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(Your Sun Sign forecast is below, after the preamble.)

King Kong is the perfect expression of 2006’s emotional zeitgeist – brutish and sentimental. Sex rules. Birth rates ascend. The arts grow somber, realistic. Sculptures and landscapes dominate. Until June, 2006 favors trail blazers. The sophisticated, the mannered, tend to lose.

Despite China’s thirst, oil prices fall. Inflation, which has been ambling in lost, inconclusive circles for the past four years, begins a determined march – up or down.

But does that cause a sustained problem in the stock markets? It depends. Commodity-based markets such as Canada and Australia should do well, but not exceptionally well. Economic fundamentals appear to deteriorate in the U.S. through November. U.S. market declines (or simply volatility) seem likely around late January into February, the first half of March, early summer, mid-August, and during a very unpredictable November. August is the “worst” of these. That’s the first picture.

The second is bigger, longer-range: in September 2007 through November 2008, we could have a “revisit” of the conditions that caused the major restructuring in airlines, auto manufacturers, and the general economy, back in 2001/02. It isn’t as strong as the 01-02 period, but it could take the markets down. Since the markets usually react before the event, this points to a declining market anytime from March next year (2007) onward. Arch Crawford, if my local paper has reported it correctly, foresees a resumption of the secular bear market of 2001-03 starting anytime from August 06 to March 07. (Arch, a financial astrologer, correctly forecast the bottom of this decade’s markets, and the long bull market to follow.) My overall feeling is for a softly declining market in January, then a cautious outlook from that point forward. It’s possible we will have a problem-prone, declining market August 2006 onward, deepening into a major bear by 2007.

It is also fairly possible that disease will affect the markets. 2006 features a strong probability of a massive, spectacular accident, disease outbreak or “death incident” – watch place names beginning with J, U, Q, or K. An international zone, tropical or ocean side location stands out. One of these (the massive oil depot fire near London) already occurred last November. The influence runs from late October 2005 through November 23, 2006, and if there is another occurrence, it seems most likely this summer, or in October/November.

Police forces, typhoons, shipping, and health care expand in 2006. Buckets of money pour into surgery and medical research, with almost nothing for therapy, prevention, nutritionists, naturopathy, etc. Research breakthroughs and expansion benefit optics, outer space exploration, and nuclear energy Iraq calms, but foreigners flood the country.

We should all wait for a lucky, growth-packed December to start a major new business or practical venture. Before then, we’ll succeed most if we stick to projects begun from mid-August to late October last year. We should pass on starting any important projects from March 2 through 24, July 4 to 28, and October 28 through November 17.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
The changes of 2006 open the door to a whole new life, Aries. Sensing this, you’ll deeply ponder the basic essentials: your security, finances, intimate life and “soul matters.” Your social life continues to puzzle you – sympathy builds friendships.

Your luck soars in investments, finances, research, investigation, psychology, therapy, and the kind of sex that leads to deep bonding – all the things that tend to create a new life. Young marrieds could welcome a baby. Be conservative the first eleven months, rather than take big risks with romance and children, speculation, creative urges and pleasure projects.

This entire year offers you a chance for a more creative career role. Don’t worry in January/February – higher-ups favor you, and money continues to flow your way.

Before July, be wary of business partnerships, marriage, relocation and contracts. They could work out in a way you don’t expect – nor welcome. July onward, this “danger” subsides – and by December (and on into 2007) you will be set to love, travel the world, wed, sign bright agreements, or attend a favorite school!

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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
Huge relationship luck brings opportunities in love, business, relocation, public dealings, fame, negotiations and contracts. These opportunities might require that you leave a secure, cushy situation (likely February or May). Sometimes, it’s better to stay. For the best results, wait until December, when the old and new, the stable and adventurous, combine in beautifully workable ways!

Avoid “opportunities” which are based on work sharing before July, or on a romance, a gamble or creative project July onward.

If you’re married, your mate grows cheerful and sexy in 2006. You both need to address a serious matter involving security and career. If single, you’ll meet a viable mate – though themes of mistrust could keep you apart. Your sexual magnetism flares in January/February, while March, July and November bring old flames – and indecision. August/September’s sweet wave of emotions heads for a huge November climax, almost a showdown – give your answer in December!

For career success, schmooze and increase your contacts – attend company picnics, conventions, etc. Your income rises late February into mid-April, and again in June. Save it!

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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Your job expands in giant ways this year, especially if you work in an intellectual field (law, publishing, travel, teaching, etc.) Higher-ups value you – a promotion, a second job, and/or a pay raise are likely results! More importantly, your job progress in 2006 could lead to a major breakthrough from December into 2007 – a breakthrough that might bring fame, success, relocation, or marriage! (Or a longed-for divorce, if you’ve been unhappy).

Love isn’t 2006’s biggest trend, though a co-worker could spark serious desire. Your radiant sexual magnetism, late February through mid-April, could entwine you with a sweet foreign-born person, or someone at school. You might attract someone with a streak of cruelty or muffled anger in June/July – careful! Your romantic courage surges in September/October. December might spark a serious, workable attraction. This month begins a long period of good luck in relationships – and could lead to marriage in 2007 or beyond!

Stress and communications “puzzles” can interfere with your work progress, especially in February/March and August/September. Relax more, and communicate wisely, calmly. (False cheer won’t work.)

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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
Romance, children, a huge creative drive and a “winning streak” pack your life with pleasure in 2006! The joys of teaching, a special vacation or a speculative venture will also attract you. A January/February social function could introduce singles to sweet prospective mates. Your sexual magnetism simmers mid-April through May. If you’re married, don’t let romantic notions cause conflict!

November lights your heart like a blowtorch. You could fall madly in love – perhaps with an old flame. Only your money situation, possessiveness, or an insistence that sex be casual, could interfere. Take care with speculation all year – your money needs a conservative, careful approach.

Until July, favor ambition over security. Real estate contains a subtle trap. From July onward, focus on higher learning, international travel, publishing, culture, social rituals, law, religion and your life philosophy – avoid little details, endless chatter or “busywork.”

Your work situation continues to undergo a long, slow, creative change. Research your field, or learn the ropes of the financial world – this prepares you for future success. December (into 2007) promises a promotion!

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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
Your domestic luck climbs to a decade peak through November! Search for your blessed place on earth, buy a cheerful new home, bring a baby into the world, expand your family’s health and financial security, invest for retirement, sell a business or quit a losing situation. Physical and emotional therapies renew you all year.

One thing can prevent all these benefits, Leo: You. You could be overly cautious, reluctant to believe in good fortune, or determined to work yourself to the bone. Believe it or not, you’ll profit more from quitting than from overwork. Your workplace brings luck (and affection) in January/February – a VIP finally agrees!

During the first eleven months of 2006, beware lust-only, alcohol or drug-laden relationships. If you’re already involved, you can settle into a happy domestic set-up – if not, you might break off by March, or during a tempestuous November. (March brings a sexy former flame, perhaps via a social function.) You’re magnetic in June. December kicks off a whole year of heightened romance, one that could bring your destined life mate!

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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Your communications abilities soar through November – so does your restlessness. You’ll embark on two significant trips – perhaps to investigate a new residence. However, don’t buy any property (nor invest generally) until December. That month starts a year (2007) of great luck in real estate, home, security, family/soul matters, emotional healing.

Until mid-year, chase the mysteries of life rather than depending on easy, obvious answers. Be curious, read, ask questions, open newspapers. What you learn can help you understand (2006) – and solve (2007) – the family, home and soul upheavals of the last 10 years. You’re preparing yourself for a new life, with new circumstances. From July onward, chase relationships, seek contracts, relocate, and pursue opportunities and new horizons. Avoid proud isolation.

An electric, unpredictable love influence continues. Friendly romance is more likely than true love – except in January/February, when a potent romance either continues or begins. An old flame could appear in March, July or November. Your sexual magnetism surges late July to September. All year, you could be attracted to a co-worker or a “secret love.”

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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
You’re on a winning money streak through November! Ask for a pay raise, seek bargains, and sell possessions, real estate or stocks for a nice profit, especially in January/February, May and November. You’ll want to spend big, too, but exercise caution, especially March to July, and November. You might buy real estate in January/February (or already did, late last year). Your best realty opportunity lies down the road – in 2008.

In general, your luckiest money sources will lie in projects you began last August, September or October (in 2005) rather than in 2006’s new “opportunities.”

You will invest more hope in your family, your kids and parents, than usual. You’ll be proud of their accomplishments.

Deep sexual urges mingle with security drives January/February. Avoid extra-marital temptations. The remainder of 2006 strikes casual sensual sparks, especially among co-workers. Socializing with peers slows, but other generations want to befriend you – accept!

Until July, seek advice, interact with others, seek public dealings, contracts, love and partnership. July onward, employment, machinery and health run smoothly. Be careful with higher-ups April/May. 

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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
No one is luckier than you this year, Scorpio. (What a change from 05!) And no one will be more cheerful, optimistic, friendly and expansively generous. But be diplomatic January/February, when a climax occurs with someone who has either infuriated or attracted you (or both) since last summer. Honest discussion will bring rapprochement, even a sweet result!

2006 offers “love adventures” – swift, electric relationships that lack stability. Old flames appear in March, July and November. You’ll burn with sexual and charismatic fire in November, and be able to attract almost anyone!

Your money luck rises in 2006. Still, delay a big financial commitment until December, when a year of expansive, stable money luck will begin. Your career and parenting duties weigh heavily all year (into September 2007) – living up to them without complaining will earn you three decades of “easy work.” So don’t quit, cheat, or shoot the boss, especially this summer!

You continue to wonder (anxiously or pleasurably) about home, family, and “reality.” This wonderment will end in 2011, when a decade of joy arrives!

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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
The entire 1996-2008 period draws you into quietude, contemplation, and some isolation. 2006 deepens this trend, but it also warmly illuminates your heart and soul. You’re going to understand many things that have occurred. This understanding will inspire a huge new, lucky life, to begin this December into 2007!

Meanwhile, rest, meditate, visit advisors or therapists, and plan the future. Your contacts will expand with government agencies, head office, charities, institutions, universities and spiritual organizations.

Money flows to you in January/February – don’t overwork. You’ll be indecisive about your security, home and emotional ties in March, July and November. All year, a money or security urge can lead you into a stultifying legal situation – or a “dutiful” marriage. Careful, Sage: let a bright, light attraction (February to April, and June/July) form an antidote to overly somber “love.”

Be circumspect in your career, July onward – avoid changing employers, or pushing your boss. Tension entered your home in 2003 – use July onward to plan a new living situation. December into 2007, you’ll travel afar – perhaps to a new home!

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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Your popularity swells in 2006! Friendships, flirtations, light romance and optimistic plans will brighten your life. Join a new social group – it will benefit you for the next ten years. Your income is tied to friendliness this whole decade: networking equals dollars!

Love comes effortlessly. You attract others almost without trying, especially in January/February, when a major love affair could start! (Or last year’s could reach a new sweetness.) Attraction and anger mingle mid-April through June – this affair will either turn deeply intimate, or end. September’s love seems “perfect” for marriage. Your popularity soars to a huge peak in November! All year, accept your indecision about love and/or marriage. Don’t be rushed!

Now through 2007, you’ll make financial, sexual and lifestyle decisions that sculpt your next 30 years. This is an important turning point in your life. There’s no rush here – don’t accept “second best.” Don’t seek to transform your circumstances via ambition or career through June – instead, strengthen your home, your security, and end untenable situations. After June, short trips and calls will open doors.

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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Your career and ambitions ride a lucky, buoyant wave now to November! Higher-ups and parents stand ready to reward your inventiveness, loyalty and kindness. Ask for a raise or promotion, expand your business dealings, meet VIPs, and increase your profile in the community. Push hardest January/February and August onward. Work alone – envious peers or coworkers might disparage your qualifications or reject your proposals. November shows whether you’ll ultimately succeed or fail – be eager, assertive but diplomatic!

Before July, shun legal affairs, higher learning, and international travel. July onward, concentrate on earning money – avoid large investments and partnership finances.

Sensuality outweighs idealistic romance the first eleven months. Conjugal snuggling will prevent domestic strife January/February. Your romantic courage soars this spring. All year, think twice before marrying someone very conservative or different in age: duty isn’t passion. In December, a year of joyous friendship begins – so does a huge, huge social transformation.

Your income, this decade, depends on your empathy, and the ability to project your personality. Don’t fight your natural bent – find ways to use it!

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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
Your luck soars all year in long-distance relationships, legal and cultural affairs, international travel, higher learning, publishing, religion and love. If you’ve slaved at a creative craft for years, you could find fame!

March, June, September and December whisper of deep career changes. Use the first eleven months of 2006 to attend university or career-enhancing courses rather than push for promotion. Work is long, hard, and boring – just get the job done. This learning and/or hard work will be rewarded December onward, when one of your life’s luckiest career periods will begin!

January/February bring light, sociable romance – and strong hopes about the future. Late April through early June triggers strong sexual feelings, while August/September bring a challenge, perhaps a love-hate attraction. (It’s better and sweeter in September.) November accents pure, simple love. But don’t be quick to marry, form partnerships or relocate after June, through 2007 – independence will subtly bless you. Love might demand a sacrifice – perhaps extra duties, stepchildren, or a monetary restriction. Only tie the knot if you’re blissfully happy despite the “payment.”

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