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      1. echo901

        Thanks a lot.
        This can be understood as someone want put his energy into/ pursue sun sign stuff, and objective environment around him is rising sigh stuff ?

  1. ScorpLeo

    hi Tim, have you written Saturn in Sagittarius for the 12 signs? I can’t find it on your site. or maybe it’s already included in the weekly forecast? just wondering because Sagittarius is my 2nd house, maybe it’s time to go back to school improve skills to earn more?

    1. Tim Stephens

      No, I’ve made passing references to Saturn in Sage in the weekly sign forecasts, but I haven’t written a whole 12-sign layout. I might do this, after I finish with the “Love Forecasts.” It’s an important transit, lasting to the end of 2017, so it deserves some attention.



  2. CJ

    Hi Tim,
    Your candor is so refreshing when you talk about your life in relation to your astrology.

    I notice those things in my chart also…I dated two men who had multiple personalities because they were interesting. I thought I might be able to handle the 5 or so personalities in one fellow( he knew he had the multiples). So thus when dating the next fellow I was able to recognize at least 3, plus he had the ability to generate incredible scenarios…but most people would not believe what I have seen him do. But alas, I did not have that ability to tolerate either one long term. But GREAT learning experiences.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the time you spend on these awesome astrological heads-ups in advance. Very helpful to me and countless others. Hugs!


  3. Rama Rao

    Dear Tim
    I am thankful to you. My date of birth is 3rd June 1957 at 05.30 hrs., in Calcutta, India. When can I overcome my financial difficulties? Please reply.


    Rama rao

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Ramreo,

      Your question needs a reading to answer. You can email me at: [email protected].



  4. Beverley

    Hi Tim,
    I look forward to reding your website for the last two years.
    My luck in 2015.,,, born 14th December, virgo rising and moon in pisces.
    Please let me know where I should concentrate?
    Kind regards,

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Beverley,

      Please email personal questions to [email protected]. Seek work in the administration of travel, media or educational organizations.


  5. Imti

    Hi Tim,

    Imtiyaz from India. In the recent March 16-22 Leo forecast, you have mentioned ‘DON’T dump big bucks into a publishing, insurance or scientific venture.’ I am in the process of starting an Insurance Broking venture, Can you kindly let me know till what time should I wait or for how long this caution is applicable. My date of birth 15/08.

    Kindly reply…!

    With regards,


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Scorp,

      I have basically covered the new karmic phase (Feb. 2014 to Nov. 2015) in the last two-three weekly messages for every sign…so I might write actual preambles about this, but right now am still finishing the Love Forecasts.



  6. jdalziel

    Grand Cardinal Cross April 2014 with 13 degree spread lunar and solar eclipses. Main planets in the line up Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus. Huge mashup!

    Im just chomping at the bit, to hear Tim’s perspective on this intense time in the skies.

    Please provide your wisdom and insights into these amazing happens for April 2014.


  7. jenoneil

    Hi Tim,
    I was reading your comment on Sept 8 – 14 and unfortunately, I agree with you regarding the U.S. I am a U.S. citizen and have seen a lot of things happening here. It is truly scary what is happening because there is not a middle class any more. I think things are just going to continue to go downhill. If they begin to get better, I am afraid I will not be here to see it but, hopefully, my grandchildren will

  8. Charmaine

    I was thinking about you Tim. The last time I read your work you said no more forecast. I went online today, googled your name & my belief the universe gives you what you need when it knows you need it was affirmed. Good to see you back.
    April 5, 1963

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