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Your year ahead 2005 all signs

In 2005 stingy, debt-collecting Saturn chases jolly, plump, free-spending Jupiter down the corridors of life, love and finance. By November he catches him, and a huge wrestling match begins. Poor reckless Jupiter's gonna lose.

So side with Saturn: be practical and conservative. Pull back if you're over-extended, and slash debt. Few of this year's business start-ups will thrive. Some of us will strike it rich - mainly by buying up the optimists' failures, cheap. If you must launch a big practical project, schedule blast-off for mid-August through October.

We might see a February/March dip or a May "whiplash" in stock markets. In banking and real estate, volatility increases from August onward.

A small new war breaks out July to early '06, probably in a nation that starts with P or L. (Portugal?) It's about ownership. After July, America begins to let Iraq go. A major volcano threatens Iceland. In May/June, scientists discover a secret of light.

Love is 2005's giant gift, blessing even those who had given up. More couples than usual tie the knot, but love demands a sacrifice before August. From August onward assertive Mars in loving Taurus will stir everyone's juices. Fashionistas will embrace militaristic apparel. Sensuality will blossom in arts and the media.

We should all avoid starting important new projects from March 19 through April 11, July 22 to August 15, and November 13 to December 3.

For your own sign's forecast, read on...

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
You face a year of grand opportunities involving education, publishing, love, foreign lands, legal contracts, dealings with the public, and/or partnerships. Bright new opportunities shine in January, and old opportunities return for a second go-round in March/April, August and November. Through July, no opportunity will work if it runs counter to your family duties. (After July, family burdens lighten considerably!) All year, deal only with realistic, ethical, and honest people.

This summer brings a surge of accomplishment, assertiveness and determination. You'll radiate a strong sexual magnetism. Romance might or might not be destined to last, but it will be powerful, lively and memorable!

An unusual money streak fills your pockets from August right into February of 2006. Try to make money advances permanent - e.g., seek a pay raise rather than overtime. Say NO to careless spending, new debts and dicey investments.

You'll pause often in 2005 to think about love and life, to assess your progress over the last half-decade. A former love could return. After July, romance slows; but sex, domestic joys, and your career all surge upward!

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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
Romance piques your interest in January, March and May. Your animal magnetism soars August to next February - use it wisely, realize lust without love creates burdensome relationships. A long, difficult influence has just lifted from your relationships, leaving you free to meet (and marry) worthy, happy people. That's especially true in November/December, when a year of huge relationship luck begins!

You'll radiate intense energy and determination from July 2005 through February 2006. You could become deeply involved with an institution, government agency, spiritual organization or large corporation. Your workload grows all year - so will your earnings. (Ask for a pay raise February through mid-June.) A promotion to "management" looks very likely. Delegate hands-on tasks so you'll be free to climb!

Your new dynamism can be a blessing or a curse - you can move mountains now, but be careful, not impulsive. Protect your health. Have surgery if needed. Obey safety rules; don't act in anger. After July, heavier responsibilities arrive in home, family or property - your honest efforts could ensure your security for decades to come.

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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Your romantic luck climbs! You could meet your future mate, or enter a fiery and exciting love affair, especially in January/February, May/June, or September/October. Be approachable and friendly. Aggressive passion might chase someone away. Creative talents and projects, children's affairs, speculation and pleasure urges also soar to lucky levels!

Financial restrictions lurk before mid-July. You might have to choose between money versus a new love, a newly creative career, a child's future or a big "vacation lifestyle" gamble. After July, you're free to love and profit! Still, starting a new business is not recommended in 2005. (If you must, do it mid-August through October 24.) Sidestep temperamental higher-ups May to mid-June.

Your social links undergo many beneficial changes this year. Mull over your evolving feelings and circumstances. Join a new group during the last two weeks of April, August and December. You'll become more intimate and confidential, rather than seeking a "wide audience."

Protect your health from "bugs," heat, exhausting travel and aggressive people August through next February. You'll secretly plan a huge future action.

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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
You'll move into more plush surroundings in 2005. (Unless you already did, quite recently.) Make sure you don't exceed your budgetary limits.

A career wish might come true from August onward. You'll socialize with high-powered types and the social elite. Make sure you have a good grasp of financial realities and the intentions of competitors before you commit. It's possible, during the second half of 2005, to gain a career promotion that actually restricts or reduces your income.

Cancers who have worked hard for two or three decades will likely earn more this summer through 2007. But if you're young and learning, you might have to tighten your money belt. Conserve. Avoid starting new business projects before August 15 and after October 25.

Until November, you love your family first. But a sweet-natured, attractive person catches your eye in January. Relationships excite February/March and August-December. (Though these periods might bring more business than love opportunities.) April's social contact could convert into a tempting sexual situation - be honest, ethical. November begins a year of huge romantic luck!

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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
You'll contemplate love many times this year. You'll travel to visit someone special. (Or a bunch of someones.) But this isn't a major love year - that comes along in 2007. You're experimenting, trying love on for size. If you're married, 2005 brings talk, laughter, and some argument - your mate becomes your friend. Old flames pop up, April, August and November.

Exercise your writing, speaking and teaching skills. You'll shine at school, or in the media. You'll befriend two special children. Two lucky trips occur.

A challenge and an opportunity enter your career world from August through early 2006. Higher-ups will display temperament and impatience, while you become more sober. Be good-humored; don't stubbornly cling to old methods. A legal, media, statistical, insurance, international, cultural, educational or similar involvement could whisk you upstairs, into the corridors of power. You'll work harder from this summer into late 2007.

November begins twelve months of calm and well being on home, family, real estate and security fronts. You'll find a beautiful place to live -- consider finances carefully before buying it.

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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Last year promoted fortunate, basic changes. Perhaps you relocated, rearranged your family, gave birth, changed schools, etc... These changes prepared you for increased financial security or an expanded income in 2005. You could step onto a permanent new plateau of wealth! Even if you didn't enact big changes last year, you'll stumble onto several big opportunities to increase your income. (February, June and - best - October.) Be conservative and ethical - clever greed will spin a web of money loss. Listen to friends' sensible advice.

2005 features a life-changing passion. Your loved one (or someone new) pulls you with beauty in February/March, with vibrant talk in May, and with sultry mystery in June/July. This summer to February 2006, you could wed your sensual ideal. If you're cheating you might think, "Love justifies everything." Wrong! Be honest, moral and careful.

From August to February 2006, important documents, publications, travel, or educational programs mesh with an investigation, investment, health diagnosis, or significant lifestyle change. Avoid legal fights.

July starts two years of subtly increased luck. Social restrictions fade, doors open!

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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
You recently entered your luckiest personal year since 1993! You'll be travelling, making new contacts, writing and talking. You might win a place in the media. People will seek you out, in business and love. Welcome them; don't be arrogant or aloof - you need others, always! You'll be very busy, so plan, make lists, get organized. Live up to heavy career, parental and property responsibilities through July - don't quit a job before August! After July, your workload will lighten for decades.

Early 2005 features light, flirtatious romance. April, August and November could bring an old flame. Desire and consequence intensify this summer to February 2006. Someone wants to marry; physical intimacy flares. If married, expect deep changes. You and your mate will work together on a significant financial project, or a lifestyle change - or, you'll seek elsewhere. In business, August-December offers a major financial opportunity or partnership. In sex and finances, act only after careful thought.

This summer through 2007, you'll gravitate socially toward members of a different generation. November starts a year of "big money!"

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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Seven years of family tensions have ended, leaving you relaxed and contemplative in 2005. Your spiritual quotient rises, you feel generous and charitable. A broad streak of fortune enters your involvements with institutions, government agencies, large corporations and associations. You could be granted a management position. Don't push too hard in these areas, though, or those who initially helped you will turn to impede you.

From late July onward, you might form a significant workplace partnership - or find someone is competing for your job. Both opportunity and challenge fill your relationships this second half - be diplomatic. If single, you could be drawn to someone fiery and deeply sensual. March fascinates you with romantic notions. Be gentle in April, when home matters spark your temper.

July begins a two-year period of very hard work. Welcome this, and stand tall in your tasks - if you do, you could build a solid career platform, one you can stand on for three decades.

Your quietude ends in late October - one of the luckiest years of your life will start this month!

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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Your fondest wishes could come true in 2005! You're going to be popular, flirtatious and cheerful. You'll lift your gaze from the emotional swamps you've been navigating, to spy at least two bright, new horizons. Fresh intellectual, friendship and love vistas emerge. A voyage to another country looks likely. But travel, education, publishing, cultural and legal involvements will demand a structured, well-paced, patient approach from July through 2007.

July is powerfully sensual, ending two years of financial restrictions and sexual dullness.

You might waver between a promising social life and a deeper, more personal romantic situation, especially in March/April, July/August and November/December. Pick the personal, intimate love. Put your children's interests above your social and travel wishes (or take them with you). Your choice should make your heart feel calm and clean.

Work grows very hectic (and creative) August through next February. Don't overwork or physically strain yourself. Observe safety rules, and keep your temper in the workplace. Tackle a big practical project with your loved one this second half - landscaping, or building a house.

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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
You could be promoted in 2005. Your reputation rises - people look up to you. Don't chase admiration, though - be humble, quietly take care of business. Avoid a big, complex project - simplicity's safer. Real estate, family, nature, security, food and shelter issues (and quietly expanding business territory) will bring you subtle but rich rewards.

You must have sighed wearily about your relationship situation during the past two years. In love and business, everyone treated you and your proposals with a quiet scepticism. This subtle, ongoing "refusal" will end in July - and not return for three decades! This summer begins two years of important financial, investment, lifestyle, health and sexual interests: carefully build something solid in these zones.

August sparks a seven-month wildfire of romantic heat - your courage will be high, and you could fall in love. It's volatile! September and November stand out. If you're married, use this period to renovate your home or build a vacation hideaway.

Late October begins a thirteen-month surge in popularity, optimism and social luck. A life-long wish could come true soon!

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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
A lucky streak brings an abundance of love - and of learning, philosophy, religion, distant travel, cultural rituals and foreign friends. You could wed! You'll dive into higher education with eagerness and success. You could publish your findings, or appear on the media.

These successes don't guarantee financial luck, though. Conserve your funds through July. Avoid ANY lawsuit. In all these areas, if you feel you can get something big for little effort, or keep running into inexplicable delays, stay out.

Contain your temper on the home front this summer through February 2006 - channel that extra energy into renovations, repairs or landscaping. July ends two years of extra duties, perhaps involving a child or handicapped person.

If you're single, someone special could enter in February, April, May or June. July begins a two-year period of slowness in relationships. Proposals will be harder to sell; prepare presentations well in advance. Show your mate your more intimate side. From mid-2005 to late 2007, "May-December" attractions predominate - and could lead to marriage.

November begins a year of huge career developments!

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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
Through October, you face great good luck and large, hidden pitfalls in finances, investments, debts, pregnancy, intimacy, crucial health concerns, and lifestyle choices. To succeed, be highly ethical. Walk away from little white lies, "too good to be true" temptations, and doubtful people. Unselfish and courageous Pisceans could end 2005 wealthier, loved, and with a bright new life!

Until July, you remain serious and sober about romance, creative pursuits, gambles and raising children. You could meet a life mate at a social function.

By mid-July your heart lifts for the remainder of the year, bringing friends, conversations and a series of short journeys and visits. Paperwork and errands will multiply, so make lists; establish priorities. Be organized - earnings are at stake. July also begins two years of solid (but possibly boring) work. You'll mull over your job and income prospects all year, especially in April, August and December.

You're sexually magnetic in March and May. Exciting meetings arise in September. Late October starts thirteen months of love, weddings, higher learning, distant travel and legal matters. Adventure looms!

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