To arrange an appointment for a personal in-depth reading, please call Tim Stephens at 604-886-4808 (in Canada). Readings are provided in person or by telephone, Skype, or email — “[email protected]

You will need to supply the following information: d/m/y of birth, place of birth, and time of birth if known. (The time of your birth is not essential, but it allows me (Tim) to give you additional information.)

PAYMENT OPTIONS: VISA, MasterCard, Check, or International Money Order, in Canadian or U.S. $. Mail checks or M.O.s to:

Tim Stephens
1102 Reed Road
Gibsons, B.C.
Canada V0N 1V7


If you are paying by VISA or MASTERCARD from other countries, your credit card will automatically convert the Canadian fee to your own currency.

In-person, email and telephone readings are the same price. The fees below are all-inclusive. They include all charting, long distance telephone charges within North America and most of Europe, India and Asia, mailing of your CD (a record of the reading) and taxes.


Half-hour session: $ 120 Canadian Funds

One Hour session: $ 200 Canadian Funds

World Maps: $ 35. (Requires an accurate birth time.) Includes 6 personal maps (a world map plus 5 “areas of interest”) showing your personal zones of success and difficulty in various places around the globe. The maps are accompanied by a 33-page interpretation booklet written by myself and emailed to you. This service does not involve a personal reading. However, you are welcome to schedule an appointment if you wish to discuss your personal maps. Note: 2 world maps (of the entire world, and of your birth region) are included free with any regular reading session.


IN-PERSON READINGS: I live in Gibsons, close to Vancouver, Canada. You are welcome to come to my place at the address above. (If you come by ferry, and walk on — $ 15 round trip versus $60 if you drive on — I can pick you up and take you back to the ferry terminal; I live only 5 minutes away.)

 TELEPHONE READINGS: For phone readings, we’ll book a mutually convenient time and date, then I will call you at that time and day. After the reading, I’ll mail you a CD recording of our session, along with your charts and world maps. (You do not pay long distance charges within Canada or the United States, or in most countries world-wide. If you live elsewhere, we can Skype the reading.) If you pay by VISA or Mastercard when making your appointment for a telephone reading, it will not be charged to your card until the day before the reading. (You can also give your c.c. information at the start of the reading. However, if you are paying by check or international money order, they must arrive before the date of the reading.


EMAIL READINGS: First, I recommend a phone reading instead, as I speak 2 or 3 times faster than I write. However, I will do email readings for those who want them. For an email reading, I will finish the reading within 5 days of your order and email it to you. Email readings are charged by time, not words, so if you pay for half an hour, I will write for half an hour.


I hope this answers many of your questions. If you would like more information, or to book a reading, please call 604-886-4808 or email: [email protected].  


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  1. Saxophonista11

    Greetings fellow Gemini

    Quite intrigued by all the comments on the world economic conditions/rises & falls in stocks.

    I see you wrote somewhere that you have a Masters degree – I can tell from your writings & thinking that you are obviously quite educated. Astrology is – in my opinion – quite scholarly & deep.

    On a micro level – you wrote a few months ago that Geminis should not change jobs or employers till May 2017. What astro aspect does that refer to? And I expect if one finds oneself in what feels it is unhealthy/untolerable/unsafe then one should move on/take a pause irregardless of the aspect. Is there a further insight/explanation you can comment on with respect to the aspect?

    Thanks much Tim – astrology is helping science/tool!

    1. JTH619

      I, too, am a Gemini, (although after reading about Tom Jones and women’s underwear, as well as my nemesis in life that I have actually quit talking to friends that I’ve had for years because they support – Donald Trump), I almost hate to admit.

      I am finding that I am qualified for a position that will open up the end of June, 2017, and would like to know more about the astrological implications also.

  2. Lindsara

    Loved your writings in your column last week that I read today, about choosing our path before we come here knowing full well what it will entail for us when we choose….I have an ancient memory, deep iside, that I died, and in doing so asked the question in the afterlife transition “what is the most important thing I can do”?? , and the answer was “be re -born again”, and then it happened seemingly instantly….as I had instantly made the choice to do so….cool eh…

  3. 63droptrop

    I loved the story. Couldn’t wait for part two.. Yes, I thought it was real but you write so eloquently I couldn’t tell it wasnt.
    Love your site

    1. Saxophonista11

      Hello Tim:

      Love your website, been reading it for many yrs. I like the new design & the photo of you. When I first saw the photo, I thought how perfect…with the star in the forground….my feeling from this shot of you is that you are very insightful (photograph is a hobby of mine, especially portraiture)

      I hope to have a reading from you in the future.

      Best regards & many thanks for your website, blogs, comments – I see it as “public service” that is really…helping (empowering) many people with their lives.

      Best regards

        1. Saxophonista11

          I don’t play the sax but it is my fav instrument & appreciate it – I love it.
          Sax playing seems to me to be very LEO…. What do you think?

          I don’t play any instruments (played congo drums a bit – that is very difficult)

          I am a dancer…that’s how music is expressed in me…I have to move it!

  4. B Berry

    Hello Tim

    Love all your platforms and blog! wondering if you will continue with the LUCK forecast? I think the last was SAG, a couple weeks ago, I was waiting for Pisces, always the last. ( In a good way)

    Are you feeling a 100% after your OP?


      1. B Berry

        Dear Tim

        I was reading your blog for May 17th – 23rd and as far as not starting any renovations would this include painting, plaster, and floor refinishing? I may have to sell my home of twenty years as my debt to loan is to high to qualify ( crazy because I have 1.3 million in equity ) for a great 3.4% new loan. My old loan is 5.85% and a second that will go interest and principal 2017 scars me! But the banks won’t look at the income on the property (owner occupied triplex) or the equity, only my personal income, that is of a freelance cameraman, and this makes me very mad! but what are you to do? It’s been a great home for twenty years and has helped me and my mom, dad, and sister immensely, but I feel like I’m pushing a very large rock uphill, and it’s getting old. I will add that I got very lucky with the location I bought my triplex in Venice CA in 1995, and maybe this is the time to
        sell? I may have to set up a call a session..


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Broath,

      I wrote the Luck Forecast for Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces around late September. The ones you recently saw, Leo to Sage, were just filling in as these were originally written by Diana while I was recuperating, and readers asked me to do them “in my own words,” so I did. You can search Sept-Oct. columns for those Luck preambles.




    Yes the Ebola craze was a very racist and barbaric act, and I applaud you for being one of the few to speak on it. But black people are aware and have chosen to be passive about it. When I tried to speak to my familiars white and black, white people seemed more concerned. It’s shameful…….but that’s why my son and I are doing are best to move to CANADA !

  6. jemm

    Hello Tim,
    I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your writings, and opinions. You have made me laugh out loud, on many of your comments and observations. I appreciate your sense of humor, and wish you well.

  7. t3ndryll

    The header images (header_2.png & header_3.png) take a long time to load when I go to the homepage on a computer (and even longer on the phone). I believe that you can compress the images even further without compromising or sacrificing the quality.

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  9. JudyH

    I have been a fan of your old website for a really long time. Then, one day, I couldn’t find it again. Sadly, I thought this was the end of your website, as you had previously indicated. But now I find you again on a different website and am absolutely thrilled that you are back once more. Great website and I look forward to viewing the rest of it. Regards, Judy

  10. tillie

    hi tim…so happy that your back…I have been reading astral reflections for years and cant believe the accuracy of your predictions…
    Question: what do you see for my health condition for the next couple of months…I am an aries…thank you

  11. jdalziel

    June 23rd the super Moon I was in a motorcycle accident. Knocked out. I would love to know the significance of the Super Moon and if this had a impact on this accident. The OPP Officer Cambridge initially was going to charge me with dangerous riding and improper lane change. When I gave him my statement. thank goodness he rides a motorcycle and understood my actions in changing tire tracks from left to right preparing for a left hand turn. Tuesday evening he called, no charges are being laid, the file is closed. I have a broken rib and concussion some vertigo. I will never ride HWY’s alone again. When you are knocked, you are vulnerable and anyone can say anything. The physical evidence and my injuries confirm I was rear ended but the witness’s lied. I am sooo grateful for good Karma and a OPP officer that rode, and listened and saw truth. Namaste. Would love to know more about Super Moon’s and their impact. Namaste

  12. geminifan

    i’ve been a fan of your horoscopes for many years and can’t believe how stupid your former publishers have been. however, at least their loss is not ours. i’m so glad you are continuing to share your insights into what lies ahead. most of your successors in the daily newspapers do not measure up to your ability. one of the items on a very long ‘to do’ list is to one day have you do my horoscope and, who knows, maybe i shall in the somewhat near future.

    glad to hear you now have more time to concentrate on different areas of your creativity.

    and VERY glad i can continue to read your thoughts. best wishes.

  13. barburo

    Hi Tim,
    Just revisited my bookmark for Astral Reflections and found my self at your beautiful new blog. I am a long time follower/reader of your columns I am very pleased that you’ve taken your ability to communicate into your own hands. I know that It takes a huge effort to keep up with posts (like this one) and even more to answer them, in addition to writing your weekly and other forecasts.
    Your “secrecy” revelations made my heart ache – thank you for your frankness and your continued ability to have relevant and accurate predictions – for me and for the world!

    1. tabriz

      Thanks for the beautiful new blog – I also have been following your column since I moved here from Germany 23 years ago – dabbled in astrology myself in Germany and was delighted to discover you in The Courier!

      What you shared about your past was deeply touching and brave to do so publicly. I also thought about your remark about psychics having been abused in their past – very interesting and I can confirm this with an amazing psychic I have used. No on to my libra luck forecast!

  14. ruthie

    Like my friend above we are trying to navigate into next week, looking for guidance and then some… the start nothing times Is it okay to finish things in that time or do I sit on it for a better solution in weeks too come? How are things in the galaxy where are we/ Yes I’m an Aries…

  15. Mado

    Hi and welcome back! Love the new look (not that there was anything wrong with the previous one, I was quite used to it). I look forward to visiting again soon, take more time to browse through the site.

    One thought as I scrolled down to get to this box… Would it be an option to put this Comment box at the top of this page, with already posted comments starting below it? As the number of posts increases, one would have to scroll down a ways to get here.

    Just a thought, do with it as you wish. Just very happy you’re back!!


  16. meteach

    Thanks for taking the time to bring your insights to the rest of us. It is greatly appreciated. Your site is easy to navigate and really quite intuitive. This non-tech likes that part.

  17. Persephone

    Hi Tim, I’m really enjoying the new website and of course, like everyone else, am trying to wait patiently for next week to appear. (Hard when you’re a Leo!) The new format is very clean and easy to read. Thanks also for answering my question. Too late I realised you had already stated what time zone you are using elsewhere in your blog. I hope you are enjoying it because we are enjoying have you back.

    Best wishes

  18. MissVicki

    When last I read your column you were wondering if you would be back. I’ve been away and offline for several weeks and the first thing I checked upon my return is your blog. So thankful and happy that you are BACK!!! Wishing you all the best and looking forward to many more years of your blogs.

  19. velvet

    Looks like “Next Week” option in the Weekly Forecasts menu is incorrectly linked to “Last Week” page, which is currently blank. Hope this gets fixed soon.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom …

  20. Persephone

    Hi Tim, it is so good to have you back online. You have been missed!!! I love your new blog. With regard to the start nothing dates, I presume they are for your time (Canada time) is that correct? I am in Sydney so will need to adjust accordingly. It’s nothing to do with the void of course moon is it? If you could explain a bit in your next week’s blog it would be appreciated.

    Cheers from Aussie.

  21. AlysenC

    Thanks for continuing under this somewhat stressful situation. I actually like this layout much better than the last. This one makes for easier reading.

  22. dori

    Hi Tim
    SO GLAD you decided to come back! You are without a doubt
    the BEST! Thank you so much for all your wisdom on astrology.
    I have learned so much from you. Love your new web site.
    All the best!

  23. jdalziel

    I am sooo happy you haven’t disappeared. I’ve been a avid follower for years. Your perspective into the Stars, is unique! I did my first Natal Charting Course this year!


  24. mywhatagem

    Thank you Tim for continuing your forecast. I look forward to each and every one. I am a Gemini as well and yes it has been a very hard year….but I can’t help to think and feel something big is on the horizon!

  25. hpeterji

    Hi Tim,

    Now that I know that you have had more than 14,000 visits from all over the world only just over three days, I thought I should ask… because probably I wouldn’t be the only one thinking about this.

    I am a Scorpio, which means in the past I had to wait for a few weeks whenever you started posting Karma forecasts and Love forecasts and etc. Of course, you Tim, who is considerate, actually changed the order posting them once or maybe twice if I remember it correctly. However, the wait was sometimes very long when you took a break from it and had to talk about something else related to then current events, with which you respectfully delved into all the astralogial explanations in depth. Of course, I kind of understood once I learned that the weekly forecast not only appeared on the previous website but also in the newspapers, which I bet limited space for you to write on. You always posted only two signs at a time…

    Now that you have your own blog, is it possible for you to post them all at the same time whenever you decide so that Scorpios, Sagittarius, Capricorns and the rest can also learn about the forecast without waiting for a few weeks, just like weekly forecasts? If that already crossed your mind, please ignore my two cents. Thanks a bunch!!!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Scorpio…my only defense is that it takes a lot of time to write the preambles, especially the yearly ones, such as “Luck Forecast.” I can only write 1 or 2 a week. So I collate them when all are written, and place them in the Archive. This year, the “Luck” articles/preambles were delayed by a month by the uncertainty surrounding the astral column…
      🙂 Tim

  26. Daniel

    Stephen, thanks a lot for your kind and generous heart by providing this site
    to help humanity world wide to be cautious about future dangers.
    I have noticed that you are really and really a gentle man and very fatherly in
    your heart.
    Thanks a lot for your dedication of Love.

  27. dpatpat

    Hi Tim,
    Would you add a column on how to deal with the 12 signs? You know sometimes it’s really frustrated when you have no other choice but live with it. e.g. My sister is a gemini, she changes her mind every other minute, feel like i spin like a dog on her changing mind.
    Enjoy your lines,

  28. lmkt1

    Hi Tim,
    I found your new site through Google, and it looks lovely. I was so happy to see that you had not disappeared.

    A small suggestion: Perhaps, if you could place the “Start Nothing” dates where the weekly forecasts are located, it would be easier to follow in conjunction with the weekly forecasts.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your blog in the weeks to come.


  29. velvet

    I enjoy reading your website each day.
    Would really like to see not just current week forecast, but also forecast for next week. Hope you’ll include it soon.

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