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~WEEKLY FORECAST ~ MARCH 21 – 27, 2021


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NOTE:  The annual forecast, the luck forecast & the karmic forecast for 2021 are now available under PLATFORMS, above.

START NOTHING:  5:04 am to 5:18 am Sun., 8:26 am to 2:26 pm Tues., 6:27 am to 8:25 pm Thurs., and after 4:48 pm Sat.


Good grief. I just watched a newscast, Biden speaking to reporters on the W.H. grounds. Trouble is, it’s an obvious fake. If you look carefully, Biden is in sharp relief against the lawn and driveway, a hint of “green screening.” (In a green screen video, Biden walks across a studio floor, and the lawns and driveway are inserted behind him. But the real proof of manipulation is this: When Biden leans in to talk, his hand goes right through the microphone, which is not even in proportion — it’s three times larger than a mike, almost as thick as Biden’s head. Obviously, this was a totally doctored Biden “appearance.”  I told you: Biden’s like buying a haunted house. Where is he, if not really on the W.H. lawn? Where are cnn, nbc, abc, cbc, msnbc and all the other liar media? Did they help fake this “news conference” and are they perpetrating a massive lie to the American people? What’s going on? Is the public news doctored every day?

(Of course, the possibility exists that Republicans doctored this video to embarrass Biden.)

Here’s the link. Watch carefully, it’s only 14 seconds long. (The fake microphones are at about the 10-14 second mark.)

***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

At last — the 4 weeks ahead bring extra energy, strong charisma and leadership qualities, Aries. Get out there and start something. (Remember, all ’21, you will gain — perhaps for decades to come — if you launch, create, join or form a social group for any purpose: politics, meditation, mountain climbing…) Others are romantically attracted to you, until mid-April. You’re active, restless, talkative, ready to convince anybody of anything. (Secrets also swirl around you, this week and next.)

Although you have just started a super energized month, Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues. (PDT) nudge you toward rest (and home, family, garden, repairs, etc.) — perfect timing, almost, as deep rest early this week can energize you for the next four weeks. Relaxation, decoration and repairs, go well.

Romance leaps up Tues. afternoon to Thurs. eve. Avoid an argument Tuesday (though it might be followed by “make up love.” You could meet a “serious love” prospect Wed./Thurs. Tackle chores Thurs. night through Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. If buying machinery, do it between 10 am and 4 pm PDT Sat. (starting 6/7 pm in Europe, 2 am Sun. in China). Less good (but excellent for high-performance, e.g., race cars): before 11 am Friday.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Seek quietude in the 4 weeks ahead, Taurus. Withdraw from the crowd, think and plan, seek advice. (Gemini best advisor until next January.) Be charitable, spiritual. This whole area will be pleasant and affectionate, perhaps even profitable. Remember, all ’21, your “main chance” lies in career and status zones. Wishes can come true now and next week — around romance and money probably. $ continue to rush toward you — and through you, unless you can stop paying, shopping.

Errands, communications, travel and paperwork fill Sun. to mid-afternoon (PDT) Tues. A good, easy interval, but you might face some alienation or subtle but deep disagreement Tues. Turn toward home, family, nutrition, mother nature, security and — more rest! — Tues. eve to early night Thurs. Sidestep arguments Tues. night. Be “reliable” around dawn Wed. and accept others’ slowness this day.

Romantic notions bring an absent smile to your face Thurs. eve through Sat. Visions of beauty visit you, and your creative side is active. Avoid conflict Fri. eve (could start a whole night of argument). Saturday, a “connection” shows you who is really your mate.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Happiness is your companion now to late April, Gemini. Your popularity has already risen — give and accept invitations. You might meet love in a group situation. Your career is still subject to a lot of talk, or it could simply be that you’re very busy because your career involves talk and/or travel. Remember, all ’21, your “big break” lies in profound things: higher learning, publishing, far travel, law, etc.

Pursue money (and shopping) goals Sun. to mid-afternoon Tues. (PDT) — good luck rides with you, but pull back Tues. at the slightest hint of opposition. A bit of old, traditional wisdom (or an old book) could “steer you right.” Errands, visits, trips, communications and paperwork fill Tues. afternoon to early night Thurs. Take care with mobility and/or angry responses (to higher-ups) Tues. night, and be patient Wed.

Turn toward home, family, nature, security, food and relaxation Thurs. night through Sat. Most things go well, but again, avoid conflict Fri. eve. Saturday shows you the solution to a work/health problem.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The main accent until late April lies on your career, relations with powerful people, and worldly status, Cancer. Be ambitious, work hard, display skills. A higher-up favours you. Others want to nudge you into management — don’t fight this. Communications bring you ideas. Avoid violent people, places until April 23. Remember, your main “lucky vein” in ’21 lies in finances, investment, sex, lifestyle changes, pregnancy, and medical decisions.

Your energy and charisma, clout and effectiveness surge upward Sunday dawn (PDT) to mid-afternoon Tues.  — lead, start something, see and be seen, esp. Sun./Mon. (Tuesday needs care — avoid sharp words, “too courageous” driving.) Chase $, shop for bargains, and (if you’re single) give someone a sexy squeeze, Tues. pm to Thurs. eve. Go slow Wed. morn/noon.

Errands, casual friends, trips, communications and paperwork fill Thurs. night through Sat. Most things go well, but again, avoid conflict Fri. pm. Saturday offers light love, but it might turn deep!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Now to late April, Leo, the main accent lies on far travel, intellect, publishing, cultural and religious rites, statistics, science — and love. That last might be “first in mind,” as Venus sits in this same area, shooting little cupid arrows. Your popularity rises, esp. among males, for weeks to come. Discussion might revolve around secrets, sexual temptations, financial actions. Remember, your main “luck source” this year lies in others, in forming partnerships/mutual interests.

Lie low, avoid crowds and competition; meditate, plan, be restful and charitable Sun. to Tues. afternoon (PDT). A wee bit of unease Tues. morning. This afternoon to early night Thursday boosts your energy, charisma and effectiveness to solid heights! Avoid a fight Tues. night, and exercise patience Wed. morning — otherwise this interval flows well. Start a significant project.

Chase money, seek bargains Thurs. night through Sat. A sensual attraction might arise. Avoid a conflict Fri. night. Saturday offers a work and home/family solution.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Life’s deeper, more mysterious side emerges during the 4 weeks ahead, Virgo. Sex, pregnancy, sexual temptations, large finances, research, medical and lifestyle choices, commitment and consequence fill these days. These are favoured, rewarding, until April 14. Your subconscious rises, your intuition will be strong — heed it. Bosses remain temperamental, but also can open doors of opportunity for you. (Especially into research, equity and similar areas.) Talk with a spouse, partner, other — be honest, friendly.

Wishes could come true Sun. dawn to mid-afternoon Tues. Your popularity, joy, optimism and flirtatiousness rise. If single, you might be dealing with a potential mate. (Esp. Mon. night.) Be with friends. But withdraw Tues. pm to early night Thurs. Meditate, plan, examine your soul, past actions. Perform a kind act. Deal with gov’t or “head office.” Avoid an argument (over career, standing?) Tues. eve, and “wait your turn” in medical, work, machinery zones Wed. morning.

Your energy, charisma and determination return Thurs. night through Sat. Sidestep a conflict (sex? money? position?) Fri. eve. Sweet concord Sat. pm!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

One of the most important four weeks of this year face you now, Libra. The focus will lie on partnerships, love, marriage, exploration, new horizons, opportunities, public dealings, and relocation possibilities. Someone wants you — and could have been “not shy” about it the last couple of weeks. In any case, now to April 23 brings opportunities in your ninth sign — weddings, far travel, legal agreements (or fights) love, publishing, media… A Gemini or Aries (or Aquarian) might be involved.

Remember, your main good luck this year lies in romance, creative or speculative projects, sports/games, teaching children, beauty and pleasure. In the weeks ahead, love can lead to a wedding, esp. if one of you is foreign-born.

Be ambitious Sun. dawn (PDT) to afternoon Tues. Bosses are aware. Almost all good, but don’t seek money/raise Tues. Wish fulfillment, love, flirtatiousness, optimism, social joys — these fill mid-week. Get out, have fun! Totally sidestep an argument Tues. pm, and be patient Wed. morning. Around 8:30 pm Thurs., withdraw, rest and contemplate — through Sat. Be charitable. Deal with gov’t. Avoid a conflict Fri. pm. Saturday pm holds a money prize.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The month ahead focuses on work and daily health. Scorpio. Eat and dress, exercise and sleep sensibly. Some of your work can lead to financial or other opportunities, until April 23. Talk seems to center on romance, kids, or a creative project. Romance and sex fit together quite easily. Remember, 2021’s main luck, for you, lies in real estate, home, family.

A mellow, understanding mood steals over you Sun. dawn to mid-afternoon Tues. All’s good — just be patient Tues. morn, and cautious Tues. pm.  (Don’t say the wrong thing, esp. when wooing someone.) Be ambitious, display your skills, and interact with bosses, VIPs mid-week. Be patient Wed. morning. Otherwise a good interval — you’ll succeed.

Wishes (2) might come true Thurs. night through Sat. Your optimism and popularity will rise, social delights spring up, and friendly romance is quite possible. Others seem very willing to “consort” with you, esp. Sat. pm. Earlier, sidestep conflict Fri. afternoon/eve.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Ah, sweet romance! The weeks ahead emphasize love, creativity, self-expression, teaching kids, fun, beauty, pleasure, sports/games, risk, and adventure. Although relationships can be hot and intense until April 23, this is closely tied to love (or hate). You might marry a lover now or soon. (But first you have to accept him or her.) Lots of discussion at home, w/family, or about security, perhaps sales territory, until early April.

Life’s secrets emerge Sun. dawn to mid-afternoon Tues. Your subconscious, intuition, grow more prominent. A good little interval for investing (esp. in the home) researching and making decisions about your future. Caution Tues., when a bit of disagreement (money? security? sex?) could turn into a full-fledged argument.

Mid-week brings a mellow, wise mood, empathy, and very possibly love. Be a little careful Wed. morning, when disruption needs patience. A “marriage hint” around dawn (PDT) Thurs. Thursday night through Sat. turns the telescope on career. Work hard, display talents, propose projects — Fri. about noon (work innovations) and Sat. afternoon (a money prize?). A good week, with more solutions than problems.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

During the next 4 weeks, Cap, the emphasis will lie on home, family, nature, garden, re[airs and decoration, and on relaxation — let this be a mini-hibernation. You might end (or contemplate ending) a job or task now through April. Don’t be impulsive: plan, then act. Your work can be hard and intense, to late April. Communications and travel, esp. close to home, will be quick, voluminous. Co-workers will be affectionate, gracious.

Relationships confront you Sun. dawn to mid-afternoon Tues. Good aspects, so expect more harmony and affection — and opportunities — than difficulties. These last are confined to Tues., when you will need patience in the morning, and diplomacy (or simply avoid the conflict) this evening.

Mid-week, Tues. pm to Thurs. night, highlights usually secretive or privileged information, research, questions, large finances, medical and lifestyle decisions. Wednesday morning holds a few obstacles, but the rest of this interval can be quite rewarding. (Try a small investment?) A wise, mellow mood drifts over you Thurs. night through Sat. Again, sidestep conflict Fri. eve. Saturday ends with hopes — and one might be granted.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Expect a busy month ahead., Aquarius, but not a consequential one. Mostly, your time will be consumed by calls and emails, errands and visits, and a flurry of paperwork. Actually, all this communication activity can have a very desired consequence: love. Your romantic sector is on fire until April 23, and the planet causing this fire is your planet of communications and short trips. So obviously, you might travel to meet a lover, or some such. Communications are affectionate and generous, even with people you don’t know.

Money is a matter of discussion until early April. Another possibly consequential result of communications could be your profile. Remember, 2021 is your year of great luck, personal presence and even fame.

Tackle chores Sun. dawn (PDT) to Tues. afternoon. Eat, dress sensibly. Sunday pm and Mon. are good times to buy tools, machinery. Mid-week brings relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons and relocation ideas. Careful Tues., when $ and romance do NOT mix. Argument possible. Be patient Wed. morning, too. But after this, all systems are Go for co-operation, love, etc.

The secret side of life opens Thurs. night through Sat. Finances, sexual urges, spying/researching, these attract. It’s a difficult interval to act and gather rewards, but Fri. morning favours you and your home. Sat. afternoon/eve opens your mind to the idea of advancement through management; or, the benefits of working in the background.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The main accent lies on money and possessions for the next 4 weeks, Pisces. You’re still quite “up” and energetic. Lots of talk about you and your prospects, or (same thing) about a relationship. Your home/family situation might be irritating you; if so, a bit of investment and hard work on the home will use up your anger, and improve your place. Renos good until April 23. Do chase money, and hunt for bargains — you have nice luck here until mid-April.

Romance calls Sun. dawn to Tues. afternoon (PDT). If so, answer before Tues., as this day holds some alienation or challenge, then, later, a potential full argument, probably at home. Creative, sports and speculative actions succeed, too. Tackle chores mid-week (Tues. afternoon to Thurs. night). Eat, dress sensibly. Care and patience needed Wed. morn, but otherwise this is a fortunate, go-ahead interval. Accomplish things!

Relationships, fresh horizons, relocation themes, public dealings and opportunities — and possible opposition — fill Thurs. night through Sat. Again, friction raises its head Fri. eve; be diplomatic. Saturday holds potential attraction, love, perhaps mating.



When you hate an enemy you drink his poison; when you forgive an enemy, you understand him; when you understand him you know how to defeat him. WARNING: This is not always true. Look at Hitler’s Nazis. They were hated and unforgiven, and defeated.

The odds were against Hitler; he was, in a sense, quixotic. In the world in general, across millennia, good has prevailed more often than bad, even if only by 0.000001 % per annum or per decade. This prevalence accounts for human advancement, for civilization. It really never stops; as a species, we never stop developing. Since good wins more often than bad, the odds are against any bad guy. Hitler didn’t know a bad gamble/risk when he saw one.
***   ***

When someone acts without reason, there’s usually another reason involved.
***   ***

Reparations? First the Blacks (for slavery), now they’re suggesting the Jews (for the Holocaust) — but — what about me? I’m Irish, that’s gotta be worth something! It’s a life sentence! No parole! What if my ancestors were enslaved by Vikings? Don’t I get something for that?
***   ***

I believe:

That there should be no national borders anywhere. Mankind’s obvious destiny is to be one great empire — or tribe, call it anything — of balance, worldwide, to harness immense talent and reach endless knowledge. We can see it already, a worldwide society (for we’re already a worldwide civilization). StarTrek taught us to see it, and modern communication technology has made it realistically possible — and philosophically/socially acceptable.

Our social complexity, as a civilization, has grown immensely since World War II. With that complexity has come a new respect for and pride in the concept of mankind, coupled with a surge in empathy that made that respect and pride transfer to others, even to the poor. I think WW II did this. Its horrors created empathy, and its massive marshalling, clothing, feeding, training and equipping and transporting of millions of troops, sparked a general appreciation for the mass of mankind, and brought a feeling of “we’re all the same,” which had two interesting effects:

1) at the time, it created the social welfare system as a gov’t institution; and, far down the road to the present, it has developed a sense in humanity generally that we all should be preserved, that we all have rights, that the poor should be fed and clothed.

This is a slow process. We’ve had poverty since when? And we’ve had “poor houses” and private charity for a few centuries, and even before that, perhaps primitive tribes “took care of their own,” their sick and young and lactating and elderly.

2) The second result did not happen overnight, and in fact is still occurring, unfurling slowly: it’s a rising of awareness of the “soul” of people in other nations.

When the Beatles went worldwide, sweeping whole populations of teens and twenties up in their enchantment, a Russian teen began to look at an English teen, a Romanian teen to an American, and so on, all realizing that the pleasure they’re feeling has nothing to do with nationality, and everything to do with sharing an emotion, or sharing a drink at the fountain of new consciousness.

This sharing has taken place ten thousand, ten billion times since the 1960’s, depending on your scale. It has matured and quickened at the same time, with social media doing the quickening (into vastness) mostly among the young/middle aged, and older minds absorbing the larger picture, trying to compare it to their own or a larger history.

Even politicians (Joe Biden, AOC) can see it, or (Trump) sense it. (Biden’s ”open borders” policy is a reflection of belief in some kind of elimination of national borders.) Some (Putin) are attempting to fight against this homogenization of nations, while others (Jie Xin Ping) see it coming, but want to rule everyone when it happens. Still, many European nations, and North America, and, I suspect, many impoverished third world nations, would agree with this idea in principle — enough to study it formally.

(We will achieve this “world nation.” We are already partway there in a de facto way. International trade has led increasingly to a beneficial rubbing of shoulders in trade, politics, and culture. The spread of American culture during the last century was probably the most — or second-most after WWII — affective “event” in tying the entire world together (to the degree it did).

(The spread of American culture was powered by many inter-twining forces, but among the strongest was the mere fact that a young, vibrant and forgiving country had won a world-spanning war. Yes, there were allies, but none as strong. Americans were seen as liberators in Europe, as rather gentle conquerers in the East. Everywhere, from France to Japan, they were the conquering nation. They were (to most) the liberators, courageous, winners — and unexpectedly generous on many fronts, from enlisted ranks to politicians. These admirers were highly likely to adopt the goals and fashions of this conquerer, and they did.)
***   ***

(My “border plan” for the immediate present is below.)

To continue “I Believe”:

      • That a substitute must be found for bureaucracy in order to achieve the above, the worldwide “nation.”
      • That we are slowly evolving to the condition of angels.
      • That the afterlife exists.
      • That reincarnation explains a lot of Western religious mysteries.
      • That earth might be equivalent to the Catholic Purgatory; if so, it expresses God’s benevolence.
      • The happier a person is, the more advanced along the winding road to heaven? True?
      • That we will one day live in small villages that will reduce the need for cars, energy .
      • That much of what the left says about their Green New Deal rings true as a hope, not as a realistic immediate option… in some cases a far-far-off hope.
        ***   ***

Biden’s 1.9 trillion dollar program gives each citizen in the U.S.A. $3,200, but it spends $17,000 per citizen. In other words, of the $17,000 Biden has borrowed for every citizen (and will soon tax that citizen to pay it back *) $13,800 will never go to that citizen, but to “pork” — programs for his buddies, an underground tunnel for Silicon Valley, $ for arts centres in Wash., DC., etc. Very smooth: “Here, I’m giving you $3,200 cash, and you will only have to pay me back $17,000 — or only 5 X as much!” You lucky Citizen, you.

… Another room in Biden’s haunted house.

* (Although if the reports are true that tax increases only start after $400,000 annual income — actually false, Biden has changed it to 400 k per family, not person — and if increases above this line can provide some social programs, whatever, I say go ahead. $4000,000 sounds like a very generous ceiling to me.)
***   ***

Here’s my Border Plan:

1) vaccinate everyone — use the one-shot J&J one, as many won’t return for their booster

2) test and separate into negative and positive groups; positive group will be held behind and/or quarantined for 14 to 21 days.

3) photo, finger and toe prints, full (4-part?) name, and names of direct family members, and destination if known.

3-A)  every immigrant, even a new-born, is issued a social security number and a “provisional citizenship” certificate, entitling them to every right an American enjoys. They can read their Oath of Allegiance in Spanish, but are told that they must appear in 5 years at a citizenship court, repeat the Oath in English, and walk away a full citizen.

Everyone also receives a federal photo I.D. card, enabling adults to take driver’s tests, etc. The provisional citizenship will be lost and the person deported if they commit a crime henceforth. In 5 years, the provisional turns into full citizenship, inalienable.

3-B) every immigrant (of age) is given a woven copy (indestructible paper) of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in Spanish and English. Each also given a booklet filled with explanations, helpful hints, how to contact other Spanish-speaking immigrants, lists of social housing, welfare, etc.,medical, etc. places nation-wide. Also, list of schools, trade schools, financial aid school programs, etc. One ticket to anywhere in the U.S.

3-D) Immigrants “Job and School Fair” in big tents. (? Maybe not the best time?)

3 advantages:

      • Gov’t can keep track of the new citizens the old fashioned way, via their SSNs;
      • breeds loyal (grateful, honest) citizens;
      • increases the income tax coffers.

This goes with my idea a year or two ago: let all DACA remain, in fact, give any illegal alien who comes forward, citizenship. Why? To produce more income taxes. And, he/she becomes an open citizen, which improves his/her mental health and the social atmosphere of the community. Reduces crime. More patriotic pride.

As for felons beyond immigration and poverty related crimes, deport them before the 5-year probation.
***   ***

THE U.S. better watch out. If it allows itself to decline, esp. militarily, it could face a major war in 2027 — a confrontation that builds from ’25 onward.
***   ***


(What do they all have in common?)