeed, stick with the status quo and don’t push higher-ups. Also June onward, your home and private life will fill with blessings — giving you a green light to change residences, buy or sell real estate, and steer your children’s future.

Guard your teeth, gums, skin, knees and bones. Sexual intimacy and financial options have been sluggish for a while; but December ends that influence, and starts you on a learning journey.


Gemini.svg     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your love life grows increasingly complicated, Gemini. Romance thrives until late October; yet many you woo will answer with soft skepticism: you have to “prove” your passion and loyalty. People years older or younger welcome you more warmly than your age peers. Despite this, if single, you are almost certain to fall in love — with a superb life mate.

In March/April you’ll wonder whether a somewhat gruff, impetuous person is the real thing. May/June will solve this puzzle. A sudden, exciting meeting could occur in February/March or September/October. This person is very different, very vibrant, and will never bore you.

Your home remains calm and nurturing through May, but your career and reputation are under pressure. Have to choose? Choose home. June onward “Gemini things” — short trips, casual friends, communications and curiosity — receive multiple green lights. But international travel, legal affairs, cultural venues, publishing and higher education meet subtle but strong resistance.

Your health and assets continue to change until 2024. Those assets might get a great boost before November.


Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21 – July 22

Through October, you’ll win in real estate, renovations, baby showers (hint, hint) landscaping, gardening, retirement or children’s education funds. Heal family-related emotional wounds — therapy succeeds. A new home opens a door to bountiful new possibilities.

Love attractions ignite in January (solid love? fantasy?) March/April (at social gatherings) and June/July (your sexual magnetism soars). But amour is not your priority — until intense, mad, glorious romantic feelings visit from late October through 2018! If you’re married, kids love being nurtured until October, then thrill you with their growing talents.  From 2009 to 2024, a subtle wrestling match with your spouse is aggravated by talk, diminished by hugging.

2017 helps you build a launching pad for almost any project, including career ventures. Work remains heavy, then lightens up in late December — for three decades. Before June, weddings, far travel, legal affairs and higher education face barriers, but short trips, communications and daily business flow easily. June onward, your earnings will be protected and favoured, but investments and debt are dangerous. Spring might bring a promotion.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23 – August 22

Love in 2017 is light-hearted, not a volcano of passion. If single, you might choose to wait until 2019, when huge love could occur. In February and (unfortunately) March, and late September/ early October a sudden, exciting meeting could start a friendly love affair. (If you do meet and marry this year, it is likely to last a long time if you remain loyal.) This Spring presents you with a love puzzle, which May will solve. In August, your charisma wins hearts.

Until mid-May, be very careful with/avoid investments, debt, power urges, sex, surgery, chemicals/drugs, and investigation — you might open Pandora’s box. During this five months, your earnings are protected. June onward, you will be blessed, calm, and able to make some of the wisest decisions in your entire life — but don’t relocate, form partnerships nor sign papers before 2019. Your career “stutters” March April, but is fine all year.

Drugs and alcohol negatively affect your life/health the first half of 2017. Be moderate. Avoid STDs, bone and dental problems.


Virgo.svg     VIRGO:  August 23 – September 22

You’ll make stupid amounts of money until October — likely the most in a decade. Try to permanentize increased earnings — a salary boost is better than overtime. You might feel the urge to buy a home — lucky financially, but with a poor love result. Wait until 2019, when excellent results occur.

Continue to be independent — in love and business — until mid-May. You are mildly blessed these first 5 months, but those who approach you are carrying a bag of problems. After May, until 2025, your relationship prospects soar. You will meet someone vague, dreamy, uber-intuitive — your perfect counter-part! You’ve been yearning for love — and when you meet the right person, this pent-up desire will help you pour out your heart to win someone over.
January’s romantic. March/April present you with sexual indecision, or bring a hot flame back from the past. You’re filled with sexual magnetism September/October.

You health looks good. Tension can cause problems, so seek stress reducers like gardening or woodworking. Avoid too many sweets/alcohol in March/April.


Libra.svg     LIBRA :  September 23-October 22

2017 is YOUR year, Libra! You can go anywhere, do anything. Travel is certain. Allies proliferate. Your personal luck, charisma and effectiveness soar into October. (By October, a year of money benefits arrives.) You’ll attract new love and old friends.

Whether you’re single or married, a domestic difficulty constantly (2009-2024) disrupts or undermines your relationships. Curing this problem might involve repairs, shuffling family members, therapy, perhaps a change of homes.

If you do wed (very possible!) it should last a long time (providing that domestic problem is overcome.) Love should thrive in February (romance) March/April (heightened sexuality, a true marriage prospect, but also heightened indecision) June and August (social delights) and again in October/November (your magnetism’s high).

Very little either boosts or harms your career, unless you’re lazy the first 5 months. Avoid lawsuits April/May. Get medical help for any gastrointestinal problems. Through May, you gain more from delegating tasks than by doing them yourself. June onward, you will succeed in light romance, but find subtle frustrations in deep infatuation.


Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  October 23 – November 21

This is your year of quietude, Scorpio. Curl up with a good book or person. Meditate, contemplate, be charitable and spiritual. Examine your life’s progress, and adjust directions. Deal with civil servants, institutions, counsellors, agents and therapists. Join management, delegate tasks. You might be promoted in May, August or October/ November.

Before June, avoid deep romance; rely on friends instead. After May your career will be softly blessed for 18 months, but your home will fill with time-wasters and money-pit projects. Aim yourself accordingly. All year (ending December 21) money is a bit slow, so conserve funds.

Romance isn’t strong, as your charisma’s low. But you’re ready for love, waiting for the right person. This spring highlights indecision about a coworker or other mate prospect. June’s sexy, July is affectionate, and September brings friendly flirtations.

October ends your relative seclusion — you start the luckiest year in a decade! Suddenly, you could be pursued by an attractive person.

If you experience colds, flu, stomach aches, headaches, etc., they are probably the result of tension. Relaxation equals cure.


Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS:  November 22 – December 21

An enormous wish could come true this year, Sage! Until mid October, 2017 is filled with popularity, social delights, optimism, entertainment and happiness! Join clubs and groups: they will benefit you for a decade. If you’re single, a social contact could morph into a lifetime love, especially if you first meet in February, May/June, August or early October. You could have doubts about love in March/April, or need to choose between two people.  A powerful sexual attraction could arise June/July… but is someone married?

Bosses and authorities grow short-tempered September/October — just work hard and keep a sense of humour. Your mind is on money all year, but stability reigns. Your home life could breed friction in January, and remains difficult until mid-May. Don’t let children enslave you.
Take care of your health in January (stomach upset?) May to July (STDs possible) and November (weariness). From late October onward, seek solitude and rest. June onward, favour the profound over the casual (e.g., a signed contract is better than a verbal agreement).


Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:  December 22 – January 19

If you work hard this year, you’ll be promoted — or you’ll wed, or win political office, or a prize for your talents. You’ll receive exhilarating news in January or October. Avoid lawsuits September/October. From mid-autumn onward, you’ll be celebrating!

Although your ambitions outweigh your romantic notions in 2017, love remains available–in a friendly way in January and a sexy but impermanent way in February and August. March/April fire up your romantic courage, and indecision — a powerful old flame might extinguish a new one. Be loving, not warring, in June/July. A sexy, gentle person might woo you September/October. November brings social joys and flirtations.

Before June, avoid time-wasting little tasks, errands and conversations; instead, delve into profound thoughts, intellectual pursuits, culture and international travel/affairs.

June onward, reject surface appearances, casual sex, and “consumerism.” Instead, investigate, invest, be entrepreneurial. Deep, committed sex is fine; pregnancy might visit young couples.
Your health is good all year; protect your nerves this Spring. If a job ends in May, it’s a blessing — better follows.


Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  January 20 – February 18

Far travel, international, legal, cultural and religious affairs, higher learning and media involvements are blessed by luck the first ten months.

2017 is huge for love. If you’re married, you’ll feel a deeper love for humanity. (Travel to Africa!) Weddings are favoured all year. An intellectual or foreign-born person might be involved. Until mid-May, avoid a purely sexual attraction; it will prevent true love. Someone intriguing and adventurous seeks you out in February. March/April’s attraction (an old flame?) contains the seeds of domestic friction.

Late May marks a major turn: for the next 18 months you will succeed if you focus on others, fail if you remain staunchly independent. June’s romantic. August holds a critical relationship choice — sorry, no advice. September/October highlight a powerful sexual attraction. Young couples exclaim: “We’re pregnant!”

You are favoured, career-wise, in management and administrative situations. Recent money disappointments continue until mid-May, but June begins 9 years of expanding income! October starts a year of great career luck. Your health looks good — protect yourself from STDs.


Pisces.svg     PISCES:  February 19 – March 20

2017 brings a treasure chest loaded with revelations, hidden valuables (an inheritance?) research nuggets, lifestyle changes, good financial actions, medical cures, and sweet physical intimacy. You can grow rich! But if you act dishonestly, those treasures will morph into greed and lust, spying, power plays, loss, guilt and anxiety. Everything’s moral! Your workload is heavy, but present efforts build toward a big 2019 promotion. If you rebel, quit, or cheat, you could affect your employment prospects for years ahead.

Before June, independence loses, co-operation wins. From June onward (through 2018) you will benefit from hands-on work, but find sluggish situations in management. Be honest with your taxes. Avoid civil servants. Money flows nicely from January to June. By June through September you can buy superb investments or positively change your lifestyle.

Lust, not romance, draws you before October. Your sexual magnetism soars in January. May brings casual friends, but also friction at home. Your romantic courage and charisma peak this summer, bringing sweet affection through August. October begins an entire year of marriage-oriented love.