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NOTE:  The annual forecast, the luck forecast & the karmic forecast for 2021 are now available under PLATFORMS, above.

Hey, remember when I wrote here about a year ago that I had a vision of the national guard surrounding Congress in Washington? Well, it came true yesterday, January 6 — 1,500 national guards completely surrounded Congress and the capital building.

A big raspberry to the media, VP Pence, Pelosi, Schumer and other big hat politicians, all who came out and condemned the demonstrators. Their favourite phrase was: “this is not democracy!” Really?  Then why not condemn the origin of the U.S.A. — the Boston Tea Party — because it was violent and “not democracy!”? Or the 1776 Revolutionary War?
***   ***

PLEASE NOTE: This blog will change, going forward. I have long wanted to write fiction, and over the years promised myself that by the time I reach a certain age and economic level, I will write fiction. To do so, to preserve the time and energy needed to write, I am going to shorten this column. Each Sun sign message will be shortened from about 250 words, to 100 or so.

I will put the fiction on this site, although I know not many of my astrology readers will be interested. That’s okay.
***   ***

I’ll continue to make broad predictions, of the stock markets, etc. In fact, a few I made in the past year, are regurgitated in today’s AFTERAMBLE.
***   ***

I will, as promised, stop writing about politics, except occasionally in a non-partisan way, to look at larger, decade and century and era trends.
***   ***

To God, all is welcome, even the denial of God.
***   ***

Her resentments dropped around her, like shrivelled fruit from a bitter tree.
***   ***

The light of spirituality is found at the core of the physical.
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent remains on your career and other practical or status related ambitions, areas. Work hard to advance yourself. Bosses are beginning to favour your cause, and will do so for the rest of January, so this is an excellent time to propose new projects or new duties for yourself.

New friends are beginning to come in — they are, in a way, the advanced guard of the huge amount of significant and long lasting friends you will make in 2021. Much money coming now through February – make sure you save it.

Sunday is for big ideas, but don’t believe everything you think. You’re ambitious streak can reach a peak Monday/Tuesday. Both days favour you, but especially Monday. Seek responsibility rather than money. Your popularity and social mingling rises Wednesday to Friday. Retreat for meditation or planning or visits to an institution Fri. afternoon through Saturday. All is well!

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The focus continues on law, international travel and affairs, higher education, publishing/media, cultural involvements, and love. Press forward with these, as the results look beneficial. Talk begins about your career and worldly status, now to mid-March. It won’t be “straight ahead,” but it’s the first note of a year filled with grand career and ambition fortune.

Now through February, two things: 1) your sexual magnetism surges; and 2) you must deal with old problems and hold-backs.

Sunday’s for sex and “big money” — the morning’s deceptive. For Mon./Tues., re-read the paragraph above, first 2 sentences (“law,” etc.). Both days beneficial, but don’t buy anything electronic, inc. computers. Accident potential, dawn Tues. Expend effort on your career Wed. to Fri. Act Wed., despite “challenges.” Friday afternoon through Saturday boost your popularity and could bring a sweet treat — a wish come true.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

All is sexual and/or financial for the next 10 days, Gemini. You have to make some crucial decisions about your lifestyle, your medical needs, and, perhaps, about a relationship — it’s join or split time, all or nothing. One clue: good luck rides with you in this zone, esp. Mon./Tues.  A deep sexual affair is available, but are you sure you want it? (It might curtail/restrict your social, other hopes.)

Much discussion occurs now to mid-March about love and law, cultural and social rituals, intellectual goals and travel itineraries. This discussion will not always be straightforward, but it is the first phase of 2021’s tremendous success in this area — a success that’s highlighted Wed. to Friday.

Sunday is for relationships. Mon./Tues. and Wed.-Fri. are mentioned above. (Don’t buy computers, nor trust your finances to them, Mon./Tues.) Chase your ambitions, approach the boss Fri. afternoon through Saturday — good results.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The accent lights on relationships, opportunities, relocation possibilities, dealings with the public, and the need to be diplomatic and cooperative. Now to January’s end, others treat you with grace and affection. The opportunities can be real and worthwhile. A man might help you socially, or help make a dream come true, now through February.

A career wish can also be fulfilled, same period. (Much discussion about your career or ambitious projects now to mid-March — the first phase of 2021’s excellent career opportunities.)

Sunday’s for work/health. Deception in morning. Those relationships, opportunities, etc. are luckily highlighted Mon./Tues. You might face a choice: sex or friendship. Wed. to Fri. brings sexual, financial and medical/lifestyle situations and urges. Be cautious: avoid commitment. A mellow, wise, loving mood steals over you Friday afternoon into the weekend — dive into travel, legal, cultural or intellectual pursuits — and love.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

10 more days of work and health concerns, Leo. Generally, these will go well, so just plod forward. Coworkers will treat you affectionately for the rest of this month. It is also a good time to buy tools. Bosses and higher-ups display impatience and temperament now through February. Be diplomatic. If you work in law, academia, publishing or international travel, or any intellectual area, you might collect a reward or otherwise succeed through February.

A lot of talk may start in relationship areas, lasting right into mid March. There will be some confusion in this and some backtracking, but basically this is the first phase of a tremendously fortunate relationship, opportunity and or relocation process lasting through 2021.

Sunday is for romance, but not for sex. Hunker down and get that job done Monday/Tuesday. The relationship opportunities mentioned above become more obvious Wed. to Fri. afternoon. Sex, finances/investments/debt, and lifestyle decisions draw you Friday afternoon into the weekend — a pretty good time for commitment.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The main accent remains on romance, creativity, self-expression, beauty and pleasure for 10 more days, Virgo. Actually, romance’s favours will be lavished on you past this, to month’s end. Someone with whom you share a love or intellectual relationship might pursue you in a rather hot sexual way now through February.

A lot of discussion will revolve, now to mid-March, around your work, employment, and health. By late January, this talk might get all tangled up and confused before things are straightened out in March. But this talk is also a signal or first phase of expansion, stability, and good luck in work and health all 2021. This is also an excellent year to purchase or repair machinery.

Sunday as for home and children. That romance and creativity mentioned above emerges strongly Monday/Tuesday. Wed. to Friday emphasizes work, health and machinery. Although this is an area of great good fortune for you in ’21, it’s probably better not to plunge in right now; save major machinery purchases for later. Relationships, opportunities, relocation prospects, negotiations and agreements arise Friday afternoon into the weekend. Plunge in, because everything flows well.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The focus continues on your domicile, children and parents, mother nature, gardening and nutrition, security and rest — for 10 more days. Don’t be afraid to take afternoon naps, Libra. You will draw comfort from this domestic area all through January. You might also decide to end one endeavour or circumstance, and start another.

A powerful sexual drive fills you through February. Much discussion can take place now to mid-March about romance and creative or pleasure pursuits. This talk might spiral into confusion and delay by Feb., but it is the first phase of a powerful and fortunate romantic and creative influence lasting all 2021— one that can set your tone, circumstances and heart for the next three decades.

Sunday is for travel and talk. Chores fail in the morning. This domestic phase (outlined above) becomes strong and obvious Monday/Tuesday. Both days are fortunate, except for sex and relationships. Romance calls Wed. to Fri. afternoon. Tackle chores and health concerns Friday afternoon into the weekend – all is successful.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The focus remains on short trips, easy chores, contacts and friendly conversations, paperwork and errands for 10 more days, Scorpio. Even after these days end, the rest of January brings affection and luck here — you might receive some rather flirty replies. However, be careful with relationships all January and February, as others might be hostile, or take your approach the wrong way. Be cooperative and diplomatic.

Communications arise in the family or about your home or security situation. This talk goes all the way into mid-March, but hits a shoal/reef of confusion in February. That’s okay. It’s the first phase of a splendid real estate, home/family, nutrition and “getting back to nature” influence that fills 2021. (An excellent year to buy/sell a home.)

Sunday’s for money and spending. Those short trips and easy chores mentioned in the paragraph above emerge strongly Monday/Tuesday. Jump in Monday — your luck is good. Wed. to Fri. afternoon emphasizes domesticity and real estate… But wait for another time to buy a home; right now, circumstances are confused. Sweet romance grabs you Friday afternoon into the weekend — plunge in!

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Keep pursuing money for the next 10 days, Sage. A long romantic streak (since last June) has just ended. Until January’s end, your income will rise; you can afford something luxurious.

Eight weeks of hard, intense (but perhaps creative) work starts now. A lot of talk (perhaps travel, too) starts, lasting to mid-March. This will enter a “confusion tunnel” late Jan. to late Feb., but is essentially lucky, as it is the first phase of a year-long expansion of your communications, travel, paperwork and contacts.

You’re healthy, energetic and magnetic Sunday. Mon./Tues. are for seeking money, shopping, memorizing and sensual intimacy. Generally fortunate. Those errands, communications and new contacts swell Wed. to Fri. Good and bad luck mingle Wed. (See “Start Nothing” above for Thurs./Fri.).  Friday afternoon into the weekend nudges you toward home, family, security, rest, and mother nature… in a relaxed, mellow way.

capricorn iconCAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your energy, charisma and effectiveness remain at an annual high, Cap. Be a leader, start importing projects. Your attractiveness swells now to late January, as Venus touches you with her love wand. Until early March, romance grows intense — and might be linked to a domestic situation. (A new romance might end an old one.)

Discussions about money and possessions start now, and last to mid-March. These communications will enter a confusion/delay segment, but they’re essentially lucky, because they are the first phase of 2021’s hugely lucky income picture. (Careful with money, though, midweek.)

Withdraw, rest and ponder Sunday. Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon./Tues. You enter that lucky money/income/possessions phase Wed. to Friday, but realize Wed.’s luck is very good and very bad, mingled. Be nimble! Errands, casual friends, communications and paperwork are slated Fri. afternoon into the weekend — all’s smooth, easy, fortunate.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Continue to lie low, rest and contemplate for 10 more days, Aquarius. Deal with gov’t, institutions, head office, spiritual and charity orgs. These people will aid you for the whole month ahead. Make plans now.

Now to early March, your home/family/real estate will be intense, argumentative. Usually a good time to renovate, but if you’re planning major renos, either start immediately, or wait until the last week of February to start. (Avoid new starts Jan. 30-Feb. 21.)

You grow talkative, restless, curious, creative and romantic now to mid-March. This will run into a “confusion stage” (mostly Feb.) but it is very important, as this signals the essential start of a whole year of personal expansion, significant projects or new starts, wish fulfillment — and love or sex!

Sunday’s for wishes, flirtations. Withdraw into rest — and all mentioned above in the first 4 sentences — Mon./Tues. A small “family argument” could become a real fight in the weeks ahead, if you let it. Problem: you feel too restricted.

Your energy and charisma rise mildly Wed. to Friday. A good time to start things, and to get things done. Wednesday is both lucky and unlucky, so be ready to back off anything that is not working, and jump on anything that is. Chase money, buy/sell, memorize anything and engage in casual sex if you like, Friday afternoon into the weekend. All goes smoothly and well.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Wishes can still come true, Pisces. For 10 more days, your popularity, optimism and joy in life increase. Until January’s end, you might be flirting with someone playful but realistic. In some cases, if you’re single and involved with a Taurus, romantic shenanigans can go on right into early March.

Secrets or discussions start to fill your private or inner life. This will continue until mid March, but will go through a period of confusion and indecision for most of February. Don’t take these “confidential dialogues” or inner planning urges lightly, as they are the first phase of 2021’s major trend: a leaning toward management, civil service/gov’t, institutions, spirituality, pondering and planning, and “good works.” You could assume an important management role, or spread your beneficial influence far and wide.

An excellent year to take up meditation, go to Africa as an aid worker, etc. (You would meet people who become lifelong friends.)

Sunday is for ambition, but act early (before 10:30 am PST) or give it a rest. Read the first 2 sentences above (“Wishes can…”) — that’s Mon./Tues., two lucky days. Withdraw, meditate, ponder and plan, rest and avoid competition Wed. to Friday afternoon. There’s good luck and bad Wed. — better to avoid “big risk.” Your energy and charisma rise strongly Fri. afternoon into Sat./Sun. — promising an exciting weekend!



I thought it would be good, every January, to look at the last year’s predictions. I made 2 bad ones —

1, that Trump would win (and also that he should not, as everything, including karma, was lined up against him) and
2, that Joe Biden “didn’t have a chance.”

I also predicted real estate prices would decline. Well, they did for commercial/office realty, but residential prices soared due to people fleeing Covid-infested cities. (A flight which I did predict.)

I also wrote that covid cases would decline after late December, which happened, and that the virus would “double itself” or create a new variant. That also happened. BUT it looks like the new variant will increase Covid cases, as it came out at the same time the “old” covid virus declines. So I think I’ll lose one of these predictions, win the other.

Below, all words in quotation marks are from my column of the date indicated. Unfortunately, I cannot find January’s and half of February’s columns.

Here goes. (I apologize for some overlapping statements.)

Feb. 16, 2020:  “Just a feeling, could be wrong, but I suspect the DOW (presently 29,500) won’t reach 30,000 soon, or if it does, won’t stay there long before declining.”

RESULT: Dow failed to hit 30,000, then fell by 30%.

April 5:  “…March 27 as I write this… (expect) draconian police state zeal in locking people up, quarantining, etc…. March 28 to April 6… a peak in new deaths —AND the last week of June/first week of July, AND AGAIN in November, 2020. These two later periods can “revive” the Corona virus into a new round of infections…”

RESULT: Covid 19 hit new highs of infection in March/April, June/July, and November/December. And a police state was established in the U.S., and to some degree around the world.

April 12:

“Why is Bill Barr, America’s Attorney General, lying when he says about the… FBI shenanigans, ‘we’re going to get to the bottom of this,’ and ‘they will be prosecuted?’ During both utterances his eyes, usually calm, unimpressed, suddenly broke into a fit of swift blinking, an indicator of lying. The blinking fits came on the words “bottom” and “prosecuted.” What/who is he afraid of?”

RESULT: Seven months later, Barr said there was no election fraud, hid Special Prosecutor John Durham’s findings, and refused to appoint special prosecutors to investigate Biden or the election fraud. This, when all America thought he was Trump’s ally. Well, I warned you, way back in April.

April 19:

“I don’t see anything astrologically, but everything else I see makes me feel we’re entering a period of deflation.”

RESULT: May 20, the Canadian gov’t announced that inflation was negative (i.e., deflation) for the first time since 2009.

May 3:

“In case of a pandemic, where time is of the essence in developing a vaccine, don’t develop phase 1, then if it passes that trial, begin phase 2, and so-on. THAT takes the 18 months” (My Note: I had my times wrong — most experts said it would take 2 to 10 years.) they keep telling us must be spent, like punishment, before a vaccine is ready to go. Here’s what you do, only in cases of emergency such as a pandemic — partly because it’s dangerous (but not flawed)* and partly because it’s ultimately unprofitable (so would need gov’t/public financial support):

“You start Phases One, Two and Three simultaneously. That way, as soon as Phase One is approved, so should be, are, almost immediately, all successive Phases. In some situations this would not work…”

“And the time of development could be cut by what? Half? Two-thirds?”

RESULT: Several Covid vaccines were developed at “warp speed” by December, a “miracle” according to the press and others. Turns out, the drug companies did exactly what I recommended.

(This reminds me of my “advice” about Sanctuary cities a year or two ago. About a month later, the White House did exactly as I suggested, and since then not one city has proclaimed itself a sanctuary city. Even those who had already proclaimed themselves sanctuaries shut their doors and hearts up tight. It was an amazing example of holier-than-thou NIMBY hypocrisy.)

Also May 3:

“THERE’S A GOOD CHANCE THE CORONA VIRUS IS ‘DOUBLE.’ …Some people will make a fortune on the virus, or the virus will, perhaps, destroy or transform wealth.”

“This ‘doubleness’ might also indicate that there are two viruses, or two versions of it.”

RESULT: 1) a second version of the virus appeared about 7 months later (2 weeks ago) in Britain, and has spread across the world. 2) Billionaires like Bezos and Gates have made huge fortunes from the virus, and the useless “lock downs.”

Also May 3:

“Remember when I wrote that the wealthy of the future would be “close to nature” or live in the woods or whatever? …If such a virus were to go on, and on, and on, with each wave eating away at the population (citizenry) I’ll bet a good portion of the wealthy would at least prepare a place in the country.”

RESULT: Obvious. Over 1 million people have left NY City. Silicon Valley/San Francisco’s office vacancy rate has soared from almost zero to 14% vacant. (Both figures from tv news, approx. Nov./Dec./20.)

May 24:

“The virus… seems to have a unique ability to confuse politicians and public health mandarins.”

RESULT: Obvious.

Also May 24:

(Covid) “…will shrink retail, stores, office occupancy, energy consumption. The old world is dissolving; the new world is upon us. We were slow to embrace it, so the cosmos sent us a Scorpio disease (Covid-19) to push us. Scorpio pushed us once before: 2008/09, when the financial system collapsed. And it will again, for these “Scorpio instigated” changes will descend on us for another 209 years.

“The corona virus is tailor-made to push us back into our homes, and into deeper reliance on the Internet. The trend toward internet shopping, and away from brick-and-mortar stores and malls, will accelerate. Banking, the same — suddenly, no longer a need to own expensive real estate to plonk a bank onto. (Actually, this trend has been coming for some years — I warned about it a year or two ago. Banks should have seen it coming; if they didn’t, this “enforced cocooning” is their wake-up call. Their discrete dumping of real estate over the decade ahead will be a burden on prices.”

RESULT: By Aug./Sept./Oct., financial gurus were saying all the above… and probably still are.

June 14:

“Well, I wrote here some months ago that Trump’s campaign manager looked a little slow and self-important. Then I wrote that Trump’s team better not be so confident, that Biden’s mistakes can actually endear him to voters. Now I’m even more negative: unless Trump destroys Biden in a debate, he might lose the election. That’s bad news for Biden, too.”

RESULT: Obvious. (The “bad news” is potential assassination.)

June 28:

“Dang it, Trump… Unless you drop the anger and stress that has gripped you since covid-19 appeared, you’ll lose in November. (A huge resurgence in Covid around this month might throw the election awry.)”

“Oh, I know why you’re angry, and you have every right to be, after you’ve been slandered, libelled, called disgusting names by disgusting people… but get over it, rise above it, or Gentle Joe’s quiet passivity will attract more votes; people aren’t looking at his mental tottering, but his “kind heart.” He is, in the worst way, a Decepticon… but voters will forgive that, just as they forgave your ersatz university.”

“And now you’re making mistakes — or rather, the cosmos is “helping you make them.” You started your campaign during a START NOTHING period, and were immediately shown the result: your rally only filled half the building, a major embarrassment that right-wing Fox News spent all Sunday trying to explain away.

(‘Start Nothing’ means the Moon is “void-of-course,” or “empty of results.” The Moon rules the people, the masses.) That was an omen, Donald, a precursor. Now, this wasn’t entirely your doing: you planned it for the day before, June 19 — a pretty good day, astrologically — but the Blacks and Dems shamed you out of that day, so you picked the 20th, which had no aspects, no future. AND you started it during Mercury retrograde. Having two strikes against you, doesn’t leave you much room to expand, much less breathe in the months ahead.”

RESULT: Biden won the election (we think).

Aug. 2:

“I think the covid virus will “get in gear” again in November. This second spread or “push” from the virus (third if we exclude the June/July bump) will be about equal to the strength of its first push, in Dec./Jan. of 2019/20. But it might be much more pronounced than that first push, at least in an absolute sense, because it will be starting from a base that is already high.”

“Two bright sides to this: 1) the virus will tend to abate after December this year; and 2) these sort of mass death episodes are usually followed by good; seen far in the past, the common comment will be, “Well, it turned us in a better direction,” or “Yeah, things got better after that,”

RESULT: huge November spike in covid cases.

Aug. 30:

A “double Moon and double South Lunar Node on Trump’s ascendant in his Oct. 20 ‘election’ lunar return is ominous. Usually this would signal either 1) a karmic downfall, or b) entering the first, tempting gates of a future downfall. Trump’s handlers had better filter or design every word he says, late October onward.”

RESULT: (Among others): Trump is recorded trying to “get votes” in a phone call in December with Georgia’s Sec. of State. Recording made public one day before Georgia vote. January 6/21, Facebook and Twitter delete Trump’s accounts, silencing him.

Sept. 20:

“Covid wilI grow less and less significant from late December onward.”

RESULT: Despite the media’s false reports, the Covid incidence has fallen dramatically: in Canada, from 6,708 cases Dec. 25 to 1,302 cases Jan. 01 — a fall of over 80%. Rounding off tops and bottoms would give a less dramatic reduction, but still a noticeable one. In the U.S., cases fell from 280,000 December 11, to 201,000 by Jan. 3 — but most days in those 2 weeks, the cases were below both numbers — swinging between about 100,000 to 230,000. Worldwide, daily cases have fallen from 729,000 to 628,000 over a similar time period, with a downward trend.

Sept. 20 also:

“The terrible fires on the U.S. west coast should abate temporarily, mid-Sept. to mid-November.”

RESULT: I think evident.

Sept. 27:

“My U.S. election prediction might not be so reliable, as heavy voting is already taking place months before the formal election date of Nov. 3. One state on Sept. 21 reported that they estimated over 50% of ballots had already been cast. That throws a fair handful of astrology out the window, as we don’t know when people are voting. Oh, well.”

Oct. 11:

“Trump should not depend on John Durham to charge the deep state criminals before the election. Remember, John — J — is the indicator of an enemy of Trump, one who usually pretends to be on Trump’s side, then isn’t.”

RESULT: Durham remains obdurately silent during the election, allowing the left to mock Trump and insist again that Russia owns him.

Nov. 15:

“Still, I am fairly certain that Biden will prevail, and Trump will lose, for the simple reason that the huge Democratic machine, including their media lackeys and their biased court judges, are a thousand-ton truck that Trump just can’t lift. The judges will probably refuse to let Trump’s people or anyone recount the votes.”

RESULT: Exactly that. Over 70 Judges, and 9 Supreme Court Justices, refused to hear Trump’s case(s). I’m sad to say it, but there’s something rotten in the Kingdom.