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  1. gdavi

    Hi Tim,

    Late last year, you asked readers to let you know if August’s total eclipse had any adverse effect on them. I’m happy to report I experienced no significant changes in my life (good or bad) over the past 6 months.

    On a slightly different note, do you still believe, long-term, Justin Trudeau will enjoy smooth sailing in his role as PM? The last few weeks have been a bit rough for him in the Public Relations department (i.e., his state visit to India (wardrobe choices) and the townhall #peoplekind comment/joke that went viral). Whether or not he was serious during his #peoplekind comment, he comes off as someone who is trying too hard. I can see how that might be off-putting and appear inauthentic to many.


  2. Dian

    I prefer the mix of specific and general times that you used this week.
    Thanks for writing the column and allowing access to it.

    May I ask how the Start Nothing times are generated?

  3. Zeejay

    Hi Tim!

    I have been a regular reader since past several years now. Your work is really precise and accurate. I would like to ask my DOB is 25/5/83 00:57am abudhabi UAE. Two love interests are keen to get to know me deeper. One is 29/12/90 other is 27/10/1989 or 1990 . Your last week’s gemini forecast says “You could fall in love, or agree to wed, now to late Feb.” I wanted to ask who should I pursue ? I would be really really really be obliged and grateful if you could answer as I am almost 35 and still never married.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Zeejay,

      You’re a Gemini. Your stated love interests are Capricorn and Scorpio. Capricorn is your sex sign, but you aren’t Capricorn’s. Your moon is in Scorpio, which makes you fairly compatible with this sign. Also, you are Scorpio’s sex sign. I’d pick the Scorpio. But remember, 2019 is your marriage year, so just let things develop until then.



  4. Zeejay

    I have been a regular reader since past several years now. Your work is really precise and accurate. I would like to ask my DOB is 25/5/83 00:57am abudhabi UAE. Two love interests are keen to get to know me deeper. One is 29/12/90 other is 27/10/1989 or 1990 . Your last week’s gemini forecast says “You could fall in love, or agree to wed, now to late Feb.” I wanted to ask who should I pursue ? I would be really really really be obliged and grateful if you could answer as I am almost 35 and still never married.

  5. Laura

    Hello Tim,

    First of all thanks for all horoscopes you write, and also thanks for your advice about not to start new thing.
    I would like to change work, you have said ” start nothing before December 22th.
    Is recommended to search a job? or I should wait until December 22th for searching?

    Thank you very much


  6. gnosiseeker

    Hi Tim,

    A few questions to understand the retrograde Dec. 2-22 if you don’t mind. I’m Pisces in California, born in BC. I started a job hunt in late October and received an offer right away. I accepted. However, due to my visa requirements, it has stretched into December and my start date should be mid-Jan. 2018. It’s basically a lateral transfer, same position and career path in an Institution. However, it’s become a legal discussion of how to best procure a new visa with the lawyer as of today, and the forecast is to avoid the legal hassles which seems to be starting. Your forecast was to not quit or change careers, however since this starts and ends outside the Mercury retrograde, what do you think applies?

    Thanks again for all your work, and I will contact you soon for my annual reading. Cheers!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, gnosiseeker,

      I’d go ahead, as you’re correct, this was started (and will end) outside a mercury retro. However, if the lawyer wants you to start a brand new visa application during the retro (before late Dec. 22) I’d delay, if possible.



  7. ariesscorpiosag

    Hello Tim,
    I have a Scorpio Ascendant at 29 Degrees , will Jupiter in scorpio be beneficial to me this year and in what way, I also have scorpio in the 12 house.

    Appreciate your input

  8. Mary Anne

    hi Tim,

    I finally got around to reading the Karmic forecasts for 2017 – 2018 and when I read my husband’s forecast (Virgo, Sept. 6/48) I got chills, especially this part:
    “Be willing to be hospitalized, to take prescription drugs, for these will cure/help you now, whereas over-the-counter medicines will do little good.”

    My husband, who would always prefer to take a vitamin or herbal supplement before a prescription med, ended up in ER on Sept. 27th with atrial fibrillation. He’s on prescription meds now and going through a battery of tests to choose the best course of treatment. It’s one of those health issues that isn’t easily remedied with a quick fix, so this is frustrating him very much (and myself) but he’s being taken helped by very caring medical personnel. We’re hoping for a positive outcome.

    I was almost relieved when I read your message because I had felt something was not right for quite awhile, so I was basically sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for something to happen. I now feel that the doctors are going to find a solution to help my husband get his health and energy back, although I realize it won’t be a quick solution. The karmic period runs to the end of 2018, so I’m thinking this could take awhile?

    You always amaze me with your ability to say things that resonate with my world. Thank you for all you do for us.
    Mary Anne (one of those scorpio people) 🙂

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Mary Anne,

      Thank you for your praise. I hope your husband recovers soon and fully. Although the karmic period runs for 18 months (to November 2018) its effect can come early and be solved early, so the effect on your husband won’t necessarily last the duration. (In fact, if he was born mid-Sept. onward, the effects should end daily soon.)

      All the best,


  9. sherbrookeo

    Hi Tim,

    I’ve been reading your column for many years, as well as you may recall obtaining a private reading from you a few years ago.

    In my opinion you provide a vital service, and I am just wondering if you have any succession planning in place ? Perhaps one of your kids would like to take up this essential skill, and keep this blog going (god forbid) if you were to end up in hospital again.

    In the 10+ years that I have been reading astrology columns on the internet, I haven’t come across any other astrologer who predicts the Mercury Retro periods so accurately. This is a vital service to your readers. Please keep it going.



    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, sherbrooke,

      Well, Andrew, I’m not planning on dying anytime soon. I’ve discouraged my kids from going into astrology, as most astrologers eke out an impoverished living in a basement apartment. But…we’ll see!



    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Shay,

      Sorry, haven’t looked at Zimbabwe. And can’t find my nation chart book at the moment. I’d guess by the Pisces’ name that this country’s inflation, though it might abate in 2018, will come roaring back in 2019. They need a name change, just like the Vancouver Canuckleheads.



  10. ntai

    Hi Tim,
    Love your column. I’ve been reading it weekly for 20+ years and have always enjoy it. I look forward to your newest post each Monday. It’s the best horoscope page out there. Thank You Tim for all the effort you put into your weekly blog.


  11. roxy

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your valuable advices in past, which worked absolutely well. Due to which I am working in the best job profile I wished for. All the colleagues are fantastic and working environment is too good.
    Thanks again !🙏

    Here again I am need of your advice.

    I am planning to shift my accommodation and also to purchase a vehicle.
    My doubt is, will it be good to do this before 7th September or should I wait?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. roxy

        Hi Tim,
        And I was so foolishly absent minded to forget about mentioning date of birth. Actually it is 21st Nov 1980. I am scorpian.

        Can you please append your suggestions?

        Sorry for inconvenience..


  12. Cari

    Hi, Tim,

    A few weeks ago, if I recall correctly, you referred to the “divisiveness” of Canadian politicians, which would come out in 2018. Yet you also predict mostly smooth sailing for Justin Trudeau. Does this mean that Justin will evolve to be less callously 1% and racist in his favouritisms?

    He is a profound 1%er when he says that he doesn’t worry about the ups and downs of the economy — meaning that he doesn’t care about unemployment rates — because he takes THE LONG VIEW, and he allowed his rich Minister of Finance to warn young Canadians that permanent, even full-time work is a thing of the past for most of them (so they should just suck it up, presumably).

    He is also divisively racist in a way that can be measured by the favouritism of his hugely increased family class immigration policies. This has been reported in the “Vancouver Sun” and elsewhere as especially popular in the Indo-Canadian community, but when it is abused as it is by serial sponsorships, it is a form of nepotism that discriminates against independent immigrants with much more to bring to Canada. It was also a cruel, symbolic form of racism when he excluded black MPs from his first cabinet — while bragging that he had more Sikhs in his cabinet than the prime minister of India. In disbelief at this snub, I searched the Liberal caucus and indeed found black Canadian MPs who could have qualified for a cabinet position — including the current Minister of Immigration, hired for the next cabinet — and MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes who has better qualifications to be Minister of Tourism and Small Business than the woman who got the job but happened to be Sikh: lucky, FAVOURED Bardish Chagger. I work with a Toronto-born black woman who has told me of serving at an Information desk and seeing clients ignore her to ask questions of non-black people standing behind her. That’s the wounding ignoring of black Canadians that Justin Trudeau knowingly demonstrated. How is racial harmony in Canada served by such overt racism?!? (There are people in Black Lives Matter who’ve called Justin a “white supremacist”. A better description would be that he is a “brown supremacist”.)

    I have heard from two psychics that “the future of Canada is Asian” and that the majority of Canadians of European descent just have to suck up the ethnic overwhelming by massive, non-refugee immigration from South Asia especially for the sake of vote-buying by all federal parties in the name of “tolerance” or anyone who feels discriminated against and questions this is a “racist”. So much for multiculturalism’s promise that Canadians can “preserve, enhance and celebrate” their ethnic heritages. Is the hypocrisy and unfairness of this a taste of the tragically unnecessary “divisiveness” ahead for Canada?

    My one great hope to counter this divisiveness are the many immigrants of colour who I know as friends, co-workers, a relative by marriage and thoughtful pundits — including two orthodox Sikhs, one Muslim Pakistani and a woman from Vietnam — who are completely opposed to: a) massive immigration that bears no relation to the state of the economy; b) the nepotism of rampant, serial family class sponsorships and/or c) the bringing in of tens of thousands of elderly parent immigrants who absorb huge amounts of end-of-life health care to which they’ve never contributed. These people are fair-minded enough to understand that federal Liberal and Conservative discrimination against immigrants of the same ethnicity as the majority of Canadians is INVITING of resentment against this injustice and so hurts the cause of racial harmony in Canada. I truly think that they will save Canada.

    PLEASE give me hope that Canadians will eventually make all federal policies — including immigration — serve the Common Good: the greatest good for the greatest number of Canadians, by birth or by choice, of every colour, creed, ethnicity, age, income level and gender orientation!

  13. jenoneil

    Hi Tim,
    I do read your column every week and really enjoy it.
    You commented that Sanders might have dirty hands to since his wife was indicted. Tim, do you not realize that most of the congress have dirty hands. How do you think the big companies like the Pharma, the NRA and the cigarette companies continue to have their way. All they have to do is grease a few palms and they get what they want. Why do you think we pay up to $1,000.00 for some drugs? If congress had the same health care we do, that would stop fast.

    Keep on with your horoscopes and other blog. I love your site

    1. Tim Stephens

      Thanks, Jenoneil! Yes, I do realize the corruption and power of lobbyists…maybe Trump’s right, he should cancel the senators’ and congresspeople’s health care. The alternative is the Canadian model, which is “fair” to all (though the rich get to go to the front of the line) but which, unfortunately, does not encourage the same level of research and development as in the U.S. Ah, well. A country is the manifestation of its citizens.



  14. clover

    Hi Tim,

    I’ve only recently discovered your fabulous blog. It’s so interesting (and unnverving at times!) to read! I was born on 07/22/67 with Sag rising and Aquarius moon. Just wondering if these glorious lurve feelings you mention for Cancerians come October will be reciprocal? I’m definitely not turning my nose up but this year has already been completely crazy for me. I can’t take the pace, ha! Thanks & best regards.

  15. roxy

    Hello Tim,
    This is Rox.

    First of all thanks for all horoscopes you write, and also thanks for your advice about not to start new thing.

    last month i was in search for job, when i read your post of not to start anything before 3rd May.
    Previously i had overlooked this warning, and changed the job, and also got married in the same phase when it was not advisable.

    i suffered in those jobs as well as in that relationship, which i got separated from later.
    last month i decided to listen to you, and now i got this opportunity of a job i was waiting for so long.

    now a days i am working in this company where work profile and colleagues are just as i had ever expected.

    Thanks for your adiveces.


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