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Last year's imploding stock markets, credit freezes, bank Armageddons, soaring foreclosures and Detroit supplications were the first economic shock - two more lie ahead, around February and September. By November (through 2011), governments will restructure, to adapt to those shocks.

Government agencies will implode, explode, and re-arrange themselves as never before. Don't depend on government pensions. We might not reach our interest rate bottom until 2010, our economic nadir until 2011. Lock up your doors.

In 2009, hierarchies will grow, democracy ebb - "might is right" and pragmatic choices win. Barack Obama begins his presidency with Mercury retrograde, indicating missteps and changes of heart and mind. This autumn (into mid-2010) Barack might lose his temper and initiate a sweeping series of laws, and perhaps launch foreign incursions. Soldiers will tire of war (in Russia's south-west?) and turn back toward their government, and attack it. Kings might war against their citizens. India's growth slows, gently. China faces domestic upheavals. Iraq might be re-invaded. Bolivia and Brazil face a fiery autumn.

You and I will remain hopeful, gregarious and tolerant. Wise and beneficial social legislation will be written. Weddings and babies proliferate, but the family will be radically altered - sexually and technologically. Massive public gatherings will catch our pleased attention.

Governments ramp up nuclear power; it begins a long domination. Oil's recent $ 147 peak won't be regained until about 2020. Real estate - down, after an initial upward swing. On tech fronts, water will be taught to think.
We should all avoid starting anything new (projects or relationships) from January 11 - 31, May 6 - 30, September 6 - 29, and December 26 to January 14, 2010..

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
This is both an exhilarating and a serious year, Aries. Major changes loom in career. Go with the flow. If you change your ambition's direction (the earlier the better) your success could surprise you - aim for publishing, education, travel, international, cultural, legal, group, and networking elements. Work remains heavy until October, but higher-ups are ready to reward past efforts.

Your popularity surges now. Expect a flurry of social delights, flirtations and invitations. A new group opens its doors - enter gladly, for this circle could bring both fortune and blessings for a decade! You might join a "secret" organization, or be elected to your club's executive ranks. Through August, choose socializing over private pleasures, and light romance over infatuation. Reverse that October onward (right into mid-2010) when one of the biggest love affairs of your life might arrive!
Your health looks good all 2009. But shun stress, protect your heart and lower back in sports venues, and reduce spicy foods.

Family members need lots of nurturing, encouragement - be gentle, not adamant. Don't buy a home after August.

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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
2009 brings a long-lasting revolution in your ideas, attitudes, and links to others. You grow more calm, enlightened and happy. This transformation fortunately affects how and whom you love, your educational level and your cultural involvements. 2009 through 2024 brings the ultimate in marital harmony - but don't begin co-habiting before June 2010 (domestic friction). Romantic love, pleasure, vacations, creative arts, speculation and dealings with children remain quiet the first 10 months. Stay with a slow-growth romance.

All 2009 offers you splendid luck in prestige, career and business zones - the best in 13 years. You could be promoted! Through August - especially in February - you'll make wise business and career decisions.

Avoid plunging into real estate, domestic, security and retirement projects before September - a "sure thing" isn't! October onward, renovations or repairs help dissolve domestic tension. Little affects your health this year. Protect your throat area, eat wisely, and avoid worry.

Your social life continues to be unpredictable, perhaps because you've focused on status associations for so long. Be more relaxed - that will swell your ranks of friends.

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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Life brings intriguing mysteries from 2009 through 2024. You'll sharpen your skills in research, investing, finances, editing, management and psychology. You'll be invited into closed-door meetings. You'll face a whole parade of subtle but life-transforming changes, especially in employment spheres. Intimacy, commitments, sex and pregnancy become uber-consequential.
Real estate and your domestic arena remain serious concerns through October. Children need encouragement and a stable home. Don't rush into a property purchase - bargains continue until 2011.

Fresh, intellectually inspiring love taps your shoulder this year. A "perfectly right" person might chase you! Steer toward deep, true love; avoid mere casual relationships. Seek love among international venues, foreign born people, travel, law, higher education, religion, cultural events and publishing - these are your "treasure chest" this year, not only for love! You might marry or live abroad. Travel and communications soar October onward.

Any ailments might prove puzzling to doctors: you could become a bit of a case study! If you need surgery, try to schedule it for January, June, or the last week of April, August or October.

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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
Your luck grows by leaps and bounds in sexual, intimate, financial, research, investigative, and similar arenas all 2009. These zones have lured you for over a decade - but seldom to your benefit. Now, that changes: benevolence, fortune and light flow into these deep zones, especially through August. Don't focus exclusively on your earned income - a huge money or lifestyle opportunity will come (perhaps from the past) if you widen your view. October begins an 8-month "money gusher" - bank it; don't spend!

Your mental faculties remain alert, inspired; yet communications are slow, meanings elusive, until November. Short trips tire, but aid partnerships.

If single, you'll begin to see more and more romantic opportunities - they're deep, potentially life-long - and of the true love variety. If you're not in the romantic market, the same influence offers a parade of creative ideas, risk-taking opportunities, and child-related successes. Even fame might arrive. You'll need diplomacy, because opportunities come via stubborn, inscrutable (and simpatico!) people. It's their way or no way. Don't confuse lust with love.

Health-wise, protect your ankles and calves.

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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
All year, cheerful, honorable, and wisely intuitive people bring you lucky opportunities in business, practical matters, love, travel and education. Your luck soars to a lifetime high in relocation, litigation, contracts and agreements, dealings with the public, and renown.

If you're single, your true mate might be "hiding" behind a wall of formality and propriety, of distance, even, simply, of not knowing you're on the hunt. So speak up - you could be overjoyed with the results! True romantic love moves across your horizon.

Your sexual magnetism, determination and assertiveness soar this autumn. All year, be diplomatic, gentle and eager to form links. If you cling to old resentments or selfish independence, your great luck can turn to opposition, litigation, argument, even divorce.

Sex and investments lure you March/April - reject impetuous action.
If your health has been eroded by stress, learn relaxation techniques. Watch your diet to prevent gastro-intestinal or eliminative problems.

Your employment picture slowly and subtly transforms now to 2024. November ends years of money restrictions. Food/shelter and security fields offer attractive employment vistas.

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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Your work expands, offering one of the luckiest employment opportunities - or changes - in a few decades. You might fight vocational changes at first, but time will prove their beneficial nature. If you're job hunting, pursue real estate, food, agriculture, parenting, nutrition, security and similar zones. Through August, avoid management roles and government agencies.

Relationships remain vibrant, exciting and frustrating. (Someone fascinating, with emotions like the sun on water, lies only a few years away. Meanwhile, you get romantic adventure rather than love.) Your present sober, serious mood can attract a steady, deep, often silent person.

September to December urge you to chase romance, creativity, speculative and child-oriented projects. Plunge into the pleasure of the moment. Give grand social occasions and superficial entertainment little attention. Oddly, planning your future this autumn will steer you astray, whereas acting impulsively will take you to the right place! October begins 8 months of intensified lust and/or financial action. A government agency might be involved.

Eat wisely; don't overdo drugs, drink or solitude. Protect yourself against viral complaints, headaches, and smoke/heat.

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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Your long dry spell in love and creative projects now ends! 2009 will bring a river of romance, beauty, child-raising joys, sports, creativity, speculation, and everything that gives you pleasure. You're lucky this year, so take risks!

Old flames populate the romantic woods, especially in January, May and September. Decide whether they'll deliver old problems and dead-ends - or a sweet second chance. February and the summer bring a thrilling person who would make a good life-mate. Before September, don't play the field - focus on intense, personal interludes. After September, Mr. or Mrs. Right could step into your social circle.

Your career and relations with higher-ups enter soft ground from late August onward. Accept the status quo, and don't push for recognition. You might find (or build) your "soul home." Soon, Mother Nature (real estate, agriculture, mining, furniture stores, maternity services, etc.) might become your main source of income. November begins a two-year phase of serious duties related to those home and food/shelter concerns.

Protect your nerves all year. Defeat stress by working or playing outside.

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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Make a decision/commitment about real estate - it will grant you security and inner peace for many decades to come! Family therapy, personal soul healing, regenerative rest, all bless you in 2009.

Through August, keep an honest, humble, low profile at work. This autumn bosses and parents display short tempers and impatience. Oddly enough, it's the perfect time to push - diplomatically. All autumn, obey an urge to work extra hard. This could bring a promotion or other great advance, especially if you're in a male-oriented industry (commodities, war, surgery, engines, etc.)

Indecision hits your spiritual, governmental, financial and sexual relationships. Ah, well - focus on your foundations (home, security, soul) and let those relationships fall where they may. Love's an adventure, but unstable. Very soon (2010/11) real romance will come - be willing to wait.

Chase investments in June, and a pay raise in December. Upgrade your car, computer and telephony - it's important for your future. You might face some digestive disorders, but generally your health looks great.

All year, communications with a serious-minded group help stabilize your life.

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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Expect a blizzard of communications, travel, errands, paperwork and new friends in 2009. Curiosity creates luck this year. The first 8 months advise against lawsuits, foreign travel, higher education, and holding adamant religious or philosophical views.
Romantic possibilities arise everywhere. But don't wed before September. You'll do a lot of pondering over relationships (perhaps over an old flame) especially in January, May and September. October starts eight months of powerful, seductive love potentials.

Your home life remains unpredictable - young Sages might move; more settled Sages face renovations or transient family members who keep you hopping. Delay real estate purchases until 2010.

As in 2008, work remains heavy. Hang on - if you get through 2009 on career fronts, you'll have an easier ride for the next three decades! Chase earnings and quick money all year; avoid investing, especially after August. You're launched on a 15-year transformation of your income. If you're seeking employment, aim toward distribution, transportation, telephony and all communications or travel fields. Your health is generally good - avoid tension and the gastro-intestinal upsets it causes.

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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
At last, something you've waited for - more money! 2009 brings great opportunities to increase your paycheck, buy and sell articles, boost your commissions, and to purchase items that will help you earn more - tools, machines, etc. February/March open the money spout wide. Start money projects before September for the best results - but wait until September onward to invest large sums. October triggers 8 months of intense financial involvements with others, which can boost your net worth sky-high! But be deliberate, ambitious and slow - NOT impulsive.

Your sexual magnetism shines in January. Romance purrs May/June, and could lead to a July betrothal. You might argue, even break off, September/October. October into mid-2010 will light your libido powerfully. Reject impulse, and respect society's boundaries!

Legal, educational, far travel, publishing and intellectual projects proceed slowly, but promise significant, fruitful results. November begins two years of steady, stable career effort - perhaps the most important career phase of your life.

Your health is generally good. Complaints that arise the first 8 months can be difficult to diagnose, so get two opinions.

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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
2009 brings a giant surge of popularity and happiness - expect a glittering string of social delights, entertainment, invitations and flirtations! You'll form optimistic, workable plans for your future. A major wish could come true.

Be self-reliant the first 8 months. Don't sign contracts, relocate, sue, nor form partnerships in business or love.

You'll experience no lack of romance, as your friendly optimism will attract admirers, especially in February/March, July/August, October and December. If you're single, play the field until October. That month into mid-2010, a fiery, proud person impresses you powerfully - is it love, or war? If you're unhappily married, autumn arguments (and your new confidence) could precipitate a split-up. If you're happily married, expect an autumn/winter of adventure and sizzling intimacy!

Your finances and investments continue their sober, tough road through October. Your work and career undergo subtle, deep changes that align you fortunately with government agencies, organizations, or management. Don't let 2009's free-floating happiness nudge you into reckless spending.

Protect your bones, gums and teeth, knees and skin this year. Guard against "big appetites."

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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
2009 transforms your goals and social involvements. You'll drop glitzy, superficial gatherings to quietly scout out a new crowd, one involved with international travel, foreign people, education, intellectual pursuits, publishing, law, or idealistic aims. You could meet a very compatible future mate or friend in a new group.

This is an excellent year to revise your priorities, deal with spiritual matters, visit psychics, seek therapy, join management classes, or to invest for your long-range future security. You'll be invited to attend closed-door discussions and planning sessions - an indication that you're headed upward! Government agencies and charitable organizations favor you.

October begins 8 months of intense work - and better pay. But guard against stress, especially this autumn/winter. Take power naps and long walks, and avoid television.
If you're married, you already know that your partner is inextricably involved with your aspirations and projects. If you're single, romance will be quiet - but you'll attract sexy attention in March/April. July offers quiet romantic coziness. A former love might appear in September. Someone's attracted in November - if you have time!

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