Here is the new “Astral Reflections.” It will be different from the old in many ways — for instance, this blog allows you to add your own comments, or email me. For now, very little is pinned down or structured. I might add to my blog at any time; the blog might even change daily sometimes. It will also reflect more of my thoughts on the world in general. One thing: I have “essential tremors,” which makes it very hard to type: so please forgive any typos — I correct most of them.

Right away, I’ll give you the current “Start Nothing” periods, and I’ll re-start the “Luck Forecasts” soon. YOUR SUN-SIGN WEEKLY FORECAST IS BELOW, UNDER THIS LONG, LONG PREAMBLE.

START NOTHING: (Beginning May 26): 3:22 a.m. to 2:28 p.m. Sun., 11:40 a.m. to 2:48 p.m. Tues., 4:57 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Thurs., and 9:30 p.m. to 11:33 p.m. Sat.


As most of you know, the “start nothing” periods mean just that: don’t start important or new or large projects (nor buy anything big and new, clothes or cars, etc.) — reserve these times for routine chores, God, rest, contemplation, or soaking up nature. These are good social times, as long as you’re not starting a new relationship. I once bought my first (and last) three sheep during a “start nothing” period. About a month later, coyotes jumped a 5-foot fence and ate every one of them.

The “Start Nothing” (SN) intervals are very similar to Mercury retrograde periods, except that the Merc. retro is “milder” and lasts 3 weeks, not several hours.

A great shift happened a few years ago (summer 2010) when Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, all entered new signs and squared each other. The “square” is an aspect of conflict and difficulty. It occurs when two or more planets are at 90 degrees from each other in the sky. For good measure, the Sun, Moon and Mars also briefly joined this square. Such a massive square probably only occurs every ten thousand or even hundred thousand years. (I don’t know how to run a program to narrow this down.) At the time, many astrologers were predicting huge cataclysms — one was that the magnetic poles would shift, wiping ourt humanity just as an earlier shift was supposed to have destroyed the dinosaur population. I was reluctant to join this chorus, because the planet of fear, Neptune, was not involved in that massive square. How could you have a cataclysm without fear?

But great shifts did begin. The most dramatic acually preceeded the massive square by about a year — this was the world-wide credit freeze, during which many major stock markets fell by 50 %. We can also point to the rise of China and the decline of the U.S.A., or the slow “wipe out” of both communism and democracy, to be replaced by a third, as yet still amorphous, political structure — a phenomena I forecast back in the 1980’s and ’90’s. This shift, too, began before the massive square, demonstrating that events can occur before the planetary aspects that “cause” them. (My theory is that the planets are like flags — they don’t cause, they just roughly coincide with, or “signal” the event. This theory depends on the associated theory — or faith! — that the universe is interconnected, and that a pattern in one area is “reflected” by a similar patter in another area — in other words, the entire cosmos changes in an orderly, interconnected way, so when we see one familiar pattern, we know it is occurring in different forms elsewhere. A simple example: when we see leaves fall, we know the weather will turn cold. We “predict” winter in this way every year. Or, when the leaves of a maple tree turn upside down, we know it will soon rain.)

It’s easy to see the formation of the “Third State” in China, where capitalism has joined with autocracy to create a kind of freedom-laced dictatorship. The same shift is occuring in the U.S., but backwards: the Patriot Act that allowed the government to spy on its citizens, or the mass murders that now tumble through the news like spilled oranges. Or the IRS committing crimes — or in Canada, the national police force’s (RCMP’s) immoral and criminal activities. Canada, one of the most innocuous, peaceful nations on earth, and a stalwart of democracy, is now governed by a PM who orders special police units to herd and harm middle-class, peaceful protesters (the recent G-8 in Toronto) — and the electorate approves! . Democracies are imploding into regimes of “might is right” while dictatorships are growing more and more open, accepting and — gentle! At some point, these will merge, or one will dominate, to produce the new world-wide political system. This will “arrive” by 2024. However, it is possible that this new system will then encounter two decades (2024 to 2044) of extreme revolt. (Elsewhere in this blog, I will write an article placing these small historic phases in our present era. We pass through eras of about 250 years, and mega-eras of 3,000 to 5,000 year durations. (We began the last era of a mega era in November 1983. So the two centruies ahead are an ending phase, a winding down and consolidation, before the next mega-era begins in about 2232. The next mega-era, oddly enough, will be ruled by Neptune, the planet that did not partake of the “Great Square” of 2010 that will dominate our present era. But more of that elsewhere.)

For us common folk, that “Great Shift” of 2010 meant that many planets were (and two, Uranus and Pluto, still are) at the beginning of their signs, so the “start nothing” periods can be very long — sometimes almost 2 days! — versus pre-2010, when the typical “start nothing” period was mere minutes to several hours in length. (The present week, May 26-June 1/13, is an exception in that it only contains about 17 hours of S/N in total.) Many weeks now contain almost 3 full days of SN’s. In the last half of 2010 (right after the Great Square) many weeks were S/N more than half the time — over 90 hours of a 168-hour week. It’s a progression: at present, about 2 to 3 days per week can be “lost” to S/N; whereas 5 years from now, the S/N periods will fall to near normality. In the early 2020’s, SNs will almost disappear, indicating humanity will be on an almost frantic tear.)

This has tremendous implications. In the past century only a total of, say, 10 to 20 hours per week was “useless for progress” (i.e., were “start nothing” periods). Now, almost half the week — sometimes more — is a “twiddle your thumbs” (i.e. “start nothing”) period. What does that say about humanity’s progress? That it slows. That everything takes longer. That many projects fail (because the uninformed 99 % of humanity will still start things during an S/N period). And we can see this. It took the IRS almost two years to process my last few tax returns. George Bush and FEMA, through delays, totally botched the “rescue” of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. In politics, the GOP and the DEMS can’t pass laws, can’t co-operate. Twenty per cent of America is under or unemployed. Interest rates have fallen to zero, and deflation threatens. (Deflation essentially reflects a lack of progress, or a nation-wide or worldwide “exhaustion” or rest period.) All this can be tied to the vast increase in the amount of time the S/N periods now absorb. On the good side, this phenomena also means that we are “at the beginning” of a huge step, a huge shift or creation in Mankind’s progress, one that will take the next 10 to 14 years to establish and flower. It might (only might) flower into a great war, about 2023 — but more of that another day.

I brought up this “Great Shift” because I seem to notice — I’m not sure yet — that the planets are diverging from their traditional indications. Jupiter, for example, is famously known as the planet of great good luck. Yet it has been in Gemini since June 2012, almost a year, and my emails are dotted with Geminis complaining that this has been one of their worst years. Hmmn. Food for thought. (I know I should be convincing you that astrology works, but a little scepticism never hurts.)

We’ll struggle on and see what happens. For now, let’s shift focus to your Weekly Forecasts.

70 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG

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  6. krystal

    Hi Tim …

    You became my all-time favourite astrologer, when I returned to Vancouver in the late 80s!! Your ‘predictions’ were so spot-on for what my life was going thru’ at the time. And your preambles were always interesting, informative and educating. I clipped a number of them (usually the financially-themed ones!) .. always fun to read in hindsight.

    I wondered what was up when our current neighbourhood weekly paper stopped running your colum. After checking your old site I appreciated your explanation, despite my disappointment.
    Like many others already said, I couldn’t delete my bookmark of your old site, maybe out of denial that you wrapped things up, maybe I’ve had too much loss of my familiar & comfortable over the last couple years … I just wasn’t ready to let go….even if it meant re-reading your old articles/posts/platforms/archives.

    It was that ‘what else can I read when I can’t sleep at 3am’? moment when I found your wonderful new site! So, I heartily welcome your return!! Even my daughter said she found it hard to believe you’d toss it in after so many years … and she’s a Gemini, too….she should know! (just kidding!)

    For not having said so in the past, Thank You for being so great at what you do! I wish you continued success with this next venture and I look forward to enjoying your ‘essays’ on the world, relationships both astrological and those more tangible, more long, long preambles and any/everything else you have to offer. Welcome Back!!

  7. handolila

    Dear Tim
    Nice to see you coming back with new website. It looks nice job down. I appreciate you do one place to congest all the people from the world. Thank you for your efforts.

  8. sam

    i met with you many years ago in vancouver – i was the harried ‘sag’ that was late for my appt with you but all went well – i waited in your garden retreat for a bit and enjoyed a rainy moment – you appeared (back from the store?) it had been such a trip to get to you (something about two older ladies stealing my cab after a ferry ride…) i have very much appreciated your direction over the years and as $ allows i will get another reading from you…glad to see you here…everything looks good…much love and all the best Sandra

  9. natterpillar

    A comfortable relief came over me when I discovered that you are still here! The new blog is a huge improvement – absolutely love it. Thank you for all your insightful commentaries and weekly forecast too.

  10. cszotts

    Hi Tim, I’m sooooo glad you are back! I will admit to being a “horoscope-junkie” and I find that you an amazing ability to be 99% accurate with my Aries and Cancer readings (Sun/Moon and Rising Signs). I truly appreciate your willingness to continue sharing your amazing gift with all of us. Your home sounds like an ideal hermitage — I wish you many more happy years there while enlightening all of us.

  11. Mary in AB

    Hello Tim,
    I have been reading your column faithfully since I was a student at UBC in the late ’80s and the Vancouver Courier carried your column. I clipped the forecast for 1987, the year I took a break from school to travel in Australia. I still have it, your predictions for me (Libra) that year were uncannily correct. I am so glad you have created this blog so I can keep reading your thoughts/advice. Bless you for sharing and being brave enough to try something new, and we are only as young as we act. Thank you.

  12. Gemma1231

    Appreciate for coming back, Tim!! Cheer up! I will support you as usual and keep reading your terrific writing! By the way, I am one of your a plenty of Chinese fans

  13. octavia

    Hi Tim,
    I stumbled across your site last year when I was going through profound changes that I could not explain and started searching for answers. I am a Libra. Since then I have been reading any, and everything you post. I was sad to learn that the site was shutting down. Just by chance I clicked on the old link this week and it brought me to this site. Thanks for the great and insightful writings. It is very much appreciated, and may the universe continue to bless you.

  14. xavier.marmosa

    “Jupiter, for example, is famously known as the planet of great good luck. Yet it has been in Gemini since June 2012, almost a year, and my emails are dotted with Geminis complaining that this has been one of their worst years.”

    Maybe that’s the point. Jupiter is about correcting injustices so maybe we’re finally “complaining” about the way things are instead of pretending nothing is wrong. Gemini’s are miserable because they’re the front line on these matters. Maybe they’re the mouth piece for this new shift 🙂

  15. steveM

    Again, great site Tim, and glad you are willing and able to keep this up. Please do ask for a fee for subscription. It appears you have enough of a following after nearly 40 yrs. that it can cover your costs and put some jingle in your pocket and you are at the top of your craft.
    I assume all times you give are West Coast time zone and should be adjusted for anyone’s location worldwide? I am in Manila at this time, so you are 15 hrs. behind me.

  16. jacquieauriat

    Hello Tim,

    I am relieved to see your still here…I took your advice and cut and pasted all of the wonderful things you wrote in the past! Mostly they have all made sense after the fact….but isn’t that cool!!

    I like the new blog!

    I am also a Gemini, and really don’t change my mind every day like one of your responders said his sister the “Gemini” did….

    Anyway thank you for being you!!


  17. Eweme

    Welcome back Tim! I was so disappointed when I checked back after May 15th and did not see the update. But ever hopeful me checked daily and I cannot tell you how delighted and happy I was to see your wonderful new blog pop up. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your incredible insight. I’m definitely a fan:)

  18. ElaineH

    Hi there- I’ve been following Astral Reflections for several years. Tim- thanks so much for bringing this back- I know it’s a labour of love and generosity. You have a true gift, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate you sharing it with us!

  19. heathermoon

    I am so glad you decided to keep the site going, the new site looks great! I’ve been reading your forecasts since the late 90’s when you wrote for was it the straight or westender, or courier? Website every since. Always interesting, definitely one of the better astrologers out there! Hmmmm. You have recently moved to the sunshine coast, where I live. The S/N thing is interesting, will the slowing of progress affect technology, will it have a positive effect in some ways? My husband is notorious for buying things you should not buy when mercury is in retrograde, time after time, no matter how I implore him to wait. And always a headache, broken, not as advertised… I have not paid much attention to the S/N periods as they used to be so short, but do recall you mentioning they were getting longer awhile ago. I think I will try take more notice.

  20. Mystic Queen

    Hi Tim! Thank you so, so much for continuing Astral Reflections. That’s by far the very best horoscope on the internet. Just like you I am a Gemini so I know for sure you’ll start making money with that new blog once Jupiter enters our 2nd house of money and income in June 🙂 And as ever, you are right in your forecast. “Someone I argued with wants me again” and I’ll definitely demand that the relationship works on my terms this time! Thank you so much!

  21. Virgoldie

    Great to see you’ve decided to stay with your public a little longer! Love your new site and I’m looking forward to meeting you here at least weekly. Thanks so much for coming back. I really enjoy and appreciate your work and insightfulness. Your loyal fan! ♥♥

  22. LaraDarrell

    Hi Tim, So good to see you made the choice to be here now! The site looks lovely. The new focus is strong and refreshing. Best of luck to you and I look forward to being a part of your new direction. Lara Darrell

  23. mskarenj

    Thank you Tim, for keeping in touch through your new blog. My Sunday morning always includes checking in with your column. Great to know I still can.

  24. kathywht

    So glad you are doing this Tim – I’ve been a fan since the early 70s. There have been were times in my life when I’d drive cross town to get the Courier so I could read your column. Later on when I moved to the states, I was delighted that you went on line – saved a lot of driving 🙂
    Thank you for all the years and I look forward to more

  25. Swedekat

    Yes, wonderful to see that you choosed to continue your reading… Following you weakly since years back. Sun in aquarius, moon in virgo and rising in taurus.

    Many thanks,

  26. Kianmo

    Thank you for coming back! While only two weeks away, I missed you! All the best on your new site, and don’t forget to take care of yourself while taking care of the rest of us!

  27. sherry

    Sooooo Glad you decided to start a new blog! I enjoy your writing and subjects so much! Look forward to it each week now I’m HAPPY = ) Love the new look too !

  28. Qigirl

    I love the look and feel of the new site. With so much more room for you to express yourself, I see the improvements already in your writing….it was already great before. It’s just more reflective of Tim’s skill and talent. You made my day Tim. THANK YOU!

  29. jdalziel

    Excellent! Sooo happy to see u and this new format. U inspired my first Natal Classes this year. It is an amazing world Astrology & the Stars. Your navigation and insights into the Celestial realms always provoke thought and inspiration.

    Soooo Happy to see u here!


  30. costaque

    Hello Tim,

    I’m really glad that you found a way to further bring the astrological insights for the better good of all of us.
    You mentioned in your former column that there are costs associated with this hobby/activity that cannot be balanced with the business model you were using. Please check http://www.refdesk.com/support.html to see how another fellow (Robert Drudge) from your league managed to resolve his case. I hope this will put your worries to rest.
    Please keep providing this service as long you enjoy it. It is you that makes out time spent here worthwhile.
    Thanks, Costa

  31. tb

    Thank you for this new improved format, Tim- way better!
    For the record-just because you haven’t heard from Aquarians- doesn’t mean they are frolicking around in a lucky phase. For this Aquarian 2013 is one long hard slog with little results and many disappointments. Hope this flips around!

    1. jmhumphrey

      Such a relief that you have stayed with us! I was not sure what I would do…The start of my week – Sunday morning coffee and Astral Reflections…can’t imagine my life without it.

      I, too, am a Gemini who is struggling in spite of Jupiter.

      Wishing you well with deep gratitude.

  32. SuBreeze

    It’s so beautiful! a great improvement on your old site. I LIKE it! (and they’re FAMILIAL tremours – genetic – not ESSENTIAL to our lives … we can live without them, right?)

  33. Eil

    Hi Tim,

    Awesome site thus far!! Thanks for coming back, as I’m hooked on your horoscopes, as your’s is the very best! Sorry to hear of your health challenges but I trust you have it under control. Thanks for all that you do!
    Yay, you are back!!!


  34. celltoon

    I have been following Tim’s reading for six or seven years. It is a part of my life. I felt a little bit sad when I checked this web site last weekend. I couldn’t help to tap the website link on my iPad this weekend, Yahoo!
    Thanks Tim.

  35. manic nirvana

    Great to see online again Tim, I was feeling a bit odd that it was all sort of just “out of the blue” you just ending like that.
    I do hope you have time to address the Pluto-Uranus square that is in bloom. (2012-2015), and just square on Monday last week.
    Also, all of the new and full moon eclipses in the last 4 weeks, must have some things brewing, especially since you just chose to launch your “New Website” within hours of the full moon total eclipse in Sag. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.
    All the best Tim………..awesome…..

  36. Dian

    WOW! I am so happy you have decided to continue Tim. I was just about to give up on returning to the site when there it was. I have followed your column in the papers for years, then found your website and now your blog. I must comment on the S/N periods because they are a source of contention between my husband (a non-astrologist) and myself. He really gets annoyed when I refuse to buy or start something new on those days.

    1. mastinomama

      Great to see you back. Very interesting: that is exactly what I see happening in the world. Not using Astrology to predict world affairs, just closely following trends. There is real information out there, but the shift in information technology has slowly pushed against pursuing depth, instead satisfaction with “sound bites” and the illusion of being “informed”
      Am watching the demise of newspapers and big buy outs of media from the oligarchy. Soon there will be controls and monitoring of all forms of social media (some paranoids have reason)

      Sigh: why don’t they see the Emperors’ true clothing??

  37. Asia

    I really enjoyed this week’s forecast…I can definitely relate to it and it is very impressive. Thank you!

    I like the new look as well..I’m also looking forward to the new 2013 love forecasts…

    Thank you! = )

  38. zenMermaiden

    Seeing your new page, reading your words makes this Pisces very happy! Thank you for continuing to provide your insights and info in writing.

  39. Labloverinlafayette

    The new site is beautiful! So happy to see Astral Reflections again – there are other astrology websites, of course, but it’s Tim’s writing style that has hooked me for the 10+ years that I’ve been a reader (not to mention the uncanny accuracy.)

    1. anna

      Dear Tim,

      Glad you are staying and gladder you switched to this blue schemed blog. It is a fresh start of sorts and the new site brings with it new energy and a chance for you to receive messages back too. I pray you have the best health and great things come to you. Thanks for all these scopes! Yes, do as you will! Mixing things up. It is being in the present, doing what feels right. It is your blog 🙂

  40. northtwilight

    Tremendous site – and it looks even better than before. Good luck and thanks again for all your hard work – you are one of the most insightful astrology writers out there and it is very greatly appreciated, even with once-skeptical friends of mine.

  41. Waldemar

    Welcome back, Tim! I almost thought you were gone. I’ve taken great pleasure in reading your site over many years. Myself entering my 70ies this summer solstice I will continue to do so in the coming decades. In great company!

  42. amhash

    I am so happy to see you here. Its wonderful that you found a way to stay connected with all your wonderful readers. Thank you for all the effort you put into it.

  43. meme

    So happy to see that you found a way to stay connected. i’ve enjoyed your insightful writings for some time and just wanted to say , i appreciate that you’ve made this great effort to be here. I’m happy :)))

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