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  1. Peter

    Hi Tim

    Always good to here your weekly insight,especially concerning world affairs. After recent & ongoing events concerning the US & North Korea i have been very drawn to something you wrote previously. On the “preamble” for Nov 27-Dec 3 2016, under the heading “The Weirdest Thing”, you wrote the following concerning the Trump Administration: (i will copy & paste it)

    “Here’s the thing: the four Gemini roosters were elected on a somewhat “tawdry” platform (the south, bad node in their career sign) but obviously one that was meant to win. That means their administration is fated, to be and to face some major thing, or to create some major new thing. It bears watching.”

    For others reading this the 4 Gemini’s you were refering to were Trump,Pence,Guilliani & Gingrich. Unlike others from his initial Administration who have already gone from their posts,these 4 have all (as yet) kept their jobs. Just a coincidence, or something more maybe?

    Dare i say but could this possible major thing that they may have to face,be what is going on now in the Korean Peninsula? As i write this i have just seen on the news that now the Russians,like the Chinese a few days ago,have moved troops & equipment to their border with China, which is just 11 miles from the North Korean border.The Chinese already have extra troops on their border with North Korea.

    Sorry i’m rambling on a bit, but just interested to see whether you belive this could possibly be that “major thing” you were writing about 5 months ago?



    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Peter,

      Just to reply quickly, for the short term, the U.S. will be in a war mood, peaking about May 1 or 2. If nothing happens by May 6 or so, we have dodged the bullet of war for the interim. As for farther out, 2018, 19, I’d have to look more closely. If I do, I’ll put it in the preamble.

      Thanks for a great question.


  2. TasBee

    Hi Tim,

    I was thrilled to stumble upon your old website, and your 17 year Pluto forecast (which stops in 2012). It is so accurate for me and my husband, who does not believe in Astrology but was pleasantly suprised, are you planning or do you have something upto 2025. I am also contemplating a personal reading although I do not have an accurate birth time. Just an estimate. Does that work?

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, TasBee,

      If you click on PLATFORMS, then on PLUTO FORECAST, you’ll get the forecast to 2024. A birth time is not essential for a good reading. You can think of it like this: in your solar (no birth time) chart we can see, say, 60 things. If we had your birth time, we could see, say, 60 other things. But in an hour reading, we can only “get to” 20 or 30 things.



  3. crb

    Hi Tim,

    Firstly thanks very much for all the horoscopes, I always enjoy reading these and especially your preambles and postambles.

    I noticed that you produce world maps (location astrology) for people and wondered what you views were on the idea that re-locating to live under one’s least aspected planet for a few years leads to success? It certainly applies to me although I didn’t know I was doing this at the time as I knew nothing of astro-cartography back then.

    Do your maps include the identification of the least aspected planet? Perhaps you could talk about this in one of your preambles as it seems to be an area that is becoming more interesting to people and yet there is not much information out there.

    Best regards,


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, crb,

      No, the maps do not identify the least-aspected planet. However, an aspect list will quickly show what planet that is.As for the idea/theory that living under one’s lease-aspected planet (by under I assume you mean the planet is midheaven?) I have never heard of it. Might be something to it…might not!



  4. siddharth444

    Hi Tim,

    Currently i am jobless and i am selected in One company in Feb-17 but offer letter is not given each week i got respond wait this is undr approval and review ..dont worry ur selected.. but its high time now and i am in need of job .. can you please advise me when i will get job..My birth date is 12-jan-1987, time 4.44 AM IST
    Place India -Goa -City Panjim (near by) please advise me date as i am tense now

  5. manvir

    Hi Tim!!
    Welcome back and wish you a speedy recovery.

    I’ve been a regular reader for many years now, but your predictions for Aries (since 2016) have me bamboozled. You had predicted a hard working year with a possible chance of “field promotion” around June or was it July 2016 OR prestigious promotion after 12 Sept. It was, and still remains hard working time so far. Things built up around those times just like you predicted but was denied the promotion. In fact, the positions were given to much lesser qualified persons. Even the boss interviewing me was less qualified (academically) than me. I have an MBA + over 10 years of Managerial experience, and the Interviewer does not even have a Diploma in Management, but since my qualifications and experience are from Australia, I may have been over looked.

    Even this year, you mentioned for Aries, that Aries would be offered a management position. Again, I was interviewed, but the position was again offered to a lesser qualified person.

    Could this be due to the fact that I am actually a cusp between Pisces-Aries? Born on 22 March 1965 at 6:02 PM in Ahmedabad (India). Can you shed some light please?

    Warm regards

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Manvir,

      I would have to read your chart to see the real problem, and how to step around it. (I don’t erect chars to answer these comments.) The cause could lie in what you say, but it could also lie somewhere else. The “field promotion” referred to would not be a prestigious promotion, but a possible reward for extra work (the other reward being more income).

  6. keira

    Hello Tim,

    I’m little comfused about my life,my work doesn’t get well and my love life either.i was born in May 8th 1986, in the 6:30am,born in china 106°25′ E , 38°57′ N.right now,i’m out off job and not married.can u tell me how and when can i find my new job and get married? many thanks!

    PS: There Is No LOVE FORECASTS 2017?


  7. Bill Rinko

    Hi Tim: I’m a Scorpio with South Node in Pisces. Need to have back surgery & find a job (both are risk & gambling). Should I hold off until after May 2017? Thanks.

        1. jc066

          Hi Tim,
          I’ll tried to find a better way to squeeze a question to you but will have to do it this way.
          Me: 22jun78, Nelson BC, 2am.
          I’d like to buy a house, we started looking before the retro of Mercury and it’s getting to crunch time for the decision. Wait out the mercury retro or tie this up and see if we can buy?

          1. Tim Stephens

            Hi, jc066,

            You’re in a great year to buy (until early October) — but usually actions succeed best after Jan. 8. However, I have not noticed that Merc. retro affects house purchases, so I don’t think there’s harm in proceeding — UNLESS you are already indecisive.



  8. B G

    Hi Tim,

    I’ve been reading your blog for many years and have had a reading with you in person as well. I’m a Pisces with Virgo rising. I’ve read at least few times now that for Virgo live relationships are fighting money interests and you advise that Virgos allow the money interest to win. Any idea when the two interests (love and money) stop fighting one another? Thx!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, BG,

      Virgos (and Pisces, on a deeper, or more ‘investment” level) should focus on money until Oct. 2017, for that’s where your luck lies. (Both signs will obtain sexual intimacy quite easily, but romance/love is a little more scarce. Virgo SHOULD NOT marry anyone met before mid-May 2017.) Romance should return, in a friendly, casual way, in 2018.



  9. Peter

    Hi Tim

    I have loved reading your blogs & horoscopes for many years now, so cannot fail to be impressed by your accuracy. After reading your most recent blog today, there was one thing in particular you said that just stood out to me to such a degree, it’s been playing on my mind since. When referring to the upcoming Trump Presidency and his team, you said ominously and i quote “That means their administration is fated, to be and to face some major thing, or to create some major new thing. It bears watching.”

    With all that is going on in the World at the moment, in particular with recent Russian actions, should we be worried? I mean as i write this, just a few hours ago Putin announced he was moving nukes to the European border in retaliation at Nato action.

    Thank you.

      1. Peter

        Hi Tim

        Okay i look forward to hearing your thoughts on this in the future.

        Just a quick add on with something i didn’t mention in my original post. The last part of your quote i talked about; “It bears watching.” Just wondering whether that was a deliberate play on words on your part, or whether your psychic gift was coming in to play without perhaps you even realising it?

        “It” = IT (as in computers) & “bears” = Russia (their symbol) – There has been a lot in the media recently about Russian state hackers called “fancy bears”/”cozy bears.” Or maybe i am just reading way too much in to it, and adding 2 + 2 and getting five? 🙂

        Thanks again for your insight.


  10. dyui

    I read with interest and mostly a cocked head in how curious it is you decided to share with us about being molested. I am gay. I was molested at 5 by a stranger. Then by a neighbor at 9 to 11. I’m hoping you’re not a gay hater Tim. I mean, I would like to see more of your fantastic mutterings about ‘us’. I’ve followed you since the days of the Courier. Hell, it was the only reason I read the thing.

    Anyway, I know you know you have a gay audience. If you could just recognize us once in a while and let us know what’s down that windy road. I’m February 23rd. Adopted, so of course know little about my ‘real’ birth date. I’ve left acting and taken up writing novels. I just got a response to a query and I’ve connected with a well known screenwriter.

    Am I going to get the Klieg lights? Will I end up bedding this present nutcase of a boy (mostly friend whom I’ve mattress-bounced with a few times who insists he’s straight – he’s Japanese). I do so love him.

    I am a fan. I’ve spoken to you on the phone once. I live for your column. Actors are not big money makers and I sometimes look at your site before investing my small monies.


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, dyui,

      Sure, I know I have gay readers. One of my daughters is gay. I don’t hate anyone or any “type,” despite all the emails I get accusing me of hating Hillary. (I don’t hate Hillary. I hate deception, dirty fighting, pride, arrogance, disdain, thievery, “entitlement” and most other forms of evil, petty and major. Those who accuse me of having lost my spirituality should remember that pandering, simpering, and saying “Ommmm” all day long is not spiritual, and showing wrath and anger is not un-spiritual. If this were not the case, all the Biblical prophets — to whom I am NOT comparing myself, though I’mm a better predictor that any of them, except perhaps Zecharia — would be residing in hell right now.
      As for gays, my only frustration is what to do with one of my favourite phrases: “the opposite sex.” When I do use it, please remember it includes gays also (tho’ it would be “the same sex”) — in other words, the meaning is attraction or relating.

      Best regards,


  11. Satori

    Ps….I love what you said about Trump. It’s true, I’m female and even I know that talk goes on, it is niavity to think it shouldn’t or doesn’t. Don’t agree with Trump…and the media does rip him apart. Both are bad, whoever gets in, it’s gonna wreak havoc on the markets…

      1. jenoneil

        Hi Tim,

        I am 72 years old and have seen a lot in the time I have been here. I have never seen so many angry people in my life. Everyone has to be right and no one else’s thoughts matter. I have seen the Korean War and veterans being welcomed back, seen the Viet Nam War and seen vets being spit at as they came down the street. The Iraq war should have never happened. I see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton slinging mud at each other and still don’t know what they stand for. The Native Americans in North Dakota are fighting a war of their own and not one person in congress or the news media have been there to help them because Big Oil wants their land and, of course, Big Oil runs our country. Don’t think congress, the President or anyone else runs the U.S. We have sold out to the highest bidder. If I didn’t dislike the cold so much, I think I would move to Canada. I hate to say it but I think we are going to have a civil war in the U.S. not matter who becomes president.

  12. Satori

    HI Tim!
    Wow! I stumbled on here because of relationship troubles with a Libra man…I get a feeling he’s looking for a new mate, sigh. I’m Aquarius…would coming to see you help verify things? You really hit many truths in both our signs….
    We don’t live together, 16 yrs together and he’s uber private, which to me is fine but sometimes it comes off as secretive…past four years we have been long distance, I see him once a month, email and talk everyday…he’s in Alberta…it says Libra might find a new love interest…he says he’s not looking…i am a freedom loving, ‘almost’ unconditionally loving…but not sure if I can be ‘open’ to knowing my partner is looking….that puts me off…can birthdates and stuff help me find the truth, or is it just kinda general….and what all do I need for a private reading…thank you Tim!

    And I’m such a Ludite…I should have emailed you…but here I am 🙂 in comments, hi all!

    1. mastinomama

      Love your column. However, I think you are buying the media hype from Trump re Elizabeth Warren. Check Snopes. I really hate to see you printing this crap. I think an apology is in order here. Would love to have coffee with you and give you some real perspective from a displaced Yank who still has family in the USA.

      You are absolutely right about old Bill: he needs to just go away. i don’t see Hillary as evil as you do. Growing up in the midwest, we were mostly republicans and her support of Goldwater was almost expected in that area. I had high school friends who supported him. (By then I had learned enough to not drink the cool aid)

      Good to see Bernie moving the party to the left and I am a great admirer of Elizabeth Warren. do some more homework into her positions and work.

      Trump is a disaster on so many levels.Mitt Romney and friends are voting for the Libertarian candidate (who is interesting and smart)

      I just can’t wait until the conventions!



      1. Tim Stephens

        Hi, Mastinomama,

        I used to like Eliz. Warren; now I don’t. She lost me when she came out to support Clinton. I think anyone who supports Clinton would lose me, because they immediately show their loyalty to (and here I agree with Trump and Sanders) a corrupt, rigged system. My hope is that the GOP splits into two: Libertarians and Trump; and that the Dems do the same: Hillary and Bernie. If there was a four-way race, I think Bernie would win.



        1. Tim Stephens

          Hey, Mastinomama,

          I know that! He’s a bullying, arrogant, entitled, spoiled brat rich boy. But that doesn’t give the sanctimonious female and male media talking heads fake outrage a pass — Trump is openly awful (mainly because he can’t stop himself, and even his attempts at secrecy are comical) — but these talking heads are secretly awful, hiding their own dismal hearts behind a false show of indignation and “We’re so pure.” Give me a break!



      2. JTH619

        SNOPES has been discredited long ago. Sorry, Tim is spot-on about Trump…the guy, as my dad would say, is a “horse’s ass”. Sadly, there is no need to shame a horse in this manner.

    2. mastinomama

      Re your thoughts on porno: I can only say “ewwhhh!” Throughout the history of mankind the female form has been celebrated in art. There are so many wonderful paintings and sculptures in every era even in primitive societies. A need to look at gynecological shots of artificially “enhanced ” women is demeaning to women and promotes a view of women that promotes disrespect and violence.

      I recommend an improvement to your reading material. National Geographic?

    3. aliceliveshere08

      Hi Tim,

      So disappointed in your support of Trump. I agree with mastinomama that you’ve completely missed the point – it’s not a matter of hypocrisy about swearing. It’s a matter of an adult man talking with a member of the media about complete disrespect for other human beings, specifically in this case women. Do you really think his attitude to everyone else in the world except himself is refreshing in any adult, let alone a leader? Do you find his language appropriate in any way? I say again, I’m sorely disappointed in your attitude. I thought you had vision.

      1. Tim Stephens

        Wake up, Alice: I was not talking about mere male swearing; I was talking about men describing what they would/have/did/desire to do to/with women, when women are not in earshot. If YOU had vision you’d be able to see that there are huge segments of humanity that don’t conform to your nice little protected world.


  13. Phoenix Rising

    Hi Tom. I am a long time client of yours. I use to go to your East van area for consultation, later UBC. ect. Tim, could you please let us Virgos know what the hell s going on with Jupiter. This was suppose to our be a big year. My virgo friends have had it tough with job, money, relationship ect Even on the internet under the comment section with different astrologers. They are wondering the same thing.
    As for my self, I was living in my car for a short while. Now I am bouncing from place to place to live. I do not drink nor drugs. I have been on my spiritual path for over 25 years. I was pipefitter. No jobs. Fort Mcmurray devastated. I have put out a lot of resumes with no luck. I guess they look at my age< 56 To old they are probably thinking.

    Thanks Tim

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Phoenix,

      You were born at the very end of Virgo — 28 or 29 degrees (out of thirty) — and Jupiter is only at 17 degrees Virgo — it hasn’t even reached you yet. Look for your luck to surge in late August, early September. (Don’t wait for luck — use tis peak period to start things, try, jump into the unknown, etc. — in other words give luck a chance, especially in domestic, real estate and similar areas.



      1. Happy EverAfter

        Thank you, Phoenix Rising and Tim. I am relieved to hear this. While I am by no means having a bad year, neither am I having the much-touted “big Jupiter year” for Virgos. My husband (Sep. 4th) and my son (Sep. 19th) are having pretty excellent years; I am in what feels like limbo (Sep. 23rd, at dawn in the Far East, the very last degrees of Virgo in the sky). I’m just trying to stay calm, optimistic, and getting my ducks lined up in a row before Jupiter leaves. But it has been frustrating, and time sure is flying.

        On another topic: Tim, thanks to your thoughts what turned out to be Brexit, and your warning to avoid the markets mid-June-ish, I was able to make a small but important investment during the post-Brexit market meltdown, which I am sure will reap long-term benefits.

        So thanks again, very much.

  14. krissf

    Sorry, I didn’t see that you’d replied to this until just now.

    Corbyn’s birth details are: 26 May 1949, Chippenham, UK. – I don’t know the time. Of course he won the election in the end, and some of the knives that were out for him have been re-sheathed for now.

  15. krissf

    Just wanted to comment on your June 26-July 2 post, on the equal pay issue.

    Single women were often barred from working once they married – certainly in education and public service. Once married, it was assumed that women would be supported by a husband (not always true of course) and her job should really be given to a man so he could support his family.

    A man’s wages were not always sufficient on their own. Out of financial necessity, my grandmother (born 1913) had four children and always worked, even though my grandfather did too. Women worked down mines in the 19th century and so did children. They also worked on farms and in mills, even when married. It was very common for an oldest daughter to go into service or teaching specifically so she could send money back to her family while also not being an additional mouth to feed. Working class women are recorded as being in the labour force in very large numbers (over 60%) since the mid 18th century.

    Unequal pay also did not work so well for female-led families or women who were single and had no other source of financial support. It was more common 200 years ago for spouses to die young in an age with inadequate medicine and hygiene. Widows trying to bring up families after their husband had been killed (eg in war) had very little means of support. Their usual strategy was to marry again because many had no other way of earning an adequate income.

    I’m not sure you can really solve the problem of wages needing to cover living costs on a family basis unless the state intervenes, which would bring a whole load of other problems with it. Families are so diverse now, as you said.

    Women are thought to have more physical stamina and longevity than men because of the physical demands of childbirth and that’s also given as a cause of the longer lifespan (stronger heart, etc). Better hygiene and medicine has also meant fewer deaths in childbirth and postpartum, too. Of course, it’s also true that women are rarely found in dangerous jobs – again this was often because they were prevented from doing so.

    For families at the lower end of the wage scale, women’s paid work was a necessity.

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