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We’ve witnessed world-wide change: the rise of the east, the fall of the west. The complete transformation occurs in an arc, to 2024. But this year it gets a January-to-June “rocket boost” – one that launches eight years of boredom-banishing tumult. China will experience more (and surprising) international opposition, but will continue dampening it adroitly. Its weakness is interior, not exterior.

Small nations face economic dangers, especially those whose names start with S, H,Y, M, O, P or L. Military excitement for A or R. Late-year restructuring for G, N. Germany, inflation/deflation, currency fears. France experiences deeper commotion, climaxing 2012-15: masses revolt, rulers grim; property laws/taxes rewritten. North Korea approaches famine – oddly enough, caused by floods? Its belligerence sparks, but isn’t nation-destroying. The U.S. becomes a 20th century England.

Terrorists and western activists grow; attacks multiply. If we see no notable military action in 2011, expect seven years of peace.

Technology will leap forward in lasers, cutting, armaments, engines and explosives, Mars exploration, and humanitarian realms. 2011 starts a 15-year golden era for space, astrophysics, intuitive math, film, nursing, psychic phenomena, spirituality and pharmacology. Same period, we’ll discover gargantuan sources of natural gas. Oceans will return; great ships will come.
Love, sensuality, beauty and rich fabrics fill the leisure side. Comedy surges. Mansions regain favour. China exports art, fashions. U.S. real estate begins to heal by March, so pluck your bargains while you can. All forms of communication, telephony, media expand initially, then fall. Investors, beware this after May. Universities and international travel regain health.

We should avoid starting any new projects March 30 to April 23, August 2 to 26 and November 24 to December 13..

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
What a year lies ahead – one of the luckiest, most freeing and exhilarating years of your life! It kicks off a huge 8-year period of excitement, expanding popularity, new friends, new life goals and awareness. You might be nervous, so find ways to relax. Physical exercise cures insomnia.
2011’s blast of freshness will bring intellectual, educational, publishing, travel and love opportunities through early June. All year, be profound, not casual. June to December highlights financial rewards, perhaps a pay raise. You might purchase or sell a major item such as a house.
Your new, buoyant cheerfulness attracts friends and the opposite sex February to early June. (You’re very lucky during this interval, so grab every opportunity, not just in love.) Indecision undermines your sexual magnetism in April, but love’s power returns late month. September to November features a romance that might lead to marriage. All year, serious love needs serious thought, and loyalty. You might form a bond with someone much younger or older.
Your career and community status could undergo a startling transformation in February/March.
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
2011 splits in two. January to May floats like a quiet, slow boat, restful and contemplative. Plan, fulfill obligations, recuperate, and be charitable.
From June onward, life leaps forward with bright luck and freshness. You’ll be cheerful and confident, adventurous and assertive. Major good luck imbues finances, investments, sex, lifestyle, and research.
Plan and prepare now for international travel, higher education, or a successful media campaign. This is a perfect time (June onward, right into mid-2012) to find an agent, to diagnose a troubling condition, and to escape limitations. (The answer to an old puzzle: optimism!)
Bosses and parents display temper in January/February, but they welcome and encourage you in March. Work is long and hard all year, so just slog through. Though investments are blessed, earnings look slim: prepare wisely, don’t overspend.
This year is more sexy than romantic. An intellectual type is sweet on you January/February. A major attraction could begin this spring or autumn. June to December brings an intimate bounty – pregnancy is very “available.” Be careful, gentle at home this autumn.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Late January to early June bring a big social surge. Your popularity will rise, invitations come, flirtations pop up – don’t hesitate, jump right in! Talk, approach, join. If you do, eight years of social joy will begin. (Replacing 15 years of relative solitude.)
You’ll meet someone bouncy and vibrant in January/February. This person is very adamant about his/her convictions. If you hope for marriage, speak up! An impulsive, energetic person befriends you in April. This entire first half, you can be pulled between bright, light new amour, and older, deeper romance.
Bosses and parents display impatience in March, but they favour you in April. Be diplomatic. Money flows to you late summer – save it; don’t spend recklessly. Gentleness prevents domestic friction November/December.
From July into mid-2012, be quiet, contemplative – but not a hermit. Luck arrives, this second half, in real estate, domesticity, gardening, spirituality, security, government, institutional and administrative links. Meditate, attend to health issues and charitable obligations. A friendly link could turn into a quiet, deep love this autumn. All year, seek interdependence, not independence.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
You’re promotion material the first five months, Cancer! You might receive an advancement at work, start a new, successful career, launch a new business or thriving venture, or make highly beneficial contacts who will aid your career in future. The last seven months bring rewards for past efforts, rather than helping you launch new projects.
Rest deeply in June – July will propel you into twelve months of social joys, entertainment, popularity, wish fulfillment and optimism! A light romance might begin, but you’ll soon discover that no relationship remains light, now to 2024. Married Cancers need to plunge new emotional depths together. The reward: rekindled love. A powerful attraction might arise February/March. May brings wise, gentle and witty friends – and “career co-operators.” Your magnetism attracts others all summer. Deep romance could also cause deep disagreement in October. November/December might spark a co-worker affair. Health depends on your relationships and mental state. Protect against constipation, calcification and stress.
All year, avoid governmental involvements, and be patient on the home front. Your partner might be temporarily confined to home.
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
Eight years of powerful opportunities in love and fame start now, especially February through May. These few months kick-start true love, significant intellectual pursuits, foreign travel, cultural venues, higher education, religious contacts, legal affairs and/or media appearances. (Avoid lawsuits: this influence does not promise more money!) You might wed this year, or meet your future mate (likely January/February or April/May). If you separated in 2009, divorce comes.
You’ve temporarily lost the knack of quick, easy conversation. But before June, if you think deeply and then speak, even if it seems awkward, you’ll open the doors to love. Your magnetism simmers September-December – romance and lust mingle. All year, deep romance is better than playing the field.
From June onward, your career luck soars. You could receive a promotion at work, wed prestigiously, or launch a successful business.
For 15 years you’ve faced insecurity, suspicion, others’ deception or your own illusion in relationships. This spring and summer that huge trend falters; the light of clarity shines; by 2012 it will shine permanently. Emotional and love health are returning!
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Seven years of unpredictable, stressful relationships end now. For the next fifteen years you will meet people who are more compatible, more sympathetic to your needs and desires (and worries).
But that doesn’t happen overnight. From January to June and November to mid-2012 you might default to old lust-driven patterns, or trade your love potential for security. You’ll succeed in these – hugely! – but take care; think deeply. That first period also brings superb investments (especially in real estate) lucky lifestyle changes, and beneficial business funding. Build your financial future – but be quick!
June to November will bring truer love, one capable of sweet marriage. If separated, you might legalize a divorce at this time. If you’ve already met your life love, 2011 can bring a wedding. Your sexual magnetism soars November into July 2012. Something’s brewing!
Be careful with legal matters May/June. Bosses are temperamental June/July. All year, gently ease up on the ambition throttle. Don’t change careers. If you push higher-ups, they will push back. Be conservative when estimating your income this year and next.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
January to June pour a profusion of love chances your way – compatible, attractive people enter your sphere, respond to your overtures and make a few of their own. Don’t ponder too long, as these months, and their opportunities, pass quickly. This spring also kick-starts eight years of intensified love. Unusual, even eccentric people will enter, and love could be volatile. Still, romance and marriage will walk “hand-in-hand.” The drought is over!
Strong attractions come in February and April/May (perhaps to an old flame). Social venues create love opportunities this autumn.
Relationships veer toward sexual and financial commitment from June to mid-2012. If you already have a lover, wed before March 5, 2011, or after July 3,2012. If you begin a lust-oriented affair June onward, be wary of marriage.
All year, business and other opportunities will depend on your relationship abilities – share, approach, smile! Relocation is lucky before June. June 2011 to June 2012 blesses your finances, investments and lifestyle changes. Research uncovers golden nuggets. Avoid lawsuits March 2011to mid-2012. Guard your digestive and eliminative systems this decade.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
January to June expands your work. Upgrade computer systems or machinery, buy tools, job-search, or improve your skills. You’ll be rewarded! Your eagerness and performance can lead to a promotion. Major money opportunities arise from June 2011 to June 2012.
A co-worker romance is possible this winter. June’s flaring sexual attraction triggers a whole year of marriage luck! If single, you’re certain to meet a prospective mate before mid-2012. April through July brings the first gentle wave of an ocean of true love, due to lap at your shores now to 2025.
If you want to succeed from June onward, focus on others – on their needs, desires, and demands. Almost all your luck will come through others. Public acceptance, fame, relocation, negotiation and contracts, partnerships, mediation and love are blessed.
Take care of your health in July: get odd (burning) symptoms checked. Avoid legal hassles August/September. All year, steer away from large investments, debts, occultism, depth psychology, secrets, and “mad lust.” Instead, focus on short-term money and earnings. Take things at face value, accept casual, comfortable intimacy.
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
If you’re without love, you won’t be for long. The first five months of 2011 shower you with creative urges, speculative luck, joys with children – and romantic opportunities. April stands out – perhaps due to an old flame. As lucky as these five months are, they merely start an eight-year period of creative and romantic excitement. Romance will be tied to travel or humanitarian involvements. Despite love’s increasing excitement, wait until after August 2012 to wed. If you’re married, expect adventure, humour and delight!
Protect your health from June to December. Your work load will grow during this period – perhaps hugely. Seeking employment, buying machinery, offering service – all are lucky. Present efforts will lead to corresponding opportunities in 2012 and 13. You can fulfill money dreams this year and next! Your hopes might center around someone quite a bit older or younger, all this year and next. An important money project is brewing with this person, but be patient.
Relationships are fiery in July. A foreign trip is possible in October – avoid legal hassles this month.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
ou’re ambitious this year, in a conservative, careful way. You have a quiet advantage or power; this can nudge you to become increasingly social, or to softly withdraw from the bustling crowd. In either case, you’re talking the initial steps on a 15-year path that will end in huge fulfillment – IF you conduct yourself honourably! Your wishes have deep support.
From March to mid-2012, delegate tasks; let others be “hands-on.” Seek government support. Be wary of big investments in machinery or tools. Delay a new car purchase. Pharmaceuticals, drugs, yoga, meditation or relaxation techniques can benefit your health. Make children more independent.
From late January to June, enhance your security: your luck soars in real estate, domestic situations, with children, gardening and “sales territory.” If you’re renting, buy a home. These areas might become your largest source of income for eight years.
In June, you begin a year of splendid romantic luck. (The perfect love might arise May/June.) Relationships intensify August to October – make love, not war! Avoid a legal dilemma or illicit attraction late year.
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Friendly meetings, conversations, messages, errands, short trips and paperwork whirl around you like a snowstorm through May. You’re busy! A lively new friendship could turn into light romance. You’ll be extra determined – and magnetic to the opposite sex – mid-January through February. Don’t invest too much time in an ex this April.
This spring’s friendly, active note will continue for eight years. But June brings a year-long breather, slowing you enough to pluck luck in private arenas. Gently retreat from the glittering party circuit June into mid-2012. Instead, make your nest, reconsider your plans, map your future and enjoy life’s healing powers. This is the best time in 13 years to buy a house, find that perfect vacation or retreat cabin, to rejuvenate, seek therapy, heal your family, have a baby, renovate, or lay new business foundations for later expansion.
All year, friendship, social joys and light romance are favoured; but deep, heavy infatuation, creative projects and speculation are best avoided – especially in July! Diplomacy reduces domestic friction May/June. A former sweet friendship lights again in November/December.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
2011 is the most significant turning point of your life. It brings your true power, talent, and personality to the fore – forever! You’ve held something back over the last fifteen years. Not any longer.
Be ambitious all year. This is a poor time to retreat, to be overly domestic or to seek security. Take risks, bet on your talents, Pisces. Dissolve restrictive ties.
The first five months of 2011 give your bank account a boost. Your luck soars in earnings, spending, and selling, especially in February, March and May. (Buy real estate before March, or defer it.) Pocket profits while you can. Unexpected events loom in money March onward – for eight years. You’ll earn more if you work for large corporations, institutions, the government, or in humanitarian or healing roles.
Your intimate life remains a bit slow. That’s appropriate, because you’re just beginning to perceive whom you really want. Someone sweet “hangs around” in January. Your magnetism surges in March. Easy-going friends fill the spring. Avoid domestic friction in July. Passion flares in August/September and November/December!

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