Hi folks, there is a new feature this week: the Google Translate (on the right sidebar.) You can now read your horoscope in French, Haitian Creole and nearly every written language under the Sun. The text look beautiful in Persian, Chinese, Belarusian … Moreover, as of June 21st, the new has had 71,651 unique visitors (or 366,127 page views) from 5,557 cities in 167 countries.

2 thoughts on “GOOGLE TRANSLATE

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  2. LaBonBon

    Dear Tim,

    It so so wonderful to have you back. You and your forecasts mean a lot to many of us. I wanted to tell you that the advice you gave us regarding a wish under the mattress actually came true for me! I had hoped and prayed for years for a work from home job and it came true within two weeks of the mattress wish. I am praying/wishing/hoping now that it lasts long term. Thanks for everything.

    Love and Blessings,


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