LUCK FORECAST – 2014-2015


TIMING RESTRICTIONS: ALL SIGNS: between now and Dec. 23, and again mid-June to August, 2015, this luck will have to overcome a practical barrier or restriction. So, your luck will be “most pure” Dec. 23/14 to mid-June/15.
I base these luck forecasts on Jupiter’s position for the 12 1/2 months that it stays in a sign. But Jupiter, and its luck, is not a cure-all nor can it defeat other, stronger aspects. Last year (pre-August 2014) for example, Jupiter was in Cancer, promising a bright, optimistic, fortunate year of progress, especially on job fronts.
However, for almost 8 months Mars was squaring (a bad aspect) the sign Cancer, causing friction in this native’s home life. All YEAR, Pluto has been opposing Cancer, causing struggles and alienation in relationships, and Uranus has squared Cancer from the career and status house, causing abrupt changes and challenges in career. Altogether, these aspects carry enough weight to wipe out two Jupiter-filled buckets of luck! (Cancers can look forward to some beautiful, mood-lifting money fortune from July 2014 to August 2015!)
Just wanted to point out that luck isn’t everything – hard work, caution, and the courage to leap are just as strong. Please keep this in mind as you read your own sign’s Luck Forecast.
I cannot keep mentioning all the if’s and but’s to this period of luck – if I did, I might as well write a book. But you can get some indication of what you might face on the “larger than luck” side of life by reading my articles on Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, under PLATFORMS.

NOTE: Many people have asked if I’m going to continue my karmic forecasts. No, I’m not. Too much work. But I am 1) referring to your karmic (i.e., lunar nodes) outlook when I write the weekly forecasts, and 2) from now on, I will be incorporating your karmic forecast with your luck forecast. They are not the same thing (karma is stronger and subtler than luck) but for most purposes, in a practical or worldly life, they bring similar results.

Here goes, then:


Aries, from July 16, 2014 to August 12, 2015, Jupiter, planet of great good fortune, travels through your fifth sector, bringing fresh new life and buoyancy – and plain good luck – to your romantic, creative, speculative (yes, gambling, games and sports also) risk-taking, self-expressive, and pleasure pursuits. Beauty, charming children, teaching abilities, nature’s poetry – these visit you also. Overlapping this time (now to November 2015) your marriage (and business partnership) area is blessed with good karma. Even without Jupiter’s help, you would gain from approaching others (and lose from staying independent). In addition, Jupiter for you rules international travel, legal affairs, social rituals such as weddings, love (of a marriageable type) and intellectual success. So, put together concisely, this year ahead can bring romance (Jupiter) with a good person (karmic good node in the marriage sector) and lead to a wedding (Jupiter rules weddings). Or, this interval can bring love and relocation, or travel to find love, or a business partnership that turns to love (or to profit).
Your best success in any of these areas will come between Christmas Eve 2014 and June 14 2015. Before and after this, love, grand travel – everything mentioned above – can come and thrive, but it might either be 1) financially disappointing; or 2) lower your worldly standing somehow; or 3) encounter a sexual or deep emotional barrier or “scar.” For example, in 2) you might be a princess and fall in love with a carpenter. (To use an innocent example.) Even during these less favoured times, Jupiter’s luck will still tend to outweigh or “overrule” Saturn’s dour lack of co-operation. (Saturn causes those 1), 2) and 3) potential difficulties listed above.)
taurus weekly forecastTAURUS LUCK FORECAST:

From mid-July 2014 to August 12, 2015, Taurus, your real estate, family, security, food, garden and “soul” interests enter very fortunate territory. However, from this July through December, and again mid-June to August 2015, relationship, practical, social, ethical/legal, international, intellectual or “philosophical” elements can sully your success. For example, you might buy a house, your dream house, and be happy with it for decades, but find it is a money pit, or keeps you tied down, unable to travel afar; or, even, that it is NOT your mate’s dream home. (If you’re single, a home purchased before late December or after mid-June can even “get in the way of” finding a sweet, desired mate.) So act on this great luck during the sweet spot of Christmas Eve to June 14, 2015. Even outside this sweet spot, things should subtly and gratifyingly improve in this zone without you pursuing it. E.g., your property taxes might be lowered, or the city decides to build a park next to your lot.
This is also a great year ahead (with the same 2014 versus 2015 cautions) to heal family wounds, to grow closer to your kids – and parents. A family vacation (camping?) would turn out beautifully. It’s a great time to ensure your children’s future, through educational plans, or a move to a better neighbourhood. A good time for renovations or pregnancy or building a spare bedroom, for starting a retirement savings plan, or actually retiring. In some cases, losing or quitting your job can be a blessing in disguise, as it frees you to find the perfect spot on earth to set down roots and grow a new, profitable (after December!) life.
During this entire “year,” avoid withdrawal – being with family is one thing, withdrawing from the world is another. The best antidote, if you feel withdrawal temptations, is work. Tackle that repair. Build those new porch stairs – these will insert you into the rhythm of life and satisfying people-connections again.



From July 16 2014 to August 11, 2015, Gemini, your main source of luck will reside in communications, travel, variety, curiosity, media, casual contacts, siblings, paperwork, tools and details. Aspiring reporters might get that first real job (or real billing) now. Your contacts/visits with siblings and friends expand. This is a perfect year to express yourself, to write, to acquire a new computer (new software, too) or telephone system. It’s a great time to buy new tools, even a new car. Hop on that train, plane or bus, travel across your country, visit relatives. It’s an active year, Gemini, and you’ll be in your element, displaying your best skills.
One warning: from July 16 to Dec. 23 2014, and again June 15 to Aug. 11 2015, the planet Jupiter, which brings luck and optimism, will be “in square” – that is, in conflict – with Saturn, the ruler of restriction, politics and practical matters. Your luck will be most unfettered from Dec. 24/14 to June 14/15. During those “square” periods, you luck will still win over restrictions and practical necessity, but the fight to win will lleave it weaker than during that unfettered first half of 2015.
Be careful in January. Since 2011, and lasting to March 2019, your social sector (friends, groups, light romance, entertainment, hopes for the future, wish fulfillment, popularity, joy of life) receives an extra boost, of alertness, understanding, good fellow-feeling, and intelligence. (Yes, you have become a more intelligent friend – or rather, more intelligent about friendship.) But from late February 2014 to November 2015, the lunar south node (bad karma) affects this zone, bringing, for example, delays in social affairs, tempting wishes that are too unrealistic to come true, flirtations that don’t “pan out,” etc. In essence, your karma now to Nov. 2015 advises you to seek and pursue deep, heavy, meaningful romance, even infatuation, rather than play the field. Similarly, private creative sessions, speculating on your own intuition, pursuing beauty and “poetic pleasures” are better than “creation by committee,” group investment clubs, clubs and groups in general. Rather than wish, create. Seek love away from a group of friends, not within it.

From July 16, 2014 to August 11, 2015, Cancer, the planet of great good fortune travels through your sector of possessions, memory/learning, sensuality, and earnings. This is a “year” in which you can make far more money than usual. Some will do it by selling a property, some by employment, but whatever your method or circumstance, try to make any rise in income permanent rather than a one-timer. For example, ask for a permanent pay raise rather than a bonus or overtime. One money event can enrich your life for over as decade, maybe longer. For instance, you might buy a home or other expensive items (art, antiques?) that will grow in value over the years. In the stock market, buy dividend stocks. If starting a business, make it a cash-flow business (rather than a gamble on growth). (But be sure to note the “phases” below.)
You can also experience more physical gratification than usual, whether you’re married or single. However, other than the period to December 3/14, and mid-June to mid-September 2015, this is not the best time to find a mate or fall in love forever. (Love will be much better – personality-wise – from August 2015 to September 2016. That said, you are in one of the great love/marriage periods of your life, from 2009 to 2025, so even during periods that are not particularly favourable, anything can happen.)
Your luck will go through three stages. During the first, July 16/14 to Dec. 22/14, practical realities can hinder your luck, especially in money zones. (Though, as mentioned, this phase can bring a future mate.) During the second stage, late December to June 15/15, all systems are go – charge ahead to increase your bank account, buy that luxury, investment or work-related item, soak up sensuality. Impediments have turned into stepping-stones (or have simply dissolved).
In the third phase, mid-June to August 11/15, be most cautious: you can still make more money than usual, but impediments have grown into real barriers. Don’t be a huge gambler on the stock markets, and don’t buy machinery or articles related to work – especially avoid status symbols. DO NOT start a new business nor a project so large it could transform your company, in the first or third phase. A business you start in the middle phase could bring you more income than you expect over the years ahead.
Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO LUCK FORECAST:

Leo, the period from July 16, 2014 to August 11, 2015 will be one of the luckiest years of your life. This won’t be money luck, nor real estate nor career luck – but none of these will really suffer, since you’re “lucky all over.” You’ll be filled with optimism, happy, outgoing, cheerful and friendly – and this in turn will bring even more luck. (Leos who hunker down and frown at the world will receive little luck.) You’ll attract others easily, and a major loved could await you.
You might set off on an adventure, launching yourself into world travel, higher learning, or philosophical realms. You’ll tend to be lucky in these, and in law, advertising, publishing and cultural venues. However, in all these, from world travel to culture, realize that a pitfall might also exist, especially in “phase one” or “phase three.” (They’re explained below.) So although you feel lucky in, say, a lawsuit, it’s quite possible that you are feeling creative and impulsive about it, rather than realistically examining the legal terrain that lies ahead. So, overall, I would not chase these zones: if they do come to you unbidden (e.g., a friend overseas says “come!” and buys you a ticket) then they are probably lucky.
This “year” will, more than anything, bring you superb openings and developments in romance, creativity, speculation, sports and games. If you’re a teacher, this is a joyous year. If you’re single, this year is one of the best in a decade to find love. (So will be Nov. 2018 to Nov. 2019.) Be bold, express yourself and your talents – be a Leo! If you’ve felt held back or “imprisoned by circumstance” in the past (especially 2012-2014) this is your time to break free.
Your luck will progress through 3 phases. The first, from July 2014 to December 22/14, can erect small impediments or barriers to your lucky goals, or demand a sacrifice. For example, you fall in love, and it’s reciprocated, but your amour has three children. Or, you’re affluent and he/she’s poor (or vice-versa).These barriers – all of them practical – remain small, but they might be precursors of larger difficulties later (in Phase Three).
During the second phase, late December/14 to June 15, 2015, these practical barriers don’t exist – so make as much progress, throw your arms as wide, chase as much, as possible. Find love, express yourself, surprise the world!
During the third phase, from mid-June to August 11, 2015, those practical barriers of Phase One (probably connected to a domestic situation) now loom large. You can still get around them, or suffer them for a shining goal, but it will be harder.
Don’t start a business, especially a creative or speculative one, or one that demands a realty premise (e.g., a studio, office, movie theatre, restaurant) during the first or third phase. If a love affair starts during the first phase, it might well be worth any minor sacrifices. But if it starts during the third phase, life’s burdens might eventually wear love down, or out. During the middle phase, Dec./14 to June/15, a love that starts could soar forever!

Virgo, from July 16 2014 to early August 2015, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and great good luck, travels through your sector of warehousing, assembly lines, institutions, government and large corporations. As Jupiter is also your home and real estate planet, you could find that your dream of finding/buying a home (or a good rental or a vacation retreat) is attainable now. In addition, a government program, a deal with an institution or large corporation, can help you buy that piece of land. (So canvas the real estate departments of governments or large companies – e.g., look for waterfront held by a tug boat or barge company.) But this is a superb time to seek security in any form – make your kids more comfortable, add to their education fund, buy new furniture, seek therapy to dissolve family troubles or your own private ghosts. The depths, the mysteries of life now appear harmless to you; ghosts have no more “scary element.” This is also a good time to invest in warehousing, assembly lines, medical stocks, and retirement homes.
This “year” (July/14 to Aug./15) is excellent for contemplation, research and planning, for meditation, yoga, and expansion of any spiritual pursuit. Dreams and sleep are touched with a magic wand – insomnia disappears. Jupiter’s tendency to expand things can also increase contacts with the government and cause you more work. If you haven’t filed your taxes, they could come due in a big, enlarged version. Make plans for late 2015 and the first 9 months of 2016 – that’s when your personal luck will soar.
There are three phases to your luck this year: July 16 to December 23, 2014, puts some knee-high barriers to your goals and luck. See these (they’re related to romance or practical circumstances) and leap over them – or accept the small sacrifice they ask for. The second phases, late Dec. to June 15, 2015, holds no barriers – charge ahead! (But realize the entire “year” of luck withholds “outside” luck, so work within the sectors outlined above.) The third phase, June 16 to August 11, 2015, erects tall, serious barriers to this luck. (For example, say you want to buy a home. In Phase One, the bank might make you accept a slightly higher interest rate, or burden you with lots of paperwork and proof of income. In Phase Two, you can simply walk into your new home, everyone co-operates. In Phase three, the bank might refuse you, or you have to buy a place across the lane from a nightclub… time your actions! Don’t buy or start a business in Phases One or Three.

Libra, expect your popularity to soar, July 16/14 to August 11/15. Jupiter will bring a wave of friends, light romance, flirtations, social events, entertainment and group affairs – clubs, politics, business or professional conventions, etc. You could meet a significant member of the opposite sex in a group setting – that’s good, and a memorable love affair could start. Just remember that until November 2015, you are in a difficult period to marry – some glitch or holdback can ultimately not be overcome. So have fun, but keep your finger off the commitment button.
Your popularity gives you a unique sense of public desires and of what will be popular: you can pick the movies or I-tunes that will be hits. If you’ve been contemplating changing careers or entering a new business field, the present luck cycle will give you a boost if you choose anything involving the public: entertainment, booking acts, decorating, public relations, selling art, fashion or chocolates or anything delicious.
Join at least one club or special group this year: your membership will boost your confidence and your prospects, and could trigger benefits for more than a decade.
This period fills the sails of your expectations and wishes. A major wish could come true, especially if it involves travel, media appearances, or communication. Look toward the future with hope and expectation – these often create reward all on their own!
There are three phases to your luck this year: July 16 to December 23, 2014, erects some minor barriers to your goals and luck. (Barriers are probably connected to your income or your home, family, real estate, security needs., you’re invited to a party, but your three school kids have no one to watch them.) Sometimes, these barriers will demand a small sacrifice – a fee for your good luck. Pay it gladly in this first phase.
The second phase, late Dec. to June 15, 2015, holds no barriers – charge ahead! Accept and extend invitations – don’t be shy! The third phase, June 16 to August 11, 2015, erects tall, serious barriers to this social luck. Again, the barriers probably involve home, security or money. They could be large, but you can still overcome them. But why fight them? Make your start in Phase One, or better, in Phase Two…. time your actions! Don’t buy or start a business in Phases One or Three.

Scorpio, July 16/14 to August 11/15 brings a shining light – and a lucrative one – to your career, prestige, reputation and status concerns. Even retired Scorpios will feel this boost. If not working, you might still be elected Treasurer of your bridge club, or Secretary of the Order of the Red Pooh-bah. At all times during these 13 months, focus on advancement. Study the hierarchy at work, cultivate bosses and mentors. If you’re in the arts, contact agents and VIPs. Since higher-ups favour you so readily and spontaneously this year, someone will respond! If you’re looking for work or molding your career, aim toward positions that promise the most income – these will, sooner or later, be good platforms for increased status also.
You might find more opportunities, not only during this “year” but in some respects all the way to autumn 2016, in such areas as publishing, media, academia, law, international travel, import-export, and such fields. Its not that you’re a particularly good writer, traveller or importer, but you have a knack for controlling or managing such people. For example, yours is the sign of editing. Scorpios are excellent at using or handling other people’s resources. If you’re young and entering college/university, focus your majors on detective work, medicine, psychiatry (or psychiatric nurse) stock brokering, accounting, therapy – any field in which you try to diagnose other people’s problems, then cure them.
I’ve told all other signs about the three “Phases” of luck from July 2014 to August 2015. However, in your case these barriers hardly exist, or are minimal. That said, you should NOT start a new business (or big business project) July 16 to December 22, 2014, and June 15 to August 11, 2015. (The latter period is the worst.) Paradoxically, the middle period, unencumbered with practical barriers (late Dec. 2014 to mid-June 2015) is least likely to yield big income rewards, now and in future. Yet it is the best Phase to start a business. The first and last Phase are best for approaching higher-ups. These can include your parents – and a judge if you’re in a lawsuit. If so, you are likely to win July/14 to Aug. 2015. People with first names starting with F, W, J, U or Q are likely to be beneficial allies.
One caution: this lucky year favours your career, not your hands-on work – beware burying yourself in your work, and missing promotion or schmoozing or information opportunities that could boost you much more swiftly than slogging away at a lumpen pile of chores.



Sage, July 2014 to August 11, 2015 brings providence, wisdom, and a broader understanding of life – these are things you seek naturally anyway, so this should be a banner year. Almost everything you love (except perhaps money) will be brushed with the wand of good fortune this “year.” You can win lawsuits – or end them – or sign contracts that ensure a future profit. This is a hugely beneficial year to attend university or college (or teach in them) travel internationally, join a religion or form a life philosophy, write, broadcast, publish, seek fame, wed, or link with other cultures and minds. (These can also be launch pads for fortunate businesses, but see below.)
Your luck will come in three phases: One, July 16 to Dec. 22/14, contains small barriers to your goals – most of them financial. For example, you want to travel through Europe, but your bank account’s a little low, or you lost your job. (PS: a new, better one comes August 2015 onward.) These barriers are fairly easy to overcome: for instance, you can always back-pack and hitch-hike through the countries you want to see. Phase Two contains no barriers – so charge ahead! During Phase Three, from June 15 to August 11, 2015, the barriers are high and strong – respect them. This time, you really might not have enough money, or another roadblock occurs. Remember this: you can overcome almost any barrier this year. DON’T start a business in Phase One or Three – only the Dec. 22/14 to June 15/15 period is safe and growth-oriented for new businesses.
Love is a different matter. This period, July 2014 to August 2015, can bring gentle, wise love, and can move many single Sages toward the altar. (Similarly, unhappy married Sages seem to move now toward divorce court. Remember, you tend to win lawsuits this 13-month year.) It’s not love we need to worry about, but its forms. Light, friendly, flirty romance – or romance between “thinkers,” a meeting of minds, shared intellectual or travel interests – these are best now, and can form the basis of a good marriage. But steer clear of deep, heavy romance, infatuation…the kind in which your heart pounds, you put him/her on a pedestal, etc. – this heavy romantic link, if formed between late February 2014 and November 2015 (past the present lucky year) is a doorway to difficulties, not only in love. Keep it light! (This is also not a good “year” for creative projects or gambling.)


Cap, from July 16, 2014 to early August 2015 the planet of great good fortune, Jupiter, will boost areas that you always feel hopeful about, areas that often yield good luck for you even without the presence of this lucky planet. (When I wrote “good fortune,” it typo’d as “god fortune” – which is a reminder, I guess.)
Your lucky zones during these 13 months will be connected to change in some significant form. For example, these are truly lucky in this year ahead: sex, intimacy, pregnancy and/or birth, investments, debt and mortgage, lifestyle changes, health diagnosis, research, detective work, occultism, sleep and dreams. Many of these – pregnancy, birth, a mortgage (debt) to buy a new home, surgery or other health action – obviously change our lives. Be judicious and realistic in all these, rather than biting off more than you can chew – for example, the banks will let you load up, but don’t contract more debt than you can pay back.
This lucky year will have three phases:
In the first phase, from July 16, 2014 to December 22/14, your luck will tend to run counter to larger practical realities, or to your cherished dreams of the future, or to your social group. (“Larger practical realities” – e.g., you invest in stocks as the market declines, usually a terrible idea. But as your luck “rules” now, you might pick the very stock that rises against the tide. Still, be a little cautious.)
The second phase, from late December 2014 to mid-June 2015, your luck in these areas – sex, investments, et al – will be “pure” – a simple green light says charge forth. You could double your net worth, discover a world-changing fact or method, solve a personal ghost and banish it forever, start a very fortunate business, etc.
The third phase in this luck cycle, from June 23/15 to August 11/15, needs the most caution. It will be similar to the first phase, in which your luck tends to run counter to practical realities, or against what you think you want. But this time the conflict between the two, your personal luck versus the world’s realities, might lead to a show-down, especially in August. You could put yourself in an all-or-nothing situation. Since, again, your luck tends to “rule,” chances are you’ll emerge unscathed – but this isn’t guaranteed. DO NOT start a new business in phase One or Three.
All that said, these 12-13 months will bring a good change in your overall life, and in your net worth. You are presently in a life-transforming era, 2009 to 2025, one that will change your social circle and your life goals. The present luck cycle will provide the deep, financial, sexual and “occult” or subconscious phase of this transformation.
One thing: great good luck, for you, almost always creates more responsibilities and duties. So if you find your responsibilities increasing, your luck is likely increasing also. There’s an exception: love. Love can exist without extra burdens for you. This year and next, love is likely to be a sweet puzzle, especially if you “hooked up” between Nov. 2013 to Feb. 2014.
During this mid-2014 to August 2015 luck cycle, if you’re unsure whether to take a certain step, look at it through the lens of love: this can give the best answer.
Love aside, if investing, deciding to give birth, changing your lifestyle, etc., don’t be impulsive, but don’t act if you feel indecisive. Proceed when you’re calm – that indicates your subconscious is in agreement with what you’re doing, and your subconscious, especially these 13 months, knows what’s best.

All your best luck from July 2014 to August 2015 will come from other people, Aquarius. So the more “other oriented” you are, the more diplomatic, friendly, the more a “people person,” the more you’ll succeed.
Many single Aquarians will marry – or meet The One – in this 13 months. If you’re married and unhappy, separation and divorce are a strong possibility. (Separation could come now, divorce in Sept. 2016 to Oct. 2017, depending on the laws of your locality.) If you’re happily married, your mate will grow more and more lively, cheerful and optimistic – and lucky. Let him or her take you on a world cruise or to the theme park, to a lecture or a party. Follow his/her lead – it might lead to riches! (By mid-2015 to mid-2016.)
In everything, go out from yourself to others. This is a superb period to relocate, even – especially – to another country or culture. (E.g., in Canada, Quebec is another culture.) Good fortune will tend to arrive if you negotiate, seek agreements, sign contracts, and deal with the public. Fame is possible! Partnerships in business, contests, far travel with a friend, are favoured. Seek and grab opportunities and fresh horizons. Leave stale security behind. Any partner you pursue now, in business or love, will tend to be forthright, honest and cheerful (and perhaps a bit pompous, in a naive way). For these 13 months, you can trust people – or at least, trust what they say and how they act – both allies and enemies will be open and honest.
The planet responsible for all this is Jupiter. Jupiter’s influence is generally lucky and freeing, but it can also, simply, expand what is. So if you’re at war, Jupiter can expand it into a huge, devastating conflagration. If you’re in a lawsuit, these months can expand it to new realms and swollen legal fees. You might get into a shouting match with someone (especially someone who attracts and frustrates you). You’ll realize, afterward, that he/she didn’t fight dirty, and spoke honestly. But in general, relationships during these 13 months are the most direct route to making some major wish come true.
I mentioned “opportunities” above – the most likely among these are relationship “opps” (marriage, love, business partnerships, etc.) as well as a chance to dive into higher education, publishing, law (not litigation), far travel, import/export or any international dealings, religion, philosophy, advertising, statistics, insurance, science…
This lucky, opportunistic year will arrive in three phases:
During the first phase, from July 16/14 to Dec. 22/14, some practical realities or restrictions can interfere with your opportunities. For example, you’re sixteen and your life mate walks in the door, and your crabby father throws him out. In many cases, a bit of diplomacy, alertness (i.e., knowing what the restriction is) and planning will help you over any humps or barriers. (E.g., tell your crabby dad you’re just friends – for now.) Even if you ignore this advice, the luck might be (often will be) strong enough to overcome obstacles. Still, a bit of caution – or awareness – is valuable.
The second phase, from Dec. 23/14 to June 14, 2015, is purely lucky – charge ahead! (Well, be eager and diplomatic. The fine thing about this whole luck cycle is that you’ll be dealing with someone who loves attention and praise. This is the type of person who, if you show you’re attracted, will tend to be attracted in turn. Your love creates their love.)
The third phase, June 15/15 to August 11/15, is similar to Phase One – but more so. In the first phase those restrictions and practical “realities” were only a hint, a whisper, a possible seed of future difficulty. In Phase Three these restrictions and practicalities loom large – and a real battle can occur between chasing an opportunity, versus acting in the way powerful people (parents, bosses, VIPs, judges, police, professional societies, etc.) want you to act. These people, since late 2012, have wanted you to perform with decorum, with a certain stiff attention to duties and job, with a quiet, even dour attitude – the exact opposite, these 13 months, to the attitude that will bring good fortune. Be careful, Aquarius, but don’t reject or “let go” a possibly life-transforming (and fortunate!) opportunity just to please a too-serious person – including an authority figure. (Of course, do follow the law.)

PISCES, July 16, 2014 to August 11, 2015 , brings you luck in work, health, service trades, and with dependents, tools and machinery. This is a great time to increase your earnings via longer hours, to collect overtime pay or “moonlight.” However, you’d be wiser to aim for a permanent pay raise than overtime, as the former will yield benefits over the years to come. New employment beginnings are luckily emphasized, so don’t be afraid to leave a dead-end job for something more promising. (You’ll have to leave on your own, as it’s very unlikely any employer will lay you off during these 13 months. But if you are laid off, consider it a blessing in disguise, freeing you for a better position.) Now is the time to look for employment that truly reflects (or promises to lead to) your most ambitious career aspirations. (You often succeed well, but are not limited to, careers in health, nursing, social work, high finance [especially if interest rates are involved] detective work, warehousing, psychic areas, the civil service, gas and oil, management and bureaucracy, assembly lines, film, fashion and color.) 2015 might boost you onto an employment plateau that lasts for over a decade!
Home repairs and do-it-yourself projects will draw you. Parents face a splendid time to set up children’s health, future schooling, etc.
This is a splendid time to buy machinery or tools of any kind, from pencils to excavators. With a little digging, you’ll find some spectacular bargains. But buy important machinery in Phase Two, not One or Three (see “Timing” below).
One warning: Jupiter, the planet bringing you all this luck, is not always lucky. It can sometimes merely mean “expansion” – so guard your health now to August 2015, as any ailments might grow quickly. (Most vulnerable: heart, lower back, digestive system, kidneys/liver, bladder and blood quality – and feet.)
TIMING: During the first phase of this luck cycle, from July 16/14 to Dec. 22/14, your friends or “established wisdom” (e.g., a book, or teacher, or a lawyer/lawsuit) might conflict with the practical success you’re chasing. For example, your friends want to party when you sense that performing your work instead (or at least being present at work) could lead to rewards. Or a respected teacher might say your job’s “beneath you.” It will be beneath you, literally, if you do it enthusiastically and are promoted! Still, a bit of caution, or awareness, will help you over any humps or barriers. Do listen to whatever bosses, higher-ups, community leaders or judges/authorities tell you – their advice (and the advice of a Libran) might be invaluable. Even if you ignore advice, your work/health luck will tend to be strong enough to overcome obstacles.
The second phase, from Dec. 23/14 to June 14, 2015, is purely lucky – charge ahead! Seek a new job or show off your skills at your present one. Work extra hours. Ask for a promotion and/or a pay raise. (These might not come immediately, but you’re depositing valuable currency in your promotion account.) Buy machinery. Hire employees and service people. Chase down a health situation until you’ve solved it.
The third phase, June 15/15 to August 11/15, is similar to Phase One – but more so. It brings the essential conflict of Phase One (negative partying versus positive work, formal/book learning versus immediate accomplishment) to a climax. Again, your innate luck these 13 months might “overrule” the holdbacks or barriers, but be aware, careful. DO NOT start a new business or business expansion during Phases One or Three.
The End.




PLEASE NOTE: The “Luck Forecast” article below covers the earlier period, June 2013 to July 2014.



DEAR READER: You might notice that the Luck Forecast for some signs is longer (or shorter) than for other signs. This doesn’t reflect my personal opinion, it comes from the way the forecasts were originally written.

Starting a big new project in the lucky area(s) for your sign, will work better March 2014 onward, than now (Nov./13) through February. The period to March is great for collecting old rewards, re-examining present projects (especially ones which appear to be fortunate or protected projects, and/or big or swiftly growing projects) and for filling in any missing pieces. These are the projects that might — probably will — soar into reward, March onward. Now to March (technically, 6 am PST February 28) is also a good time for sitting back to contemplate a wider picture.



Aries, the past 12 months have favoured and boosted your casual communications, short travel, and acquaintances. (Now to 2018 is one of the best phases of your life to accumulate friends. And don’t ignore people you’ve met since March 2011 – one or two of those will “stick” with you for many years/decades.) But to a large degree, the past year (June 2012-June 2013) has kept you very busy, while not yielding super-fruitful results.  The mid-2013 to mid-2014 period is different on both fronts: 1) everything is slower, haste ebbs; and 2) the fruit, or result, can be tremendous. This is the best year since 01/02 for real estate dealings. (In this  recommendation I am ignoring the real estate market – whether it is good or bad – probably good in the U.S., bad in Canada – you will tend to pick the winners, to get the best deal, to purchase a place thast expands your life and your understanding. This is the year, if you have one going, to drop a stubborn or fruitless lawsuit and steer your money (and efforts) into finding, buying and/or building a home for yourself. If you’re already well set up, think about revenue properties.

This year ahead will also bless your soul and your children. It’s a great time to retire or plan a new retirement (financial) program, to renovate the kitchen, to revise your food intake, to meditate, do yoga, and to end stale relationships and situations, and begin new ones.



Taurus, the year ahead will not solve a lot of your problems (and Lord knows you have a few) – but it will certainly distract you from them, and lift your heart from the rather heavy place it’s been in for the last half-year or more. You face puzzles, yet you might have completely forgotten that many puzzles dissolve in the face of knowledge, and knowledge is there for the taking, in libraries, newspapers and on the internet. The 54 weeks ahead (beginning June 25, 2013) bring a huge boost to your “information access.” You’ll probably read more,

And certainly will find yourself in many conversations, with relatives, friends, and strangers. Coffee shops might become your second home! The great thing about all this talk and reading, is that they contain deep things, secrets, the answers to mysteries, etc. – especially about 3 main subjects: health, finances and sex. Someone’s casual comment can become your key to a treasure of understanding – even to profit and good investments. Expect an increase in travel, phone calls, emails, visits, paperwork, errands and details. Pay special attention to paperwork involving taxes and pensions.



Gemini, your luck, from mid-2013 to mid-2014, lies in the area of money, earnings, purchases, sensual relationships, memory, rote learning, and surface indications. Your luck will come from accepting appearances, not from digging deep. (The latter can cause delays that cause a good prospect or potential project to wither, even disappear.) Nostalgia, antiques, kitchens, restaurants, children, gardens, mother nature – these are lucky for you during this period. Sensual, casual sex flows sweetly – and more successfully than “deep” or “binding” sex.

Your money luck will soar – you might experience a financial event so beneficial it can boost your life for at least a decade, perhaps much longer. This event could be as simple as selling or purchasing your house or another large item, or landing a steady, lucrative job (at last) or taking a pension. Do everything you can to increase your income in an enduring way, rather than accept a one-shot reward. (A promotion or raise in pay is better than temporary overtime.) This is a superb time to start a “cash flow” business. Buying items to further your career is also beneficial.  So is spending to please a sweet person.



Cancer, the year ahead, from June 25/13 to July 15, 2014, will bring a wave of personal luck, but one that involves work or health factors. “Luck with responsibilities,” you might call it. Nevertheless, you’ll be outgoing, optimistic, cheerful, lucky and friendly. A new confidence will buoy your steps. The past year of restriction and relative solitude (mid-2012 to mid- 2013) will dissolve from June 25 onward.

You are almost certain to succeed in whatever area you choose, especially in employment, business, health, with service trades, in pet ownership and children, and to some degree in higher education, law, foreign travel, publishing, broadcasting, religion/philosophy, or in any cultural venue – particularly if these involve your work. Create your own opportunities. This could be counted as a beneficial legal period; however, it might merely expand a legal situation, causing a huge increase in lawyer’s fees – so be careful. Squelch any tendency to be pompous. You’ll feel like you know the truth this year ahead, and you’ll be more than willing to enlighten all the poor uninformed souls around you. One area where your luck might fail: in entertainment venues, in social groups, in addressing public desires. Choose deep romance, not the light, friendly variety.

Do expect a mountain of extra work – welcome this, as it will boost your income, either now or later, and/or lead to a promotion down the road. (Perhaps now, perhaps in 2 years, or in 4.)



Leo, from June 25, 2013 to July 15, 2014, your luck will be tied to background matters, to government agencies, corporate head offices, institutions such as hospitals, to charitable organizations, spas and retreats. If you work in one of these areas, or in health fields, a promotion is possible. You might begin a new kind of love/romance in these places, a quiet, magic, sensual love. But the wild, woolly mad cap world of ordinary jostling and elbowing does not hold much promise for you, not during these 54 weeks. This is not a good time to seek attention, engage in contests, demand results, to leap into the romantic spotlight or try to outshine a rival. Where glitz, glamour, charisma and wooing a crowd are concerned, wait for a better time. In legal, educational, far travel and cultural affairs, use this period for study and preparation. Research will yield huge rewards.

For the best results, rest deeply, rejuvenate, be charitable and spiritual, contemplate, visit psychics, counsellors, and therapists. This is a great year to cast out old demons and bogeymen, to fulfil old obligations and to reacquaint yourself with your soul. It’s a very valuable time, for it can bring spiritual cleansing and emotional healing. (This prepares you for a fresh “run” for the next 12 years.) That old love you pined over in the mid-1990’s to 2011 (partly because you still can’t understand him/her, and partly because he/she so quickly eluded you and disillusioned you) – that old love loses its power now. This is a freeing year. You might not feel hugely popular, but security, real estate, family, investment and similar concerns will grow with a healthy, quiet providence, especially before March 2014. You can combine your restful and your ambitious urges. For example, visit a spa and then invest in it – or purchase a vacation, retreat or retirement property. Protect your health against expanded weight (hips, thighs) and too much protein.



Virgo, from June 25, 2013, to July 16, 2014, your main luck resides in your social life. For you, advancement always comes with change. During these 55 weeks your social circle will expand, but this might be accompanied by a shrinking of your old circle. Your popularity will soar; you could make many new friends. This is THE time to join a new club, sports team, political movement, spiritual group, entertainment venue (e.g., join the foreign film club). The contacts and bonds you form now can bless you for up to 12 years ahead.

You’ll receive many invitations. Accept overtures quickly and happily, this is not a time for caution or suspicion. If you’re married, you and your mate could become “party central” — dinners, picnics, even “blast out the walls” house parties will bring more guests than you anticipate! Light romance will certainly visit singles, because your cheerfulness and wit will rise, and this attracts admirers.

Wishes will come true, especially in real estate, family, security and retirement zones, with children, and in businesses involving food or shelter. A secondary luck also seeps into publishing, far travel, legal affairs (and lawsuits) religion, philosophy and higher education — but this luck can be bad luck. If something in this area (publishing, etc.) drops into your lap unbidden, it is probably beneficial. If you must chase it, or it is beset with delays, walk away from it, the sooner the better. A wish about marriage can also be granted. This is a great time to dream up a new future. Wishes formed now will tend to come true down the road. It’s a splendid time to look ahead, even a decade ahead, to see where you want to be, and to make plans to get there.

One thing: when Jupiter opposes Pluto in August 2013, Jan./Feb. 2014 and April 2014, you might have to choose between two pleasures: deep, heavy romance, or light, friendly romance; or between your own children’s interests, and those of a larger community. Or, between hunkering down in the attic to write your great book, and being part of a creative committee. The choice between these is yours — it depends on your personal chart. So, go with your intuition. During these months, be cautious in what you say. Someone can be hurt, even if you’re just spouting the truth.

Whatever happens, you’ll bask in a fresh happiness!


From June 25 2013 to July 16 2014, Libra, your major good luck lies in career, prestige relations, ambitions and status. You can gain a promotion or a pay raise. Bosses will be impressed by your efforts — even simply by your style and personality — the “cut of your jib.” If you’re courting someone, your prospective parents-in-law embrace you gladly. If you marry during these 55 weeks, you’ll likely marry “up.” Even if you marry an economic and social peer, your status soars. This is an excellent time to seek employment, start a new career or change careers. You’re headed upward, especially if you work in distribution, communications, media, office-systems or travel-related industries — or domestic areas (see below about this). If you’re self-employed, clients praise you to other clients. Your profile rises. You could be featured in the media. You’ll tend to win appointments and elections. You could be headed for fame!

However, two “kinks” lurk in this once-in-a-decade boost to your prospects. Usually this Jupiter period would be a  good time to start a new business, or, if you’re self-employed, to formally incorporate your business. If you want to do either of these, however, wait until March  2014 onward — earlier, such moves would likely lead you into an unprofitable dead-end. In the same vein, be wary of investing money in your career projects or in an expansion of business until March onward.

The second “kink” comes courtesy of Pluto, your planet of earnings. In August 2013 and January/February and April 2014, lucky Jupiter in your  career sector opposes secretive, plotting Pluto in your domestic arena. This can cause a tug-o-war between job and family, between your security needs and your urge to risk and climb. For instance, a great promotion might call you overseas, but your  kids and spouse say “Don’t go!” Pluto is also your money planet, so if you neglect your home, house or family for career, you might find you actually lose money in the big picture. (E.g., while you’re giving a speech at the Young Entrepreneurs Club, your neglected domicile’s roof collapses.)

These conflicting forces can actually add to your success if you combine them. For example, if your career is in a domestic arena — food, shelter, real estate, agriculture, mining, geology, archaeology, construction/demolition, restaurants, child care, etc., you can find your success builds and builds. Otherwise, you might have to choose between home and career, or at least be very diplomatic during those four months. The entire 55 weeks, accent humility, no matter how high you climb — for Pluto brings down the proud.

All that said, though, you’re in for a year of almost unprecedented success!



Scorpio, your 55-week luck cycle (June 25/13 to July 16/14) brings rewards in foreign travel, legal matters, higher education, broadcasting/media, publishing, fame, advertising, religion, philosophy, intellectual pursuits and cultural affairs. You’ll experience a thoughtful, gentle, compassionate mood. You’ll gain a new, wider view of humanity and society, and a new understanding of the “why” of life.

Your mellow attitude will help keep love afloat — and you could increase love by taking your amour on a voyage — or you might meet a new, deep and abiding love in a foreign land. (Or in a library, law office, transportation hub or university — or while engaged in any of the activities mentioned above — broadcasting, advertising, etc. All these provide fertile ground for romance this year.) Many Scorpios will wed in these 55 weeks. Someone who loves you now, falls for you, really loves you. To him/her, it’s true love. Make sure you deserve it, by returning it. (Or, if you can’t return it, be honest.) This kind of true love connection might arise in August 2013, or January, February or April of 2014. A  Cancer person can be especially attracted to you, and especially frustrated by your inscrutable attitude: open up, welcome love. (Despite all this, do not wed before March 2014.)

Though your luck rises in legal affairs, think hard before you step into a lawsuit, for your lawyer’s fees could grow and grow. This is a great time to write — but if you do, don’t start your best-seller from November through February. During this period, many of your lucky projects might seem to tread water. That’s okay, Nov.-Feb. is a “catch your breath” phase, a time to examine what you’ve done, and where you go after February. It also gives others time to contemplate and decide on your proposals.

Some, probably many, of the lucky projects and relationships of these 55 weeks could contain a definite connection to the past, especially if they arise June 25 to July 20, 2013. So if you find yourself stumped, wondering where you should chase Lady Luck, try sifting through your memories of projects or relationships you thought were good in the past, but for some reason you neglected or let fade. They might remain available, like a treasure destiny set aside for you.



Sage, your luck forecast is also, in a limited way, your personal forecast. That’s because the planet I use to track luck — Jupiter — is also your ruling planet. So your area of luck will also be your area of self-development, of focus and effort. For the best luck, 1) don’t be lazy, and 2) join with another (or many others) to pursue deep goals, especially financial or family-building ones. (Buying a stock on the NYSE is “joining with many others,” — the other investors. For you, luck and  action combine. During the present interval, from June 25 2013 to July 16 2014, your good fortune resides in the vast, deep and complex arena of secrets and mysteries, research and detective work, seed, conception and pregnancy, critical health matters (i.e., those which need diagnosis by an MD or specialist) large finances such as investments, retirement funds, mortgage debt, sexual urges, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence. If you already work in one of these fields — e.g., police detective, psychiatrist, gynecologist, investment advisor — you should have a banner year.

Most of all, this period emphasizes lucky change. (If you think about it, every item listed above is an agent of change: pregnancy, investing, committing to a mortgage — these produce a huge alteration in anyone’s life. So look to these areas, be eager to enact changes, and you’ll gather the splendid rewards offered by these 55 weeks. This is a great time to alter your lifestyle, either in small ways such as cutting out ice cream, or in big ways such as purchasing a new residence.

There is some small indication that your “lucky change” from mid-2013 to mid-2014 can involve a past love affair or a former creative project. For instance, you might meet an old flame by accident, get together, and find (a little later)  that you’re now parents. That might seem a little incautious, but it will likely work out well, because these matters are beneficial to you during this phase. Even if there is no old flame, sexual intimacy is both more likely than usual, and an “agent of change.”

Your income at present seems to be tied up with a government, a large company (e.g., large corporate clients) and/or with bureaucracy, red tape, management duties, etc. This is a perfect time to boost your income by research, starting a semi-confidential project, investing in your work place or the company that hires you, buying dividend-paying stocks, etc.

Your intuition is strong and accurate now. Your subconscious floats to the surface, letting you see people’s character and motives more accurately than usual — and giving you a good idea of how actions and events will turn out. You’ll sense when to act — do so! One thing’s for sure: your life will change. One warning: avoid the “open doors” to cheating, spying and crime that this period might contain — be good!



Capricorn, between June 25 2013 and July 16 2014, your major good fortune lies in relationships and related areas, such as business partnerships, marriage, contests, negotiations, litigation, contracts and agreements, dealings with the public, fame, opportunities, fresh new horizons, and relocation. Any partner you attract or pursue now will tend to be a forthright,, honest, cheerful (and perhaps slightly pompous) person. The great thing is, for 55 weeks you can trust people — both allies and enemies will be open and honest. You might get into a terrific shouting match with someone (especially someone, as can happen this year, who attracts and frustrates you) but you’ll realize, after, that he/she did not fight dirty, and spoke honestly.This could lead to some valuable self-examination! (Such a “fight” could simply disguise an intense attraction, or it could be an old fight with an ex, or it could make you both reject and forgive someone at the same time. The “fight” can also be a political or religious argument.) The odd thing is, a good fight — this time around — could make you feel both more free and  emotionally stronger.

Almost all your good luck this year (mid-2013 to mid-14) will emerge from another (or others). This means you need to be more than diplomatic; for the best success, be other-oriented, eager to join, and quick to emphasize another’s desires, rather than your own. (Super salespeople do this: they find out what your desire is, then work to fill it.) For you, Lady  Luck almost always carries “bigger duties” in one hand, as she hails you with the other. Don’t be afraid to take on heavier responsibilities, especially for a loved one or partner.

You are one-third of the way through a time of deep personal change, lasting to 2024. This time will bring you new, fresh goals, and a new social ciircle. You could meet some of the livelier members of that social circle this year. You could also meet a life mate. It’s not so much that you are looking for one, but that someone sets their sights on you.  This person could believe you’re his/her true love — and he/she might be right. Remember this: in love and other areas, 2008-2024, you possess a great power to alter your own and others’ lives: during the present 55 weeks, though, someone else has the winning ace. If you want to advance, hold their hand.



Aquarius, from June 25, 2013 to July 16, 2014 your biggest luck exists in the work sphere. This is an excellent time to buy machinery and tools, to seek employment, obtain new clients, to take on extra duties and accept more responsibility — but be careful that you don’t become overwhelmed, for more work might come than you expect. Your efforts will someday — probably next year (2014/15) or three years later (17/18) lead to opportunities and career boosts. Co-worker relations should be unusually buoyant, cheerful and frfiendly — but stay away from political or religious discussions in the work place.

Though this is a good period to buy new machines, avoid doing so in late October, early November of 2013, and February 2014 through June. This is a great year to start a business or take on a big new project upon which your earnings or profits depend. “Business” in terms of the economy, should be good all year.

Jupiter — your luck planet — tends to expand whatever it touches. Since it is now touching your work and health sector, take care of any health problems before they become laerger. During these 12 plus months into July 2014, guard against an expanding waistline or thighs. Stay trim, especially if you’re single, as late summer  2014 into 2015 will bring exciting relationship opportunities.



Pisces, the 55 weeks from June 25 2013 to July 16 2014 channel your luck into what is usually the luckiest area of life (or, perhaps, the area where luck is most essential)  – the zone of romance, pleasure, gambles and speculation, sports, art, beauty, creativity, self-expression, and raising children. You’re launched on a 12-month winning streak! This streak can also extend to your career and status in the world — you seem to find creative ways to climb the corporate ladder, or, alternatively, luck just seems to hand you the praise, kudos and attention of bosses.

This is no time for shyness or quibbling hesitation. Be impetuous, be self-indulgent, plunge into the pleasure of the moment, rather than pulling back, planning, or “joining the group” — these will be a form of self-protection/caution — and caution is the last thing you need now. In fact it can interfere with your success. So reach for life and love with both hands. If single, you could meet the (so far) biggest love of your life. If married with children, they will bring joy — and perhaps awards, ribbons and trophies — into your life. International travel, schools, legal affairs and religious observance can bring love into your life. You could find yourself romancing a foreign born person. A wedding will loom for some, though it comes slowly, steadily.



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