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AUGUST 30, 2012 TO FEBRUARY 18, 2014

(For a general discussion of how your karmic forecast is drawn, go to the bottom of this article, after “Pisces.”) A NOTE BEFORE WE BEGIN: THIS KARMIC PERIOD IS DIFFERENT:

While I was writing this series, a reader alerted me to a seeming contradiction between my Saturn forecasts (in the “Platform” section online) and the karma forecasts that we’re in the middle of. Here’s the problem: the lunar north node, which usually brings protection, peace, wisdom and buoyant results, is in SCORPIO now through February 2014. But the planet Saturn also enters Scorpio this Friday, to stay until 2015. Saturn usually brings delays, restrictions, a sober attitude and the need for structure. This seems to contradict the north node’s good karma – but not necessarily: sometimes, a little restriction and structure can be a good thing. Still, when reading the Saturn forecast for your sign (it’s now under “Platforms” online) at least for the 17 months ahead, you should sprinkle a little benevolence, protection and calm satisfaction into your appraisal. And when reading the “good side” of your karmic forecast (in the three prior columns and next week’s) apply a little scepticism and self-protective caution.I base my “karmic forecasts” on the north and south nodes of the Moon. Hindu (Vedic) astrologers have long held that both the north and south nodes are “negative.” I have tended to disagree, seeing evidence that the north carries good karma, and the south bad or difficult karma. However, now to February 2014, due to Saturn’s position, it will often look as though the Vedic astrologers are right. So in reading your karmic forecasts, you might decide to avoid both the good and bad sides of the “axis” I’ve mentioned for your sign, as both can prove tough going.

Here, for every sign, is the axis that you might be wise to avoid altogether, or to lighten your involvement in, now to February 2014. ARIES and LIBRA: your “avoidance” axis involves financial, sexual, lifestyle and health diagnosis areas. TAURUS and Scorpio, the life area you should lighten up on is the independence-interdependence axis, relationships, relocation, dealings with the public and emotional selfishness vs. openness. GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS, your karmic axis now to February 2014 lies in the zones of work, duties, interfacing with bureaucratic bodies, health and recuperation, counselling and management. Being cautious or lightening up in all these areas would be wise. CANCER and CAPRICORN, your karmic axis lies in the sectors of romance, friendship, group affairs, creativity and speculation, children and pleasure. Alone among all the signs, you should stick to the Saturn and karmic forecasts as written, for both will show you the road to success. Saturn will aid, not impede you. LEO and AQUARIUS, you should treat both sides of your karmic axis with caution: these “sides” are home, humility, security, and career, ambition, pride. Lastly, VIRGO and PISCES, your karmic axis lies in communications, travel, and mind – both long and short. (E.g., facts, details, casual friends, short trips, ideas, profound relationships, law, foreign journeys – all will need careful moral and practical choices.)

That said, welcome to your Karmic Forecast:

Aries – (March 21-April 19)
ARIES, now to February 18, 2014, your karmic axis lies across the zones of money, value and worth, resources, sexuality and procreation, secrets and research. In all these, you must now exercise a high moral and emotional tenor, and avoid self-pity, resentment, temptation, impatience and other unsavory motives or states of mind. I used to say that the south node was bad karma, and the north node good, but time has frayed the veil of my perceptions and taught me that the Hindu astrologers were right, both nodes present difficulties and demand a saintly posture. For what it’s worth, though, I think there is still some protection in the north node, so I recommend that during these 18 months you avoid focusing strongly on earnings, casual sensuality, spending and personal possessions, and that you refuse to rely too heavily on surface appearances. Insofar as you do deal with these areas, you will find that the atmosphere is cleaner (and your motives healthier) where you are working with investments, debt and large finances, and mutually owned items/resources, rather than with earnings and your own possessions. The same holds with sex: deeper, committed, life-changing sexual bonds are “healthier” now than casual affairs. And research, detective work, probably beat accepting surface appearances.
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Taurus – (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, now to February 2014 your karmic outlook revolves around identity and relationships. You will do better to pursue relationships, to relocate, to go “out to the other” than to burrow inward. Use self-contemplation only to correct your course, especially your moral and emotional course. Interdependence is better than independence. Now, some, even most of the people you approach or attempt to form a bond with, might reject you. That doesn’t matter, for two reasons: 1) at least one person, a true angel, will respond/stick, and guide you safely through the reefs ahead, and 2) whether you form a bond or not, the mere act of trying to will bring you a gratifying feeling, a healthy inner flowering. Rejecting others will do the opposite: something inside will wilt, and that wilted part will tend to seek things that can hurt you, such as anger, resentment, and self-pity. During these 18 months to February 2014, the cosmos is scrubbing your soul clean, eradicating old misdemeanors. Be glad of that!
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Gemini – (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, from August 31, 2012 to February 18, 2014, your karmic choices lie along the axis of work and duty. This will bring a great relief, for the last 18 months have been one of the hardest of your life in spiritual and emotional terms. You’ve felt truly dumped upon – but if you reached the point of realizing that “destiny’s blows” (or alienation and a bit of loneliness) were self-induced, you learned the intended lesson – now you will be “freed” or emotionally buoyant for a whole 17 years ahead. However, karma has to operate somewhere, and now to early 2014 it will tend to “block” you in governmental and/or institutional contacts, administrative tasks, management, delegation of authority, charity, spiritualism, psychic matters, meditation, yoga, warehousing, retreat, spas, and manufacturing assembly lines. To succeed, to create a smooth, productive path for yourself, move instead toward a hands-on approach. Do the job yourself. Use your hands and fingers. Learn to play an instrument. Write. Seek employment. Be practical, pragmatic. Take preventative health steps rather than recuperative ones. (E.g., eat right, rather than seeking a hospital bed.) Avoid drugs. A Scorpio might have great advice for you.
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Cancer – (June 21-July 22)
CANCER, your karmic axis, now to February 2014, lies in the region of love and socializing. You will encounter at least one situation in which you must decide between light, friendly and flirtatious love, and deep, profound infatuation/romance – or between your friends and your lover. Or, if you’re more mature, between pursuing your own goals and pleasures, and the interests of your children – for example, you might have many friends in one city, but your children want you to reside near them (and their children) in another city. In many ways, your choice is easy, because you tend toward the private pleasures of life naturally, so children, deep romance, creativity, self-expression, risk and speculation should outweigh seeking the safety of crowds, organizations, light, social romance, entertainment, and fun (versus deep pleasure). Let beauty, even “sad beauty,” outweigh optimism. If you grow too optimistic during this time you’ll actually miss your true opportunity. Social affairs will lure, but not live up to their promise. If you’re single, deep romance can open the door to marriage – while light love, or playing the field, can prevent marriage.
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Leo – (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, now to February 2014 you will likely gain – or at least experience a smooth path – if you focus on security, real estate, home, retirement, family, garden, Mother Nature, and take an attitude of humility and acceptance. You can lose, fall prey to tricky temptations, lose the moral high ground, meet dead-ends or seemingly unreasonable, slyly unconquerable barriers, or land in a suffocating trap, if you pursue ambitious career, prestige, or status goals, or assume a proud attitude. Both these areas, career-home, humility-pride, need careful, self-aware choices. This is a very bad time to change careers or push higher-ups to follow your agenda – both would land you in difficulties. Until late June 2013, your true luck lies in being social and happily, lightly romantic. Let fun fill your days – this keeps you safe from the temptations that roam power corridors. From mid-2013 to February 2014, rest, retreat and home will bless you.
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Virgo – (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, your karmic axis lies in the two similar arenas of ideas vs. facts, long vs. short travel, profound vs. casual relationships, until February 2014. In general, facts, details, short, quick efforts, and casual relationships are better now than anything long, deep or profound. All situations involving the intellect, learning, travel, and social rituals or culture demand careful thought – make decisions here only when you’re aware of all the factors – and accept all delays. Be aware, alert to the subtleties of temptation. In general, this is a poor time to enter into a lawsuit, higher education (make sure you’re taking the courses you really want) international travel, import-export, a publishing venture, or an extensive writing project (e.g., a book). What you think are ideas and philosophies that support your actions might only be opinions. You will probably fare well with short trips, casual friends, details, reports, paperwork, and daily “business.” Be friends rather than wed someone. Avoid, if you can, signing contracts – and lawyers generally.
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Libra – (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, now to February 2014, your karmic axis lies along sexual and financial divides. This period will favour casual sex, and delay deep, committed and transformative sex (or make it a source of negative temptation). By casual sex, I don’t mean sleeping around, but enjoying sex as a pleasurable activity, a dalliance, even between life-long partners – this benefits you now, whereas sex as a powerful, significant life-changer – pregnancy, commitment, getting into another’s soul – will tend to lead you into traps, dead-ends or (most beneficially) delays. (Delays here protect you, keep you of harm’s way.) In finances, the same divide exists: investment, large debts (e.g., a mortgage) and major money changes, forming monetary or business partnerships, letting others have a strong say or control over your financial outcomes, can lead to regret. The safer way: earn your own income, spend it, and keep it. Focus on daily money, not long-term. Accept surface appearances rather than mistrusting, researching and opening closet doors.
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Scorpio – (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
SCORPIO, the period to February 2014 emphasizes relationships, and will present you with at least one big choice between independence and interdependence. You will tend to fare better if you choose independence. This can be a poor time to marry (and I would shy away from ever marrying anyone met now to February 18, 2014). If you’re already dating or in love with someone you met before August 31, 2012, wait until late February 2014 onward to tie the knot. You might experience a series of delays, some of them inexplicable or seemingly unreasonable, in partnerships, relocation, contract signings or negotiations, co-habitation or marriage plans, fame, or dealings with the public. These delays are actually protection, keeping you from walking through the wrong door. It is better to rely on yourself and your own efforts now. DO enjoy friends, find love, seek adventure and delight – just don’t commit your future.
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Sagittarius – (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, your karmic axis, now to February 18, 2014, lies in the zones of work, health, dependents, duties, and “agencies.” Hands-on work, “I can do it better myself,” preventive health such as vitamins and herbs, repairing your own car or back porch, getting a job just to survive, buying or operating machinery – these can bring loss if you over-focus on them. For example, if you’re already a heavy-equipment operator, going to work as usual is okay, but buying a big tractor or excavator, or working overtime, or quitting your present position to train in or seek work in heavy equipment, would be an over-focus, and a (potentially big) mistake. As much as you can, aim for management roles, delegating chores, and seek the big benevolent arms of government agencies, institutions (hospitals, colleges, etc.) or large corporations. This is a good time for therapy, counselling, advice. For seeking a spa or vacation retreat, for R&R. Don’t become anyone’s slave – especially not your children’s.
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Capricorn – (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CAPRICORN, now to February 2014, your difficult karma lies in the arena of deep romance, infatuation, creativity, gambling, risk, speculation, beauty, immersion in the moment and self-indulgent pleasure. Your smooth, productive karma lies in a similar but different area: light romance, flirtation, creativity by committee, group affairs (from conventions to a Saturday night party or picnic) entertainment, popularity, planning for the future. Rather than dive into a self-indulgent moment of pleasure, embrace optimism about your future. For instance, during infatuation a heart-throb might constantly retreat, while if you light-heartedly flirt, he/she will be more eager. Even the “light-hearted” side might move slowly, as your “good karma” transit is accompanied by Saturn, a planet that causes delays and quiet, serious ambition – but also a planet that favours you. So the “light side” might go a little slower, group affairs might demand some work, but if you stick to this light, friendly side, you’ll eventually succeed.
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
AQUARIUS, now to February 2014 your karmic axis lies along the divide between prestige and humility, ambition and security, striving in the outside world versus retreating to a domestic situation. For the best results, choose the first of all these pairs: prestige, ambition, career, and treat the second (humility, property, home, etc.) with a light touch – do only what is necessary in these last zones. For example, seek promotion rather than buy a home; again, don’t refuse a career opportunity to coddle your kids. You’ll find delay and restriction even in the favoured zones of ambition, but keep the faith here: if you quit, or take action that leads to an end (e.g., punch the boss in the nose) you might not pick up where you left off for many years. On the other hand, if ambitious, you’ll build a structure that ensures your work security for a long time.
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Pisces – (Feb. 19-March 20)
PISCES, your karmic axis, now to February 2014, lies in the areas of communications, travel, dissemination of facts or ideas, and harmonious relationships. Difficult progress, delays, traps and temptations await you in the “short” side of these – short trips, details/facts, reports, paperwork, errands, emails, casual acquaintances, news media and conversations. You’ll walk down a smooth, wise and protected path if you focus on the “long” – ideas, profound relationships, far travel, culture and rituals, legal affairs, publishing “long things.” However, progress here, though smooth, will also be slow and incremental – you receive just what you earn here, no more. Still, this is a good time to enter university (better for a science, medicine or engineering) or technical college. It is a good time to learn, to dig into religion and/or philosophies – you’ll garner insights that will help you transform your social life and your goals for the decade(s) ahead. What seems a delay is actually advancing your far-off future.
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South Node:
Western astrologers associate the lunar south node with a descent into darkness, with temptations, siren songs, the hidden, the subconscious, death, dreams and illusion – and bad karma. (Hindu astrologers tend to attribute these to both the north and south nodes.) I think the south node denotes old karma, which can be good or bad, depending on our past behaviour. So your south node can bring belated rewards. But because the cosmos wants us to progress, it discourages any attempt to pursue old karma. So chasing after south node goals often leads to projects or pursuits that dead-end, suffer constant delay, or end in financial, emotional or spiritual disappointment. The south node has a canny ability to tempt, to attract and draw us. Once we’re “hooked” on this lure, we’ll argue ourselves blue in the face to justify what we want. It seems so reasonable, so logical, so just – yet it’s all fool’s gold and self-rationalizing. As Shakespeare wrote: “When the Gods wish to destroy a man, first they make him mad.” Unfortunately, this ability of the south node to lure us and create traps might be intensified during the present cycle (Dec./07 through Aug./09) if we depend on a lucky throw of the dice to “save us” – whether that throw is at the casino, in the stock market, or simply in life. This time around, romance not only won’t “save” us, it could prove to be our undoing.
North Node:
The lunar north node is associated with good or (more correctly) new karma. The north node brings peace and serenity, unhurried thought – and it usually keeps a person safe in whatever sector of life it lays. During this karmic cycle (December/07 to August/09) many AQUARIANS might find that others “attack” them in word, law or deed. If Aquarius refuses to rise to the bait, no harm comes to him or her, and the “attacker” tends to fade away in a self-consuming cloud of muffled frustration. (If you Aquarians attack back, though, you’ll regret it, because then you’re chasing/engaging the south node.)
The north node is not as obvious as the south, it whispers rather than shouts – but when we follow it, our way unfolds smoothly and serenely, and we end with a deep, almost spiritual satisfaction, a feeling that we’ve fulfilled our task or destiny.