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The big credit crisis of '07 typified the end of a major cycle. Things fall apart, the engine seizes, and the tide (in this case, of easy money) ebbs. In 2008 a new, stricter regime arrives, to color events, politics, economics, even our thoughts and loves. Not for a year, but for two decades.

Transformations rule this year. Suddenly, Capricorns gain power (yet stand on shifting ground). Suddenly, Pisceans are happy, and Virgos imitate romantic heroes (and heroines). Gemini becomes a financial tycoon, Libra changes homes, Aries grabs a promotion, and so on.

In fashion, business styles return to dominate (remember the '80's?) - but this time it's slinky, sexy business. Beurocracy will grow to rule science and high finance. Soon architecture, rather than laws, will channel crowds.

2008 (to 2024) brews secretive political victories and subtle, diplomatic consolidations of power. Hierarchies thrive. Criminal organizations will grow like governments - careful and structured.

Revolution continues in the Middle East (it succeeds 2024-43) but pragmatism replaces the din of zealots. Skirmishes will be fought for property and power. Musharraf and Barak Obama suffer bad luck. Steven Harper can do no wrong, really.

Fortunate economic conditions exist all year, especially March to May. Many businesses will be for sale - cheap - yet the feared "2008 recession" should be a memory by March. (If it's not, expect cataclysmic upheavals.) It's a great year for practical projects. Even love is "practical" (and healthy!) this year. Start a business or invest; build a home or a family. However, don't begin anything important from January 28 to February 18, May 26 to June 19, and September 23 to October 15.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
2008 is ripe with practical opportunities. You face tremendous success potentials. Bosses, parents and VIPs are willing to invest in your proposals. Start a new business or marry "up." Seek promotion, raise your community profile, embrace new responsibilities. Your upward climb might come with some dislocation, so stay alert, flexible - and diplomatic toward those who can't change with you. Don't be afraid to change jobs or careers! Be especially ambitious from late February to early May, and November/December.

The domestic frictions of autumn might return March through early May. Accept change, Aries. Life is shutting down some projects and relationships, and "birthing" others. Romance flares, and sweetness returns, May/June. Relationships grow either intensely intimate or hotly argumentative mid-August to November - your choice! You might set sail for foreign lands November/December.

All year, protect your sexual and eliminative organs, and avoid overwork. The more social you are this year and next, the smoother your path will be. Be serious - if you attempt to escape pressing matters by plunging into romance, risk, gambles or self-indulgence, you'll waste time.

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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
Two decades of happiness begin now! 2008 will bring a bonanza of opportunities to travel afar, attend university or college, sign contracts, wed, fall in love, or win legal points. You'll attain a new, benevolent understanding of life. These glad themes will dominate your life for 17 years ahead.

Love won't be a stranger in 2008, but it will be a new kind of love - perhaps a slowly developing one. Your usual sensual delight will fuse with a fascinating harmony on mental, intellectual, religious, philosophical and cultural levels. If you're single, your chances of a wedding rise significantly in 2008 and 2009.

Schmooze and network in your career. Your practical interests are supported nicely this year, but they are not paramount. Higher-ups favor you mid-February to mid-March. Closed-door meetings benefit you April/May. Be gentle on the home front May/June, and in all relationships October/November - don't let tempers flare! Think twice about a construction/landscaping project May to August. Real estate contains some subtle "dead-ends" all year. Aim upward, outward - be ambitious and social rather than security-oriented.

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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Grab your calculator - you're going to be counting sums and making plans that will change your life! Investments of all kinds will yield splendid results, especially in May, and late June into September. Buy property, machinery, or pay to upgrade your employment skills.

Mystery draws you powerfully all year. Dreams, the occult, intuition, research, investigation, visits to psychics, psychologists, financial advisors - these intrigue and benefit you.

Opportunities for sexual intimacy arise everywhere. Realize present commitments (and changes) will shape your life for the next two decades. High standards bring deep, abiding love, or parenthood for couples. Extra-marital or unethical/criminal pursuits could open the door to 17 years of turbulence and eventual loneliness. You're powerfully magnetic January/February, but indecisive. Romantic excitement and creative exhilaration soar in September/October.

From 2008 to 2024, protect your knees, eliminative and sexual organs, and skin. October/November need care.

All year, avoid wasting time in short trips, casual relationships, "small talk" and routine. Aim for profound relationships and ideas - higher learning, books, law, international travel and cultural events will bless and please you!

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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
Relationships burst into lucky bloom this year. Splendid marriage prospects, contracts, agreements and negotiations, business openings, dealings with the public, and lucky relocation themes arise. Some major revisions will affect your associations. Splits from old bonds lead to new alliances (and vice-versa). Be eager, diplomatic, and co-operative. The road to riches is paved with other's desires!

A major romance could begin for singles, especially in January, March, or October/November. Your sexual magnetism flares high in March/April, and your sweetness draws admirers late June/July. You married Cancers face the need to transform your connection, to relate on deeper levels. Intimacy, cheerfulness and mystery combine in a potent new mixture. If you're not interested in delving deeper, you could soon be traveling different paths.

Communications and short trips can be wearying, but they help you solidify opportunities. Your health seems to improve for two decades ahead. All year, delve deep, research, discover; invest and seek meaningful intimacy - these bless you. Casual sex, accepting surface appearances, "churning" stocks, and hanging onto a stale earnings situation - these represent subtle traps.

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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
Expect a LOT of work this year, Leo. Turn this to your advantage. Moonlight to get the funds for that new car or vacation home. Impress higher-ups, angle your way to a promotion or pay raise, or increase your empire by taking on additional responsibilities. You can place your earnings on a stable foundation that pays off in regular, solid ways for up to three decades. This is a great year to buy machinery, appliances and tools. You can benefit from relocation.

Your health will be good, but guard against problems in your feet, ankles, skin, bones, constipation or calcification.

Avoid independence all year. Seek advice. Should resentment or self-pity visit, toss them out the door. You continue to meet sexy, hard-to-pin-down people, but this year they're on the plus side - sweet and good-hearted! You might meet the love of your life. (Though your chances soar even higher in 2009; so waiting is a viable option.) Happy, flirty, fun-oriented types enter January/February. Your magnetism surges May/June - a former "playmate" might appear. November/December bring romantic action!

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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
You step into the green fields of fortune, love, and creative success this year. Past gloom ends, and 17 years of joy begin! A deep, confident, careful happiness will grow with every month that passes. Use this year and next to establish realistic goals and march toward them. During this unusual phase (now to 2024) "realistic" includes romance, risk and promoting your creative gifts. Don't be overly cautious; don't bury yourself in "practicalities." Be spontaneous; express your heart, plunge into pleasure!

The chance for love will certainly come, especially in January (complicated), March and May. Springtime might bring a social contact whose subtle flirtations contain a powerful sensual promise. Your sexual magnetism surges July to September. A love affair might lead to domestic arrangements. If you're married, March to September can tempt you, or might bring pregnancy. Your mate is playful, and your children's talents cause amazed laughter!

All year, hands-on work is better than delegating. Avoid deep meditation, government agencies and red tape if you can. Preventive health regimes (vitamins, exercise, etc.) succeed nicely!

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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
In 2008 you'll look at your life with a long, serious gaze, and ask: how did I get here? Where should I go instead? Who and what should I leave behind and who/what pursue? The answers tell your future, right into 2024.

Listen, Libra: transform your life in 2008. Huge luck will accompany you if you change homes, buy real estate, birth a child, retire or sell a business. You can bolster future earnings by entering food and shelter fields as employee or investor - agriculture, real estate, children's interests, etc. Government funds or programs play a beneficial role. Nurture your family. Pursue therapy and emotional healing; expel old ghosts. Parents, partners and bosses are temperamental March to May - step cautiously.

All year, infatuation, creative projects and pleasure pursuits bring you wisdom and a mellow feeling - and prepare you for 2009's wave of luck in these very things! Don't get lost in plans or superficial socializing - act instead. Seek depth, intimacy and change. Love sings its song in January/February and September/October. A past lover might suggest marriage.

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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Two new, wise friends arrive. Social affairs will be slow, cautious, yet supportive and heart-warming. You'll mingle with those of other generations. Travel, communications, casual contacts, networking, emails, errands and community involvements race into your life - and will boost your earnings abilities. Take writing, media or computer courses. Exercise your curiosity - 2008's explorations will lead to increased security, a new home or a lucky new start in 2009.

This is not the best year to invest. Save your funds for 2009, unless an opportunity you missed in earlier years returns in January/February, late May/early June, or late September/early October. These times could bring the re-appearance of a sexy person who has always provoked your deepest desires. March to May might bring an affair with a co-worker. Your magnetism surges October/November - be generous!

All year, maintain the status quo in your career. Don't push, even if you feel your ambitions are being ignored. Instead, opt for security. Buying real estate, selling a business, taking a sabbatical, are wise moves. (Wait until late 2009 to start a business.)

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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
In 2008, you'll find the road to a castle of money. Long, hard work will be demanded - and richly rewarded. Parents and bosses remain in a "show me" mood. You'll have to prove yourself. But past barriers and wrong choices fade swiftly - you're headed for big things, and new heights!

Don't impair your reputation with an ultra-competitive attitude in January/February. (Mend fences, if necessary, in late May and June.) Impulsive, risky financial or career actions could go either way March into early May and July/August: you could win big - or stumble. Maintain a sense of humor!

Your love life bubbles with sensual prospects. An exciting, perhaps frustrating attraction throws sparks in January/February - a repeat of last summer's escapades? March/April and October/November bring a sexy - but potentially unethical - temptation. Fun and flirtations fill August/September. Your magnetism - and prospects - soar in December!

All year, protect your health against burns, rashes, and fluctuating blood sugar. Paperwork, details and local issues provide a smooth path, whereas subtle headwinds arise in far travel, abstract issues, legal and cultural affairs. Act accordingly!

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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
At last, fortune strikes! After two years of slow progress, learning and preparation, your life whirls toward exciting horizons and accomplishments! You're empowered!

An unusual influence will attract allies, opportunities, luck - and romantic attention, especially in March, May, and October/November. Emotions reach a crescendo of intensity the first seven months. Your mood will swing between upbeat, generous and optimistic - and deeply serious. You might wonder whether to make love or war - or whether to jump on an opportunity or turn away. Don't make such decisions in January/February - second thoughts would plague you.

2008 begins two decades of deep, significant change affecting your personality, social/political circle and future goals. Study the big picture. Don't commit yourself to a life-changing action before late 2009.

All year, you'll meet smooth, easy conditions if you focus on earnings, embrace sensual interludes with faithful partners, and accept surface appearances. You could encounter odd frustrations if you invest for the long term, seek extramarital or dicey sexual depths, or play detective. This lucky year should hold good health, but watch an expanding waistline!

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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Catch your breath this year, Aquarius. Contemplate why you're here, where you're going. This is an excellent time to deal with head office, government agencies, and medical, charitable and spiritual organizations. You might be promoted to a managerial post, or be invited to attend "inner circle" meetings. Higher-ups will place important tasks under your supervision. Your nurturing instincts reach new heights - you might adopt someone!

All 2008, you're blessed and protected from harm. But be slow to marry, form business partnerships, sign contracts or relocate. Sweet solitude is better than a doubtful relationship. Still, January/February could spark an intense romantic attraction - perhaps with someone from last summer/fall. Old flames distract you in February, late May/June and September/October. May/June's powerful attraction could turn to anger if you're determined to be in control! July/August hint at passionate intimacy.

Chronic health problems can be cured now. Guard your eliminative and reproductive zones, ankles and ribs. Invest in your security in 2008, through stocks, bonds, or real estate. Find a peaceful retreat or vacation spot. Meditation yields wonders - and answers!

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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
Suddenly fun, popularity, bright optimism, new plans and a round of entertainment replace old pressures and cares! New friendships are significant - and will last decades. They bring insights and adventures - and possible career advances. You'll travel internationally, head to school, or delve into new philosophies. Culture and knowledge grow deeply important. Your soul breathes: charity, spiritual pursuits and meditation bring blessings.

All year, government agencies, institutions and large corporations benefit you. Plan your long-term future with expert financial, psychological and other advisors. 2008 shows you the road ahead with rare clarity. At the workplace, delegate tasks - becoming everybody's servant would frustrate you and reduce your luck.

Despite this year's abundance of fun, a deep sober note plays through crucial relationships. A partner grows serious about a cherished goal, perhaps involving children or a new creative lifestyle. If you're "half attached," a new attraction could dim the old. If single, you might awake to the charms of a conservative person, or someone of a different generation. Deep down, you're looking for someone who fits your huge future!

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