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  1. all 4 1

    Your afteramble for June 12-18 was so true. Thanks for the confirmation to what I see, since so called “News” commentators will have us questioning what we see with our own eyes. They rush in to interpret and spin events, even against all evidence to the contrary. The two party system is unmasked before our eyes this election season. I suppose those that believe the news commentators are soothed by them; the rest of us are rattled to the core. I appreciate that Bernie and Trump ignited the conversations- from political correctness to all of the gross imbalances brought about by the elite.

  2. naasia

    Hey Tim

    Just a small query…

    I have this month’s To-Do list of changing my water purifier and kitchen re-doing; however, came across advices not to do so until Mars turn direct.
    Is that so? Does Mars retro demand same precautions as Mercury when it comes to buying new products or getting a part of your house fixed?


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, naasia,

      The water purifier has nothing to do with Mars, so it gets a pass (after June 18). Mars rules demolition and some parts of construction (e.g., framing) so often it is better to begin renos when Mars is direct (not retrograde) — this gets stronger if Mars is in your domestic sector by birth or by transit (i.e., in the sky right now). As I don’t know your chart, I don’t know how strong this is. For safety, I’d wait.



  3. leetouzeau

    Your thoughts on Taureans having a hard time due to Mother Earth dying is so spot on. I am so down when I read, hear etc about the destruction of earth and its creatures. It gets me downand though I try to rise above it have wondered why I seem to be the only (I know I am not) person who feels this personnally . And the year has been very disrupted for me. Love this site for years now.

  4. manvir

    Hi Tim!!,

    For Aries (WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 29 – JUNE 4, 2016) you’ve mentioned “don’t make any big buys, big moves”, does that include buying 2nd second hand automobile? and for how long?

    Also, when would you suggest to make a primary residence purchase? Hold off till end of year?

    Your thoughts are always greatly appreciated.

    Tons of best wishes for your Birthday (if not already passed, in that case belated Happy Birthday!!)


    Manvir S. Sandhu

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, manvir,

      Buy a car from 1 pm to 5 pm (Pacific Time) Tues. June 7. Or wait until after June 18. If I were totally Aries (i.e., ignoring rising sign, moon sign, etc.) I’d buy a primary residence at the earliest in 2018 ( Nov./17 to Nov./18).



      1. manvir

        Thank You for your response, Tim,

        Not sure about my rising sign or moon sign according to Western astrology. But am quite sure I’m a Pisces- Aries cusp.

        I am 22 March 1965 born, in Ahmedabad (India), at 6:02 PM.

        According to Vedic (Indian) horoscope, I am a Leo (27.54 deg) with Mars (20.33 deg), Uranus (18.44 deg), and Pluto (21.19 deg) in Ascendant.
        Moon (10.17 deg) in (4th house) Scorpio .
        Sun (8.18 deg), Mercury (26.42 deg) & Venus (3.02 deg) in Pisces (8th house).
        Saturn in 7th house (17.07 deg)

        Do you reckon this information makes any difference?

        A Big Thanx!! and warm regards


  5. Ecelos


    a year ago, I think in January, your forecast for Virgo contained a warning: a person will enter your life in dire need of help, who Virgo will want to help, but she must not, as the person will turn out a liability for at least the next year or two. Something to that effect.

    I forgot about this, and only remembered the forecast After I have met the person and offered my help. It has been a struggle since, and now finally ripening into the true fruit of liability. Really, such an accurate prediction. I remember feeling a little prick when I was reading it, telling me to heed it. But I didn’t.

    I do not usually recoil in fear at the negative predictions, taking the attitude “well, it will teach me something useful”, and then moving on. This one was quite an amazing prediction though, and one I regret not heeding. Yeah, we both will probably learn tons of useful stuff – but is this particular stuff truly essential to our life paths? Bugger if I know.

    Thanks, Tim. The blog is very useful.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Thanks, Ecelos,

      You pose one of the essential questions of astrology, mysticism, and all self-awareness practices: Is it better to experience and learn from suffering, or just to live? I sometimes think better to just live, for how do we know that learning based on suffering is actually true learning? It might be contorted by the suffering that engendered it. How about learning from joy, or from love? If I had to learn, I’d much rather learn what happiness teaches me, than what sorrow does. I know many readers will adamantly oppose this, and mystics, new agers, etc., will vehemently deny it, but look at life: happy, compassionate, reasonable, fair children come from happy homes, whereas “suffering learners” such as martyrs, mystics, and most saints, spawn violence and their followers murder, rape, etc. A prime example would be Mohammad the Prophet, a “Holy Man” who, centuries later, “inspired” ISIS. Jesus said, “I have come to bring war, not peace.” I think suffering was a fashion, a long fad, that has distorted everything from child-rearing to novels written, from belief to our justice system. Let’s look for health, as looking for God has only harmed millions of people and started numerous wars. I think we have reached th3e technological level now that we can begin to reduce suffering and work toward happiness.



    2. mastinomama


      Tim: WTF are you smoking? I lived in Montreal when Trudeau senior declared the War Measures Act in response to domestic terrorism. The cops raided our food coop and emptied all the bins on the floor. The local astrologer had his files seized and never returned (he had absolutely no reason to be suspected) Two of my friends’ kids were taking pictures of a building for a school project and were thrown in jail. These are only my personal experiences. There were many many more. Do you really believe an intrusion by armed police to everyone’s home is acceptable? Maybe you should move to Russia 🙂

      1. Tim Stephens

        Hi, mastinomama,

        I guess you’re right. It’s better to let hundreds of citizens be slaughtered. The incidents you describe seem typical of a corrupt, cruel police — which can happen anywhere, but seems, in my own experience, to be more frequent in places like High River, Alberta (where the police instructed citizens to abandon their homes due to impending flood waters, then illegally rummaged through them all, searching for guns) and Montreal, where again corruption thrives. I pictured a kinder, gentler army, one that cared about its own citizens. As a young man, I was kicked by a cop in Montreal because I was napping on a bench, waiting for my train. You write of an astrologer who had his files seized. In Vancouver, a hippie house I lived in was raided by the “narcs.” As soon as they saw my typewriter (early 70’s) and my stacks of paper, they (two of them) nodded politely and left my room, didn’t even search it. In general, I have found the police in Vancouver to be polite and kind. In Montreal, it’s like Dylan’s song: “The cops don’t need you there, and they expect the same.” The alternative in Paris, Brussels, etc., would be to arm the citizens as in the U.S.A. Maybe you should move out of Montreal.



        1. mastinomama

          I don’t agree with citizens being slaughtered. However, a mass invasion by police will not work. You are giving them too much credit for smarts and manners. And I have seen a lot of unnecessary force in my 70 years and three continents. As Malala says: the solution is education and maybe preventing groups of people from being outsiders.

            1. Tim Stephens

              Hi, mastinomama.

              Good for you! Welcome to BC. Hope I didn’t trash Montreal too much. (Ambience-wise, I think Vanc. and Montr. are very similar, sidewalk cafes, port atmosphere, people from all nations…)

              Best regards,


    3. Sax1

      hi Tim
      I remember you writing a column about seeing birds in the sky on your birthday.
      I tried to find it on your site but i couldn’t locate it. Can you help me please?
      Thank you

  6. PwDSmatter

    I’ve been reading your posts for years until last Saturday after I read the most deplorable language describing a person with Down syndrome. I was so sickened with the way you described someone with this condition I didn’t even bother to read my horoscope. You obviously know very little about people who have Down syndrome in this day and age and your ignorance was clear. Regardless of how you describe anyone they are always a PERSON FIRST, and should never be defined by their label. What you say and write about others says more about you than about them. Your words spoke volumes about who you are.

    1. Tim Stephens

      PwDS — I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that it was not PC to use the term “Down Syndrome.” I re-read that item and I was struck that my description of Nature’s actions and biases was a bit “raw,” insensitive or cool, so for that I apologize. I suspect you have a loved one who is ___________, and so my words must have seemed quite cruel. (I can’t call anyone “Down Syndrome” anymore, according to you, so a blank has to suffice.) For any emotional pain you suffered, I apologize. But I don’t withdraw the truth, which I wrote as I saw it, and always will: that these people have valuable souls and are spiritually equal to us all.



      1. PwDSmatter

        I don’t see that you are willing to learn since you still refer to a person with Down syndrome with their label. If you really want to learn about people first language or how your language is seen as inappropriate you would do so on your own. On the continuum of disability awareness you have far to go.

  7. Tere1015

    Good morning,

    I am reading about your feelings of guilt. Let’s just say if you cannot write how you feel and see it, then why bother even writing a column. People often get annoyed at difference of opinion. Well I will put it lightly put your big pants on and strap them on tightly.

  8. Bluebugs

    Hi Tim,
    I have been reading your column for years. Great stuff.
    For the week of March 6th, to the 12th, you say.
    Unemployed? Seek now until late may.
    I am unemployed will I find something?.
    My birthdate is 11/19/1966.
    I love you website I read it every week. Thank you for your time.

    Lisa aka Bluedugs.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Lisa/Bluebugs,

      My advice was based on Mars bringing you more money March thru May. Basically, you’re asking me if you should follow my advice. I’d be looking if it was me. (PS: DON’T SPEND — stick to a meager budget — these 3 months.)



  9. jrdurka

    I am not a huge Hillary fan, but really, it’s horrifically sexist to suggest that she never ‘smudged her lipstick’, especially since it’s unlikely that she wore any, back in the day.

    Other than that, very insightful blog. I enjoy your work. Thanks for posting.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Thanks, jrdurka,

      I admit that was a bit of a swipe by me (re Hillary’s lipstick). I’ve bashed Hill quite a bit, but there is much to praise in her, also. I don’t like her as a presidential candidate, but I think she’d be a pretty good president. I’ll put that in the preamble.



    2. aquarianLight

      “For the 12 weeks ahead, two men will befriend you, and an old friend, though she/he looks askance on the “newbies,” will accept them for your sake. Same period, your hopes can be tied up with travel, friendship and communications.”

      two men… in what context is this part about? (under Aquarius)

    1. Zeejay

      Hello Tim,

      I am a gemini with a scorpio moon and pisces rising. In geminis 2016 love forecast you mentioned geminis with water moon and rising have a good chance of finding stable love before september. Could you tell which zodiac signs I am most compatible with while having sun in gemini and water moon and rising sign ? Thanks

      1. Tim Stephens

        Hi, Zeejay,

        You should see an astrologer if the compatibility question bothers you. It can’t be answered simply, as planets and aspects between you and another have to be examined also. In one sense, you’re compatible with all signs; in one sense, with none. However, there are great solutions: for example, you would love a Scorpio sun with a Cancer rising and a libra moon.



  10. kay

    Hello Tim,

    I just replied to one of your commenters, Happy Cappy, as we seem to have some similar themes going on with this Pluto situation. I mentioned that my husband and I had been going through a crisis for a few years, we’ve separated for some time but had been communicating throughout, we are now in the same city but still living apart, and my life has really been turned upside down as I’ve relocated to him. I’m not really sure whether this is the right path and if we have prospects of getting our life back together. I don’t want to live alone much longer, I would like to meet someone else if my husband and I are past the time of reconnecting…my info 1/1/1972, 22.50, India, his info 10/26/1970, 7.30, FLorida USA. Any general insights you can provide, especially with the Pluto peak for my sign, is helpful…Thank you!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Kay — To answer your specific question (re you and your husband) demands erecting then reading a few charts, including your and his birth charts. That’s 45 minutes work — a bargain at $ 120 Canadian dollarettes! 🙂

  11. gdavi

    Hi Tim!
    Since it’s the Chinese Lunar new year (Monkey) this week, would you care to comment on how closely the Chinese zodiac correlates to western astrology. In my case, the western astrology forecast is much more positive than my Chinese zodiac (Tiger’s) outlook.

  12. anmae

    „BTW, I know sometimes I sound arrogant. But this arrogance or self-belief is necessary to say some things. Without it, I wouldn’t dare to opine on politics or religion. I try to dampen it.“

    Plse. don’t dampen… it is just a mirror. Thanks for keeping up the good work :-))


  13. aquarianLight

    I thought I posted my question but I guess I didn’t!

    Since 2014, I have contemplated switching/relocating my work place; however, since then, it seems like I have had a change of heart or maybe I realize the cards that are stacked up against me in making my switch as I do not have much seniority and I may be competing with others who are more experienced. Am I better off staying at this current place for another potential 2 years,, surrounded by other Aquarians or do I take a risk to work with water signs? I know this is an odd question but I don’t know how else to describe it! This decision has been eating at me for a while and I now have until March to decide if I am going to put the paper work in to do this…

    1. HappyCappy

      Hi Tim,
      I’m a double Cappy born Jan 5, 1964 at 7:42 am in Eureka, Ca. Last year was the absolute worst year of my life. Can you shed some light on 2016? Things have calmed down a bit but are not settled or resolved. Any idea as to what’s going on in my chart? p.s. Spouse is 10/24/68 9:42 pm Fresno, Ca
      Thanks so much!

      1. Tim Stephens

        Hi, HappyCappy,

        You’re a 14 degree (just eye balling it) Capricorn with a Libra Moon. Pluto now is in 15 degrees Cap, and spends most of 2015/16 hovering around your Sun degree. Pluto means death and rebirth, or “transformation.” To see what Pluto’s doing to you, go to PLATFORMS and read the PLUTO article, especially Capricorn’s and Libra’s section.

        Best regards,


      2. exxrn

        Hi Tim, I was to remind you to comment on seeing auras around people and in my case, an aura when i was reading an invitation to attend a draw at which my name was called for the prize. would be interested in your comments. thanks!

        1. Tim Stephens

          Hi, exxrn,

          I don’t know a lot about auras. The only time I had mine measured or “photographed,” it was white. I see a sort of watery “halo” around everyone, but I don’t know what it means, nor do I often see any colors. It’s simply not my field, and I probably would not be gifted in it. If a prize was indicated, I’m guessing your aura was blue or blue-green. But I don’t really know. I haven’t even read about auras since the hippie 60’s.



      3. kay

        Funny, I’m going through similar cycle and my husband too was born in late October…marital separation, relocation (closer to spouse), work transition, identity shift! But all this started to happen in mid to late 2015, and now things are settling, but I’m not quite sure why I’m here and what I’m doing! I guess I’ll find out soon enough…

  14. cbhreagh

    HI Tim,
    I am a faithful follower of your column. I find you to be most accurate. I applauded your advice & influence. I was wondering can you help me gain knowledge about my personal astrogical info. I am an Aries. But don’t know my ‘rising’ sign, moon etc etc. I DOB is 04/01/71. Time of birth 9:44 p.m.
    I once read not long ago that some Aries have been hexed sorta speak for 40 yrs or more in life & circumstance. Nothing was every given to me or came easily, I have struggled for many years on different levels and had to work work and work more for anything & everything in life. I have become accustomed to doing so now, which is why I am strong independent woman. Why does it seem a lot Aries struggle especially in love & romance department. I am a sensible, very attractive, genuine loyal woman yet I seem to intimidate most men. Can you shed some light for me?

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, cbhreagh,

      I also NEED THE EXACT LOCATION OF YOUR BIRTH TO CALCULATE YOUR RISING. As for Aries’ struggle, it was indicated by Pluto — many Aries were “fighting their destiny” since the 1970’s.



      1. oay0107

        Hi Tim,
        Will you post the unedited version of the year ahead 2016 (if there is any)? I found last year that the unedited version is more interesting.

  15. hometowngirl

    Hi Tim,
    I am just another one of your great followers that appreciate your insights and thoughts and wisdom guidance. I have followed you for 8 years plus. I am Leo. I have read lots of positive news for most Leo but for my case I am waiting for light at end of tunnel. I have been seeking work for last year and been very unlucky even though leo’s luck was supposed to be on the highest peak starting last july 2015. I have seen many positive signs but no luck … just fall short of job offer so I have been told. Can you please give me any recommendation for upcoming future. Much Appreciated!

  16. jrochest

    Hi Tim — I’m sure you’ve answered this question somewhere in your preambles, but I’ve read back through December and I can’t see it: are you still doing the Year forecasts? I notice they’re not on the Courier website, but I wasn’t sure if you’d put them up here…

    1. Tim Stephens

      HI, JROCHEST — the 2016 Year Ahead will be on the blog after the Courier publishes it. (About Jan. 7?) Sorry fot the delay, but they pay me to write it, so I’m no going to put it out there before they do.



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