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Someday, time will pass so swiftly that a century’s bulk will seem slight as a day’s. On a nearer horizon (200 years) linear thought, “language,” and word-based religions such as Christianity and Islam will disappear. We’ll use hieroglyphics (look at your computer screen) and experience fluid, mobile “spiritualism.”

2010 takes a giant step in these directions. Spiritual communications expand. New waves of seekers will travel to India or Mecca or Jerusalem. Big films, ocean voyages, big boats, UFO stories and New Age nostalgia will proliferate. Many films and books will have little plot, much nuance. (A wee step in the disintegration of linear thought.) Nursing schools fill to capacity. Compassion becomes a media catch phrase: donors give big. Optical advances, new death row techniques and Pentagon war machines arrive.

Obama’s Afghan surge (predicted here, folks) will bring intense war to June. Then the question will arise: quit, or start a full-scale war? If Obama (or anyone) starts another surge June 5/6, he’ll win. But martial resolve sputters. It will return in 2011, in full body armour.

2010 through 2012 will be known as the time of liberal ascension and statesmanship, of May-December marriages, and of another economic dislocation similar to the 9/11 and 07/08 ones. The looming crisis (hey, when isn’t there a crisis?) brings a re-structuring of government, medicine, health care (old news) research, atomic and germ/chemical warfare issues, and sexual politics. Men and women face a new relationship paradigm. Sex becomes practical, sweet, and respectful. Hmm – might work.

We should all avoid starting new projects January 1 to 14, April 17 to May 10, August 19 to September 11, and December 9 to 29..

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
2010 is a quiet year, Aries. You’ll welcome the relief from recent stressful times. In 2008, you entered a 17-year cycle of pressure and change affecting your career, reputation, and marital status. Last year, these demands either worked against you, or forced you into action. In 2010, your career and business projects flow positively. Smooth results come almost without effort. This is a fine year to invest, fulfill obligations, seek employment, and deal with institutions, government agencies, and “head office.”
You will benefit from research, contemplation, vacations, and therapy or counselling. Seek spiritual growth. This is your time to heal emotionally and psychologically, to put old ghosts to rest.
Cupid’s sizzling arrow flies a slightly wobbly course January/February. His love barbs go straight to your heart from March to June – and in August, a month that could bring a stunning new person, marriage or co-habitation with an earlier love. A break-up is possible if you’ve been unhappy. Accept a difference in ages.
This autumn brings a significant financial change – a good one if you’ve worked hard!
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
Popularity, social delights and new friends boost your happiness in 2010! You’ll attend more parties and entertainment venues. Your optimism will soar sky-high, you’ll sense new opportunities around you. They’ll spring up everywhere, like tulip spikes in an early garden. The best of these opportunities will involve: sex and a lifestyle commitment (e.g., making babies if you’re a young couple), large finances (investments or debt reduction) international travel, higher education, cultural involvements, or a legal matter. In every case, your ability to socialize, to enjoy friends, will both reveal and cement these opportunities.
Light romance thrives for singles. This year offers an intimate affair without strings. If you want strings, then state your case honestly. But do not begin co-habiting with anyone before June 7 – it would create long-term friction. Wait. Employment affairs might drag on, or overburden you before April and August onward; being philosophical lightens this.
Be quiet, spiritual and charitable this summer. Contemplate and plan. The autumn – right into next year – brings an unusual love and relationship development. You might decide to marry.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Your career prospects sparkle in 2010, Gemini. You will enjoy the favour of bosses, parents, VIPs and authorities. If you have a court case pending, you’ll probably win. Your reputation, community status and/or renown will rise – with buoyant good-will attached! A social aspiration could come true this summer – or you might experience just a whisper of gratification, a promise that the ”big wish” will be fulfilled in 2011.
Work hard. Display your talents to higher-ups. Propose projects, and when you’re given the green light, accelerate into them. Your success quotient is sky-high!
Communications, paperwork and short travel continue at a hectic pace January to June. But much of this will be wasted before March 9, so save your significant efforts for the spring. Financial, sexual and practical situations from the past need to be cleared up. New investments are stable, durable and good.
The first half of 2010 features light, friendly romance. Love (and a gratifying physical bond) might develop with someone of a different generation. Don’t move into a new home in June or July.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
More money than usual flows to you the first half of 2010. Bank it – reject “harmless” urges to spend it into nothingness!
Chances to travel abroad occur at least twice this year – go! You’ll encounter buoyant, expansive conditions in higher education, religion/philosophy, cultural venues, love, and legal affairs. Unfortunately, “expansion” in legal areas can be bad news for you, and another BMW for your lawyer. Avoid this.
The summer brings either a very beneficial early development in career, business or work arenas, or merely the hint, the promise, of benefits to come in 2011.
Love shines a major light all year. If single, you might fall in love with a true life-mate. If already in love, you could wed. Love arises swiftly with foreign-born people, in far-off lands, schools, law offices, transportation hubs, libraries, cultural venues and food fairs.
Your relationships entered a new, powerful phase in 2008, lasting to 2024. You will have to be diplomatic, sharing, and accept someone’s deep stubbornness. But the pay-off can be truer love than you’ve known for fifteen years.
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
You’ve been on fire since last autumn – glowing with romance, heated with anger, or lit with enthusiasm for scholarship, far travel, or a publishing, religious or cultural project. You might be involved in a significant lawsuit. Whatever it is, this fire will continue until early June. It gives you new determination, it now or later increases your understanding, and it certainly makes life exciting. But don’t burn up your substance, Leo – avoid exhaustion, heat stress, and heart strain.
You could encounter delays or mild set-backs in all these matters (romance, law, travel, etc.) before March 10. So act after this date. Although love is certainly possible, even prominent in 2010, it could be sidetracked by wayward urges and attractions. If you value a present relationship, don’t respond to the seductive signals of a tempter. Young couples might welcome a baby.
Money flows swiftly to you June and July – bank it, ignore subconscious urges to spend. 2010 offers splendid investment opportunities, especially January to March, and December. You’ll gain from research, therapy, and lifestyle changes this year.
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Huge luck fills your relationships in 2010. If single, you could marry and start a new home. Contracts, associations, new clients or partners could raise your profile and your bank balance. If you’re an artist, writer or performer, your renown will increase – fame is possible!
Opportunities abound, but each one is tied to a relationship – or to relocation. Be eager to join, be friendly, sharing, loving. What you give will rebound luckily. An independent, selfish approach will net opposition and refusal, poor luck and lack of opportunity. Divorce can also occur; but this could be beneficial in the long run.
You might relocate to a splendid, cheerful new home. Other practical advances might be tied to real estate. Be frugal; your income might temporarily slow.
The summer could bring a powerful sexual attraction or a great investment – either one, however, might be difficult to actually accomplish; if so, it’s merely a hint of bigger things to come in 2011.
Until June, protect your health from fire and infection. In June/July, intimate adventures might need “drugstore protection!”
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Domestic, real estate, security and retirement areas grow super-serious. You’ll fare well if you realize change is inevitable. Make significant decisions and set your course for the future.
You’ll have more work this year, perhaps much more. But it’s a poor time to seek favours from bosses and VIPs, or to climb ambition’s ladder. Keep a low profile and avoid changing careers. Don’t ”tempt” a judge or other authority.
Until June, optimistic relationships and delicious social prospects put a smile on your face. If you’re unattached, a former partner might return to pique your feelings January/February. A new partnership prospect faces you mid-March to early June. If you met someone in 2009, consider keeping him/her! This summer might bring you a taste of love’s big new 2011 horizons. If you’re married, the first half of 2010 creates much social fun, laughter and love. The summer brings a hint of future relocations – and of future splits, if you’re unhappy.
Money flows this autumn. Bank it – spending’s unlucky! A former health issue might resurface. Get a doctor’s advice.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Romance that blossoms too easily can bear seeds of boredom. Scorpio, if you’re unattached, the truest, deepest love(s) of your life are slated to enter from 2011 to 2025. But if there ever was an exception, or a splendid “run up” to that true love period, 2010 qualifies. Don’t avoid romance this year; just be wise about its future.
Amour is likely with someone in your field. Your sexual prowess/magnetism glows in June/July and mid-September to December. An old flame might appear April/May or August to November. Married folks will have a loving year; kids are a delight!
You’ll profit by taking a risk. Creativity, speculation, pleasure and beauty call – and reward.
Don’t let frustrations on the work scene lead to a blow-up the first five months. The very person or project that irks you will boost your reputation and/or increase your income. Your job-related will power surges in October; use it wisely. Money interests blossom in November – grab some, and don’t scatter it!
Make a confidential friend rather than letting your secretive tendencies hold sway.
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Your domestic luck soars this year! This can translate to great gains from property dealings, rental luck, a baby, co-habiting with someone cozy, family joy and peace.
The same benevolent influence urges you to establish a retirement program (or retire) ensure your children’s future security, garden, expand security holdings, or heal your own heart and soul. Therapy undertaken now will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Settle into your thoughts: Tap your compass and adjust your life direction. Decide who/what should accompany you in the next ten years, and who/what shouldn’t – the latter will drop away painlessly.
Don’t chase romance January/February. It will find you, if it’s meant to be. DON’T start a lawsuit. Both love and law – and scholarship, and international travel – leap forward this spring! Someone who argues, June/July, desires union. (It wouldn’t work.) Your hormones dance in November. But be restful all year – know 2011 holds giant love, compared to now.
Keep your head down at work June/July. Don’t feel nostalgic about an old kind of employment – you’re going somewhere else!
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
You’ll mull over a significant sexual, financial or lifestyle choice the first two months. Act on this March onward, not before. It involves security, property or a domestic situation, and will demand a commitment. One complication: don’t move into a new home before June 6. (2011 will favour buying one.) Whether you change your life now or not, deep, good change is coming; it will revitalize you and your love connections.
Wanderlust and curiosity enrich this year. Follow your whims, hunches: you’ll discover places, casual relationships and information that will inspire fortunate lifestyle choices.
Relationships are very sexual the first half, but a more romantic vibe fills April to September. An old flame might appear, the same six months. Friends fill your life September to December. (Be willing to change friends.) Light-hearted flirtation could lead to a deep bond. But don’t marry this year – you’ll see why, if you do.
Money’s neither lucky nor unlucky in 2010 – you have a free hand. But February’s good for earning, and October’s great for your career ambitions – charge ahead!
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
A bounty of money will pour upon you in 2010. It might come only once, an unexpected bonanza, lucrative overtime, perhaps the sale of a house or machinery. Or money luck might spread itself out via a pay raise, or swelling business or client income – and place you on a plateau of increased income for many years. Either way, bend your efforts toward filling your pockets!
The intense relationship vibes of last autumn/winter continue to early June. You could face passionate love or hot anger, laughing friendship or bristling enmity. To a large degree (over half!) the choice is yours. You radiate an irresistible quality near your birthday. An old neighbour could inspire your affection in May. Your sexual side rouses June/July, while August/September could bring a strong suitor, a legal affair, far travel, or an education – or any combination thereof. All these entail a deep responsibility.
Be patient on the home front August through October. Don’t move into a new home mid-September through October. Deep things might stir in December – be alert, ask discreet questions.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
You’ll love 2012, Pisces! The best personal luck in over a decade envelopes you all year. You’ll be cheerful, humorous, confident, and ready to tackle the whole world. (You might travel internationally.) But remain humble – don’t preach to the less lucky!
For the biggest success, steer your efforts toward career and business ambitions. Mingle with the “big boys.” The pace will be hectic the first five months, so schedule regular rest. You’re likely to be promoted, praised, or to gain the kind of favourable reputation that increases your clients or makes your paintings rise in price. But remember, effort counts. If you do little, you’ll simply have an easy year. If you’re drawn into a legal situation, simply tell the truth: then judges, police, bosses, even parents will give you a break.
Health-wise, watch your hips, thighs, and “irregularity.” Don’t move into a new residence late October through December.
Love is light this winter/spring. June/July can bring heated attraction or hot anger (your choice). Late summer might bring a former partner. Romance heats up this autumn!

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