WEEKLY FORECAST — JUNE 22 – 28, 2014

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A BIG NEW luck cycle begins July 16 for every sign. Hopefully, next week I’ll start writing a luck forecast for July 2014 to August 2015, for every sign….


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The recent martial outbreaks (Ukraine, ISIS conquering half of Iraq) have been spurred by Mars in Libra. (It has been there since last December, an extremely rare length of time. Usually, Mars spends six to seven weeks in  a sign.) The Ukraine hostilities started with Mars retrograde, so this is a wound that will fester for a long time, perhaps 2 + years. The ISIS “invasion/revolt” started with Mars direct, so it will probably end fairly quickly, perhaps by late July. Both conflicts are “sullied” or “misdirected” somehow – or perhaps just unlucky – because Mars doesn’t belong in Libra – it’s like putting ballet shoes on a soldier. He can’t dance or march, so expends his frustration in localized violence. In the ISIS action, the Libran influence might instead indicate that the war is based on concepts of justice – not unexpectedly, since the U.S. left a bully and a bigot in charge – Maliki.

ONE of the smartest comments I ever heard was the fellow who said, “Who can tell bad luck from good luck?”


 A few readers have wondered if I’m going ahead with the “astrology cruise” I mentioned a couple of months ago. Well, no. The main reason is…I thought the travel company was overcharging, almost doubling the ticket prices. To some extent this is justified, as your tickets have to cover my and my helper’s tickets, as well as a chart-reading fee, etc. Still, you could take a cruise one week, and come for a reading another day, and save $ 300 or $ 400 – I couldn’t in good conscience sit across from a client and think: Gee, you overpaid.



Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

The weeks ahead, especially this Thursday eve to Saturday, emphasize your family, real estate, security, retirement, gardening, nutrition, stomach and soul. Basics, foundations, even in business, need attention – and can reward any effort two-fold. (Remember, start nothing new before July – but repairs, buying property you wanted before, qualify as “old” or ongoing.) Give yourself plenty of rest, as another foundation – your body and energy – needs rebuilding. Chase money or perform routine shopping Sunday/Monday – all’s well, even  a temporary refusal or missing item is probably “protecting” you. Errands, communications, interactions, travel fill Tuesday to Thursday afternoon – these become mildly luckier, gracious, pleasing, now to mid-July. You can communicate with someone who’s been giving you grief/anger the past few months. (Do this AFTER Wednesday noon, as a sudden repeat of that conflict could jolt you this morning.)  An old contact or information source might return. Take care with finances, work and VIP relations and friendships Friday.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

The weeks ahead will fill with messages, paperwork, details, casual encounters, errands and short trips – seek variety, be curious, ask questions. These are emphasized Thursday eve to Saturday, but 1) remember not to start anything brand new (e.g., a new office telephone system, new car) and 2) be careful, diplomatic Friday, when a boss/authority could work against you, perhaps secretly. Your energy and magnetism surge upward Sunday/Monday – others defer to your ideas, actions, desires. Ask favours, impress people – start nothing new. Chase or collect money, or perform routine shopping Tuesday (when deception reigns) and Wednesday (better). A sudden accident, new regime, computer glitch or upset could occur on the employment, tool, or management front midweek. Remain calm, and it will almost right itself. Your money luck grows nicely now to mid-July. A former money source might return.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Money matters, possessions, quiet sensuality, memory and rote learning – these fill the weeks ahead, and are emphasized Thursday  afternoon to Saturday. Until July, stick to routine purchases, and deal with money owing from the past. (Remember, start nothing in any area before July 1.) The entire four weeks ahead will contain two caution flags: 1) your “heavy” money (investments, debt, etc.) is opposed or in conflict with your “daily” money (paycheck, spending, etc.) If in doubt, favour the “heavy.” And 2) friends or your social group might cause money-losing events (e.g., you go to that party, and miss a “come to work” phone call). Lie low, rest and contemplate (don’t plan, as plans will change) Monday/Tuesday. All’s well. Despite your quietness, your charisma begins to climb, now to mid July. Love’s glances might come your way. Your energy and magnetism get a boost Tuesday to Thursday midday. Take care – look before leaping Tuesday, when appearances are deceptive. A surprise is in store this week – either two friends fight, or you are thrown into a romantic adventure.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Remember, start nothing new before July. You’ll be tempted, as your increasing energy will try to propel you into new starts and projects. (Your energy and charisma surge now into late July.) But for the next 9 days, use this extra energy for neglected tasks and ongoing ventures – and, perhaps, to collect favours owed to you. You will hear secrets or engage in some light research now to mid-July – also, the government or an institution will favour you, proffer aid or accept your “explanation.” (In June, this will likely involve a past/ongoing situation.) Sunday/Monday bring social delights, optimism, popularity, entertainment and light romance. Retreat briefly Tuesday/Wednesday – rest, contemplate, deal with government, institutions, neglected obligations, be spiritual, charitable. Fuzzy thinking, deception mark Tuesday. The whole midweek period can trigger a disruption in your career or home (at root, a complicated conflict between them) – be cautious, slow to react. Your energy soars Thursday afternoon to Saturday – use it to impress someone, and to handle unpredictable “higher ups.”


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

A month of quietude, solitude, retreat and rest begins. Contemplate, meditate, re-connect with your spiritual side. Be charitable (or, if you’re broke, scoop up a little charity). If you’re desperately seeking employment, try the civil service, institutions, administrative venues, warehousing or assembly lines. You’ll probably leave such a position within a year or so, as you’ve begun during a Mercury retrograde, but it helps meanwhile. (Remember, in general start nothing before July.) A lot of Leos feel low on luck now – but this truly is the darkness before the dawn – mid-July will start a year of great good fortune for you. (Now, don’t email me if it doesn’t start with fireworks right away! Later-born Leos might have to wait months for the peak of this luck: but it will be there, even earlier!) The 9 days ahead, especially June 26 to 28, are an excellent time to review the past, to reminisce, even back to childhood: particularly examine your friendships. Be ambitious, deal with bosses, VIPs Sunday/Monday. Hope and happiness arrive Tuesday/Wednesday – DON’T invest. A love, legal, travel, media or educational “surprise” might come. Drive carefully. Rest, retire Thursday eve to Saturday.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Start nothing before July. Instead, reprise the past (especially in career) and/or support and protect ongoing ventures. Bosses, parents and authorities favour you this Monday to July 17, but don’t ask favours, nor present proposals, nor even plan any actions, until July. The weeks ahead (including the present one, and especially this Thursday eve to Saturday) bring a beautiful flow of friends, popularity, optimism, flirtation and light romance, entertainment/partying, and wish fulfilment. You’ll be happy! (The trick with happiness is, when you find it, when it occurs, notice how, why – then keep these “conditions” in your mind throughout the year, to help your life trend this way.) Intellectual pursuits, far travel, culture, religion, media contacts, legal affairs are slated Monday/Tuesday – all’s well. Tuesday to Thursday afternoon features career, ambition, dealings with authorities – these remain “good,” but take care with money, investments, sex, and health (especially nervous system) – and driving.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The month ahead accents ambition, reputation, worldly standing, relations with bosses, parents, VIPs and authorities. You’ll face one or two challenges in this arena in early July (3, 4, 8) but they are challenges you have already noticed. This week, you progress toward success on the work front, perhaps you’ll build to a major intuitive insight or inspiration: higher-ups, too, will be watching and approving. Remember, don’t start any projects or proposals before July. At present, it is more that you’re building a good base or supply of goodwill that will help you overcome those early July challenges. Sunday/Monday bring secrets, mysteries, sexual yearnings, financial ideas. All’s well – research, be a detective. (E.g., why did your finances falter in 2013 and late 2012?) Midweek brings a mellow, wise mood, and intellectual, cultural or travel pursuits.  Allow for fuzzy thinking Tuesday, and a disruptive event – could be anything from a fender-bender to  a fight to a sudden idea, even – it’s possible – suddenly falling in love! (Be careful with ALL these.) Thursday eve to Saturday concentrates your ambitions and status relations. Be prepared for challenges/disruptions Friday daytime/night – but before and after good strides can be taken.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, start nothing new before July, especially in finance, investments, or intimate commitments. (These zones will be sweet and/or lucky now to mid-late July, but again, it’s best to wait until July.) A month of intellectual pursuits, higher education, publishing, far travel, legal affairs and gentle, perhaps wedding-bound love commenced yesterday (June 21).  This trend swells Thursday afternoon to Saturday – and usually would be a good time to start something. However, this time, look for something from the past to “re-start.” Earlier, Sunday/Monday bring relationships, co-operative ones. Be diplomatic, eager, and other-oriented for the best results. Midweek emphasizes finances, sex, mysteries and investigation (from detective work to health diagnoses). DON’T invest, don’t promise, sign or commit. It’s difficult to focus Tuesday; Wednesday your work and management skills operate at peak efficiency. But there’s a disruptive “worm” in all this – be careful with health, around machinery and with electricity. Thursday eve to Saturday starts well and ends well, but be cautious with speech, driving, machines Friday.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Continue to avoid new starts, projects, relationships before July. The weeks ahead emphasize life’s depths, mysteries, intuition and subconscious promptings, sexual yearnings, financial dealings, lifestyle changes, research, health diagnoses, commitment and consequence. (But before July, commit to nothing, change nothing.) An old flame might return, one who excited you on a deep or physical level. Now to mid-July, relationships thrive in an atmosphere of affection and grace. Tackle chores Sunday/Monday – you’ll make headway during these smooth days. Relationships confront you midweek. But wear your “alert” antennae: Tuesday contains fuzzy thinking (you forget or worry about security); and the midweek period can trigger a sudden cleft or disruption in a link – or the opposite, a sudden romance, “love at first sight.” Trouble is, down the road this romance could be as jumpy as a mouse in a bag. Remain calm. Wednesday morning provides splendid solutions if you’re friendly and assertive. Thursday eve to Saturday brings those depths, finances, yearnings, et al, I mentioned earlier. Careful dawn to midnight Friday; otherwise, this is an enlightening, intriguing period. If a former investment opportunity returns Sat. afternoon, eve, grab it.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Remember, Cap, start nothing new before July. The general accent for the weeks ahead lies on relationships, relocation, dealings with the public, negotiations, litigation, and opportunities (but in June, make sure the last are ongoing or from the past). Your workplace becomes pleasant, even affectionate over the next few weeks. A former job role or task could return this week. Romance, pleasure, beauty, and a wee winning streak visit you Sunday/Monday. Tackle chores Tuesday to midday Thursday. Protect your health, eat and dress sensibly. Be careful around water, electricity, home repairs, machinery – and higher ups. A sudden choice might confront you, between ambition/career, and home/security. Wednesday, dawn onwards, lets you solve practical problems. Those relationships, relocation themes, negotiations, et al (mentioned above) come into bas relief Thursday eve to Saturday. Friday afternoon to midnight (PDT) might contain a few frustrations or uncooperative people, but before (casual) and after (profound) this interval, relationships thrive. All’s well that ends well.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A month of chores, health concerns and caring for dependents begins now. Eat, dress sensibly. Don’t start any new work projects (nor any projects) before July – don’t buy machinery, either. Your drudgery will be relieved by a sweet streak of beauty, pleasures, and romantic “possibilities.” An old flame might return before July, or a former sports/game involvement might return briefly. Sunday/Monday are for rest, being with family, puttering around the house and garden. All’s easy – take some deep naps. Midweek brings romantic urges, beauty, pleasure, risk, and a small winning streak. (Friendly poker, yes; Vegas, no.) Take care – friends might fight; your lover might also fight someone (if so, look into the motives, and into your lover’s fidelity). Drive carefully, practice safety around machines. Fuzzy thinking Tuesday, but good, solid solutions/accomplishments Wednesday morning (PDT). Thursday afternoon to Saturday emphasizes everything this month ahead is about: work, employment, health, and caring for others. Friday afternoon-night needs care, slow objective thinking, but before and after all runs smoothly. A big job might arise Saturday (pm probably).


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The weeks ahead feature romance, charming children, beauty, pleasure, creative urges and risk-reward – with the reward much higher than the risk. This area has been quite lucky or expansive for you the last 12 months, and the month ahead “doubles the luck” in some ways. Express yourself. If you’re attracted to someone, tell them so. (But wait until July to start any brand new relationship – or project.) A former home, neighbourhood or child/parent might return this week. Your home will be a place of affection and forgiveness to mid-July. Errands, communications, paperwork, details, siblings and casual acquaintances are slated Sunday/Monday – all’s smooth. Midweek is a different matter: a disruption or surprise opportunity (grasp it at your peril) can burst forth in income, shopping, finance, investment, debt and sexual/intimate zones. Otherwise, this short period supports “home things” – family, garden, real estate, security, nutrition, parenting, etc. That monetary disruption (if so) can be “cured” by assertive action Wednesday forenoon (PDT). The main focus of the weeks ahead – romance, beauty, creativity, etc. – reach a bit of a peak Thursday afternoon to Saturday. Take care Friday, noon to midnight. Someone might be jealous.


The End.


Disclaimer: Tim is not a lawyer, medical doctor nor financial advisor. Though astrology addresses all these fields, you are advised to discuss Tim’s advice with the appropriate expert before acting.

21 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — JUNE 22 – 28, 2014

  1. Colleen

    Aquarius, Sag rising, Sag moon, Tiger – I have had good luck with my new business for 2 years now. But family and friends seem to be stagnant and have been for quite some time. I read weekly and see that you had written recently about staple stocks. I found that most of these like Kraft had increased in the fall and now are decreasing. Any thoughts are appreciated, as is your clear and accurate forecasting.

  2. Honey

    Hi Tim,
    I’m afraid I’d be one of those asking if I really need to heed your advice and I’d learn the hard way. In February I bought a new computer when you said not to and have had no end of trouble with it ever since.
    My tenants on Alder gave their notice the first week of June, leaving end of July. The TH needs an upgrade but after the computer experience I decided I won’t start the upgrade project (researching companies, materials, styles, etc.) until July because of Hg retrograde once again. Also, I’ll be counting on that luck factor to not be down for too many months as I need the rent money!
    Wonderful to have you back on the Coast.

  3. Stellium


    The issue with Mercury retrograde is that the usual or habitual flow of information is disrupted or suspended for a period of time preceeding and following the actual retrograde dates (the shadow). That means that actions started soon before, during or close after Mercury resumes direct motion will be subject to “static” such as vital information being unavailable, withheld or subject to revision and change.

    Initiatives, both great and small, taken during these periods, will be subject to erratic information flow of some sort. Think of it in these terms. Astrologers use progressions to be able to map the evolution of certain events, relationships or endeavours. Imagine what it means to build in miscommunication, fuzzy thinking, actual misdirection or withholding of key information into the present and future of your initiatives. This influence will hinder whatever is started for the duration of the life of the inititative, since it is now wrought into the founding horoscope. True, in time, the entity (relationship, job, business, or whatever) will eventually progress free of the retrograde, it remains that information and thought is hampered.

    I started a job under Mercury retrograde, I even asked my boss if I could start a week later when it would be better for me. He insisted I start immediately and asked me why I would choose to wait. I told him that there was likely going to be changes in my employment which would come as new information came to light.

    I was in Telecommunications Sales and at first, work was great, I made lots of money, he was a good boss, we were flying. Then other salespeople became jealous of our group’s success. In order to appease the others our team was rationalized, the pie was split differently and I made less.

    A year and a half into my job, the dot bomb hit, the company filed for bankruptcy. My boss was re-assigned and I was restructured into the general sales group under a different manager. The company was losing revenue and within a year many of us had left.

    Towards the end I reminded my former manager of our conversation and he agreed that there might be something to this retrograde business.

    The meltdown would likely to have occurred in any case, I’ll grant you that. On the other hand, the instability and upheaval I experienced might not have occurred. I might not have taken that job and thus lived something less dramatic.

    Live and learn.

    That’s why Tim and others warn to hold off until after the skies have cleared. It might just help keep things a bit more clear and orderly.

    Hope this helps

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Stellium,

      Thanks for the cogent, lucid merc retro comment. I don’t quite accept the “shadow retrograde” theory — that the effects of the retro last far after the actual retrograde ends. Some astrologers (e.g. Georgia Nicols) say this period lasts until Mercury returns to the degree it was in just before the retrograde started. Here’s the problem: the present retro began June 7 (PDT) with Merc. at 3 degrees Cancer. The present retro ends July 1 with Mercury at 24 degrees Gemini. (24 days total.) The “shadow” retro, if it exists, will then last until July 16, when Merc. hits 3 degrees Cancer again. This means the retro effect lasts at least 40 days, rather than 24. Because there is an obvious, demonstrable “slow down” effect about 7 days before the retro technically begins, this means the retro effect is about 50 days. Since there are 3 retros per year, this means that 150 days, or over 40 % of every year, is “screw up time,” preventing success in anything we start. I can’t really believe this, partly because I see no evidence of it. I DO notice a bit of turbulence in the few days following the end of the mercury retro period, which I think is simply our reaction to the just-past retro. In other words, if we’ve been confused and indecisive for three weeks (the usual Merc. retro period) it takes a day or several to straighten out our thoughts and feel confident again in our decisions. But this is a human effect, not as planetary one in the purest sense.

  4. juliet bianes

    hello, I’m a fan of your site from philippines. Since january till now is a slow months for me, I actually hibernate in my house, ’till now I don’t know why it happened. Here is my question- I’m born July 4, 1979 my jupiter is in my 1st house Leo, does july 2014 going to be better for me? when will be a good luck year for me? I hope for your kind consideration on my inquiry. Thank you very much.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Juliet, please send personal questions to my email, [email protected]. July will be your “coming out of the house” month. Aug. 2014 to Aug. 2015 will be a lucky money month for you. But read the June 29 and July 6 preambles for specific periods.


      1. juliet bianes

        ok tim, I will. Thank you very much, anyway me and my friends here in Philippines are amaze by your astrology. Keep up the good work! xoxo

  5. Dane

    Tim, I’m a gay Pisces male. My boyfriend is also a Piscean. Your astrology chart is simply ‘the’ best astrological site on the internet. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is not to be bombarded by ads to “See Tim. See Tim NOW!”
    Your work stands for itself. I like the Nostradamus-like predictions and done sometimes in a humorous way, it is most entertaining as well as being bang-on.


  6. Shipra

    Hello Tim,

    This is the first time i’ve come across your site and your last week’s prediction for Cancerjust hit spot on. I am a cancerian and the last 2 years have been a pain. Don’t know whether the Jupiter transit is good or bad, wondering if you could throw some insights on this, as some say its good, while others say its bad for Cancerians.

  7. Merrill

    Hi, Tim, (astrology) Just checking to see if my comment will be sent to you. I too am a cancer and have found Jupiter to be a bit difficult… but when I think of the fact that Jupiter rule Sagg. I understand that although the relations with a Sagg. are difficult, I have found that in the end they have been fortunate in a strange sort of way. I did some collaborative writing with a Sagg. and could not finish it due to a death but the piece ended up being published anyway … a Sagg. doesn’t give up easily, for sure! So I’m hoping that somehow this period with Jupiter will get me through a difficult time again.
    Since Virgo is my mid-heaven I’m hoping that this “nerve” problem will end soon. So surprised to see you comment on it just at the time that my spinal problem when haywire… and I’ve been in a lot of pain. It definitely interfere in a project in coming years and may point me to another direction if it doesn’t let up.
    Thanks for all your good advice. I find that when things don’t work out as I expected it’s time to go back and try to determine the difference. In doing that over time I understand what you are trying to say more clearly. Many thanks.

  8. Dee

    Libra – you always indicate negative when it comes to sex, romance, love, union, for Libras. Other astrologers differ from you – dramatically. What gives?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Dee, if you would read my column in years before February 2014, you’d see that I frequently forecast romance, etc., for Libra. And if you would read more carefully, you’d see that I have not been negative toward sex, romance or love for Librans in the present period (Feb. 2014 to Nov. 2015) but toward MARRIAGE only. If you marry before November, 2015, you will very likely regret it. If other astrologers do not see this, then they are not good astrologers. There are many “off the cuff” astrologers.


  9. Sharon Davies

    I read your column every week on a Wednesday thats when it updates in the UK
    I am a Cancer and seem to be waiting all the time for the thinga to happen I get glimpses and think this is it and then it all fizzles out .Jupiter has been here for nearly a year now and Im not sure its benefits have been felt as life seems very slow and full of pitfalls .
    Whats your take on all of this am I not seeing the full picture or missing a vital move

  10. Lorraine

    Hi Tim, I am such a huge fan. Sometimes I am astounded how accurate you are! Let me just say, I am a Libran, w/moon in Aries and Leo ascending so with Mars in my sign I most definitely have had some of the most intense confrontations with just about everyone I know and I have lost my ability to give a damn what anybody thinks . But I think all this has been a building process – Talk about a Libra being hit hard – since 2012 I have lost people through death, lost my job, got a divorce, broke off toxic friendships, dealt with a crumbling house foundation not to mention through all that I’ve been having this on/off love/hate relationship with an Aries (who oddly enough is moving this month). But seriously sometimes I hate that man and sometimes really love him – long story. But low and behold I finally met somebody, I am thinking maybe I can and should just move on once and for all right?! – but it is a Mercury Retrograde! Nooo!!!! Ugh my luck!!! But technically I met this new person almost a week before the retrograde and it is nothing more than a very minor flirtation now. So, I guess all I really want to know does meeting someone near a mercy retrograde – is that like a definite bad omen for any type of potential relationship??

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