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Planetary aspects pack our lives with growth, hope and optimism in 2007! We can start successful businesses, find love or friendship, even start new lives. We'll finally understand the nature of the problems and transformations we underwent in the last ten years.

Unfortunately, this confidence and hope also floods the psyches of warmongers. Any war that begins in November will be a long one. Israel might show its nuclear muscle in January, June/July, and/or November. Much of 2007 seems to be a slide toward a 2008 war, probably involving Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia. Saudi Arabia might suffer a punch from within in 2007, from without in '08. A U.S. Iraqi withdrawal might be delayed. Across the Atlantic, trouble brews in El Salvador. Argentina's death squad records are exposed. Poland undergoes huge changes - biggest since the 1700's. (For more "world predictions" see my December 10, 2006 column (on the astral site's archives).

Extreme weather will fill the skies. Business or war news could cause a sudden stock market drop, maybe around April/May or August/September.
Expect some blockbuster books, in sex, death, medical and financial subjects. Lawyers and professors get big press, and bigger cheques; libraries, universities and transportation facilities expand. Advances continue in optics, gases and marine sciences; huge discoveries arrive in tech, death and medicine.

George Bush runs downhill through August.

We should all start practical and love ventures before September. (Babies born before September - and after Dec. 19 - will be blessed with prosperity and good sense!) But we should not begin important projects from Feb. 13 to Mar. 7, June 15 to July 9, and Oct. 11 to Nov. 1.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
Like a gentle breeze, love wafts into your life in 2007 - romance, increased marital harmony, understanding and compassion for everyone. Your vision and comfort soar to a new level in 2007. This signals the end of three decades of puzzling opposition.
Your luck surges in cultural venues, far travel, higher learning, religion, philosophy, insurance matters, advertising or publishing, and legal zones. You win a lawsuit, publish (or start writing!) your book, attend university, or visit Timbuktu. For success, start projects well before September. Enter school in the spring or summer semester rather than in September.
Your magnetism could spark a verboten relationship in April. True love might begin in May/June or August. Through August, progress can be slow in romance, or could involve you seriously with someone considerably older or younger. Be gentle at home this autumn/winter: a major domestic change brews, yet puzzles you.
Be ambitious in January/February. Money flows your way in July - be a "saver." All year, try to reduce hands-on work - seek management levels, delegate tasks, etc. Be spiritual rather than severely practical.
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
Wow - what a year! Your life will change in ways that you'll remember always. You could "birth" something - a baby, an investment, a retirement fund, a business - that will still be in your life - and growing - decades from now. Your wisdom is highest in January, so use this month to set your goals, to decide what's useful, loving, pleasing and proper. The periods of strongest and luckiest change and commitment will be January (when your career is blessed) April/May (when money finds you, and demands a decision) and June and August (when your home and family are lucky, sweet and growing). Be careful with higher-ups and your career in March, and avoid clandestine attractions May/June.
Make all major changes, commitments and investments before September. This month through December promotes financial/practical mistakes. Money literally pours your way in August/September! The autumn is filled with short trips, friends and siblings.
All year, be social; don't seek deep private pleasures. Light romance will bless you; deep infatuation will fool you.
A beautiful, deep, fertile year, Taurus! Create your life!
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
2007 replaces a decade of relationship puzzles with pure heart-felt joy! You could meet your future mate, and marry. You can break free from an unhappy marriage or work bond, and be catapulted into a fresh new life. If you're happily married, problems of health or children diminish. New horizons beckon!
React with joy and eagerness toward others - for they hold your luck. Life will percolate with opportunities for fame, dealings with the public, relocation, marriage, business partnerships, agreements and negotiations. Publishing, distant travel, cultural events, love, higher learning, law courts, libraries, places of worship - these are lucky venues for you this year. Start projects and relationships before September, as the autumn brings "future failures." Money arrives in buckets October to December - don't spend it!
All year, seek prestige, status and career success. Don't withdraw, give up, nor remain housebound. Do relocate, but don't buy real estate - 2008 holds the bargains.
Sexual attraction simmers in February, August and September - jump in! Bosses are temperamental April/May: be diplomatic. Your hopes surge in May/June - a new friend arrives.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
It's a work year, Cancer. Good - seek a better job or more responsibility to boost your pay. You can gain from investments, too, before August. Late year, your workplace could undergo a huge transformation. You'll be powerfully ambitious October to December: be patient, diplomatic! If you're a homemaker, kids and dependents will demand a lot of time, but this somehow creates luck.
In health, protect against weight gain and difficulties with the hips and thighs. Minor ailments can expand quickly, so don't avoid the doctor. Fascination and compassion (odd combination!) continue to imbue your sexual urges and your psyche. Your inner peace grows.
You could fall for someone very sexy, especially around January (arguments likely) or March, when destiny might bring you a lover-teacher. Your romantic magnetism soars October through December, attracting a serious suitor. If love is true, wed. But if doubt exists, realize 2008 will begin a whole decade of massive attractions!
All year, welcome the profound and reject the casual, especially in relationships and thoughts. Read a book; attend church; cross an ocean!
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
A huge wave of romantic luck, creativity, self-expression and pleasure washes over you in 2007. You could meet the love of your life (or just did, last December). If you're married, children bring days of pure joy. Teachers, child-care workers, artists, creators, jewelers, managers, show business workers and speculators face a tremendously successful 2007. For the best results, take big risks. Start ventures - including love - before September.
Your serious, hard working stance (mid-2005 to September 2007) might finally be rewarded with a promotion, a gain in partnership finances, stock options, or financial progress. A pay raise might be delayed until 2008. All year, work to grow your net worth rather than your earnings. Invest in stocks, but don't trade.
Perception and honesty remain crucial in business and love. Tell only the truth. If you suspect deception, walk away. Avoid drinkers, druggies. Chase true, innocent love, not lust. January stuns you with someone's allure. February/March are deep and mysterious. You might wed (or travel afar) in May/June. Late summer's social gathering could put you in love's spotlight!
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Before August, fate's big wheel gives one huge turn - and brings you to a perfect new home. This stops the slide in your fortunes. Take this literally or metaphorically. You'll be able to ensure your future retirement or your children's happiness, heal or expand your family and your own soul. Childbirth, realty purchases, and/or counseling could be involved. You must step forward bravely - do so!
Relationships continue to surprise, excite and challenge. Others are unpredictable - yet they have a finger on the truth. Seek advice, accept help, nurture associations and form bonds. Don't withdraw, nor be independent. (2007's "new home" should not be a hermit's cave!)
Someone sweet enters in January/February. Your passions rise in April/May. Lust tempts you May/June. Be diplomatic on the career front August/September. A sexy friend could appear from October onward, and keep you dangling in fascination right into the summer of 2008 - do you want this? Better decide, because something bigger is at stake. (2008 will sizzle romantically!)
Take care of your digestion, and practice patience at home, in August/September.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Follow your curiosity. Travel, phone, pluck the internet, peruse books and newspapers - ask questions! 2007 will provide you with information and ideas that will later bring profit, luck - and roots. For example, a town you visit now could become your home in 2008. Think of 2007 as a map filled with places to explore - later, you'll realize it was a map of your future.
You could enter a light romance this year, especially in early January, March, May/June, or August/September. The spring and August stand out. Marriage is possible, but is the love profound? If you're married, your mate will be talkative, lively and cheerful. You'll both love traveling this year. Members of older and younger generations befriend you.
Keep steering your work cart into more creative, pleasurable areas. Hands-on efforts bring progress and good results, especially in March, but subtle dead-ends occur in administrative situations: be alert in September. Avoid large investments, particularly from September to mid-December.
Sailing, water aerobics, and pharmaceuticals benefit your health this year; but mega-vitamins and hard exercise don't!  
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
This is your lucky money year, Scorpio! Work continues to be long and heavy through August, but it brings a pay raise, promotion, or lucrative client list that lifts you to a new income plateau - lasting, perhaps, until 2019! Tax refunds, buying/selling or real estate deals can also swell your bank account. Travel, higher education, cultural events and large animals hold financial potentials. Your money luck's strongest in January and April through August. DON'T invest September through December 18.
Though true love might prove elusive, you'll attract powerful sensual opportunities. This spring a bona-fide affair could combine lust, romance and marital urges! August sparks a sexy attraction that might turn into a major adventure, lasting into 2008. Be honest and moral. All year, seek intimate loyalties rather than social situations.
Last year's boost of confidence leads to 2007's good health. Guard against weight gain or stomach upsets March/April and possible "lower body" infections August/September.
Joys from children soar in 2007. You could escort a son or daughter down the aisle, or watch your kids' popularity grow!
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Say hello to freedom, luck and prosperity! 2007 replaces a decade of gloom with joy and optimism! A new light will shine, solving many spiritual and emotional mysteries. You'll head straight for success in travel, law, education, cultural involvements, publishing/writing, lecturing, communicating and similar pursuits. In these, seek knowledge, not "career prominence." Let your real personality radiate!
If you took a significant step last November or December, continue with it - and start new ventures, too, before September - these actions and projects will bring good fortune in 2007. Buy real estate and/or nurture your family, especially in March.
Money arrives in January/February (bank it) but the really big bucks arrive in 2008. Your links with government, institutions and charitable organizations change deeply late in 2007. Your health will generally be tops, but avoid overindulgence (alcohol, rich foods) especially October onward.
Love won't be a stranger. Your increased optimism attracts others, especially April through June and August/September, when romance could spark a marriage possibility. Someone might be very willing to accompany you around the world, whether for business or love!
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
2007 faces the past, to prepare you for the future. Contemplate your life, and recharge your emotional and physical batteries. Next year (2008) will bring you excitement, luck, completely new goals and a new career and social environment. Be ready by being rested!
The present year is excellent for research, liaisons with institutions, the government or charitable organizations, for administrative activities, for warehousing and work efficiencies (e.g., assembly lines). Increased money arrives in March; this month might also signal the end of a financial source. Bosses approve your work in April/May and November. Your investment luck runs high before September. September releases your finances - and libido - from a two-year "grip of restriction."
Your sensual magnetism could spark a "sexy friendship" in January/February. Don't marry mid-May to June. An autumn blend of romance, lust, excitement and frustration might nudge you toward marriage. But remember, 2008 will change many things!
All year, avoid "profound" situations - weddings, lawsuits, international affairs, higher learning. Remain casual - make verbal agreements rather than written ones, take short trips rather than long ones.
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Your social life expands mightily in 2007. You'll be welcomed into at least one new group, perhaps two. New friends will bring you spiritual, health, governmental, and career benefits for an entire decade - and open your eyes to new vistas and new desires. 2007 brings wishes true, and create lucky ones for future fulfillment!
You might meet a future mate or "love friend" at a social gathering, especially this spring or in August/September. October to December might spark a lust tryst with a co-worker. Emotions are impulsive and unpredictable all year, so exercise caution about marriage.
Your income swells in May/June - but spending could break the bank! Many practical projects will work before September, due to your ability to befriend those involved. Avoid partnerships, nay-sayers and skeptics. Don't start major projects, nor invest, September to December - just work hard to complete what you started earlier.
All year, earn money rather than invest. This isn't a good time to start a business, but it's a great time to increase sales, swell your client list, and enlarge your network.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
2007 gives you a ladder and says, "Climb it." You could land one of the biggest promotions of your life, start a very successful project in business, career or learning, or gather a coterie of lucrative clients. Bosses, VIPs, even parents will sing your praises and listen favorably to your proposals. Your best periods for success are March through June (use June to establish territory) and August. Money flows swiftly May/June - sock away any gains - don't spend! Begin ambitious ventures well before September, as the autumn/winter might trap you in a prestigious but unprofitable situation.
Your sexual magnetism soars this spring, but you might have to choose between the bedroom and the boardroom. July brings romance, and October into 2008 sparks a memorable, sweet love. But you would be wise to avoid irrevocable bonds all year, in love and business. Downplay your temper in August/September.
Your health's fine, but watch constipation, bruises, "bone chips," and your back. Though you'll be terrifically busy, your spiritual side continues to grow. March/April bring an insight that explains life's mysteries!

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