NOTE: In the messages below, I often use the word, “marriage”, and much less often, the word “wedding”. In astrology (in our time) marriage means co-habitation, sharing life and life’s duties.  In other words, the equivalent to “common law marriage.”  When I write “wedding”, I’m referring to the formalization of the bond, the legal or social ritual.

  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

2019 is a banner year for love, Aries. New love is likely to come softly, gently. Someone captivates you with their speech and ideas — and perhaps a startlingly new or different life philosophy. Usually you’re the chaser, the assertive one, but this year you might experience the pleasant sensation of being chased.

Love this year involves your beliefs, and possibly international travel, higher education, a legal matter or a publishing/media situation. If you’re looking for love, look in these places: school, libraries, foreign countries, etc.

If you’re single, it’s possible that a great person has already zoned in on you, December 2018 to February 2019. This person is interested in marriage, not a mere fling. But amorous prospects entering after February will be friendly and sensual. Physical gratification/attraction will be more significant than romantic whispers and marriage vows. Your chances of friendly, casual intimacy soar for the next 7 years — and many of these potential loves will come from your social, political, educational or other groups. (E.g., mountain climbing/rescue team?)

It will be an enjoyable 7 years, Aries, with one potential flaw: you might not see any reason to settle down with anyone, since your world’s awash with easy intimacy. On the other hand, if you do marry (which is very likely in 2019), you’ll float along on a mellow wave of friendship with your spouse.

if you are already married, 2019 is a splendid year to voyage with your mate, or to attend school, church/mosque/synagogue together. Your love will be peaceful and deep — be open to a few soul-revealing (and healing) talks.

You’re hopeful about love/marriage in March, but not much happens. You draw attention in April, and can talk the birds from the trees. By May, either tempestuous times or a momentous bonding. June is busy, many contacts, but you’re gruff, home-oriented, not seductive! July’s similar, but a romantic thread is turning to romantic courage, and you might be in full love-flight by August! Be serious about love late Sept. into October. Someone wants to speak about a true partnership. Listen, decide and respond. November’s sexy. December whispers love’s profundities.

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

You’re always up for love, Taurus. You love Nature, kayaking, hiking; and you love beauty, fine fabrics, great music, good food, money, and physical satisfaction — you love to touch, and you’re the epitome of  sensual love.

For many Taurus singles, 2019 is a continuation of 2018. If you met someone fine last year, now is the time to steer this relationship into deeper, more intimate — and significant — waters. 2019 will bring, to new couples, sexual bonding, financial sharing, perhaps a mortgage… all the pieces of your separate lives will tend to merge now. Whether newly attached or a comfortable couple, pregnancy is more likely than usual.

If you’re unattached and did not meet a significant other in 2018, the “big one” can still arrive but will probably come with a high “intimacy quotient” — meaning sexual attraction will play a dominant role. (Still, I doubt you’ll complain!)  One note:  if your prime motive in any attraction is a wedding, or if you go too directly to a wedding, you could encounter delays and even final disappointment. (2020 will bring fortunate wedding results, perhaps from 2019’s intimate affair.

Married Taureans should use this splendid financial year to pay down debt, or invest, to change your lifestyle, or cure a long-standing irritant. It’s a tempting year for “outside attractions” so be careful, moral. If your age is right, this is one of the better years to retire.

You felt some love-tugs in January and February, but larger factors kept love on simmer, rather than high. Mid-February through March, though, fire up your sexual magnetism, courage and determination. An old flame (or a former friend who’s ready to flirt) could appear in March. Judge it by its past. An old flame (or ex) is likely to pop up in November, too — although you might also be mulling over your romantic future, or puzzling whether to marry or not, in both March and November.

April might bring casual intimacy, but generally you’re tired. Your energy surges back in May, but it seems to be mid-month before you awaken to love’s possibilities. (Someone might chase you and wake you up!) July brings friends, but this month and August need care, as your emotions are raw, and arguments can start, esp. at home. September’s for sweet love, and November/December bring more attractions. Nestle into an “open bond” until it hugs you.

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Oh boy. What a wild ride for your heart this year, Gemini. Some of you will separate or divorce,  some will marry or meet a future mate. You’ll encounter some turbulence, but much luck — and even the turbulence can have a good outcome. Partnerships of every kind are blessed in 2019.

You might find your true love — or more correctly, your true counterpart, foil or balance, as you will feel this person, this love of 2019, is more realistic, more an equal peer than a romantic dream on a pedestal. (Of course, that realism might signal that this is your true love!) If you’re already attached (for this benevolent partnership influence started last November, 2018) then 2019 will nudge you both into co-habitation or marriage.

A 7-year long trend begins in March. This phase puts your intellectual planet, and one of your love planets, in a background, private or “hidden” position. Now to 2025 and a bit of ’26, you will be more restricted in a love relationship that begins and continues with an appeal to your mind, your consciousness, your beliefs and world understanding. A love that begins with a gentle, sweet feeling when you converse, and slowly grows to surround you, to lift your whole being into bliss. This kind of love will burden, capture, hold and please you. It can also bring love with a foreign-born person. Educational, legal, religious or cultural institutions (e.g., university) will be fertile love-hunting grounds.

If you value freedom more, then pursue someone who speaks less to your mind, and more to your heart. Both kinds contain deep physical satisfaction. As noted, you might have already met someone since last November (’18) — if so, 2019 will deepen and develop your relationship. (Or you might toss it out the door, then find a second love prospect. 2019 does hint at two’s — two mate prospects, two loves — and the need to choose. If you find yourself single for any reason during 2019, you can meet someone new and compatible anytime before December.)

January was sexy, might have tempted you away from your bonds. February brought that mental, consciousness kind of love opportunity — but without the strong restrictive quality. You’ll be too busy in March taking care of neglected chores (and career demands) to care much about love. Also, mid-Feb. through March, your sex drive is low, so is your sex appeal.

In April your sex drive doesn’t only return, it blows trumpets and drives to sweet conclusions. Your magnetism will surge through mid-May, then flag a little — but you could have attracted someone who, by June, has “switched” to admire you in all-round, personality ways. (April brings a popularity boost that can have you embracing someone from your social group.)

July and August bring casual contacts and perhaps friendly romance. These two months might bring fortunate talk about marriage. Domestic arguments Aug./Sept. October can bring the ‘non-mental’ type of love mentioned above — sweet, physical, with beauty and bliss. Late November, December, might bring a wedding or co-habitation.

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22.

If you are single, Cancer, 2009 to 2025 almost must bring you true love at some point. This true love will entail a lot of change and personal adjustment. From November 8, 2018 to May 5, 2020, a special phenomenon occurs. During this period, you need to be very cautious about who you let into your life. This person might seem like the answer to your dreams, but it could be a velvet trap.  On the other hand, during this same interval, in perhaps 10% to 30% of cases, this influence will bring you your destined mate. (You might find more clues in your KARMIC FORECAST, under PLATFORMS.)

How to tell which it is? Well, the “velvet trap” is likely surrounded with delays or little obstacles, while the “destined one” will occur and develop quickly. Also, look into yourself — are you 100% on board, or does some part of you whisper that you’re not fully, not really in love w/out reservations? The penalty for not listening to and acting on what you know is true, can be pretty strong. All this Nov. 2018 to May 2020 stuff applies to marriage, co-habitation. Romance, friendship, or a purely lustful amour are not affected.

During the first 11 months of 2019 (unless you have a fire or air moon or rising sign) you might feel too busy with work, health or ill relatives to pay much attention to romance. That changes swiftly by December, which kicks off 12 months of lucky relationship dealings, right into Dec. 2020. (All more fortunate, more reliable, after mid-May 2020; complex before then.)

If you’re female, you can get all fired up by a sexy man, mid-Feb. to late March — it’s optimistic, friendly. An ex spouse or old flame might appear in March or November. (Also, perhaps, tho’ not as likely, late July.) You’ll feel affection for oddballs in March. This month starts a 7-year phase during which you’ll be friendly about sex, will enjoy and form many hopes and good wishes around intimacy. Lovers will also be friends. You might have a 7-year love affair, complete with secrets — and guilt?

People you thought were staid and conventional might now kick up their heels — and attract you like lambs attract the Spring. Partnership urges can occur in January (dangerous, and past) and sexual urges in February. (Also past, this month emphasized sex, intimacy.) April’s for career, but a sweet, intelligent person might “show you” a path of affection.

Your sexual magnetism and courage flare strongly May/June. You could attract a sensual bond July/August, and a friendly love affair in September, but these might not have lasting power. October’s for home, kids. But November brings pure, “innocent” romance, and December starts a year of lucky meetings!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This is a splendid, superb, fantastic year for amour, Leo — one of the best romantic years in the last decade or the one to come. No matter what else you do, if single, do chase love. You need to be the assertive one, so act on your desires, impulses. It’s virtually certain your approaches will be answered happily by someone compatible. You could fall in, head over heels! (You might have already done so, for this influence began some months ago —November 8, 2018.)

One practical note: nothing would be sadder than a Leo who wastes 2019 buried in work (much of it useless, as 2020 will tell) and misses romance as a result.

Love might have arrived late last year (Nov./Dec.) or February just past. March might bring back a former lust partner. If you resurrect this link, it might prevent you from meeting true, heart-swelling romance later. Guard against STDs this month.

March begins a 7-year phase during which you will either “marry up” in status or financial terms, or flirt with the boss, and/or meet challenging conditions in marriage. If you and your spouse pursue a mutual ambition, married life will run much more smoothly for these 7 years.

April brings someone charming and informative — and talkative! (Or perhaps you are, in pursuing this person.) Short trips can lead to love. April’s love is gentle, permeating. May’s for career, but might spark shenanigans with a higher-up. June’s friendly, could either bring a potential mate (a friendly, flirty person) or merely some happy, casual socializing.

Your sexual and romantic magnetism soars in July (patience!) and August (charge forth!). A love that’s sexual and powerful could also have wedding potential. Late Nov. into December is romantic, but the tone has changed… work duties are slowly flowing in.

In sum, a huge year for romance, Leo — don’t miss it!

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

2019 pours benefits on you in home, real estate, family and security zones, Virgo. Doesn’t sound wildly romantic, does it? But another, somewhat sober and deep, even mysterious romantic influence does face you, like a path in the woods. Do you take it? Well, timing is the answer: all 2019 and until May 2020, romance is likely to lure you and test you. The sweet feelings that accompany romance will still exist, but be joined by various quirks or delays and obstacles.

If you don’t run into obstacles or delays in a love affair, then charge ahead. You’ve been touched by destiny. But if you do experience delays, they have a purpose: they are nudging you to slow down, even stop, and examine your motives. Is truth everywhere between you, or is something being hidden or ignored? If you feel awkward or “blank” sometimes when with a love prospect, this might be a warning to stay out or gently exit.

From May 2020 to December the same year, your romantic chances will soar. A deep, significant soul-mating awaits! But that’s next year. Still, if you run into glitches or snags in love in 2019, you should aim for the last 7 months of 2020.

On another love front, you could meet someone in the next 7 years — perhaps a co-worker — who slowly lifts your thoughts and somehow lifts you, too, into a very pleasant, affectionate place. This person might be a nerd or oddball, bright, friendly and brusque or unpredictable. Love with this person could be stable, and surround you with thoughtful, wise friends. This influence begins in March, ends in 2026.

And even another love front: from 2012 to 2025, you will meet a number of puzzling yet attractive people. You’re analytical, logical and detail-oriented. These others will be psychic/ intuitive, dreamy and non-logical. Among these people will be your mate, your highest level mate. But you might have to find him/her among a flock of gurus, dreamers, or substance abusers.

March might bring a former spouse or an old flame who could become a life mate. April’s sexy, and could throw you together with someone talkative, restless, gracious and affectionate. But don’t daydream — bosses are temperamental!

May can bring gentle, heart-lifting discussions. Late May to June introduces you to someone very friendly, who makes you feel optimistic and sexy — make sure there’s no triangle. You might leave this person for awhile, then return in July, or meet him/her in a social setting. You see hope, a bright future this month.

Your sexual magnetism, courage and determination soar late August through September. Enjoy, but be careful — don’t let sex throw you into a love affair that you don’t want — make your own mind up here. October/November offer light friendships, contacts. Remember, if nothing quite meets your needs/standards in 2019 — major romance awaits in 2020!

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Something momentous happens this March, Libra. Your planet of love/romance enters your sex sign, for 7 years.  This has never happened before, unless you’re over 84 years old. Though you have strong marriage prospects every 2 years or so, the next 7 years are more likely to draw you toward lust (and, negatively, toward extra-marital situations) than to marriage.

For your own sake, realize that sex and/or romance will not necessarily lead you to marriage: in fact, they might lead you away from it. (Remember this in 2020, when a very powerful, 6-month marriage influence could — not overcome, but join hands with — this “lust-love” phase that starts in March 2019.)

Most of 2019 will bring lucky, cheerful but casual contacts — and a lot of talk, travel and visiting. You could grow closer to a sibling or cousin. Romantically, you could cycle through one or two light, friendly romances. One of these — likely first appearing in June — might quietly captivate you with a light, chatty touch that never suffocates, and quietly buoys your heart. Might be worth a longer bond, even marriage!

February was romantic. March begins that 7-year attraction to the depths of physical desire, to secrets, the mysteries of love. Both months propel you toward what seems to be a partner prospect, but the affair might be intense, short and tempestuous. If you’re already attached, even if only in a new love, these months nudge both of you toward sharing finances, trust, and knowledge.

April creates marriage situations/vibes/openings again. (For a year that’s filled with casual contacts, there sure seem to be enough marriage chances, too!) And May intensifies that sexy-temptation-secrets influence that began in March. June lights your mind with inspired thoughts, and could bring someone who understands those thoughts.

Someone raises your hopes about marriage in July/August. Could be someone you first meet in a group. You’ll feel popular, optimistic, and flirty. You radiate confidence in October, which attracts a “solid” person. Your sexual magnetism and courage rise Oct./Nov., which can result in a casual, sensual affair.

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

2019 holds three definite love trends, Scorpio. One – casual, sensual intimacy will almost chase you. Physical gratification will be easy to achieve. Two – romantic love will, 2012 to 2025, live deep in your heart. Sometime during these 14 years you are almost certain to meet your true love. Three – March starts a 7-year phase of vibrant, powerful, unpredictable and not always comfortable relationships. During this phase, an attraction could start in a moment.

If you pursue any of these 3 trends separately, you will garner both the rewards and the drawbacks of whichever one. For instance, a casual, sensual, intimate bond is easy to achieve, but can grow boring or suffocating after a few months. Romantic love can swell your heart with wandering ecstasies, but can also leave you bound up with fantasies, or blinded by infatuation. And that powerful, unpredictable attraction can cause major sparks, but could also weary you with constant testing, opposition or — just too much energy on the other’s part. (This bond, too, can quickly break if it is the only basis for your union.)

But if you combine these 3, lovely results look imminent: you can land someone who’s sexy, your romantic ideal, and so sparkling/unpredictable that you’ll never be bored.

March is beautifully romantic. An old flame might re-appear. (Judge it by how it was long ago.) You could enter an affair with an intense, almost hostile or assertive person. You could roll into marriage/co-habitation like rolling down a hill. April tempts with a sexy person. May does also, but now marriage vibes hover around a sexual attraction.

June is terrible for lawsuits (stay out!) but great for sex and for love’s long talks. July is similar, but without the deep sexual overtones. Late August into September brings a happy social scene, laughter and optimism — and love potential with someone who flirts. Your personal charm soars in November, attracting admirers.

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You’re the luckiest person in the zodiac in 2019, Sage. So surely love is part of all this bounty? Well, yes and no. Love, this year, is almost entirely up to you. You’re attractive, cheerful, friendly  — your personality glows. So either others will chase you and you get your pick; or you will chase another(s) and in general, he/she will welcome you.

Either way, you get your pick. But you might not even want to choose, for your confidence and sense of adventure is so high you might prefer to travel the world, or enter university, or start up your media empire rather than fall in love.

Still, love will be very available. In January and February, just passed, a strong romantic drive existed. It has cooled by now (unless you did start a love affair) but only temporarily. March brings a pause, as domestic and family matters take over — and load you with forgotten chores. (If you have just married, or formed a serious bond, March can guide you to house hunting, furniture buys, etc.)

But romance flares again in April, a sweet, naive kind of romance. This month, into mid-May, relationships grow intense on all levels. In love, you are dealing with your equal, and times can be challenging. Make love, not war! You could marry for love — a volatile but healthy, vigorous love. June brings much the same — relationships between two equals. You can argue this month, or you can make sweet embrace. June is very sexy.

July is sexy, too, but relationships hit eddies, delays and indecision. Still, someone (you, perhaps) wants a love that is free, mellow, filled with understanding and a big world view (or actual travel). This grows stronger as August arrives. Not only marriage or co-habitation is in focus, but an actual wedding. If it were me, I’d say yes, let’s wed — but say in early Aug. onward, not before.

In October, love becomes hopeful, optimistic, friendly and social. You  could meet a new paramour in a social group or club. You draws plenty of glances in December, but the underlying trends are gone. Don’t opt for a sensual but boring intimacy.

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

2019 holds one “rule,” Cap — join, merge, co-operate, go out to another or others. This “rule” is so strong now (and in 2020) that if you, say, approach someone and ask for a date, and he/she says no, you’ll feel better after this rejection than you would if you never asked. Don’t be independent, nor withdraw from others — and totally throw away any self-pity, if it occurs. (Best way to do this is to say to yourself: “everything that’s wrong is a result of my words and actions.”)

I’ve told Cancer for years that 2009 to 2025 will bring true love. Well, Cancer is your marriage sign, and you are Cancer’s. So if they are finding true love, where are they most likely to find it? In their marriage sign — you!

That said, 2019 isn’t the most amorous year of your life — but it IS probably the most significant year for love in several decades. In March, Uranus (your money planet) enters your romance sector for 7 years. This will bring romantic attractions at the most unlikely times and with, sometimes, the mot unlikely people.

You usually live a very stolid life: you like a journey without bumps. But now to 2025 your heart with soften and glow when you’re with nerds, geniuses, innovators, and friendly but unpredictable people. Love will tend to be strongly sensual, and might have a “money connection”. If you’re single and looking, Cap, get ready for a more colourful life!

January/February, whether amorous or not, boosted your confidence (and might have led some of you to end a stale relationship). March is filled with communications, and might spur a friendly romance — but probably a brief one, without the depth to last long. Still, one of those unpredictable people might enter, to zing your heart in a way you’ll remember for quite a while.

April offers little, other than some “love debriefing” (in the military debriefing sense). May is sweet and romantic. Your heart feels young, entranced by beauty. Mid-May through June sparks intense relationships — these can become confrontations, or a bond might end — but a hot new entanglement might occur.

July brings your equals, your peers, and marriage vibes. But indecision grows, especially about the sexual/intimate side of a link. July and August are deeply sexual, which could spark a lustful link, esp. in the second month. September’s mellow, and could bring a mental harmony that slowly turns to other kinds of harmonies. Friendly, social flirtations can lead to a special romance in November. December starts a year of splendid luck for you, but that’s for 2020’s forecasts.

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’ve started a wonderful social year, Aquarius. Many wishes will come true, in many areas. If your wish is to find love, that wish will be granted. This might have already occurred, as last December (2018) began to grant this species of social/love wish. Of course, you have to help; you can’t stay in your apartment and say, “where’s the love?”

Accept and issue invitations. Attend parties, political rallies, conventions, join clubs… or simply gather your many friends. You’re very likely to meet someone in a group who could become an affectionate, valuable, even permanent part of your life. Infatuation will be rare; but lighter, social, flirty openings will be common — and those lighter loves often make better marriages than “heavy romance”.

March offers sensual intimacy in a casual, friendly way — but don’t mistake this for real love. You might experience much indecision about romance. This month also moves your ruling planet (Uranus) into your sector of home, property and family for the next 7 years.

The huge changes this causes will be examined elsewhere, but Uranus hints that now to 2026, you’ll be newly interested in settling down with a love, that you’ll tend to equate love with security, affection with a desire to build a home and family. (However, don’t push this theme in March, or you’ll spark a fight.) This influence is so significant, that you might pursue those signs who’ll fit in with a “home” motive — Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, perhaps Leo. (Of these, only Leo will please you for years and years.)

April’s restless, talkative — if you find yourself talking a blue streak, it likely means that your listener is someone you deeply desire. You could be fascinated by a Gemini. May combines all these themes: restless, the new domestic influence, and romance. June’s sweetly, intoxicatingly romantic, but you have so much work to do that you might put love aside for a while.

Relationships intensify July/August — it’s all or nothing, love or anger. Yet indecision prevents you from choosing in July. August brings certainty, along with a valid marriage choice: you’ll either embrace the whole person, or reject him/her. Even the best links will be challenging, forcing you to be diplomatic (or to exit).

September’s for sex, but you need little of that. You might meet a widely-travelled, intellectual or bright-minded person in late September/October. He/she is kind hearted, understanding, thoughtful, calming, and has a natural love of partnership, even in practical areas.

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Your career and social status strivings are much more fortunate — and will occupy your thoughts, command your actions — more than amour in 2019. Yet the practical side of love will appeal. For instance, status strivings can be answered by “marrying up”. Some of you developed a serious love last year, perhaps with a foreign born person — in 2019 you’ll both settle in, and start striving to move upward.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find amour in 2019, though. Your energy and charisma soar in March, attracting (and impressing) suitors. The problem is, you’ll attract someone really indecisive, even about you, or you will grow ambivalent about someone. A marriage or love affair that starts in March will likely always be a meandering, inconclusive thing.

April offers sensual intimacy, but with someone who might prove boring or irritating in the long run. Be diplomatic at home, for friction will arise easily. May might bring a light, friendly romance, but those home and family demands increase, right into late June. You might be “hung up” between the two — amour or domestic needs. Still, an intense “leaning toward passion” fills and drives you from mid-May through June.

By July, you might find the real romance that answers those passionate drives. (If not, May through July favours creative ventures.) A merely sexual attraction will meet a wall of indecision in July, but might fill your private life in August.

A valid partnership prospect can appear around September. This person is a little wary of you, finds you puzzling, but is attracted, and is likely kind, attentive (and very practical). This relationship can be very intense, in love as well as anger. It will also be very sexual.

October brings a sexual attraction, too — but it’s almost pure lust, and needs ethics, honesty. (No extra-marital shenanigans!) A wise, scholarly (or well-travelled) person, one who can teach you, illuminate new thoughts for you, might appear in November. Both November and December could feature a wedding, or agreements about one.