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2004 Year Ahead - All signs

An unusual planetary pattern brings us a major shot of luck - and sweet affection - all spring and summer. However, this same pattern splits our world into competing elements. Ambition's risks will clamour against security's cautions, love will wrestle with independence. So fate, or our own conflicts, could take this lovely luck away. Be loyal to your good fortune!

These struggles grow most intense in April. We'll get through a lot this month if we simply do nothing and, especially, start nothing!

In the wider world, the stock market might threaten to crash, perhaps in late March or April (and August). It will probably be a whiplash, down, wham, and up - and some brave people could make huge profits.

Though terrorist activity should decline overall now through 2010, a few spectacular bangs loom around April, late summer and December. Saudi Arabia grows closer to imploding.

Until autumn, both gamblers and humble, practical people gain. Only the fearful lose. We should all seize our chances in 2004, because in 2005 luck and goodness will separate into two different things.

My confident forecast that house prices would decline last year was dead wrong. But a warning signal remains in the skies. Be careful, steady.

We should all avoid starting new projects before January 6, and from April 6 to 30, August 9 to September 2, and November 30 to December 19.

For your own sign's forecast, read on....

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
Until October, work and new duties avalanche into your life. If you're seeking employment, you'll find it. Responsibilities and restrictions also revolve around your home. Young Aries might welcome a child. If you're single, marriage could make you a stepparent. (A friend met April-August might become a happy mate!) When you feel overworked, take heart - your performance will bring immediate money rewards and even larger things later: new opportunities in business, a prosperous partnership, or a promotion.

Late September begins a period of lucky relationships and big new opportunities. You could fall in love, marry, relocate to a beneficial new place, sign a big new contract, enter college, or expand your public dealings - perhaps to the level of fame! Be humble and co-operative, for these major streaks of luck will come from relationships in some form. And be quick: seize your prize before 2005 brings complications and unclear goals.

All 2004, intellectual, international, educational, media and far travel zones continue to slowly develop, lifting you subtly, powerfully and fortunately beyond the frustrations of the last century. You're growing!
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
Your romantic and sexual luck soars now through September! The puzzling "defeats" of 2002-2003 are over. Love's playground surrounds you, but don't jump on the ride labelled "an easy slide into marriage with someone I know I don't love." And avoid verboten lust. These could trap you in a burdensome future. Demand true love!

Lucky creative, speculative, international, far travel, publishing and educational doors open through September. A bit of research or a "closed door agreement" could be necessary to your success in these - but remain strictly honest. If you're a parent, children bring many joys. A huge tension lifts off your career and parental shoulders: life lightens!

April to August rings a lucky money bell, loud and clear. Jump on opportunities! In April, a former income source, or an old flame, could be connected to something big and fortunate. However, you could lose if you overspend March through May. Be a bit selfish.

All year, be wary of partnership, of signing on the dotted line. You can win any argument by refusing to engage in it.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Through September, your luck soars in real estate, family, therapy, security, gardening and similar areas. This is an extremely fortunate period to purchase real estate. You could buy two places! But keep debt very light, as your income will be strongly restricted this year and the first half of 2005.

The first nine months nudge you toward recuperation, rest and "soul healing." Don't overeat. Be charitable, deal with institutions and government agencies. All year, delegate tasks rather than exhausting yourself in a sea of little chores. Reduce stress with outdoor exercise.

Your magnetism surges to sweet heights April through July. You're certain to attract someone, perhaps madly! But you have a practical, sensual outlook on love; you're impatient with frivolity and "high drama." A deep conflict in love makes you mature. Pregnancy is very possible. Autumn lifts the seriousness - you'll be cheerful, charming, and ready to dance! You could meet a valid life mate, but you might have to make sacrifices if he/she's a Libra or Aries. That's okay!

This summer brings an important short voyage.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
You're in control this year, in partnerships, marriage, relocation, dealings with the public and legal or business agreements. These progress strongly in March, and May to September. To successfully land a true life mate, be more social than romantic; stay light and kind. Love can flare sweetly in February/March and November/December. Your magnetism "heats up" May to July. Marriage is a definite possibility!

It's a sober, no-nonsense year for the most part. Be prudent, but not sceptical. You're looking ahead twenty, even thirty years, and setting practical, realistic goals. The financial and sexual upsets of the past decade are over. What they taught you becomes the basis of new success, for fourteen years ahead. You can build a solid, growth-oriented life.

Communications, media, distribution, travel, paperwork, detailed tasks expand through September. If you work in one of these fields (e.g., reporter or office systems) you'll advance strongly this year. If not, you could wonder where all the paperwork came from! Money flows swiftly to you In July/August -but DON'T spend.

The last three months bring superb real estate, security and family luck - take advantage of it quickly - don't wait for 2005!
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
You'll be making money - much more money - in 2004! The income level you reach can last over ten years. So push yourself - change jobs, seek a pay raise, increase your client base, etc. Spend on international travel or education, but be wary of real estate dealings. Now through 2010, take care with investments and large financial decisions. In business, inspiration will arise everywhere, but so will erratic, undependable people. Be prudent and practical! (And be patient with VIPs February/March, when temperament rises.)

You begin a seven-year fascination with the hidden side of life this January. Secrets, research, occultism and the subconscious will draw you. So will tempting, mysterious people!

Life is always romantic for you, but 2004's love will be more sensual than wildly emotional. March and July/August could bring a steamy affair - be honest, wise! Your popularity rises April to August - a light yet serious romance seems certain. (April brings an old flame.) The autumn moves you to a friendlier state of mind - travel looks imminent.

All year, ambition is better than security, effort better than retreat.
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
You're launched on one of the luckiest years of your life! Grab hold of the very ground you stand on - your emotional, family and practical foundations - and steer them to big, bountiful ends! Renovate your home, buy property, heal your family, have a baby, and/or relocate. The best time for lucky actions is May to September.

Your heightened cheer and optimism will attract friends, lovers and practical associates. The whole seven years ahead will bring exciting but unpredictable relationships: practice fun rather than possessiveness! Earthy types are best. You could merge with someone for financial or sensual ends in January, or May through August.

This spring, a legal, educational, media or travel matter beneficially affects your income. Your career surges with luck April through July. (Take care in April: neither fight with the boss nor start a new career project.) Your efforts could lead to bags of money October onward. But act quickly - before 2005's "complications" arrive.

Take a wide view of events this year - relying strictly on details could subtly steer you away from big opportunities.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
You face a quiet year until October - a superb chance to catch up with neglected siblings, old creative or spiritual pursuits, half-started vacation cabins, etc. Get deeply acquainted with your soul. Retreat, find a spa. Replenish, pamper, sooth and nurture yourself in preparation for this autumn, when you'll burst into a year of travel and huge lucky actions.

Through September, you'll be swamped with red tape and administrative concerns. Authorities, bosses, and your career lay extra burdens on your shoulders, but if you persevere honestly, you'll ensure your position for the next three decades. You might quit one job/career to establish a new one.

Love's a wild card when you're in retreat mode. If single, you run the danger of falling for someone who is only meant to support your healing or recuperation process. Yet all spring and summer support a sweet, wildly intellectual love. (Pre-spring, it's all lust!) In October your cheerfulness and luck suddenly rise, attracting love, friendship and joyful visits!

In all dealings, business and personal, chose depth and commitment over casual stances.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Your popularity soars the first nine months. Accept all invitations - enter the lucky door that a beneficial group or organization holds open for you. Whether you join with others for friendship, political, or other reasons, the eventual impact on your earnings (and heart) will be powerful and buoyant.

The decade ahead will trigger many exciting but erratic romantic, creative or speculative/gambling urges. This year, don't let an unpredictable romance draw you away from your social activities.

Delays and restrictions affect legal, educational, and travel areas. Trudge through necessary hoops here, but don't let them keep you from luckier things. If travel's socially motivated - go!

February/March could bring an attraction to, or a conflict with, a co-worker. In April, both sexy and financial temptations are premature (or too old) - careful! Wait until May through July to develop a deep, financial or sensual link. Committing yourself to someone in love or business this spring/summer could change your life in powerful, sweet ways. In general, all 2004 rewards Scorpios who seek to join, and weaves subtle traps from independence's fabric.
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
2004 is a huge practical, ambitious year for you, yet smack in the middle of it (April-August) love receives such a beautiful boost that you could end up seriously connected with a prestigious mate! For all Sages, this spring/summer opens the doors to lucky relocation, business partnerships or agreements, public dealings or new social contacts. It's a time of vast opportunity!

The biggest luck of 2004 occurs in your career and community dealings. You're ambitious, cheerful about your goals, and VIPs notice you. September stands out.

There's only one thing that could prevent you from achieving these shining goals: you. You might just refuse, or push things in a way that will give others no choice but to oppose you. Sometimes, we just need to breathe deeply and say, "Yes, I want this!" All year, retreating (or "spiritual" activities used as withdrawal's excuse) are doorways to dead-ends.

The seven years ahead accent changes in your home, and consequent higher stress levels - fresh air and exercise will keep you calm. October-December brings new hopes, popularity and delightful friends!
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Success awaits you in intellectual, legal or international dealings, in media, publishing, advertising, far travel and social rituals. If single, you'll experience a deep tug toward someone. Marriage could result! If you're married, show loyalty and affection - it will bounce back to you.

Only old "ghosts," fear of exposure, or a secret dependence on another can limit you now. Turn your back on these - they're holdovers from your "anxious period" of the 1980's and 90's. Your social life will grow immensely now through 2010. Calls, trips, communications rush in. But this year, love, pleasure and creativity blossom in private, not socially.

New emotional and business opportunities slowly appear all year, like ships coming over the horizon. Don't be afraid to swim out to one or two of these, especially January to March, when you might change career projects, and August/September, when a new direction or lucrative investment looms. The entire spring/summer bring an unusual run of affection and luck on the work front. By autumn, grab that promotion! (Quickly, as 2005 will not be quite as supportive.)
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Your sexual and financial fortunes surge to a decade high! You can ensure your future with one or two astute moves - perhaps an investment, a commitment to someone you love, a mortgage or house purchase, a lifestyle change. For the best success, concentrate on what is, now. For example, forget your vision of the perfect house - instead, buy something you know is a bargain. Realism will ensure a bright, happy future for you!

From April to September, one of the most beguiling, sweet rushes of romantic feeling in decades visits you. (April and August feature old flames.) If you're married, your heart swells with renewed love. If you're young, pregnancy is very possible. October onward features lucky weddings! (But do it soon, as 2005 could bring subtle delays.)

This spring and summer powerfully boost your luck in speculative, creative, pleasure, and child-oriented projects. Set your children's educational future now.

All year, choose security over ambition, home over career. Work's hectic May/June, so obtain proper rest. Avoid temper tantrums at home in February/March, and at work November/December.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
Relationships bring a bonanza of bright, big opportunities this year! Luck flows in face-to-face meetings and partnerships, and in business, career and public dealings. Be cheerful, optimistic and willing to negotiate. If you're too independent, or attempt to control people, you'll squeeze the pipeline of luck into a trickle.

Try to avoid lawyers, lawsuits, and "legalese" - keep things fluid and spontaneous. This is a superb year to meet a prestigious mate, but not the greatest time to formally wed.

October onward, relationships veer into deeper, but even luckier levels. Love turns to intimacy, business agreements to funding. Research and closed-door meetings yield rewards. Meld, merge, invest - grab the prize quickly October to December, as 2005 brings complications or delays.

You'll feel extra alive now to 2010. If your stress levels climb, exercise outdoors.

This spring/summer bring sweet luck and affection to your home, real estate, family, security, agricultural and parenting interests. Relocating within your own country yields benefits through September, but DON'T buy a new home, move, nor start to live with anyone March 21 to May 7.
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